July 30, 2012

the banana potato song

from youtube. HAHA. i have yet to find out the relevance between banana and potato.
ai am a minion fan!!!~

July 28, 2012

finding the eye

for about 2 weeks, i had been searching high and low for the eye Dayana had purportedly lost after she removed Mr. Potato Head's body pieces one by one and deliberately threw them all around the room, but to no avail.

i kept thinking to myself that the missing piece will eventually turn up, judging from my track record of being able to find what i'm looking for - but note the word eventually, lol (i can happily search things for you, but i can't guarantee you when i would find it haha).

i gave up looking for the eye on purpose (as in don't want to waste my life after crawling on my hands and knees looking under furniture proved to be futile) because if i think i did keep looking for it, i might just burn the eye when i find it simply out of sheer irritation *kita bako!*

anyway, earlier this morning i was busy looking for the kids's Belle figurine that they had misplaced yet again (sigh, story of my life). i searched under the beds and among all their other toys, still no Belle. was just about to give up when SQUEEEEE!!! i found the eye! (i have this habit of finding things other than the one i'm looking for) hidden under our tv table amongst Significant Other's chess set, a bunch of cobwebs and coin boxes. how it ended up under there was way beyond me T___T

so... tada! Mr. Potato Head can see again!

yo. me Potato. who you?

oh back to the search for Belle. i kept pestering Dayana to help me look for it, but as usual she ignored me. although sometimes she'd help me look but i'd end up having to deal with double the mess than i began with, so fine. hmpph. the kids were cranky so i told them to round up their bottles and blankets and bam in front of the tv in our room. Dinara went to her room to get her blanket and you know what? when she came back, in her hands were her blanket, and BELLE.

apparently she found it while i couldn't. hebat. and knowing her she won't be able to tell me where she found it in the first place. hahahahah. or was she the one that purposely hid it from me? O_o

and you know what Dayana did? being dissatisfied that her sister found it and she didn't, she grabbed Belle from Dinara, left the room, and then came running back saying, 'look Mommy, i found it!!!' while brandishing the toy in my face. 'it was in the pillow, Mommy!'


adeh. the concept of finding things clearly has no impact to her. sigh.

for the kids' lunch i took Dayana downstairs to make macaroni. she enjoyed stirring the macaroni, tossing in the crabsticks and cheese into the mix. i was out of minced meat though, phooey. i didn't know how it tasted like since it was fasting month anyway, but apparently Dayana seemed to like it. she practically finished the whole thing and almost had none left over for her sister. she was soo happy she'd go, 'look, Dayana masak!' to anyone who had ears.

the happy camper. tiara tu, tak boleh blah.

maybe it's because she made it herself that added on to the yumminess of it.

or maybe she was just plain hungry, hahah.

a few quick stuff on mek Dinara:
- loves to eat on her own. and she's not yet even 2. Dayana never showed any interest to spoon feed herself until she had a competitor - her younger sister.
- i find it amusing watching Dinara watching tv. she'd go 'uh oh!' during certain parts of a movie, or 'oOooOooh!' during others. HAHAHAHA. she seems to have a slightly higher attention span than her elder sister. her current favorite movie: Despicable Me (the only movie i am able to watch over and over again thanks to those minions. have you ever watched them on youtube? so funny).
- cries her eyes out whenever i walk out the front door without her. i forgot when Dayana outgrew this phase. but at least she doesn't cry when i leave her to take a shower.
- calls me 'ma-mei'. calls her Daddy 'ma-mei' too. and i thought Daddy was easier to pronounce than Mommy? @_@
- if we give her a drumstick to munch on, and if she sees a bowl of dip in front of her, she will automatically want to dip her chicken into the bowl, then suck on the dip. ni keje Auntie Enn nih. at one point she kept dipping her chicken in chilli sauce and barely realized it was hot. hahah. hampehs.

hari2 Dayana has been asking me for a Barbie girl birthday cake. who knows anyone who can make one? we think we're gonna celebrate their birthday on a small scale this year.

on another note, i need to justify why i should keep this. i have too many purple already.

anniversary pfau

July 26, 2012

midnight sahur

roti naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan garlic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hau ai misssed yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

oh i'm soooo easy to please. kekekekekeke

it was interesting to see the following contraption up close, but this wasn't ours ok. we merely experienced it via second-hand @_@

bil brought us here. kaki jalan kan him. friends all over Subang.
we ordered 5 roti, ayam tandoori, and drinks... which totaled to about rm50ish. mahal kan? tp sedap ok. haha

July 24, 2012

a new word

let's talk more nonsense about shopping, shall we?


