December 28, 2010

opening a bank account

i learned today that if you want to open an ASD account for your child she needs to be 6 months old and above to apply. Dinara is 2 months shy from her 6th month mark. haih.

and you need to be at least 12 years old in order to open an ASB account.

well... what about ASW then? =D

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December 27, 2010

twas the day we call Christmas

the house is almost complete. although super slow. feeling abit irritated now. we didn't even go anywhere on Christmas Day, only spending Saturday night at the unit with the kids. super irritated because no matter how many times i sweep and mop the floor still feels icky and dusty. grrr.

at least the master bathroom is finally scrubbed clean, Dayana insisted on helping and ended up getting a shower in the tub. could use more scrubbing though. one thing i hate about too many windows is WATERMARKS. i got no idea how to clean the windows on the outside. risk my life by climbing out of the window? lol. next thing you know i'm in the news for attempted suicide =P.

a surprising thing happened that Saturday. me and the kids were hanging out on the bed, Dayana was taking the opportunity to jump on the bed, while all of a sudden Dinara started laughing. i mean genuinely laugh. each time Dayana started jumping on the bed, Dinara started giggling away. serious, no joke. i even manage to get it on camera (at the wrong angle, chis), although i think Dayana deleted one of the clips T_T~. she was so excited that she could actually make her little sister laugh. and being the overexcited toddler that she is, she can successfully 'accidentally' delete practically anything in the iPhone. sigh. oh well. probably i can recreate the moment again somehow. let's hope Dinara's in the mood.

went to Ikea yesterday to get a tv bench and coffee table, ended up with a coffee table only because the particular brand that we were eyeing had some parts out of stock, to which the Ikea person kept telling everyone that stock will be available 'mid-Jan'. sigh. also ordered curtains for the unit, also due to complete in 3 weeks' time. Dayana kept bugging the assistant at Macy's with the iTouch, insisting that she looked at her 'A Ba Ta'. lol. i need to follow-up with the grill guy and sofa lady later.

what irritates me is that the longer it takes to complete the renovation, the more things we think we should add to the house. we're now requesting to add a switch for the outside light to be placed outside the door, as well as to redo the plaster conceiling the hood hose. touch-ups belum lagi. haiz. haiz. haiz. benci. i'm sick of houses. i want to live in a bubble. all u need to worry about is being poked at. haha.

what's left to be done:
- bathroom mirrors
- bathroom blinds
- living room carpet
- scrub the house again from top to bottom

as usual had to babywear dd#2 and push dd#1 in the stroller all at the same time. not to mention a shoulder bag to carry. and Dinara kept leaning to one side and arch her back, i had to support her head with my hand @_@. i think probably because she prefers to look around. if i cradle carry her in RS she gets to have a look at the outside world. if i fwcc her in a wrap her view is obstructed, haha. probably explains why she doesn't really like t2t. do you know any other suitable carries i can try to overcome this?

crazy. crazy. i'd like to see if anyone else can juggle everything like that. i hate the way people go to Ikea and buy stuff like they're moving house each time.

i am super tired today. i had a very tiring weekend. i'm so tired i'm caring less for tbw today =D. far told me to stalk a bamboletta. wasn't so crazy about the little dollies but i set my alarm clock anyway for the listing. ended up everything sold out in less than 3 minutes flat. hahahahahaha. oh well. Dayana isn't remotely interested in dollies yet so i'd give it a year or two before stalking again, haha. i hope they'll be like pamirs: super htf initially, but slowly becoming slightly easier to obtain after a couple of years down the road =).

btw, my iPhone 3GS is still available for sale at 1.4k. [SOLD]

model: 3GS
color: white
capacity: 32GB.

used since July 2010 until December 2010, so it's still under warranty. protected by matte scratch protector since day 1, cover also worn (Capsule Rebel) to protect the body. never jailbreaked before. totally in excellent condition. pm me if interested =)

Dinara turned 4 months yesterday. such a big girl, she is. can't wait for her to get her legs to be able to run around with her older sister, at the same time already missing my newborn baby. hee~ i brought her swimming for the very first time that morning, didn't want to procrastinate the way i did with Dayana (which resulted in her being terrified of sand and the waves lol). brought the kids down while Significant Other scrubbed away at the second toilet. Dinara wasn't particularly excited though, probably because the water was slightly chilly. so we just splashed around in the water abit with Dayana hanging on to my swimskirt, hahah.

ok that's it from me. for now =)

December 24, 2010

one day to Christmas

last Thursday brought Dinara for her 3rd month checkup. haha. she'll be 4 months this Sunday, so at the time she was already 3.5 months old. she has officially doubled her birthweight, now weighing at 4.9kg. i get shoulder pain each time i wear her in RS for long periods of time. i'm so used to cradle carrying her that it feels weird whenever i try to t2t her in RS, haha. now's a good time to start utilizing my wraps, don't you think? lol.

