December 15, 2016

funniest person in the world

this one cracks me up.
congratulations to Harith Iskander!

December 6, 2016

the company's annual dinner

we had a Masquerade Ball (2010), Awards Night (2011), 80s Night (2012), Casual Night (2013, seriously T_T), Cosplay (2014), Carnival Night (2015).
i survived them all. bahahhahhahahha.
this year, is Prom Night.

Prom Night 2016
venue: Gardens Ballroom

and every year it's always a mad rush to get to registrations on time. it's like Amazing Race, you know. you snooze, you lose. siap sms Deb to ask her the fastest way to get to the ballroom if i were to make a run for it in heels. made it with just about a few minutes to spare.
but why bother? i almost never win anything anyways. pfffft.

anyways, behold the food served throughout. wasn't much to shout about, but the food was edible. i only wished they served NORMAL creme brulee instead of GINGER creme brulee. ginger, seriously? huhuhu. it tasted nice and weird at the same time. lol.

main course
date for the night

they hired a Photo-booth this year round, so there was no door gifts this year - which i didn't mind really. i've forgotten where i kept my power bank and power adapter, to name a few of the stuff that i've gotten from past dinners. woo-hoo! forced my deskmate to put the photo-booth to good use. dragged the husband to take a round. tried cramming as many people as possible into the shot. don't remember how many times i stood in front of the camera until i forgot to take actual photos with my phone camera. whoops.

so this year it was just the three of us bananas, one banana made a mini banana while the other banana migrated to the other side of the world, fufufufu. Ah Wai was having the time of his life in NZ, and Luqy was busy enjoying husband life to even bother coming, lol. sad ok.

Azan, darn you why you no go dinner this year? there wasn't any decent photos of us this year! *cries*

beautiful ladies
selfie time :D
the more the merrier

Prom Night is no prom night without a King and Queen crowned. no doubts as to who won this year.

Prom King & Prom Queen

in regards to lucky draw, guess who won again this year, Nadia? grrrrrrr. Mashi won a ps4 hokeh! lucky duck lah her. even Lina won something relevant to her broken foot. hahahaha. i guess i'm gonna hafta settle with this person as consolation prize. tee-hee.

my consolation prize

this year i didn't even do my hair. my hair stylist went out of town (smoke coming out of nostrils) and i didn't even think about what i was gonna wear until the actual day of the event.

everything old,
nothing new,
nothing borrowed,
something blue.

ootd haha
 top: some designer from isetan, purchased decades ago; scarf: dUCkscarves in Rose Tea, heels: Clarks, necklace: Axxezz 

so i didn't go home empty-handed that night. on my defense, there was nobody around and it was bobbing up and down so innocently in the corner.... ok i bring you home. haha! the kids loved it btw.
my only wish is that they would stay up forever, yes? (darn you helium molecules).

in case anyone asks...

on another note, i'm officially on my own for two months with the four hooligans and 11 cats.
pingsan! and i'm a FTWM! can i resign and do Uber? LOL