July 2, 2012

simply happenings

since everything has slowed down somewhat (hence i have nothing better to do), i've been waiting impatiently for this one to arrive. i always say the more you stalk something, the more it'll take forever to arrive. so it's better that you forget about it completely then act surprised when it arrives at your doorstep.

eta 03.07.12:

eta 05.07.12: it arrived!!!!!

Significant Other surprised me with something the night he came back for the weekend. i've never been surprised by him for no reason in a loOoOoOoOng time =)


didn't go nowhere last weekend, someone had to study for his finals, so we took the opportunity to visit PPAS (i'm reminded of my RC days in UTP =D). the library was freaking cold! here, they provide you with drawstring bags so you can keep your shoes in them and lug them around with you in the library, as a cheaper alternative to providing shoe racks (erm, i wonder if people ever thought of plundering the bags...hoho). i only dislike the rule that no bags were allowed in the library. susah betul nak get out all the things you need and carry them in by hand. textbooks are heavyweight ok. most of the students i saw simply left their bags lying on the floor outside the library doors. they provide lockers of course, but 60sen per locker? @_@ also, the consumption of electric was charged rm1 per appliance.

Dayana has been telling me she wants to 'belit'.
at first i thought she wanted a blade, then pk balik, apa bende yg terbelit?
then only i realized, ohhh, she wants to go for ballet. HAHA.
too much watching Despicable Me la ni. did i tell you it's one of my favorite cartoons that i can watch with her all day long? (well it beats Toy Story ok). there's gonna be a sequel in 2013! tp lambat lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
(how i miss my days with Mr. Joseph at F.A.B.)
Deens, if u read this could you recommend me a place to send my dot?

the influential ballerinas


Despicable Me

(ok note to myself: download more cartoon movies for the kiddos to watch)

i also promised (actually, Daddy did) the kids we'd take them to the playground, so Saturday evening, that's where we went. a pic i took:

little missy can already go up and down the slide on her own. i also took a video of her, but i need to figure out how to send it to Significant Other's Youtube account first.

on another hand, this 15" Bamboletta is for sale.

Name: Hannah
Birthdate: September 2011
Price: $400 including shipping and fees worldwide.

has always been a Mama's doll, hair let down and restyled such as in the first pic. she will come in her original outfit (see second pic) and birth cert.

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Dina said...

Lilly, I can't recommend you to a ballet school yet coz the only one I've sent Soph too is not a good one. Since Dinara is 3 yrs old, she can go to any ballet school I think coz the standard minimum age for a toddler class is 2.5 y.o.

You can look at Dance Space. They seem more professional and looks like they take pride in what they do. I'll try them out when Soph reaches 30 months :)