Dayana has begun to string a jumble of words into quite meaningful sentences if you care to listen to her properly. she surprises me sometimes, at other times she just annoys the heck out of me, especially during sleeping time when she refuses to go to sleep before 12am @_@.

i've started a new chapter in my weeekday life already. wish i could've started it next year, but oh well. starting now means nobody in the office, which means less unfamiliar faces to meet in one shot, haha. on the first day i arrived sharp on the dot only to have the doorbell go unanswered, hahaha.

i come in here barely a couple of days and already i feel like it's a mini reunion. the place is a whole lot smaller than the former. and i finally get my own cubicle to mess up with whatever junk i like! rotfl. but unlike the former, there isn't any special place to pump, so i have to make do with their sort-of exec toilet which really reminds me of those toilet cacats they have over at the twin towers.

the food here is definitely a whole lot more variety than the former, but i have to watch how much comes out of my purse, and leave a little bit for parking by the end of the day. parking alone costs about rm8ish a day give and take. huwarrgghhh. and don't get me started on gasoline. and the nightmare of a traffic that awaits me each time i exit the PJS toll. sigh. i guess it was also a good idea to have 2 of my cc's terminated before i started, eh? =P

hair loss has begun to take its toll on me. been realizing this everytime i brush my hair in the mornings but i've been in denial and chose to ignore it muahahahah. finally allowed reality to sink in this morning when i shampooed my hair and clumps practically came off each time i ran my fingers through my hair O_o. too sayang to trim, but i'm too chicken to try something new. i've been meaning to try that liese hair dye thingy, but i haven't dyed my own hair for such a loooong time. the last time i highlighted my hair red it was done at a store in Taipan, hahahah. tempted to rebond my hair, but poker straight is soo not in these days. what does a relaxer do, anyway? should i get a fringe? =P

i got a new cover for my iPhone yesterday at Machines. i was bored with black, despite Significant Other saying that we should be one big BLACK family haha (his cover was black, Dayana's was also black... boringnya). initially i wanted to get Speck's PixelSkin HD, but the salesguy pointed out that the HD version was kind of keras. tried it on my phone, but didn't look as if it was shock-absorbent, so in the end i stuck to the older PixelSkin, where the 'pixels' on the cover are slightly larger than the HD version. i bought it in pink as that was the only one available, and which has now started to grow on me =D.

mine's the pink one. although it looks more shocking irl

i also bought a dress for Dinara at Baby Gap. eeeeek. i dropped by the store after i received an sms saying there was an additional markdown on sale items. big mistake. i would've bought more though if i didn't exercise proper control, haha. there was this adorable reversible jacket for Dayana, but i kept thinking whether she really needs it or not... ended up not buying it =(. so apart from a dress for Dinara, i got a kewl-looking blouse for Dayana, thinking that once Dayana outgrows it, Dinara gets to wear it too. haha. it's no fun being the hand-me-down kid =P.

but put it this way, i'm more willing to spend a bit more on clothes for Dinara compared to Dayana when i could only afford Jusco and Sogo brands. keke. i guess that's why my second kid is also a girl =P~~~~

have you read Mini Shopaholic? i think:
- Becky is crazy
- i wish i had a husband like Luke
- i wish i was Suze =D

i bought the UK cover version

patiently waiting for Kay Hooper's latest book. i kinda read it already at the bookstore in US but i didn't buy it because i wanted to get the paperback edition for my collection =D. i read books in the loo. hahahaha. what a way to pass the time =P~~~~~

tomorrow's Christmas! if i was still at my previous company i'd be on holiday today. i got no idea what my plans are as of tomorrow. i love Christmas - the shopping malls, the sale, the decorations, the atmosphere, the holidays =P. i only wish Raya was hyped up just as much as Christmas is every year lol.

my Kanga slot is finally up!!! wheeee~~~~~~~~

ok i'm merapuing. i haven't downloaded my photos so i still got lots of backdated entries to post. ttyl. hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holidays this year!heck, we even have out own miniature Christmas tree at home, courtesy of Parkson Grand KLCC =)

December 21, 2010

zara came to visit

recently found the love with a 3.6m lol. i think anything beyond 4m will end up being a niusance to me haha. sure beats one-shoulder carriers. and it helps to have a cooperating volunteer too =)

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December 14, 2010

my last day

despite things i'm not inclined to mention, i'm really gonna miss this place and the people here =P

only have the lanyard to keep

parking was provided! but i still managed to get 3 parking summons. tsk!

my team finally had their postponsed outing today - MidValley. kinda ironic since they held it on the last day i was employed with the lellow man (oh well, at least i got to join! =D). after dozens of suggestions on what to do, they finally came up with a safe activity - movie and dinner. oh well. that's was ok with me.

when we arrived at MV the first thing we did was to buy something for the gift exchange we'd be having during dinner. then off towards GSC for the movie (lemme recall what movie it was, i totally forgot already what it is we saw that day =P~).
nowadays i don't put too much expectations towards movies, as long as i get a good laugh out of it.

we decided on Spaghetti Grill for dinner, i've never been there before and supposedly it's related to Chilli's. the price was ok so we each ordered sets. while waiting for food i went to pump in my car, hahahahah (i really don't know where to pump in MidValley privately @_@).

then we had the gift exchange. i ended up with my boss's gift, which was really pretty (can't show this to Dayana, she might end up demanding for it and end up breaking it @_@).

here are some photos taken by my friends:

chen fei with his Doreamon pressie

zie and the voluptuous shahnaz =P

irene, the most wonderful boss ever

me with the ex-intecians now defected to the lellow man

my snow globe!

the whole gang

December 13, 2010

lookie lookie

look where i was and what i did yesterday! haha.

i want...ICE CREAM!