  1. A short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman's jacket, dress, or blouse.
  2. (in ancient Greece) A woman's loose outer tunic or shawl.

being a girl, i have to admit i am ashamed that i have never even heard of this word before... until i read vivy's conversation with her then-bf about the many different type of tops. HAHAHAHA
(am laughing at myself ok).

anyway, this word found its way into my brain dictionary... why and how, u ask?

this is WHY:

and the HOW:

(insert victim's photo here)

the WANT (but failed to upgrade it to NEED):

the skirt that Nurel absolutely LOVES hates!
(btw, nurul sent me two big fat NOs on twitter yesterday -____-)


am diso-ing this:

but since it wasn't in the pre-order i'm just gonna reduce myself to sulking in a corner.

also, since berry2 arrived (after going from A, B, C, D only to come to me),

i'm gonna hafta let go of watermelon *SOLD*.
it's a natty linen size 5.
asking rm550 shipping inclusive.

July 20, 2012

ikan bakar Bellamy

epal susu. nostalgic.

since this was the last day on a weekday to stuff our faces during lunch hour before Ramadhan, me and my two peeps decided to buat keje gila and go for ikan bakar at Bellamy.

'jom pi lunch ikan bakar!'

i used to hear my colleagues say when i first joined the co. it took them 1.5years for them to realize that invitation. AHAHAH.

my other two peeps... said they had to deliver cuppies at P1.
wondered why it took soo long to deliver cuppies to the basement (P1 as in level P1 parking lot =P) that they couldn't follow us.

"P1 WIMAX la bengong", was her reply (ok she originally said 'sayang' in her msg, i re-edited to bengong for a touch of idiocy on our end AHAHAHAHHA).

ikan bakar @ Bellamy be closed for the duration of Ramadhan, but i read one of the notices on the wall informing that they'll be opening a stall at a Ramadhan Baazar in Sg. Penchala? aiya didn't read properly.


selamat bangun sahur di pagi hari nanti =D

ushering in Ramadhan

insyallah... someday =D


happy fasting this Saturday to Muslims out there...
may your Ramadhan be blessed this year.
may we perform more good deeds, and stay away from the bad ones.
may we open our hearts to all the good things the holy month has to offer.

July 18, 2012

dslr shopping

yesterday i accompanied my colleague to go DSLR hunting. her sister wanted to get a Nikon, so we walked around to survey the price.

i went to show her the shoes i kinda liked the day before, slingbacks with a nice rosette in front.
she said no, don't buy (another colleague of mine reasoned it was better to buy tops than shoes =P my WA friend said yes, since i wasn't gonna buy myself a raya outfit this year, so why not shoes? LOL).
then i changed my mind because i saw this:

soft waterfall jacket

but my colleague also said no.
i wanted to get some insect repellent, she said no.
i wanted to get belgium waffles. she said no.
(but then she reevaluated her answer after seeing those Dorayaki donuts -___-).
she wasn't in the mood to shop yesterday, hence all those negativity. HAHA

anyway, i told her i know nuts about Nikon; Significant Other was a big Canon fan. according to my colleague (which she probably Googled):
[7/17/2012 2:58:55 PM] N***l H**a: For some reason, people don’t argue loudly about HP vs. Dell or Audi vs. BMW, but when it comes to Canon vs. Nikon, people will defend their favorite brand to the death; if some poor soul dares to suggest another brand, like Sony or Pentax, murder ensures.
she ended up getting this, complete with an upgraded CF card and UV filter (haha):

i-am-now-jealous-of-her-new-toy-and wants-one-of-my-own.

