July 27, 2010

antenatal class at DEMC

the new DEMC building

i dragged Significant Other to antenatal class last Sunday =P. ok so i'm a second timer so you're surely asking, buat apa mau pigi??? well i missed registering for class the first time because the slots were full, so i was determined to go for class this time round, despite already going through pregnancy and delivery =D. DEMC antenatal rates were quite reasonable for a 1-day course compared to others (some classes spanned into different sessions on different days and didn't provide meals even =P. but probably the classes were more extensive, hence the price difference?).

the night before we went for a movie marathon at GSC Midvalley - 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' and 'Inception'. was really irritated with the ticketing kiosk there - there were two kiosks but it seemed that neither one was functioning. had to waste time queueing up to collect tickets at the Gold Class counter (which defeats the purpose of purchasing tickets online = wasting my time queueing!) that i missed the first 10 minutes of my movie =(. and i thought TGV's ticketing system was bad. i guess the only branch i don't have issues with is GSC One Utama (but then again, i haven't watched movies at One Utama for quite a while, so i beg to differ).

hmmm, since i'm already hyped up on the subject, i might as well add that i paling benci when people queue up at the GOld Class/ticket collection counter (which is supposed to be strictly for ticket collection, he-loo) but then i notice they end up spending a long time at the counter choosing their seats lah, contemplating this lah, that lah, as if they baru mau purchase tickets for the first time. i mean, tolong lah. it's really irritating ok, the purpose of the line is to PICK UP tickets. what's the point of me purchasing online if i still have to wait aeons just to pick up my tickets??? grrrr.

my sungguh-tak-puas-hati verdict:
TGV is stupid that they don't provide ticketing kiosks for easy pickup.
GSC is stupid that they didn't even bother to check whether their existing ticketing kiosks were functioning or not.
oh and btw, both of your corn-in-cup tastes stale. nelson's sedap lagi!

'Inception' is not bad a movie. you need to churn your brain cells a bit, but definitely a must-watch.

ergh, i'm off topic already. i'm supposed to tell you about my antenatal class, haha. so anyway, after the movie marathon we reached home at almost 3.30am and had only maanged to get a couple of hours of sleep before we had to get ready for the class which started at 8.30am. i was sooo happy Significant Other agreed to accompany me that day. DEMC is no longer at Section 9, they relocated to Section 14, but still very near to the house so i don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital if i ever were to suddenly go into labor =P.

i think there were about 26 couples registered for the class? a pair of them were even Doctors. mostly were first timers, but they all seemed to be so much older than me. i decided to stay low profile when the presenter asked if it was our first time being pregnant or not, lol. breakfast, tea breaks and lunch were provided.

the antenatal class was divided into sections (in my own words):
- healthy eating during pregnancy
- the delivery process
- pain relief during labor
- newborn care
- successful breastfeeding
- relaxation techniques during labor and exercises

after taking the class, i think i feel that i was much better off not knowing what to expect. hahahahahaha. i didn't know that there were soo many types of complications that could happen during delivery. i wasn't offered any pain relief option during my first delivery save for the gas which to me didn't feel as if there were any difference haha. epidural seemed much to complicated for my liking either. most of the topics that were presented i already knew, save for the last topic which i hope is gonna be useful when i go into labor later. i already knew which topic Significant Other would be most interested in, funny how they conveniently slotted that topic right after lunch =P.

they even gave us a tour of the labour room and wards, something i was also looking forward to. me and Significant Other were interested in getting a single room with ample space for visitors and family to sit comfortably in after i deliver (although i doubt i'd get many visitors this time, since confirm it'll be fasting month by that time). my previous room at the old DEMC building was soo cramped it had only 2 chairs for the guest so the rest had to stand, sungguh tak hospitable langsung haha. as with new hospital comes new rates - the single room is now priced at rm185 per night as compared to the old rate of rm150, huhu. they even had other more expensive rooms as well, ranging from rm400 to rm600 to rm1k+... some included rooms furnished to a theme i.e. japanese, english :O i was like, wow, kalah hotel! heck i don't think i'll even have time to appreciate my surroundings, i'd be too busy recuperating from the exhausting birthing process to be even enjoying the room in the first place, haha.

the wards were rather quiet that day, not much people running about. perhaps it's a sunday? (musykil i haha).

after lunch we were given a quick quiz just to see how well our spouse knew us. obviously we failed, Significant Other got my primary school wrong, as well as some other measurements like my height and waist size, lol (by 1cm each! chis). there was one question asking what the wife's hobby was, the presenter mentioned that most of the husbands answered 'sleeping', ahhahahahahah. but you know what? i won one of the lucky draw prizes. wauwee...! ME, who has never even been lucky in any form of lucky draw, won something that day =D. first time! yay! yay! *syiok sendiri*.

my first lucky draw ever!!! even if it isn't much, but still =D

well, that's about it. now if only i can remember the breathing and excercise techniques they taught me in class that day. i predict that during labor time, everything that i learnt and remember would simply fly out the window, hahahahaha.

that night after the class i finally got around to preparing my hospital bag, lix kept saikoing me that it'll be any day now despite having a month+ to go to me EDD (she delivered at 34 weeks, huhu). i'll be entering 35 weeks and i still feel like i'm not prepared to deliver. i wonder how i did it last time. i don't think i even rememeber my last month before i deliver. this time around, i am often tired and get rib ache + back ache, and have successfully managed to lose my appetite.

i secretly can't wait to get off work =P.

