November 23, 2018

Dayana's Hari Anugerah... and chocolate

my eldest daughter surprised me again this year by getting number 2 in class. i wasn't expecting anything at all since she came back brandishing a Science paper with 51% scrawled in red on the front page O_o. the other day when i asked her what number did she get in class, she told me to Google it (ahahhahahahha as in log into saps online for parents to check).

sending her to BM tuition was a decision that was well paid off; she came home with an A for Penulisan, and a B for Pemahaman. she was quite surprised with her own marks, usually people would score in Pemahaman and flunk in Penulisan, haha. language will always be a subject i can never teach.

all those math drill exercises (and further reprimanding from her father) seemed to have paid off too. she never liked all those long-winded questions, she'd usually end up writing 'IDK' for those questions without even attempting to understand what the question wanted T__T. but she scored an A for math, despite getting confused over her Pecahan, Perpuluhan and Peratus.

and because of this she kind of neglected studying for her Science subject and managed to successfully flunk her paper T___T she wasn't able to grasp the concepts properly and come up with proper Kesimpulans for an experiment, sigh. my 8-year old did slightly better for her Science, but equally bombed in her BM paper. the kbat question "apakah kepentingan menjaga kebersihan di sekitar rumah" was answered with "pada hari Isnin, Khamis dan Jumaat" T___T.

budak kenit among her classmates

nevertheless, i was a proud parent that day =D. she still needs to do better next year though. Dinara even. i think she was abit miffed that her sister could go home with me instead of by transport that day. i told her to study harder or concentrate on any subject of her choice so that she could have a chance at getting best subject next year =D.

proud parents

oh you know what, that day i met Kak Dee, an old family friend of mine, at the school. actually, she was the one that tegur me first, as i wasn't one to notice people in the crowd =P. i've known her to have stayed in Kajang like forever, but had recently just moved into town, and now her son is in Standard 5, so big already.

met Kak Dee here, what a coincidence haha

i also met another familiar face, but unfortunately for me, i can't remember who she was for the life of me T_____T. her son was the same age as Dinara, we even talked for abit but even after all that, i still hadn't the foggiest of who she was and why she looked so familiar, ahahahhahah teruk betul. i asked my neighbour if she recognized the woman, she didn't either (ok so that ruled her out as a neighbour lol).

updated: ok i remember who she was. she's the lady i always place my Dominos order with. hahahahhahahahhaha

oh did i mention that her Hari Anugerah was held on my birthday? i guess her award is Dayana's present to me, hahahahhaha. so later that evening the husband brought the whole family out for dessert at Dip & Dip. we ordered four types of chocolatey dishes to try (tamak punya pasal kan hhahahahah) - two crepes, one waffle and one brownie. Sophia managed to polish of one whole plate of crepe all by herself, i is kagum. beats your standard birthday cake though, without the candles, haha.

sinful crepe
fruity crepe
chocolate brownie
sinful waffles

here's to another year older, another grey hair, another wrinkle, another... what else is associated to getting old? hahahahha.