March 26, 2008

the moment has arrived

civic 2.0 v-tec nighthawk black

the moment has finally arrived!!! =D after two months of waiting, Significant Other finally got his dream realized (and his bank account run dry) with this new Babe. omg omg omg omg i am soooo jealous i wish my own car was brand new T_T (note to my car: don't kecik hati okayyy. i always go gaga over new junks, hee~ i wouldn't be abandoning you anytime soon, lol).

the interior looks absolutely dashing

his and hers

March 21, 2008

i want i want i want

sony ericsson z610i

the latest toy that i want. i want i want i want!!!
can you believe it's still expensive, even after all this while???
and i cannot believe those idiotic suppliers had the audacity to add on those so-called 'tattoos' onto the AP phones. that makes it look even more like a fake rip-off. what the heck were they thinking??? and the original is soooooo bogusly expensive. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

i spent the whole day dragging Significant Other around in KL surveying the price. when the price was OK, the phone was out of stock. when the phone AND price was OK, the phone was doomed to be tattooed. either that, or they offered a very low-sized memory card. sigh. double sigh. sigh again.

i wannnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

March 18, 2008

rain, boredom and email

i admit, lately i've been rather demotivated to do my work in the office. i have no idea why. maybe it's probably because i'm stuck doing the most boring thing ever, or because it's freezing like no tomorrow in the office due to the heavy duty airconditioning (plus it rains in the evenings), or because i feel soo tired i wish i could curl up under my table with my blankie and simply doze off, lol.

so there i was pretending to be busy, but in actuality busy collecting Easter eggs on (fluff)Friends, and checking all my mail for spam or anything else remotely interesting, when i came across an email from a 'long time fren'. i almost mistook it for junk mail. haha. anyway, turns out that the email was indeed from a friend whom i haven't heard from in years. i find the contents of the email quite intruiging actually. it makes me think how simple it is for a friend to change into a completely different person as time passes by. sometimes you're not even sure what made them change in the first place. anyway, there's not much you can do about it but wonder. so me and my friend were both wondering. and so far we haven't come up with anything. haha.

my appetite isn't as ravenous as it was the past few weeks, but the feeling to ensure my stomach is never empty is still there. already sick and tired of all my lunch options. new approach is to eat 'just because the other person's hungry'. ahahah. is that a good enough reason? i don't think so. maybe i just miss my mom's cooking. haven't been down there in a while. weekends are always busy with one thing or another.

anway, my current wishlist of the moment:
1. Oakley sunglasses
2. Habib Jewel diamond stud earrings
3. z610i
4. 'A' locket and chain


March 7, 2008

to that great someone

yesterday, for the first time EVER, someone offered their seat to me. i was being squished into the ktm as usual, so ended up standing in front of this young indian couple. i was busy examining my phone for new messages when the guy stood up and offered his seat on the train. gosh! i was so touched. that was the first time someone ever did that for me ever since i knew i was expecting. i'm in my 13th week now, so you can't really notice anything unless you like, really stare or something. summore his stop is right before mine (and my stop is like 35+ minutes away from kl sentral), so he had to do a great deal of standing. to that great guy, thank you again =D you really made my day!

buncit vs pregnant

sometimes i don't know if i should be insulted if one thinks i'm the former rather than the latter.

March 6, 2008

shopaholics shopache

i conclude that most of my colleagues, in their own different and unique way, are seriously addicted to shopping.

me and my deskmate (who is currently stuck at client's office for two solid months, unfortunately) used to spend our lunch hour hurriedly grabbing something to eat - sometimes skipping lunch entirely - just to browse through TopShop, Zara, iSetan, Parkson, or any store that carried cool clothings, accessories and shoes. this friend of mine is really crazy over TopShop, i think we crossed into the store's threshold almost every day until the salespeople recognize us already, lol. one day i wanted to try on a top and the girl at the dressing room said to me, "lame tak nampak" (i had just come back from my 3-week leave). aiyak. i must learn to be more conspicuous next time. haha. i usually get influenced by this friend of mine that whenever she buys something, i end up buying something too (either that, or i end up getting overexcited over some certain item which i initially could do without). yup, she's a clothes and accessiores fan. it's real lucky that Miss Selfridge isn't anywhere nearby. i have another friend also tuned into the same wavelength as her, this time nuts over Zara. i go less nuts there because the smallest size is usually still too big for me. but i love their cardigans though. really soft and nice =D

anyway, since my deskmate is MIA from office, i hang out with another couple of friends of mine, and this is also equally damaging to the purse. instead of clothes and the abovementioned items, these two friends of mine gila cosmetics. ahahahhahahaha. omg, how will i ever stop myself from all these temptations?? the latest craze is Bobbi Brown. they had this promotion going on, so we went a bit nuts over their foundation, powder and blusher. i just bought a foundation and pressed powder because mine is almost finishing (and my friend wanted to get the free gift that you get with every purchase of rm350, so i chipped in a bit and got an rm40 voucher). lately they're nuts into FaceShop. my friend bought a ton of stuff there. i'm lucky i'm not that crazy into skincare, just the basics would do for me, lol. i'm also lucky i'm too tired to follow them to Pavillion during lunch hour, wahahahahha.