i didn't know what to do so i busied myself by eying this:

my colleague wanted that flower thingy on the lens. ape ntah nama dia

remember i was busy gushing over how i wanted the one of those Olympus PEN series? in the meatime, Significant Other donated his 400D to me. and he told me to go survey the Panasonic Lumix series, whether was it equally just as good?
i had no idea, i only know my friend Syud had a Lumix and it took great night outdoor photos, we didn't look shiny and orange-y in them (didn't think he was impressed by Olympus. my previous analog was Olympus, i loved it dearly).

here's the first photo taken by the new camera:

and here's the happy runner customer with the merchandise:

obsessed with peace.

i must stress here that it is really important that you store owners hire chirpy unbiased sales staff. because it really turns people off to want to buy something but hilang selera after encountering:

- staff who looks like they're suffering from PMS and takes it out on their customer
- staff who ignores you because of status
- staff who doesn't even care whether they make a sale out of you or not
- staff who desperately tries to brainwash you to try their products even after you politely say 'no, thank you'.

ok i've encountered these sort of people recently at mv. they really should understand that if you offer the best customer service, even i'd end up buying that horrible looking statue that nobody wants in your store.
and i didn't have any intention to buy anything in the first place!

of trophies and exams

last night someone sent me this photo on WA.

siap *wink wink* lagi.
my brother got Dean's List for his last semester.
and if you get on the list at his Uni apparently you get a shiny trophy to display in your room.

"how come we didn't get a trophy whenever we got Dean's List?" i complained to Significant Other.
"seriously, did you even get Dean's List last time?" he asked back.

*cricket sounds*

Significant Other insists i mention that he has gotten Dean's List before. smarty pants.
he really is, you know. HAHAHAHAHAH
ok fine. my results for practically almost 9 semesters were always consistently around 3.0+ish. but it slipped a little during the semester that involved C++ and Digital Electronics (programming was not my forte back then. til now. total opposite from Significant Other, i think his Dean's List was for the semester with all those boring programming subjects).

oh, someone will be having his Phase II exams today and tomorrow.
all the best to you love.
stopped stressing out like a headless chicken.
but from my observation, that's supposed to be a good sign *touch wood*.

July 16, 2012

babywearing withdrawal effect

ok so with Significant Other's insistence, i've managed to sell off a few of my carriers.
i reasoned with myself that i didn't need so many carriers to match my wardrobe.
wasn't gonna carry more than one kid at one time anyway.
i reasoned with myself that snuggling with them to sleep was not a valid reason for getting more hoarding carriers.
reasoned with myself that a squish was not gonna be in the picture anytime soon (geram betul tengok gambar2 Norley babywearing her nb... chomellllls!).

so i guess it was a good thing that i don't trawl fsot as often as i used to, only to list my carriers and to occasionally bump them up with hopes that they find new owners better than me (me and my wrap polygamy, tsk tsk). but it really isn't so. such a good thing i mean: i rediscovered isetan. uh-oh.

simply put, i've rediscovered the joy of shopping for myself *dies*.

currently my osg friends have been going nuts over bags, specifically Coach. i can't afford to join that bandwagon yet, but not thanks to Reet i've managed to lust over two yummy bags =D.

*close eyes and walks away*

my Fossil hobo is put up for sale, as i decided i love my other Fossil better - it's a Doraemon's pocket! oh my colleague recently bought a nice Coach purse, i told her to sell it to me secondhand if she didn't like the yellow trim HAHA.

for sale. anyone?

colleague's new catch

my actual intention for shopping was to find a couple more tank tops (i misplaced my dusty pink cultivation tank top @_@) but due to my strict tank top criteria (i used to have a bunch of tank tops i bought but didn't like so i made a few rules to narrow down my choices), i ended up with things OTHER than tank tops.

so my quick shopping list rules:

- i need to keep reminding myself that there are much cheaper and equally pretty clothes out there than merely those famous branded labels (which i adore, btw). i found a nice blouse for only 2 digits at a less expensive brand outlet.

(btw, how people manage to wash dishes in their kelawar tops is wayyy beyond me).