July 22, 2010

my apple fruit

so after alot of sweet promises, i finally got this beauty on Tuesday. wasn't surprised that Significant Other wasn't swooning over my new toy when i first brought it back, since he already had one of his own to play with. lain lah if i had gotten the 4g, then he'd be green with envy and demand i exchange with him, haha.

i had already bought the casing last weekend to avoid heartbreak (i am a scratch freak. i am a dust freak. i remember selling off and buying the exact phone model just because i tak puas hati no thanks to those two irritating factors, tsk). but i am thinking that Significant Other's less-than-exciting Speck actually does its intended job much better than my Rebel Serpent would ever do (mine looks pretty je lebih but i don't care haha). not to mention his casing was way much cheaper than mine. seems like beauty does have a price. lol!

bah. have i told you i am technology-challenged?

so i am now trying to figure out what is so exciting about the 3Gs. the only few things that i am currently happy about is i get to check my mail and go online without having to hijack someone's PC when i'm on the go (i have yet to get my own mini laptop to lug around), not to forget the screen is wide enough for my liking to be able to surf comfortably without squinting my eyeballs out, as compared to the lousy htc i had to use previously (me no likey htc, it gets hot when in use and during charging and lags like no tomorrow).

although i must say, i am a bit frazzled that i'm unable to text while driving anymore =P.

July 21, 2010

bye bye mandarine

htf mandarine linen

i've finally shipped Mandarine off to Spain *sniff*.
being htf, i might as well just hoard it, right?
who knows if its value will ever go up like Zinc or Rosie in the future?
and it's such a gorgeous shade of orange. not to mention soft and well broken-in too. hee.
but the length is too long for my liking, i wouldn't be using it as often anyway.
(still trying to convince myself actually. LOL)
at least i managed to make an idso mama happy =).

while i'm at it, should i just get rid of Quartz too?

July 19, 2010

mothercare, macaroons and mevents

ok so there's no such word as 'mevent'. but i couldn't resist =P

i had a happy weekend despite having those fake contractions thingy (which i think i can now know when to expect whenever i carry out a certain activity).

attended Nadia's son's akikah. only stayed awhile because i really really really really wanted to lie down instead of sitting. and Dayana insisted that i carry her or she sits with me (which is getting to be abit more impossible each day since the watermelon is getting bigger). imran is sooo cute! and the food was nyum nyum. wahhhh i wish i could tapau the food back =P. Significant Other enjoyed the cream puffs, he sapued the entire lot on the tray. the trifle was good, but i think Aunty Oya's trifle that i had the other day at Miqa's party was even more superb. lol!

pictures of Dayana and Aaliah watching cartoons:

i received my XT today too! cantiks irl. didn't come with chest straps though =(. was thinking if i ever do need one later on. this will merely be Dayana's carrier anyway, and i think i'm happy doing back carry without them. it doesn't look too pink irl even, despite looking very hot pink in photos. gah i so want a purple carrier, but i'm still leaning towards red. how larr? =P

lix modelling the pretty-irl carrier =D

sakit2 pun sempat lagi go the the MBW gathering at TTDI. my last gath before i'm able to join those peeps in a while. but i was late to attend, balik2 from rumah Nadia Dayana decided to go for her evening nap, and i guess i kinda did the same =P. no pics from me because i didn't even try any carriers except for Far's J (which i love to bits btw) but Dayana managed to get into a group photo, thanks to Ito, kekekeke. loved the samosa to bits btw. i guess i'm currently craving for samosa now. my first taste of samosa was when i was in Mekah, hahaha if you can believe it.

borong stuff at Fabulous Mom before going back (i didn't bring my voucher, so i didn't get extra discount, benciiiiii): some storage bottles, milk storage bags, a nursing nightie, and a pair of baju kurung by Sarakids for Dayana, since i don't think i'll have time to hunt for her baju raya later (btw, i remember sending an enquiry to Sarakids about their baju kurung collection, i think that was about a year ago and i still never got any reply, tsk!). anyway, Dayana managed to create a mess at the showroom, so i guess i felt a little bit compensated =P (Sarah told me later that she saw a lot of the vouchers lying around during the gathering earlier, tsk).

attended Auntie Yaya's (my sil) birthday bash at KFC Subang Parade. dropped by Empire first to get her birthday present. i think it's cool that we get to park for free at our condo whenever we drop by Subang Parade =D. she's only 10 but she's not into Barbie's and such, and more into arts and crafts. i bought a singing stuffed Barney doll for Dayana. earlier that morning she insisted i repeat the same 'I Love You' song on youtube which unfortunately ran for only 1 minute @@ (bila youtube mau ada itu ripit function???) so now she has her own Barney to sing for her instead.