Gap Casting Call 2010!
if it's not too much trouble, could you do me a favor and take some time to vote for this little cutie pie of mine? it's the first ever casting call i've ever brought her to, lol.

you can click here to vote =).

or if the link doesn't work, here's how to cast your vote:
search for Gap Malaysia on Facebook -> Like -> Click the Casting Call tab -> Start Now -> Malaysia -> D -> browse for Dayana Nur Sabrina -> click Vote

and voila, you're done! just make sure the vote counter has increased by 1 to make your vote count =P.

voting ends 7th January 2011. thanks a bunch!

here's my little munchkin:

Dayana Nur Sabrina =)

it was challenging enough for me to bring two kids on my own to OU yesterday, let alone getting her to sit still and pose. she was more interested in the signage than smiling for the camera haha. didn't help that i kinda lost my voice too. and the waiting time wasn't doing much justice either. so... i was lucky Dayana was in an agreeable mood for the whole 4 hours we were there =D.

bought Dayana a cute little red dress and ballet slippers (her very first dressy shoes haha) for her at Gap. thinking back, i wish i had bought Dinara a dress too, the smaller sized dresses were much cuter and came in more choices =).

i was about to blog more but someone decided to transfer all the photos in my memory card into the PC and left me with absolutely nothing... pffft. and what's a blog entry without photos, ey?

p/s. Brit accents are HOT. =P~~~

December 4, 2010

yellow day - photos

i dunno what to crap about in this entry, so i'm just gonna let the photos tell the story. but i can say that this is my first time experiencing this sort of activity (it's not always you get to bring your family to the office haha), so it was quite fun! didn't bring Dinara though, she's too young.

the fun began right past noon (we had to spend the early half of the day 'working' still :P). there were a bunch of talks and activities held for the children at various venues at D'House, but Dayana was still too young so was unable to participate. she was mainly 'culture shocked' at the sight of the huge crowd -.-

coloring for UNICEF

sticking the final masterpiece on the bulletin

at one point we met Aunty Firah :D who whisked Dayana away to meet her boss and colleagues, haha. we had to go collect her upstairs.

we met Aunty Firah

a bunch of other activities were held in Townhall. i got to do my very first sand-art. face-painting was also available, but there were too many kiddos waiting in line -.-

kene buli into doing this sand-art for Dayana

entranced with some Magic Show

just in case i get lost, Mommy

Significant Other with the little kiddo

eksaited with her 'sword' balloon

December 2, 2010

bring your kids to work day

how cool is that? LOL
(p/s. i will advise my kids to NOT venture into the IT line hahahah)

i don't care

i'm feeling depressed. maybe because that time of the month has finally creeped up on me (oh well. so much for natural family planning haha). contemplating the iud now after chatting up with Najua the other day.

Dinara started smiling just as soon as she passed the 2 months old mark. she's due for her 3rd month checkup. i'm curious to know how much weight has she gained since her last visit. she seems soo heavy these days... T_T. she has good head control now too. uncle Hashim says she's quite 'solid'. i think that's a good thing, lol. should i wait for coverage? or should it be better not to delay?

Dayana pulak sudah pandai sebut "iPod TOUCH! mami nak aiiiii pod touch! pizzzzzzz~~~". she thinks just because she says please she can get away with everything. chis dan chis lagi. oh and when Daddy's iPhone sudah kong, she'll straight away ask for Mommy's iPhone, complete with a piiiiiiiz. haiz~ =P.

have you seen the British series 'The IT Crowd'? my deskmate recommended me this series dulu, he used to gelak sorang2 tepi i macam orang gila (if he wasn't busy shooting people that is). it's not a bad watch la actually, hahaha. too bad each season only had like 6 episodes. the IT stands for I.T., not 'it'. anyway, Dayana just loves the opening credits. dengar je lagu she will drop everything and go menari depan tv. another one would be 'Family Guy' punye opening credits. she pronounces it as 'Fai Guy'. lol!

you know what i'm currently lusting after? lol. this:

saya mau DIBS ini LWI!

i killed another credit card yesterday. now i'm left with three. super motivated to kill another one in the next couple of months to come.

watched Deathly Hallows as well yesterday. i still prefer the book though. as expected Significant Other says the movie has no storyline. triple chis. lepas itu tanye i seribu satu questions on hallows and horcruxes T_T.

sent my monkey off to Cheras. hope it gets there safely. never in my life have i posted something so cincaily. what to do, i had limited resources. and the stupid posto don't carry those plastic bags anymore. so i had to improvise.

i better go pump before i procrastinate further. off to play Cut the Rope to kill time. heehee.