July 31, 2009

horri the horrible

fifie's horri says "oh hai, you're interrupting me's dinner time"

i came across this little critter while browsing through fifie's Facebook. judging from the name given by my friend, i'm guessing it's a male. haha. isn't he the cutest thing? horri is a sugar glider! fifie says they're easy to take care of. i wonder if they make good pets for children. i'm guessing not.

i read up a bit on sugar gliders. there's a whole bunch of sites with really useful information on sugar gliders for those who are interested in adopting one as a pet. i didn't even know you could actually. hehe. did you know they're called pocket pets? you can keep them in your pocket and bring one around with you in their little bonding pouch. i find that really amusing. sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, so they sleep mostly during the day and are active during the night.

sugar gliders are ready to be adopted ideally at around 8 weeks old. sugar gliders need alot of attention in order to grow up healthily. they have very happy personalities and like it when you constantly interact with them. this is really important as they can get lonely if you leave them alone for long periods of time (don't we all?). they can live for 8 to 12 years in captivity, so i suggest if there's someone able to take care of one for that long, then by all means get one =P. but be prepared for the responsibilities that comes with owning a pet!

since they're gliders, you need a big cage for them to be able to move about. hamster cages simply won't cut. they're actually really clean creatures, but mind you, they don't know the proper place for them to poop, so you'll have to improvise abit there each time you let them loose. they also like to chew things too. and bite. sugar gliders can be tamed but this can take months to achieve; once your sugar glider is accustomed to your presence and knows who you are, they'll be your companion for life, no kidding =P.

a proper balanced diet should also be established for them. you can't feed them just anything - do you want your sugar glider to be fat and lazy like you? =P sugar gliders get their name due to 1) they love sweet substances, and 2) they love to glide (glide okay, not fly. they're two different things. your sugar glider will never be SUPER glider). i'm not exactly sure what you can feed them, but i do know they love fruits and vegetables, and there are some restrictions to certain foods, but i do know that you shouldn't try to feed them cat or dog food. they're sugar gliders okay. not a cat or a dog. sugar gliders should never be compared to hamsters or meeces, they're in a whole different league of their own.

i think that's all i'm gonna write about these cuties. i've never seen one in real life so it's better to find out more about them from those who are the actual experts in the topic =). just wanted to poke your curiosity. hehe.

meet claudia

my claudia is here! *good vibes*
my friend, as usual thinks i'm crazy with my babywearing obsession. lol.

sent to 'Malayasia' lol

meet Claudia

July 30, 2009

... next time

next time i'll know better than to sink my teeth into a flaming hot steaming apple pie right out from the oven.
my tongue has still not yet recovered from the experience.

no thanks to the hectic working hours and late night skypeing, my sleeping hours have gone out of whack and i woke up at 10am today, despite having set the alarm to go off at 7am. haiz. i now wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a mild backache. probably because i didn't allow myself to sleep comfortably on the bed.

i have another conference call to look forward to this evening *sigh*.

bump for the posto this afternoon to send out my BBH fitted today. i think i'm gonna miss my orange burst, depite not using it before. as much as i like fitteds for nighttime, i don't think i'm in love with them, if you get what i'm going at. i got my BabyBeehinds Magic-All Pocket in Twilight from Grace today. my friend who saw me unwrapping it looked incredulous when i explained about the whole diaper system to her. she says she's gonna let her future stay-at-home-husband handle all the poop while she pursues her career, lol. another friend was amazed at how i managed to get my things to sell. i'm grateful. sometimes my things will just sit there collecting dust in the closet for months on end.

bye bye BBH...

today staying over at my parents' place while Significant Other is still away.

i got my first skinny jeans from Topshop last Friday. blame Hani for wearing her blue ones the other day. i told her i love how she looked in it. then she had to tell me that they were still available. so of course being me, i pun pergi la turun tengok. they had pippa in black, white for 30% off, and the blue for 50% off. but white attracted dirt so i passed off that color. i wanted the exact one Hani had - in blue - but they only had it in size 25 and unfortunately for me i felt as if i was wearing a sarung nangka so i couldn't get it =(. but funnily enough i could fit into the black one in size 25. i felt like i was wearing tights. Hani lagi best. she had one in blue, she loved it so much she bought another one in black. hehe.

which reminds me, i went into Topshop on Monday with Hema and while i was on my way out, i accidentally slammed into one of those store detector poles. ouch. i blame myself for not looking straight ahead while walking =P. but seriously, it did hurt. my cheekbone and hand got a direct hit. i was lucky i didn't walk into it face first, my nose would've gotten a good whacking. a mental image of Micheal Jackson and his missing nose came to mind, haha (there's a lot of rumors about MJ circulating about up to the point of being seriously unbelievable). Hema was not amused though. next time, always look what's in front of you while walking.

i am thinking of doing something with my hair. my colleague recently had hers dyed and highlighted for a very reasonable price.

at this moment creating test data does not seem appealing to me in the least.

