July 5, 2020

when asmarians meet

this year, raya celebrations had to be celebrated moderately amidst all the covid madness out there. only ONE day of raya celebrations limited us to only our family and close relatives.

post raya, with the country still in RMCO mode, my classmate / unimate had recently established her new crib, so she decided to invite a few of her close friends to her place. what i didn't know was that she also held a closed family birthday celebration too, so whoops, Aunty crashed the cake cutting ceremony without a present T___T

felt so good to finally interact with humans! ok i'm exaggerating, but staying home for 3 months straight tend to drive one up the wall a little, especially when you're stuck at home for so looOooong with your adorable little kidsssssssssss. who's with me???

i don't remember the last time i met these bunch of crazies, last raya perhaps? ke raya sebelum tu? maklumlah, sorang tu busy dgn PhD, while the rest of us sibuk berbuat busy (well that’s me anyway wahahahaha)... anyway, the food was ohsem! *burp* 

one day of raya this year was seriously not enough. so glad nrz decided to do a quick meetup =D
haven't seen these bunch in a long time

Asmarians forever