- to stay away from sleeveless, except tank tops. else i'd have to stock up on cardigans, which means i need to spend more money @_@ and i'm too skinny to show off my bare arms. i really wish i was a bit fairer and fatter in certain *ahem* areas (seriously the only thing i feel different about after delivering two kids is that my hips are wider. proof: the kain for my kebaya are getting more difficult to zip up lolz).

- stop getting influenced too easily T___T. when i was in my dancing phase, i stocked up on twirly short skirts (no more short skirts for me btw. i have ugly legs!). when i was in my cc interview phase, i said hello to pencil skirts and panty hose. when shishi was my best friend, EVERYTHING became a favorite (i still love this lady boss btw. and i love her sense of style. shishi can i be your adopted sister? =D).

then i started stalking FashionValet. i bought my Kiss & Tell heels from them. didn't help that i kept falling for every single item that their founder wore (easily influenced, that is me. i usually stay clear of online shopping merely because i can't try clothes first before buying, now what the heck am i doing now???).

a few items i have been lusting over over at FV...
(photos stolen from FV. merely putting my wishlist here so that i narrow down my list of LIKES and won't feel like i want to buy every single item they have to offer @_@).

no thanks to iza =P i dream of a Nurita Harith for raya T____T
i had matching baju kurung made for my girls this year (for the first time!). due to budget constraints this year Significant Other made me compromise to make do with whatever i had in my closet that matched the kids' for raya. ok fine, so i told him i wanted two new outfits for raya next year =P. i still have a few more kain that i bought ages ago and have yet to send to the tailor. i still love my tailor in Kedah btw. i just wish she didn't live so far up north @_@.

after a good two years of putting my Skechers to full use, it finally sported a hole in the front of my shoe. you know, where my sharp big toe kept pointing/rubbing at.
i dropped by the store with hopes of finding a replacement but the one i fell in love with didn't have it in my size (takkan nak pergi all the way to Penang again kot? hahahaha). so one day while accompanying my colleague, i bought wedges - a temporary replacement (just to make myself feel better, she bought two pairs ok hahahahaha).
you should see my school shoes. orang lain punye kasut berlubang at the sole, i punye berlubang at the toe. AHHAHHAHAHAHAH. from observation, Dinara inherits my sharp toe =P.

(i hope my kids inherit their dad's brains).

ok enough babbling from me at 2am. gonna sleep now. toodles y'all.

of birthdays

this weekend there were a bunch of babywearing events planned (in KL and in Bangi), but i didn't attend a single one of them. i had other things already planned in advance. besides, i've run out of a wearee =(. can't ttc right now, timing not right.


hmm... i forgot what i did on Saturday. AHAHAHAHHAHA.
oh yeah. on Saturday i went to Tesco and the kids practically drove me crazy later at night trashing my room.
Tesco started it. they pissed me off because the queue to pay at the cashiers was long and moving so slowly (just my luck kan? whatever happened to the pledge 'if the queue goes beyond the little green line on the floor, we'll open up more cashier counters for you' or something-like-that?), and they keep running out of whole chickens each time i go.

sorted out my kids' clothes - which ones to pack away because Dinara can't fit them anymore, which ones of Dayana's that she can already fit into. and also to figure out which ones to donate because the maid keeps reusing the same ones over and over until it literally looks like rags (which is why i usually buy Tesco or Jusco for every day clothes. i leave the pretty dresses to Significant Other or their Grandad. excellent taste!).
then Dayana haaaad to barge in with Mr. Potato Head and demanded that i take out his eyes, nose and hands.
as expected, his eyes disappeared. and until today, i haven't found them. and you know how irritated i get when her toys get misplaced (you should see me counting her Duplo set, her blocks set, her kitchen utensils set (a spoon's missing), her princess book set, her toy car set, to name a few hahahahahahhahahah). i've also hidden away most of their books btw. Dinara's a monster, even the thickest board book she can manage to rip apart *cries*.
i got tired going down on my hands and knees looking under the beds with a flashlight.
being a bad mom, i gave Dayana a hard time over it, that the next day she complained about it to Daddy on Skype.

but in the process of turning my room upside down, i chanced upon a vacuum cleaner head i thought i had lost. right after having Significant Other pestering me to order a replacement. i guess it's true what they say, if you listen to what your husband says, insyallah you'll do well in whatever you do.
unfortunately for him i'm little missus stubborn -_________-.
maybe i should get him to order me to find Mr. Potato Head's eyes pulak, hopefully i'll find it. heehee.