July 29, 2009

the one that got away


so which color is nicer? (i'm trying to console myself that colors aren't everything)

ok so i really got to stop lurking around FSOT. it's really hazardous to my health. lol. the only nice thing about stuff like these is that if you don't fancy 'em there will definitely be a sweet mama to gladly take them off your hands eventually =)

July 26, 2009

more babywearing

i borrowed Syaz's DIY wrap to try a couple of weeks ago. despite the 'guni'ish color =P, the material was thin and really easy to work with. the wrap was a bit too long for my liking though. meleret2 the straps, lol. anyway i've only managed to try it out once, in my room =P. plan to return it sometime this week.

my first try at wrapping

after sending Significant Other to KLIA last night (destination: Norway), i dropped by the parent's place to pick up the OMT. the OMT IRL is really... purplish! haha (sometimes i wish i had taken holunder waves though. but nevermind. the purple is still unique... and i can now offically cross out purple for my future carriers, hee~). didymos violet waves is... thick, in my opinion. i think it would still be okay if worn in air-conditioned places. i feel that my storch is slightly thinner than the didy. probably because the didy needs more breaking into? the body straps were really wide and long 80" (i didn't want to take the chance of the straps being too short, rugi only). the body panel 16x18" and hood were double layered, and the waist straps 60" were padded. my mom says the way she designed the hood is genius.

violet waves OMT

i just don't know how anyone can tie up an OMT all by herself, in record time too. the first time i tried it on my mom helped me with the straps. it didn't help that Dayana got all fidgety too =P. after tying it all up, i found that i actually like the feel of the OMT. probably because it's a two shouldered carrier? Dayana might need some getting used to it though. dunno what Significant Other would say about this, he might blow a fuse =P~~~ his snugli is currently being ignored. even our stroller shows signs of rust. omg. can chlorine make things go rusty? just wondering.

had considered a Kozy carrier on FSOT before this. didn't buy because i wanted to read people's reviews first. and also due to the fact that Kozys also deal with straps (more strappys? pengsan). i'm starting to think that an SSC with buckles would be a bit more practical. thinking of venturing into SSC in the later future when Dayana gets too heavy to be carried in my bare arms =D. the other day i ran quick errands with Dayana without my RS and i had arm cramps for the whole day. hahaha. carriers are a real lifesaver!

last night i had a dream that i missed my flight to... somewhere. i got lost on the way to the airport and i vaguely remember someone trying to delay me from catching my flight on time. weird.

July 20, 2009


my OMT dah sampai! but it was sent to my mom's house T_T. no idea when i'm going to pick it up. this weekend perhaps?

i thought the parcel waiting for me in the office today was the OMT. but i received a call from my mom saying that a parcel had arrived at the house, addressed from Shannan. so i got puzzled and started to wrack my brain thinking, what else did i buy? O_o

imagine my surprise when the item i had purchased AEONS ago (in mid April) finally arrived at the office today. seriously. i had already labelled it for gone and lost forever (and banned the UK Royal Mail for hopelessness in international shipping). okay so i'm glad that it finally arrived safe and sound. let's hope Dayana doesn't decide to throw it away again. that's her latest habit. throwing everything out of her crib.

and the best thing was about the package? there was a label stuck onto the packaging:



spoilt for love

please enlighten me... will babywearing and breastfeeding result in producing a spoiled child?

i don't believe babywearing will result in your child being clingy all the time.
i believe it will give her a sense of security and teach her to become independent at an early age.

i don't believe breastfeeding will result in your child being fully dependent on you.
i believe the good benefits outweighs the bad (in fact, is there really any bad benefits worth mentioning here?).

i don't believe picking up your baby each time she cries will result in a spoilt baby.
i believe it will give your child assurance that there will always be someone there to rely on.

there are, such people who thinks that the above issues shouldn't be explored further when it comes to raising a baby. they think that the baby will grow up to be a spoilt brat.

i'm really disappointed with the people who thinks as such. seriously. just because something works for you doesn't mean it will work for me. only moms know best at how they want to raise their child. others can only advise, and shouldn't be the ones making decisions for you. anyway, nobody's blaming you if their child one day decides to get a mohawk, or if they decide to make the dean's list, or if they decide to rob a bank, or decides to become the next Bill Gates, is there? some people show their love in different ways. this is how i show mine.

this is coming from a Mommy who loves the occasional hugs and endearments, just to make her feel special =).

my only wish is for my daughter to grow up to be a Somebody. and if she is spoilt, i'd say she'd be spoilt for love. isn't that a whole lot better?

