July 10, 2012

kedah dictionary

well anyway, found something really kewl on Facebook again. even i don't even know some of the words in there. anyway, is 'relai' a Kedah word? some people actually seem amazed that i know this word. er, what's so special about this word again?

my friend Mahani used to be our walking Kedah dictionary among my friends (mind you, majority of my close friends are Kedahans). i lived up North for a number of years (was initially not my choice) yet i never managed to master the language. or dialect? hee~. my brother was like duck to water. he blended right in. one chat with me and people wouldn't even thunk that i spent my teenage mutant years up North, pffft (i was born in PJ btw. technically i spent about 5 high school years in Kedah before entering Uni in Perak, only spending my days up north during term breaks and holidays... until i graduated =P).

funny how they all sound the same, the way they talk, these Kedah people. i'm reminded of all my cousins from AS. ahahahahahah.

Significant Other spent Form 4 and Form 5 in Jenan, so he also wants to mengaku that he reti cakap loghat Kedah. hehe.

what-ever. to me he sounds really weird. 'cheq nak pi mana? awat hang tak habaq?' (imagine him laying on the accent pretty thick). HAHA.

i asked him, orang Kedah sebut sepuluh sen apa? he thought for awhile, then answered, 'sepuluh kupang'. clever. lima sen? he didn't know. 'lima det'!

p/s. i just rediscovered isetan! HOMAIGOD

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