today was Miqa's 3rd birthday celebration. i like bringing the kids to birthday parties, it gives the kids a chance to mingle with people their own size age.
the theme was Masterchef, which i think was really cheeky because 'm' also stood for Miqa hehe.

mineral water. cute leh?

the sweet tooth table

the birthday family. stolen from Elina's FB since i forgot to take their photo =P

a party isn't complete without games, now wouldn't it? the first competition was to decorate their aprons with glitter glue and stickers provided in the most creative way possible.
it was supposed to be a kids thing, but in the end it was the mommies that went crazy with glitter glue. Dayana was pretty excited to pick out her stickers, and also to decide what colors she wanted on her apron. Dinara otoh, didn't care as long as she got to stick stickers on her apron. it was pretty difficult to juggle two kids and only one me, so most of my photos turned out crappy.

designed by Mommy's lousy creative talent HAHAHA

the other competition was to decorate their cupcake in the most creative way possible. egad, even the Mommy (ie. mua) found it a bit challenging, since i couldn't manage to squeeze the icing out from the ketchup bottle properly @_@. but Dayana had fun sprinkling all sorts of sweet stuff on her cupcake after i managed to squeeze out a blob of icing on top of her cupcake.

cupcake decorating. see those evil ketchup bottles?

masterchef Dayana with style

she thinks smiling like that is cute

Dayana's masterpiece, all packed up and ready to go

and as for Dinara, she didn't even bother decorating her cupcake, she decided to sink her teeth into it, au naturel.
but she warmed up to the decorating concept long after the rest were finished.

ready, get set, EAT!

hohoh sedap betul melantak cupcake kering

finally decided to attempt cupcake decorating

she had so much fun sprinkling sprinkles everywhere -___-

did i mention they had a inflated bouncy castle thingy? Dayana insisted i stand in front of it while she jumped up and down inside it. Dinara didn't even find it the least bit amusing, and chose to run around barefoot instead.

bouncy bouncy

the bouncy castle. spot my little chef!

hungry, anyone?

adik makan nuggets

kakak settled for spaghetti

second round: melantak fries

she was having more fun pouring water into her plate

cik kiah gila balloon

my kids are seriously like night and day.
we drove home with four inflated balloons obstructing my rear view.

Makchu's Birthday
her birthday was supposed to be Monday, but they decided to celebrate it tonight (darn, i didn't know Monday was her birthday). it was supposed to be some sort of surprise, but i guess they kantoi because she caught a glimpse of the Baskin Robbins cake box.

when i told Dayana we were gonna attend Miqa's birthday that morning, she kept asking about her birthday.

'birthday Dayana next week ke?'
'no Dayana, your birthday is next month'.
'Dayana nak birthday cake Barbie girl?'
(youtube punye pasal la ni)

so imagine the look on her face when we brought out the ice cream cake for Makchu. i think she thought it was hers.

'Dayana nak birthday cake Barbie Girl'
, she wailed.

ice cream cake BR!!!

birthday girl Makchu

told her the cake was not for her, heu~. but she enjoyed herself anyway eating ice cream cake Auntie Enn was spooning into her mouth. i know Dinara did, judging from the way she was attacking it with her spoon.
the other sibs had a fun time experimenting with dry ice: place dry ice in cup of water and let it fizzzzz (i see a lot of traits that run in the family... *cough cough Significant Other haha*

enjoying her ice cream

top: stolen from Makchu's closet =P

good luck to Uncle Alfie for his driving test Friday.
good luck to Uncle Amir for his mock PMR trials Monday.
good luck to Auntie Enn for her ICAW exam this week.
and also good vibes to Daddy @ Significant Other for his Phase II this week as well.

5 days to Ramadhan!

good luck to Ashu for her coming final exams on Saturday!
(er... kenapa Saturday? and if your exams start on Saturday, awat 8hb baru nak balik? lama betul exams doktor gigih!!! aihhh july is flying soo fast out the window @____@)