July 18, 2009


on Friday right after work we decided to hang out with Significant Other's former colleagues. we went to pick up Megat because he had some work to finish up at the office. the initial plan was to watch Skrip 7707 at Pavillion but they never came to an agreement (one wanted to watch the movie, the other despised Malay horror movies) so they decided to have dinner instead. since Imran was with Megat so he came along too. we waited downstairs for quite a while for Megat to complete his work until i felt a stomacheache coming. haha. so sempat lagi me and Significant Other go up to Level 14 to use the toilet. heehee.

off we went to pick up Hasmah at Dayabumi who was working late trying to complete boring financial reports. we had to wait longer for Hasmah this time =O. a bit too long, in fact, that everyone decided to head to the nearest mosque for Maghrib prayers before coming back for Hasmah. it was at this time that i was in the car busy composing my Harry Potter experience while waiting for them, which vanished into thin air. all because of the lousy broadband connection. phoooey (i'll be terminating you soon anyway, so hasta la vista broadband! muahahahahha). while we continued waiting in the car for Hasmah, Significant Other updated himself on the latest gossips with his peeps, something he will never fail to do so whenever he meets up with any of his friends.

after Hasmah finally joined us, the five of us went to Delicious in Bangsar for dinner (finally decided after numerous suggestions and rejections!). this was my second time at Delicious. the first time was when Significant Other brought me here with Dayana for a small quiet dinner, just the three of us =). anyway, i was already starving for waiting so long for dinner that i didn't mind what i ordered, so i had Significant Other choose for me so we could share a bit of each. we also shared a pot of tea between us (since when is Significant Other into teas? hmmm).

fried potatoes with rosemary and garlic for starter

Significant Other's spaghetti bolognaise

this was my portion, mine was lamb i think

what Megat had, a carbonara of some sort

we ordered dessert afterward. i shared an ice cream with Significant Other. Rijal and wifey joined us just as we were about to have dessert. more photos will be added later due to our good friend Imran who has been too busy lately to send them to me =P. i forgot to bring my camera this time! demn.

Me, rijal's wifey, Hasmah

a very blurish Megat, Rijal, a very available Imran and Significant Other

July 17, 2009

bad day

i cannot believe i am so absent-minded today!
i left my handphone at home.
then i realized i misplaced a simcard.
i got totally distracted by Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (no thanks to Syud, hahahaha)
(i just finished reading it, btw. i looOoOve Ed Harrison!!! *swoons*).
i wonder how it was back then when handphone's weren't a neccesity.
now i'm stuck waiting around the landline for Significant Other to call just because i don't have a phone on me.
and i really need to go to the toilet.
and poor Syaz tried calling me and got my whole office (well, my two colleagues actually) because i'm working from a conference room and the only phone in the room is a speaker phone (sorry Syaz T_T).
and the email in my inbox didn't really improve my mood. in fact, it detoriated my mood even further (next step: move on).
i'm hoping that this evening would turn out to be alot better.
the one consolation prize right now is that there's no conference call tonight. so i can cabut early later. yay!

i went to see HBP yesterday evening! was lucky enough to get good seats, despite booking the movie a day before. most of the cinemas were already fully booked.

from the HBP

i loved how the three main characters were looking all so grown up.
there were some scenes in the movie that were not mentioned in the book, and there were some parts of the story in the book that were cut out from the movie.
the movie felt a little bit rushed to me (i guess that's forgivable since they had to compress an entire book into one 2hour+ movie).
i imagined horace slughorn to be more... fat.
i didn't really notice Harry in the quidditch scene (since it was mostly about Ron, lol. he looks hideous in the Keeper outfit btw, haha).
and Bellatrix going around burning things? hmmm (see, you can never achieve the effect you would've wanted to in the book for scenes like this).
i liked how they developed Ron-Hermione relationship thingy into the movie =P.

the movie was OK. i prefer the book over the movie. but i guess the movie wouldn't be so interesting if they followed the plotline in the book word for word. there are some things that are depicted remarkably in words in a book that would've sound totally boring on the screen, in my opinion. that's where the power of imagination comes in =D.
Significant Other was totally not into this movie, he was never a fantasy fan (he's not into Lord Of the Rings either). he kept bugging me for updates on the storyline throughout the movie.

p/s. i had already painstakingly typed two paragraphs regarding my HP experience in the car when my stupid MB modem acted up. i clicked on the 'Save as Draft' button and POOF! all my typings vanished into thin air, only to be replaced with some stupid IE error page. huwaaaaaaaa *sob*.
don't you hate it when you have to retype something? you can try to recall what you've typed, but your ideas just aren't the same. grrrrr.

