September 28, 2015

doll-up sesh

Daisy stayed over for a couple of days last week so i pestered her to teach me how to use makeup. i seemed to have accumulated so many types of cosmetics over the years; some of them half-finished, some of them barely used (because i decided that the color wasn't meant for me), some of them gotten free. and being the true hoarder that i am, i so sayang want to throw them out, even though i think most of them have already reached/exceeded its expiry date. hee~

due to limited storage space, i categorized my makeup into three categories in separate pouches: face, eyes and lips. so the first thing Daisy did was to go through all my makeup: to separate the ones that were old and expired. my eyes were round like saucers as she tossed the to-throw items into a separate pile - dried-out liners, old lip balms and lip colors, makeup packaging ("JANGAN SAYANG-SAYANG", she says. "MAKEUP IS MEANT TO BE USED", she says. LOL). i did sneak a couple of them back into my collection afterwards (eep), a few i gave the maid, and a little i threw away.

next thing was to show her my measly brush collection; the ones by Artistry i received as a wedding present, the rest were randomly bought along the way (Elianto - cheapest option at the time :P).

Elianto & Artistry. the Stila is new.

appalled with my stash, she took me brush-shopping at Pyramid. there was a shop at one wing of the mall that sold quite reasonably-priced no-brand brushes (as opposed to the crazily-priced branded ones). she even helped me label them as well (HAHAHAHA). i was pretty sure that Daisy got A in art class during high school; i was right.

so... my current brush collection! good luck to me in using them, bahahahhahaha. i'm currently loving the powder brush, it's so big and fluffy! goodbye, lousy sponge! kah kah.

my brother says i'm preparing to go fossil hunting T___T

pouch by Artistry

there's too many steps in makeup, i actually had to take notes. her first experiment was on my maid, who was so ecstatic with her dolled-up look that she did not wash her face until hours later, HAHAHAHAHAHAH (i actually did that too after my first lesson, which ended in me having a zit currently brewing at my chin, CHIS).

then Daisy taught me how to create a look based on whatever makeup i had in my collection. so much hard work, i tell you. triangles and trees and lines. this shade and that shade, heck i tried swabbing three different foundations on my face and i could barely see the difference. and do you know how hard it is to create the ultimate eyebrow??? summore got two eyebrows, so kene la be identically drawn kan? =P~~~ i almost wished we could just stencil eyebrows instead.

first attempt under Sifu Daisy's tunjuk ajar

because of her i have a bunch of items on my 'wants' wishlist =D. but i do need a good concealer, i have horrible dark circles that i desperately need to hide. she complained that most of the colors of foundation and concealer that i had in my collection were all too dark for me. i tak puas hati when she said that the husband was fairer than me, chis. he used to be dark-skinned until he 'expanded'. i have this theory that people grow fairer as their skin expand. hahahahahah true or not?? =P~~~~

oh i bought a makeup case to keep everything in! the husband said i could, yay! not the professional kind, that would be too extreme. we went into Inglot and found a box costing rm500+, and i was like T______T. i finally bought the case at the same shop i bought my brushes, they were having a sale and it was only RM95. ok la, i could fit all my stuff into it, and it wasn't too heavy so i could lug it around the house if i had to. aaaaaand it was PINK!

you know how excited the husband gets whenever he brings home a new gadget? well that was the same thing with Daisy and me (well, Daisy mainly hahahha) when we reached home - semangat nak unbox and terus simpan all the makeup inside. LOL

awesome bag to house all my junk

i finally got my Sephora Black card too. guess what i splurged on?

to justify, i was eligible for a 10% discount and Daisy told me that the Naked On The Run palette was suitable for lazy people like me, hahahhahaha ("untuk orang yang malas mekap", in her words T_T). the only downside to it is that it came with no brushes, phooey. i also bought two lippies - awesome Urban Decay Matte Stark Naked which i mix with a bit of Too Faced Melted Velvet for a bit extra color. i actually asked some random woman in the store what lippie color was she wearing on her lips ok -____- haha. that clear Stila tube in the photo is lip primer (i wanted the Too Faced brand but they were sold out).

can you believe Daisy has only two lipsticks for her personal use? T___T. i have wayyy to many to count!

btw, follow my favorite friend Daisy Dee on instagram @weddingfavour_dee; she does makeup, hairdos, and even personal classes. i'm always amazed at her hair masterpieces =D.

ok sekian kisah mekap untuk hari ni. now if only someone could recommend me a skincare product that can make my skin look brighter and more radiant =P

September 11, 2015

lagi-lagi cat story

one fine morning, while kakak was cleaning out the kitteh's cages, one of the kittehs went missing. so she thought fine sooner or later it'll get hungry and come back right?


no visual, no peep out of that little fella.

