May 28, 2008

baby's checklist

..6-8 button-up undershirts and pants
..diaper shirts - onesies
..5 stretchy one-piece sleepers
..1-2 hats
..mittens and booties
..1-2 receiving blankets
..dress-up outfits

nursery: crib and mattress
..cot bumpers, fitted sheet, comforter
..mattress (latex or foam)
..waterproof bedpads
..swaddle blanket
..pillow and bolster
..dresser bin

..plastic infant tub
..bath seat for mommy
..6-8 wash cloths body wash and shampoo
..bathtowels - hooded powder and lotion
..soft bristle hair brush
..medicine dropper / syringe
..nasal aspirator
..nail clipper thermometer

diapering: wipes
..newborn diapers
..scented plastic bag for soiled diapers
..drapolene baby rash cream clothes detergent

feeding essentials:
..milk storage containers
..bottles and teats
..bottle brush
..breast pump
..breast pads
..nursing pillow
..nipple cream and protector

..moses basket seat
..pram or stroller carrier or sling
..foldable changing mat
..diaper bag

for mom:
..maternity or nursing bra
..maternity pads
..nursing tops

... and the list goes on. and i'm not even sure if that's complete or not!

May 27, 2008

a car's tale

let me tell you the tale of AGA, WRA i and WRA ii and how they raced along the roads of the North South expressway going at speeds exceeding 150km/h.

the whole escapade began after WRA i left the Tapah R & R. somewhere along the road AGA 'met up' with WRA i and judging from the speed that they were going at, they decided to happily race each other like no tomorrow, dodging obstacles (other vehicles, obviously) going wayyyy beyond the speed limit, almost reaching up to 180km/h. until at some point WRA ii appeared and joined in on the 'fun'. so there they were the three of them, psycho-ing others on the road and pushing their vehicles to the limit, as if they were taking part in F1 or something, until factors such as lane closures, unethical driving and heavy rain obstructed their race. WRA i didn't resort to unethical driving (i.e. overtaking dangerously or driving in the emergency lane, as AGA did) so he fell behind, and also because he was almost out of gas. lol.

from their plate numbers, all were clearly new vehicles on the road. if the police were on the lookout that day, they would've gone from rags to riches. lol.

ironically, all three vehicles were black. the end.

oookay, this is clearly one weird entry, but i just felt like i wanted to blog it all the same. the highest speed clocked by one of the vehicles was 196km/h, but it seriously felt like the car was only going at 110km/h. gosh.

here in my home

Malaysian Artistes for Unity - i think i've heard this on the radio like, a thousand times. but i hadn't seen the clip until now. anyway, more information at

May 22, 2008

chess mess

2 days ago Significant Other bought a chess set. he's always been bragging about how smart he was to teach himself to play chess when he was young, and how he kicked ass at chess. so we play one game each night. so far:

1st round: he won
2nd round: i won! XXD

he seriously tak puas hati that i won yesterday. he said because of a stupid move he made, i ended up winning. which is partly true =P. who asked him not to eat my knight? so i ate his. but then it wasn't quite fun winning by wiping out almost all of his chess pieces, save his king. the first time he won, more than half of the chess pieces were still on the board. i've got to start learning up on offense instead of defense.

reminds me of this chess game that i used to play with my sister on the PC. lol.

tonight: round 3. i guess he's going for payback time. haha.

May 15, 2008

my wish list =P

clinique happy in bloom

vera wang pink princess

prada stripes multicolor hobo

just some of the things that has caught my attention recently... thought of just posting it here for the fun of it. will remove this post sometime later when i look back and realize that this is the most lamest post ever. lol.