July 15, 2009

i am sleep-deprived

hollingsworth... hol-lings-worth. that's a nice name, don't you think? i like the way the letters roll off your tongue each time you pronounce it. the voice associated to the name doesn't sound too bad either. i'm reminded of the former Managing Director (who always manages to bring us donuts every Friday morning, of which the early-rise testing team will usually sapu 3/4 of the lot, and not to forget his morning greetings that will always make you feel like a Somebody in the office). do all Americans sound the same? i better ask Aritha. lol.

been having daily conference calls at 8pm each night. three of us here, three of us there. (ok la. the first night was scheduled at 9.30pm, subsequent meetings were scheduled to start at 8pm). we're at the point of becoming zombies now what with the huge time difference of 12 hours. i get wary of projects that look simple on the outside. you'll eventually start to have complicated thoughts. and for now, the project looks relatively simple, for all of our feeds. i guess we should start to worry soon.

oh guess what, Chilli's in KLCC is temporary closed for renovations. i guess Fahmi's gonna half to find a temporary chilli port elsewhere =P. i've been there only a handful of times and already i'm bored of Chilli's. hehe.

yesterday i took the lousy ktm back home - slow as usual, but wasn't too crowded at 9pm. on the way back we stopped by section 7. Significant Other wanted to try out the new RON95 at Shell but it wasn't going to be available until September (according to theStar. i googled). while rounding the area we came across this really packed corner restaurant selling nasi lemak (i'll post the restaurant name later). with the reasoning that if a restaurant is packed with people then that means the food there should be deliciously good, i went to tapau nasi lemak for Significant Other. it was good. i especially liked the sambal =P.

as we headed back to the car we came across Hometown Yong Tau Foo just right across the street from us . omg. finally, a place that sells fried yong tau foo, near to our place summore! back then Significant Other used to bring me to this very nice shop in PJ (during his romantic years) that offered a yummy selection of fried yong tau foo. it closed down not long after that, until now i'm not sure why. then we changed port to the yong tau foo shop over at sunway. but unfortunately that one closed down too, gone without a trace. seriously. i couldn't even remember the original location of the shop no matter how many times i pass by the shoplots. lol.

mind you, i'm not really sure if they're all under the same branch name or not, because i forgot the actual shop names for the earlier two (it was a long time ago anyway). but i don't really mind. janji ada fried yong tau foo. heehee. i'm not sure why there aren't many places that serve yong tow foo fried. maybe i'm just ignorant. or maybe because if there are any, they're not halal. hmmm.

so imagine how excited i was to see the shop in front of my own eyes. Significant Other asked me if i wanted to drop by for a quick bite, which i instantly agreed to. remember i mentioned about if a restaurant is packed with people then that means the food there should be deliciously good? well, i hope it didn't apply here. it was 10.30pm that time, nobody was in the shop except for the owner. Significant Other did the ordering. and we had Chinese tea for our drinks. i ordered a plate of rice to compliment the yong tau foo =D while Significant Other started attacking the nasi lemak which he initially wanted to bring back home.

Dayana & Daddy waiting for the food

hometown yong tow foo menu

the food was good =D we had a little bit of everything. Significant Other even contemplated tapauing, but i forbade him to because he already stuffed himself full with 3/4 of nasi lemak and all the yong tau foo we had ordered. later i kene jadi his MBSA pulak T_T. so back home he had his fix of vanilla ice cream + milo + nestum sprinkles. besides, i plan to come back here again some other time. photos posted here were taken during my second visit to the place, and this time we brought Dayana =). the total bill amounted to somewhere around rm12. ok la right?

fried yong tow foo... yummy =D

Dayana snacking on her teething biscuit

hometown yong tow foo wet tissue

the shop is situated at Section 7 behind the gas stations where all the shoplots are. the huge number of people hanging out in the area are most likely students from the nearby UiTM. sometimes Malays are rather picky when it comes to restaurants and food joints operated by Chinese. i'm not too fussy though =D

place: hometown yong tau foo
located at: pusat komersial seksyen 7, shah alam
opening hours: 11am to 11pm

today i'm feeling rather sleep-deprived. i guess coming in at 9am and leaving the office at 8.30pm for 2 days straight is starting to put a toll on me. Dayana's at the grandparents until Friday because the maid sprained her ankle so i'm hoping to get more shut eye within the next couple of days. i can't even think straight. boss is back from long holiday, so no more dilly dally =P

i'm also dilly dallying my wrap purchase. is claudia or christiane nicer?

July 9, 2009

pneumococcal dose 1

immunisation = fever.

poor Dayana is down with the fever today. we took her to see the paed Dr. Koshy again yesterday, this time for one of the optional jabs. we brought along her toy phone to occupy her with, so she wasn't wailing as much like she did when i brought her to see the paed last week. we didn't know which jabs were suitable to be given to Dayana at her current age so the paed advised us to take the pneumococcal jabs, there were three doses in the list so yesterday she was given the first dose.

Pneumococcal disease is a severe bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, also called pneumococcus. It may cause pneumonia, meningitis or a blood stream infection (bacteremia).

Symptoms generally include an abrupt onset of fever and shaking or chills. Other common symptoms may include headache, cough, chest pain, disorientation, shortness of breath, weakness and occasionally a stiff neck.