so in the evening we find the bibiks unfolding the industrial ladder to climb up the side of the roof to see for any signs of that darned cat. she even called the security guard to come help them.

he didn't manage to see any lost kittehs up there... but he did help uproot a stray tree growing through the cracks in the wall on the roof. LOL.

he was like sooner or later it'll get lonely and start meowing for company... so no need to worry lah.

i half contemplated that it might have been swooped away and eaten by some random eagle bahahahahahaha. i even checked the pool, you know, just in case it fell in. kittehs don't randomly disappear without a trace.

well, remember the last time when those kittehs got lost down a drain pipe? it wasn't random, they just got unlucky, those ones.

anyway. come nightfall, no kitteh.

come 2am, the husband got hungry. so i went downstairs in search of food. and heard a lonely kitteh meow outside.

T_T. i should've just let that stupid kitteh be.

so i went out and went to investigate and saw it sitting by itself on the porch by the side of the house. i guess she probably fell off the roof. it ran and hid when it saw me. since it was dark i couldn't see a thing so i went back inside to get a flashlight.

she was wedged in between a cardboard box and the wall, trying her hardest to blend into the wall paint. she looked as if she thought she had invisibility super power, i seriously wanted to laugh at the sight.

but that idea completely left my mind moments later. why? that saiko cat went all kungfu on me lah. i tried to umpan her out with cat food, you know, since she might be hungry and all, but noOoOoOOoO when i tried to grab her by the scruff of her neck, all claws appeared and the slashing began. OMG!!! *(&#$*(#%*(#&$(*!

and i dunno how it happened but she managed to sink her teeth into my index finger. and clamped down HARD. as in OMG A NEEDLE IS PENETRATING INTO THE FLESH OF MY FINGERRRRRRRR oh how about MY FINGER IS STARTING TO FEEL NUMB ITS ABOUT TO FALL OFF and she absolutely refused to letgo even after shaking her hard. WTHHHHHHHH

all i could think and feel was PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN shooting up my finger. i miraculously managed to free my finger and returned her back into the cage (more like throw her in) with her siblings. all the while cursing the little devil. grrrrr grrrrr.

my finger, meanwhile was beginning to swell like a balloon. the bite was really deep but didn't break the skin, so i gugled up kitten bites and came back with alot of articles that can make you paranoid - cat scratch fever of the sorts T_T; that it can lead to an infection; and you need an injection from the doctor if you want to live. wait whaaaaaaaat? O_o

my poor swollen finger T_T

after reading all that, i immediately slathered my wounds with anitseptic cream. kakak suruh rendam my finger in boiling hot water + garam to get the bisa out. pastu dia picit-picit to get the circulation going OMG OMG hell that hurt too. but my finger felt slightly better afterwards. it took THREE freaking days for the swelling to go down ok. the cuts are still itching, and i think my once lovely hand will be scarred for life. no thank you, stupid kitteh.

these kittehs need more love, i guess that's why they're too hostile hahahaha

bil has happily named her Autumn Dr. Evil, while the other siblings are christened Snowball, Snowflakes and Summer (the prettiest of the three, only because she has markings on her nose).



Snowflakes and Snowball are up for adoption, any takers? i think they're roughly about 2 months old dy.

Snowball & Snowflake, which is which i have no idea

if you wanna know if that person is a cat lover / owns a cat, check their hands for telltale signs of scratches. unless they're a victim like me hahahahhahaha

Summer! cute kan? i think she was supposed to be black but her color bled. bahahahhaha

September 7, 2015

stewie and uppy in memory

two of my wraps left home recently. they were destined for greater love. i was happy to have been able to own them, even if it was only for awhile.

Stewed Rhubarb Handmade left to live with a diso mama in the US. this one was special to me because it came from the weaver's collection. i waited forever to this unicorn to come along. it has weft changes on one tail, making it unique in its own way. it still is my unicorn :) maybe one day it'll come back to me, who knows. i know the new owner is loving it to pieces :) (and i hope she remembers dibs :D)

SRH Ukee, Fuschia Weft

Uppymama Shooting Star has been another one of my iso since 2014 when uppys were highly coveted (now not much so due to another slightly overrated brand) but i've always loved this one, mainly because it's pastel and i love the color combination - cream weft makes the warp colors pop. i'm reminded of that Rainbow Revolutions Pamir that i've always wanted but has always been out of my reach. the only drawback is that it's a size 6 and i don't really do size 6s that well. anyway, it's already in the States as well now, also being equally loved :) also happy that i'm able to have once owned this before.

Uppymama Shooting Star, Cream Weft

so here's what i'm left with, more or less. pretty much different from the previous years eh? LOL. the four that i can't bring myself to let go. yet.

stash shot, Septermber 2015