May 14, 2008

mubin's angels

the lovely angels

i don't know why, but i love this photo (even though i'm not in it. lol). depicts my sister and my two cousins. taken a long time ago on my engagement day. somehow this photo reminds me of charlie's angels. heehee. since i plan to delete this photo on my Friendster page, i thought i might just post it up here =D


how bad can malaysians be these days? yesterday i had to stand in the train for 20 minutes until i managed to get a seat in the ktm. and that seat wasn't even offered, it was vacant only when the occupant got down from the train. i mean, come on people! you don't just simply let an almost 6-month pregnant lady stand for a long period on the train swaying precariously with the back of the seats itself as the only thing to hold on to? i almost toppled over as the train swayed, lurched and jerked as it made its way towards port klang. and mind you, most of the seats were occupied by bloody healthy men, okay. i mean, come on, at 6 months it's hard not to notice that you're pregnant. they simply pretended not to notice. i was lucky i had bought meself a pretzel to eat, and i was lucky enough to have the sense not to bring my laptop home too.

i don't mind standing, really; i've had enough practice throughout my life: during boring school assemblys and the lrt ride to work. just NOT when i'm carrying another being inside of me; i've lost my static point of gravity, for goodness sake. i'm not sure if i've ever fainted before either. i just remembered back in Uni, i was sooo ambitious to follow my friends biking all the way to Taman Maju for the pasar malam, by the time i reached there i was already seeing stars and was this close to collapsing XXD (thanks to the senior that helped bring the bike back, haha).

you know that poster they usually post on the trains that depicts an old person, a handicapped person, a pregnant lady and a mother with kids and wordings that say you should give up your seat to those that need them more than you do? there's a tag line that goes like, 'we care about them', or something like that. i've got a good mind to take a red permanent marker and add in the word DON'T in between the 'we' and 'care'. arrrrggghhh. i had a friend who was pregnant last time who also suffered the same fate as me, she finally plonked herself on the lrt floor because she was too tired to stand until someone actually got up and offered her a seat. teruknye.

Significant Other called me in the train asking me if i managed to get a seat. i told him loudly into the phone that noone even bothered to offer me one, and that people these days have no sense of compassion. i hope those men sitting on their fat arses heard. and i hope that lady beside me was listening too. if they had any good sense in their bones they should be ashamed of themselves. if anything happened to me i would have made them all accountable for it (huh~! that's how annoyed i was yesterday).

if i had brought my camera i would've taken a photo and posted it here to show you the faces of the ignorant ding dongs. i had a good mind to tell the ladies that were sitting down and pretending to be asleep that one day, when they're 7 months pregnant, i hope nobody even bothers to offer you a seat on the train. see how that feels, carrying the extra weight around and nobody bothering to show a sign of sympathy to you. and to the guys, my friend curses you to suffer ED at some point in your life. hah!

come on malaysians. where's the compassion???

p/s. ktm services is getting lousier by the moment. when the heck will this change??? lrt is no better either, but it's a tad better than ktm any day.

May 13, 2008

and it's only Tuesday

happy mum's day last weekend! might i just post here that i have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world. muaks!

now in my 23rd week. how time flies. it's just like how money flies. lol. went for my monthly checkup yesterday. everything looks bigger now. had my first tetanus jab. ouchies. received good news for Significant Other from the Dr (now let's not start on choosing Baby names yet, shall we? wouldn't wanna jinx it!). mil was happy. my mom was like, 'again?'

Noriza underwent a minor operation last weekend, so decided to visit her yesterday after lunch at her sister's place. she gets a week off from work. how niceeeeee... happened to be my rumet was on her way too, so met her there as well =D. a nice mini reunion, considering the fact that i haven't seen either one of them for quite some time. so we get to gossip abit, haha. i am sooo determined to go on a holiday once i'm able to board an airplane. seeing everyone jetting off here and there is making me turn green.

daddy bought the tickets! yay~ so i finally get a chance to see it after missing the show the first time it was on. best best XXD

on another side note, i am totally demotivated in completing my work these days. if he could, i think my boss would've strangled me already. been stuck doing the same thing for almost 3 years running, how much more can you take? i seriously need a change. but it seems that i'm not sure what. besides, i'm gonna hafta wait until December until i can simply throw letter. haha.

mid year performance reviews are coming up. whooppee...

May 7, 2008

the Question

a question i encountered while browsing through one of Facebook's applications:

When betrayed by your loved one...
a) attack and kill them!
b) kill them or pin them to a tree
c) don't do anything
d) hear out their story
e) storm out and run away

guess which option i chose? lol

p/s. happy birthday Norm! =D mango cake today!