Dayana started crying as soon as Dr. Koshy took her to the 'meja penderaan'. lol. and that's even before administering the jab. hee~~~.

we need to come back again next month for her second dose, then the last jab to complete the pneumococcal dosage would be when she turns a year and a half.

oh yeah, the nurses weighed her again, her weight increased to 7.1kg. haha.

went to Subang to drop off Norehan's gift and some belated souvenirs which i never got around to bringing with us whenever we dropped by the house, but the whole family was out having dinner at Subang Parade, mil forgot that i wanted to drop by after work *smacks forehead*. Significant Other had a conference call and had to go back home so we met up at a gas station instead nearby our place. their flight left for UK at 10am today. fil asked me whether i wanted to kirim anything. hmmm. what's there to buy in UK? please enlighten me. i have a week to think about it before they return.

so today Dayana is at home with a slight fever. hope she'll be okay. Significant Other is at home too, on MC (conspiracy with Dayana? O_o). and i got stuck on federal highway this morning for almost an hour of stop and go traffic. geram geram!

today i got lost in KLCC basement parking. lol. first time entering via season pass. i've come to realize that basement parkings are actually really spooky.

i met Mister 'Pooky' today at the food court! whee... =P~~~ which was a pleasant surprise. hehe.

July 8, 2009

wrap mania

t-b: symphuo, earthy rainbow, felice

i think ito's girasol is a symphuo. i like the felice. earthy rainbow is not bad either. i'm still addicted to stripes, despite disliking them in the past (macam banduan kononnnye). syaz, what do you think? (tgh hasut nihhh, since you were scouting for another girasol, hahahaha). for now, i can only drool. sigh.

i wonder if anyone is willing to trade a felice with my fresh grapes =P~~~~

i heard that after the babywearing meet at Adrianna's crib (which i didn't manage to attend, sob sob) there are some mamas who are tempted to venture into wrapping? LOL. good luck picking out ONE wrap out of a gazillion designs. FSOT is a dangerous place. evil, i tell you. hahahahhaha.

i remember i told myself i couldn't and wouldn't get myself into all this craze. i'm reminded of Becky Bloomwood (except she gets a happy ending in the process, tak aci). i think i'm just too easy to be influenced. sigh. i remember last time in Form 2 my teacher made me sit beside my second cousin in class with the hopes that i would influence her to the greater good. ended up i went to the dark side, to the teacher's dismay XXD.

i hope i get to attend the next babywearing meet. when i told Significant Other about the meet up last weekend and showed him Liz's photos he was like, ala, apsal you tak pergi? and i was like, ler, you said we had plans that day? chis. apparently he approves if these meet ups include other babies around Dayana's age. it's about time she starts mingling with people her own age instead of us oldies =P.

Significant Other is going to Norway next (are there wraps for sale there? hahahahah), and he's thinking of making a stopover in London on the way back. unfair! and parents-in-law (Significant Other's dad's side) and the entire family will be going to UK for ten days to attend sil's graduation (and merempat!). wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

congrats to Norehan, who has finally graduated with second class upper. welcome to the working world, sistah! your birthday present cum graduation present is on the way =D

July 7, 2009

baby Miqael

Dayana now has a second cousin! =D

received an sms from Noreen yesterday saying that she was admitted at Columbia Asia Puchong for high blood pressure, so they were going to induce her labor. i think she was already 37+ weeks. then earlier this morning received another sms from her saying that she would be having a c-sect this morning due to failed induction.

at about 11+am she sent an sms saying she had successfully delivered a healthy 3kg boy, whom they have already named baby Miqael ever since he was still in his Mommy's tummy. yay!

the best thing is, she sempat lagi update her status in Facebook ok. this is seriously one nuts of a woman. lol.

the lovely Miqa

congratulations Noreen and the family. all the best to Mommyhood. congrats to Abang Wan too. ur finally a Dad! lol. Aunty Oya and Uncle Penn sudah jadiek grandparents! hehe.

Noreen & Abang Wan, wearing green =D

we dropped by after work for a short visit to view the new addition to the Effendi family. i haven't been to Bandar Puteri for so long i was amazed to see all the development there. i didn't even know Colombia Asia existed. it was fairly new, so it wasn't as congested as the other established private hospitals. according to Aunty Oya, Colombia Asia was slightly cheaper than SJMC (too me both are horrendously expensive =P). but i read in someone's blog saying that the rate for normal delivery isn't too bad.

