January 29, 2020

celebrating haze at Amber

most of my colleagues' birthdays fall in the earlier part of the year. that's ok, by the time i'm done pranking them, they'd have forgotten about my birthday. haha. this colleague of mine refuses to celebrate birthdays, but we still insisted on having lunch together - mencari alasan untuk membawang ramai2, lol however i'm writing this post mainly to talk about the food, and not so much about the birthday part ok =P.

Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant,
Nexus @ Bangsar South

Amber's the best place in our area for mee tarik. we decided to celebrate our 'low-profile' colleague's birthday here. lama oh tak pigi! this place is perfect if you plan to makan hidang ramai2, because the portions are huge. unless you just want a bowl of noodle soup, then the portion is just enough for one person. i like my mee tarik of course. but i wish they hadn't gone over the top with the dedaun hijau, jenuh i nak kutip satu2 =P (like mother like daughter hahahahah).

mee tarik

i am absolutely a fan of their flower tea, it tastes even better each time you add more hot water to it.

my favourite flower tea

so there were just the five of us, and this was the amount of food that we ordered among us. although i think someone's order hadn't arrived yet at the time this photo was taken. hmmm...

birthday spread

we had to tapau the buns back =P. i would've tapau'd the flower tea too if i could =P~~~

pipi pau

birthday boy insisted in paying though. happy birthday Haze, semoga panjang umur murah rezeki!