May 6, 2008

morning laugh

i was browsing through the Star Online this morning when i came across this particular article in which contained the following. it got a laugh out of me:-

"When Shalini was led out of the courtroom, she laughed when a cameramen accidentally backed up against a wall.
Seconds later, while shielding her face from the press with her handbag, she herself walked into a wall."

moral of the story: don't simply laugh at others for their clumsiness. you might end up being laughed at sooner or later. hahaha.

pissed of these past two days because my usual parking lot was already full when i arrived around 9.45am. before this there was still alot of space to park even after 10am. goes to show these days more people can afford owning flashy cars and parking fees in the heart of KL. sigh.

oh oh, and i heard this morning on the morning crew taught me that you could activate the car alarm system via your handphone even if you're not with your car at that moment. you would need someone to be at your car with another handphone. so you would just need to call that person, then while the other person points the phone to the car, you just point your car alarm to your own phone and press it to activate the alarm on the other side. i would have thought that being impossible. but the crew tested it out, and it worked. another laugh from me. i think later when i get back gonna try it out with Significant Other. lol.

p/s. went to daddy n mumsie's place last night. got to eat sata and popiah! yum yum~

May 3, 2008

if a girl cries

i got this on my cuzin's bulletin board on Friendster. it's kinda sweet.

If a girl cries in front of you,
It means that she couldn't take it anymore...
If you take her hand,
She would stay with you for the rest of your life.
If you let her go,
She couldn't go back to being herself anymore...

A girl won't cry easily,
Except in front of the person who she loves the most and she becomes weak..
A girl won't cry easily,
Only when she loves you the most,
She puts down her ego.

Guys, if a girl cries because of you,
Hold her hands firmly,
She's the one who would stay with you for the rest of your life.

Guys, if a girl cries because of you,
Please don't give her up,
Maybe because of your decision,
You ruin her life.

When she crys right in front of you,
When she crys because of you,
Look into her eyes,
Can you see and feel the pain and hurt she's feeling?

Which other girl have cried with pure sincerity in front of you...
And it's because of you?

She crys not because she is weak,
She crys not because she wants sympathy or pity,
She crys because crying silently is no longer possible,
The pain, hurt, and agony have become too big a burden to be kept inside...

Guys, Think about it...
If a girl crys her heart out to you,
And all because of you,
It's time to look back on what you have done,
Only you will know the answer to it.

Do consider it.
Because one day....
It may be too late for regrets,
It may be too late to say "I'm sorry".

To my friends...
Ponder this message seriously.
You may regret it for the rest of your life.
Maybe in your life, she's the only one that love YOU the most.

May 2, 2008

my two-day sob story

Happy Labor Day! one day just doesn't seem to be enough, eh? =P~

i took emergency leave the day before to settle some personal matters... make car payment, pick up a parcel from the post office, send in my tax return form... then spent some me-time at Secret Recipe - oreo cheesecake and iced chocolate with whipped cream. yummy. i seem to be indulging alot these days =P then later in the evening went out for seafood at Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang with Significant Other, Megat and Hasmah. yummylicious! though i'm not much of a seafood fan, the ikan bakar was yummy, and the tom yam was dee-lish too. i think i overate that night. felt like a waterballoon when making our way back to the car. i thought the service could be better. probably because the next day was a public holiday, so the restaurant was a bit overcrowded, even at 9.30pm. too bad i didn't bring my camera, as this was a spur of the moment idea. haha.

didn't go anywhere on Labor Day. planned to watch Ironman, but plans got cancelled at the last minute, which was okay. i'm broke anyway. going through all my receipts made me realize how much i had spent for the month of April - the horrors! Family went off to Terengganu to visit grandma for the whole week, and i got left behind =(( waaaaaaa... i miss the mouthwatering sata, and keropok lekor, and nasi dagang, the A&W at Batu Burok beach (don't ask me why, but i always feel that this is the bestest A&W outlet ever, lol) and most importantly, my Grandma =D

sata..... i loike. my fav~

and you know what? brother-in-law is leaving for a two-week holiday to Perth, Australia. damn i am so jealous!!! and not only that, he got his very own brand new Sony Vaio lappie!