Columbia Asia Puchong image from Columbia Asia

there were two nurses waiting at the front door, screening visitors for any forms of sickness i expect, especially for signs of swine flu cases. they asked questions like have we travelled within the past 10 days, did we have any symptoms, ade selsema tak, bla bla bla... we were rewarded with a yellow sticker on our sleeve for our patience (certified sick-free? lol). we headed for Room 61 on the first floor. Aunty Oya and Elina were the only visitors. the room was really nice, at least they had lots of chairs for visitors (unlike my room at DEMC last time, there was only one chair provided if i remember correctly) we took leave just as a whole bunch of Noreen's friends arrived because the room got a bit crowded. hehe.

so after our short visit we met up with Megat and Hasmah (whom we last had lunch with in May) and headed for dinner at Auntie Aini's. you know, the place i wanted to bring my dad for dinner on Father's Day but was closed? well, it was open tonight =P. they had the place renovated! the ambience was even nicer, even for a place that's located in the middle of nowhere. the food was superb. if you like kampung style food, then this is the place to be =D. apparently Auntie Aini's is open for business every day except Sunday (my bad for not knowing!). Significant Other already has the location locked on his GPS, so next time we come i hope we can find the way on our own, lol. too bad i didn't bring along my camera, huhu.

we got home around 11ish only to find Dayana with ant kisses on her face and legs. awwwww poor thing. no guesses as to who accused our room of being infested with miniscule-sucking ants! blergh. Significant Other suggested installing a video cam, but i think we need one of those microscopic ones to capture the ants on camera. hahahahahah.

two months until One

i wish i had a couple more pair of eyes to keep on Dayana. once she figures out how to move about by herself with no fear of getting hurt, we need to start to babyproof the house!

she's beginning to master the crawling stage. crawl here, crawl there, picking up every single foreign object she could get her little pair of hands on. and then into her mouth it goes T_T. tried holding her up by the arms but she shows no interest in ta-teh yet =P.

she likes to pull herself up into a standing position by grabbing onto any piece of furniture and hanging on for dear life... and is unable to sit back down into a sitting position. she started doing this just about the time Significant Other left for Libya. so she'll hang there until she gets bored and starts wailing for someone to rescue her. hehe.

hanging onto the bed

she will even let go of whatever piece of furniture she's holding on to if she knows that someone is nearby to catch her if she falls. which leads to...

has had a couple of slips and falls, but nothing major (alhamdulillah).

whenever we say nOOOOoOo, she'll stop and turn to look at us innocently (as if she understands that what she's doing is wrong), give us her cheeky smile and then continue with whatever it is she was doing like nothing happened. hahaha. sometimes i wonder if she's just testing to see what Mommy and Daddy will do if she continues to do something that she knows she's not allowed to.

she is more comfortable with her walker now =D.

she finally came to notice that ants exist during one of her crawling escapades and even tried prodding one with her finger (i heard her Uncle Akmal tried to eat them when he was a baby =P).

Significant Other bought a shape sorter for her from Toys r Us, a development toy to stimulate the brain cells and coordination (and learn about shapes in the process). Significant Other used to love it as a kid so he thought Dayana might like it as well. so far she hasn't come to realize that the shapes needs to be put into the appropriate shaped holes in the box, so at the moment she is contented with putting all the shapes back into the box through the main opening of the box. oh well. at least she gets the idea that the shapes should go into the box. haha. i tried teaching her how to push the shapes through the corresponding holes and cheered each time a shape successfully fell into the box. she took a triangle and attempted to force it into the box the wrong way. then she got irritated and simply threw the triangle away. hahaha.

Daddy bought her a Pooh from Libya but she didn't really take to it. i don't think she's interested in stuffed toys yet. perhaps when she's older. but she enjoys the toy phone from Fischer Price that i convinced Significant Other to get for her since she absolutely loves to kemam my phone, up to the point that my charger is unable to detect the phone T_T.

noticed she will only fall asleep at night with all the lights off in a quiet environment. else she'll refuse to sleep. Daddy's been having a How I Met Your Mother marathon at night the past couple of days and si kecik tu pun sibuk marathon skali.

went to the Dr. last Wednesday to check on the bites on her legs (just in case) which seem to have disappeared when i arrived at the Dr.'s. the Dr. gave her Eurax to relieve the pain (smacks forehead). according to the Dr., her height and weight is fine, she is one small healthy baby girl, so there was nothing i should worry about. at ten months old, she weighs at 7kg =P.

in the beginning she liked to babble syllables like 'da da' or 'ma ma' or 'na na'. her latest word jargon is 'aaaaay!' (the letter A? hey? ey! go figure). she'll go like 'aaaaaay!' most of the time. when we try to engage her in conversations, she'll 'aaaaaaay!' all the way. sometimes we counter by saying 'B', or 'C' (trying to get her to pronounce something new)... she'll continue repeating the 'aaaaaay!', siap with the annoying tone as if she was tired of repeating herself to Mommy and Daddy. lol.