the one thing i'm most craziest about that my friends can't top is shoes. omg i can soooo easily fall for a pair of shoes, buy them, and probably regret them later. seriously! i recently bought a couple of shoes from Nose (they're on sale, okay =P). just now passed by Primavera to see if that pair of Clarks i saw last year was on sale (it wasn't) and ended up adding another pair to my wishlist. owh crap. i just remembered my new year's resolution. i think i'm breaking at least half of them. *faint*.

earlier today during lunch i bought two types of mask from Guardian to try. my friend is sooo into face masks. i dunno what the big deal is. i think i'm just the type that wouldn't spend soo much on them i guess. i mean you wear it for a certain amount of time, then you wash off. end of story. i tried a few back when i was still in uni. didn't really feel any big difference. haha. maybe i'm just ignorant. and thanks to this friend of mine, i bought a L'occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream. cheese. browse only konon. wahahahahha. but so far i loike, it's moisturizing and the smell isn't too strong to make me feel nausceous.

L'occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream

March 5, 2008

about a scrunchie

jergh. i can't believe i terbought the most expensive scrunchie ever from Evita Peroni. guess how much it cost me: rm99.90! i can't believe i tak terperasan the price when i finally narrowed my choice down to one! omg omg omg that will be the first and last time i ever buy something from there ever again (unless, of course, i can't find a better quality shop that sells for a much cheaper price, or if this scrunchie decides to go missing). the design is more or less the same as the one i lost, green velvet with beads around it. lovely, considering the price okay.

lately i'm so absent minded it drives me crazy. i've already misplaced the only two scrunchies i own in the past two months. the irony of the two separate incidents is that i lost both of them while i was busy shopping. haha. marahnye. and i actually like the recently lost scrunchie, purple velvet with beads sewn around it. bought in in parkson a few years ago. the elastic was still good, even after a few dunks in the shower!

another sucky thing which i managed to lose in 5 seconds - FIVE, mind you - is a favorite brooch of mine. imagine! last i remember was that i was holding it in my hand to pin it onto my blouse... next thing you know... POOF, it's vanished into thin air. it got lost in my bedroom, and no matter how i turn my bedroom inside out, it has yet to turn up. crazyyyyy!!!

anyway, no thanks to that misplaced scrunchie (i hope that whoever finds it and keeps it for their own, their hair will fall out if they use it. mwahahahaha!), i spent a fortune on its replacement, which is like 12.5 times more expensive, more than i would ever pay for a scrunchie in the first place. oh well. i just hope it'll be worth my money - and won't vanish into thin air any time soon.

March 4, 2008

first gynae visit

i cannot clearly fathom what is in the pic. but i do know that it's gonna be amazing =D

previously was difficult to get some shut eye; Significant Other has been very helpful in letting me sleep a bit earlier than usual =). appetite has also increased rapidly. still can't stomach strong food smells. makes me feel like puking. taken a great liking to air sirap. gosh i'm gonna turn into a diabetic at this rate -.- already can't fit into most of my skirts and jeans =( gonna need to get more loose-fitting clothes.

found out my roommate is apparently expecting too. as my colleague puts it (who is now a proud Daddy, congratulations!), the husband is a 'good shooter'. ahahahahahahaha!

March 3, 2008

reception the third

my third and final reception went OK. most of Significant Other's colleagues turned up this time round. my makeup and hair was soo much better than the previous one, although i would rather have had my hair down than up, but never mind, the pics turned out okay =). thanks to Salad, Mawar, Ina, Aien, Mai, Aida and Sarah for coming! muaks~! and thanks to the in-laws and the aunties and uncles and cuzins that helped to make this reception a lovely occasion!

sometimes when you invite someone to your reception for both sides (for some, three sides or more =P) and if they're still unable to make it to any of them despite the different dates, it makes you wonder and think that something's just not right. it's just impolite not to go unless you a very very good reason not to. some people might not think it would be of any difference, but it actually means alot to the newly weds just to show up and say hi. seriously!