Dayana: aaay!
Daddy: Beeeee
Dayana: aaaaaaay!
Daddy: Ceeeeee
Dayana: aaay aaay aaay aaay~~~! (annoyed tone)


two more months until Dayana turns the big ONE. it'll be the fasting month on her birthday. should we have a small celebration for her? =P

July 6, 2009

all about baby

[all sold]

anyone interested in these items? anything to do with Baby =D

Mothercare Nursing Bra

mothercare nursing bra size UK34B brand new, never worn. no underwire, drop cup. came in a pack of two. selling the one in the above photo.

can't work it out because sizing is too loose. the 34 sizing for mothercare is considerably slightly bigger than normal sizing compared to other brands in Malaysia.

rm90 with postage inclusive throughout Malaysia.
status: sold

MPB Pocket S & Drybees Pocket M

1.(leftmost in pic) MPB pocket size S in lavender (slightly generous in sizing imo), no insert, rm35 - never worn. Not a fan of snaps, i prefer H&L.
4.(rightmost in pic) Drybees Pocket Moccha Dots size M, free insert included, rm40. I hear Drybees is discontinued, so might make a good collector's item? lol.
please add rm4 for postage.
status: both sold

Mama Patch Overnight Pad 11"

Has only been prewashed, brand new never worn. I find regular sized pads are sufficient for me.
- Top layer is made of soft cotton flannel
- Water-resistant laminated bottom layer
- Inner core – Layers of flannel and terry
selling for rm20 with postage.
status: sold

GAD Pocket Diaper in Small

i'm letting go of my GAD pocket diaper, size Small. i've used this on my dot a few times before she started on solids, i think less than 5 times. i don't really fancy side snapping, so i'm letting this go.
made with White PUL for the outer and Pink Microfleece for the inner. this diaper doesn't come with an insert.
selling for rm40 with postage.
status: gifted

Bum Genius Organic AIO Onesize

i have a BG organic AIO i bought at tiny tapir recently, you can count the number of times i've used it with your fingers. don't really use this beauty as often, i'm not really a snap fan.
so far never had any leaking incidents, might be a keeper if i were a fulltime CD mommy (which i'm not). condition is still good, like brand new!
selling for rm85 with postage.
status: sold to a fellow MBW-er. thank you!

Aidafiqs Dusty Rose Original Mei Tai

this is an original MT from the AidaFiqs collection. luscious little roses, spread across a glorious dusty pink background. paired with gorgeous scarlet straps. body is made from 100% cotton drill, the panel is made from japanese cotton.
this mei tai hasn't been getting enough love from me lately =(. i'm more into slingified wraps lately if anything.
bought for rm178, selling for rm80 with postage.

status: sold to an expecting Mommy this coming summer, yay!

Mini E Plus Double Pump

i'm letting go my Medela Mini E Plus.
purchased by Significant Other in mid September.
used for 2 months. still in great condition.
np rm699, letting go at rm410 rm340, FREE postage.
everything is included except the bottles because i've been using them frequently for storage (unless, of course you would care to have them as well, just let me know)
status: sold to a long time friend of mine =) thanks!

Red Green Millefiori Size 6

material made from cotton. i love the color combo, it's really lovely in real life, but the green really isn't me. the length doesn't agree with me either. i'm more of a size 4. material made from cotton. gives really good support when wearing your baby. photo taken from tbw.
another option will be to split this wrap into two to be converted into RS. let me know what works for you =D.
selling for rm260 with postage.
status: sold to a mama whose daughter has the same name as me lol

Cushie Tushie Couture AIO OS in London Mod

with a heavy heart, i'm selling this CushieTushie Couture AIO. the design is London Mod.
as much i love the print, i'm letting this go because i don't wear it much on my daughter. i prefer my BGs and DBs. i think it's been worn about less than 6 times? seriously in good condition. still looks brand new. and i'm not a heavy duty diaper mommy, lol.
there's an extra soaker that comes with it, not pictured.
bought for rm98, selling for rm75 with postage.
status: sold to Haslina, hope you enjoy the yummy print! =D

MPB Flannel Fitted in Monkey Print, S size

brand new, unwashed and unworn. tags are still attached.
MPB has great reviews from cloth diapering mamas. i fell in love with the monkey prints and the luscious brown on the inner side. comes with matching monkey print soaker.
am selling it because i realized i have too many fitteds. and i think my dot has outgrown S size already.
Inner : 55% Cotton 45% Hemp
Outer : 100% Cotton
selling it for rm60, with free shipping.
status: sold to Brenda, wish i could ask for dibs on this in the future =D

Girasol Exclusive Fresh Grapes SBP RS

bought this from Sweet Pickles in brand new condition earlier this year. but when i received it realized that it wasn't my color. i've only tried it out a couple of times in the house. the lovely Girasol is slingified by Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions with silver rings, M size. got it in M because i initially wanted to shorten it and use the extra material to create a pocket but i never got around to doing it.
selling for rm260 with postage.
status: sold to and expecting mama, hope the RS gets lots of snuggles with your newborn!

Violet Waves OMT

my OMT wrap conversion in Didy Violet Waves. custom made directly from Shannan, how sweet she is =). bought this without DH's knowledge, and he was absolutely livid when he found out about it. so now i'm putting it up for sale to recover the funds T_T.
selling for usd160 with postage.
status: sold to my bestest cousin!

Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted in Orange Burst

bamboo onesize fitted 4 - 16kg. it's brand new, unwashed and unworn. coloreds are no longer being produced =(.
made entirely of beautifully soft Bamboo Fleece, making it a luxuriously soft and ultra absorbent nappy. has an extra long snap-in folding insert, and comes with a smaller insert for extra absorption. this nappy has a maximum of 11 layers of Bamboo Fleece in the Wet Zone.
selling it for rm70, with free shipping.
status: bump for sold to Haslinda Leen, thanks for your interest =D

Cushie Tushie Couture AIO OS in High Tea

a trim-fitting, one-size-fits-all, all-in-one design, yet is also seriously absorbent. inside is a full layer of waterproof laminated material, super absorbent bamboo/cotton attached to a full body layer of double napped (brushed) flannel, and a luxurious microfleece inner lining.
each Couture nappy comes with a huge matching snapped in booster – which is filled with bamboo/cotton and topped with microfleece and can be doubled under the wet zone for extra protection.
also comes with a second separate matching mini booster, also filled with bamboo/cotton.
it's brand new, unwashed. selling because i was undecided on what print to get so i bought two. now i'm keeping one, selling one.
bought for rm98, selling for rm95 with postage.
status: sold to Nazreen, exchange with DB Mocha Dots! =D

Cute Tooshies OS Fitted

bamboo onesize fitted 4 - 15kg. it's brand new, unwashed, unworn, the tags are still attached.
comes complete with two matching bamboo/organic cotton quick-dry boosters that lay into the nappy. both are topped with a layer of luscious bamboo velour.
am selling it because of the color, i wanted the raspberry one but i have no idea what influenced me to get blue. but the color is lovely all the same =)
selling it for rm80, with free shipping.
status: sold to Hana, hope you enjoy ur new CD =)

Littlepods Pouch in Navy Blue S

i would like to sell my Littlepods pouch due to wrong sizing for me.
size of the pouch is S (shoulder to hip: 22"). color is navy blue.
gently used. i bought it in October 2008 during my confinement, used it a number of times, washed a couple of times, still in good condition. a real life saver!
i'm selling it for rm55, inclusive of shipping.
status: sold to Zana =D hope you give my beloved LP a loving home! i'm sorry it didn't work out for you though

Baby Cubes 2oz/70ml
i bought 2 sets last time at tiny tapir. i've used one and kept the other one. the baby cubes are still in its original packaging. have not once opened it. there are 8 cubes per set.
extremely useful for Mommies who have decided to make their own baby food. these cubes are great for storing baby food in just the right serving sizes for baby. easy to take out and prepare. i used to puree a bunch of fruits and vegetables and frozed them into these cubes. in a rush i only had to grab a cube, thaw it and there you go! no hassle =D
selling for rm34, please add another rm5.00 for postage. or you could COD if you like. i'm based in klcc area.
status: sold in a flash to a sweet mama leaving for Australia!

drop me a comment if any of you Mommies out there are interested! thanks! or better yet mail me at ririyana[at]yahoo[DOT]coDOT[uk].

July 1, 2009

confession's hugh dancy

i know this is a bit outdated, but last friday i stayed up and watched Confessions Of A Shopaholic. i went to the DVD store to exchange my faulty PS I Love You DVD but they didn't have another one in stock so they replaced it with the Confessions movie instead.

i didn't manage to catch the movie in the cinemas the last time it was being shown here. and i heard people giving reviews on how it didn't really do justice to the original book, that the book version was better than the movie, and that hugh dancy was a real heartthrob.

i've heard of isla fisher before in those magazines i used to buy when i was in my teens (back when jonathan taylor thomas was an adorable heartthrob =P), but i wasn't a big fan of her then. she reminds me alot of alicia silverstone in Clueless.

with hugh dancy being british i didn't really think he'd be the handsome type. besides i 've never even heard of him before. but by the time i finished watching the movie i was already swooning over him. hahaha. the last guy i remember going gaga over together with my good friend aida back in high school was jonathan brandis, that was a long time ago and he's dead.

hugh dancy as luke brandon

anyway, i googled hugh dancy to find images of him but after going through the images i prefer how he looks in the Confessions movie than anywhere else. i guess i kinda like the character that he was portraying in the movie. who wouldn't love to have their life be something like that out of a movie: you being a total ditzy shopaholic airhead with your head in a cloud and going broke in the process, then end up with one of the most handsome and successful guys around? =D~~ sigh. i wish!

my version of a fairytale ending =D

i know the movie is adapted from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, but to me the movie is kind of like its own movie, separated from the book series. the movie plot is totally different from the book version. and in the movie the Denny & George scarf doesn't really blow me away as the scarf did in the books. i imagined it to be more dazzling and amazing-er, you know? but becky's friend suze, played by krysten ritter (another person i've never heard of) is EXACTLY as how i pictured her in the book =D.

you're lucky if you have a friend like suze

hugh dancy's dating claire danes by the way. did you know? =D