oh oh i managed to get Significant Other to babywear Dayana using Pah's PTDC, lol. i knew that Dayana would be running amok when we get to Toys R Us so i just told him to wear her so that she can't run loose and we could just drop in without much hassle. hehe. although she did get agitated during checkout time. she got bored and wanted out.

pah's ptdc! hehehehe

after the party we left Dayana with Auntie Enn and headed back to Empire, i wanted to try Whisk's red velvet and macaroons that people kept saying were absolutely tdf. the store was actually really tiny, with a nice cozy oldies feel to it. i must say the red velvet was nice, not too sweet (in my last trimester i noticed i am sooo not into sweetness) but the macaroons were... er... blergh? i dunno la. they look like mini burgers, but one bite of them will errupt into total sweetness. arrrggghhh. i got a headache after my first pink macaroon. hahahaha. i don't think i'll ever understand the craziness over macaroons. are you supposed to pop the whole thing into your mouth? i ate them like a mouse nibbling on cheese (heck i even eat my chicken nuggets this way).

u gotta love Whisk, i heart their cozy concept

the yummy red velvet cake! =D

macaroons yg manis nak mampus. only the choc one boleh tahan imo

met a friend of Significant Other's on our way out. i must say this is the first friend that looks younger than Significant Other, even though they were the same age, lol. Significant Other sungguh tak puas hati at my statement. kekekeke.

we headed off to Subang Parade. surveyed Doodolls for Auntie Enn's belated birthday present since she's a big fan of those weird looking stuffies. since the Doodolls collection was huge, we deduced that if we bought her one each year as a birthday present, she'd only be able to own the entire collection by the time she reaches 40. hahaha. Significant Other bought a white fluffy hippo! =D (but i wonder if he bought it just for me, or he bought it for nostalgia, tsk).

dragged Significant Other to Mothercare to see what's for sale before the sale ends. what i wanted wasn't available at the Subang Parade outlet though =(. but we did incurred damage there. bought a cable blanket in a smaller size for the new baby (i will not have baby #2 drag around the blankie as what Dayana is doing now, no no... i'm planning to survey Taggies instead =P) Avent bottles (Significant Other's eyes literally popped out when i mentioned how many bottles i needed) and some bath towels. after ringing up the purchase i just realized that we must've spent a bomb for Dayana last time. this time around we're lucky most of the things can be recycled. huhu. i also bought a pair of nursing bras too. although i'm not sure if it makes a good fit... is there a way to make the bra diameter smaller? i only know you can use extenders to make it bigger, haha.

so habis la my weekend story =D.

last night i think i woke up more than 5 times to go to toilet. haiz. i'm reaching the stage where it's almost impossible to get a peaceful sleep. 33 weeks and counting! arrrrggghhhh...

i am soo not prepared. the bad thing about going through labor a second time is, you already know what's going to happen. during my first time at labor i didn't know what to expect, so the anticipation anxiety wasn't there. aiyo - and you'd think we'd be more prepared for the second time. the only thing i might improve at is what i should pack in my hospital bag, AHAHAHAHAH.

Significant Other is changing his mind on baby #2's name. haiz.

July 15, 2010

a little more on Dayana

Dayana loves to pester Mommy rather than Daddy. i just don't know why. padahal ade je Daddy around.

if she wants something that's out of reach, she'll bug Mommy to get it for her.
if Mommy is busy but Daddy is there to help her instead, she'll still insist that Mommy be her intended victim.

if Daddy is sleeping, she'll quietly play on her own without even disturbing Daddy's slumber.
if it's Mommy that's sleeping, she'll be jumping and crawling all over Mommy in about 5 seconds flat. terus tak jadi tido.

if we were to go downstairs or upstairs, if she's in the mood she'll insist that Mommy carry her and not Daddy (aaaaarrrggghhh). oh it would be okay if i wasn't expecting, i realize i can't carry her for too long anymore.

if Mommy plans to do a disappearing act for even 5 minutes, she'll wail her lungs out as if Mommy were to disappear for eternity.
if Daddy isn't around, she doesn't seem to mind much(probably since Daddy used to disappear for business trips and ends up appearing on Skype more often than not).

if she wants more milk, she prefers to bug Mommy for a refill. probably Daddy buat susu tak sedap kot. if the milk tastes weird, she'll hand back her bottle, saying 'tak dap' (not nice). and so we'll have to make her a new one.

she'll only bug Daddy over one thing because Mommy doesn't have one yet - the iPhone.

recently she's so into watching my sil dance for an EY stint Daddy recorded on his iPhone. she'll demand 'nak Auntie Enn, nak Auntie Enn'... haiz. she's getting good at unlocking the phone already on her own. haha.

last night i was in a cranky mood because i think it was like the umpteenth time Dayana asked me to refill her milk bottle (she drinks alot at night) and i was about to just hand her her bottle and tell her to go to sleep when she said 'you Mommy' (her version of 'thank you Mommy', no more 'too much', lol!).

argh. terus tak jadi marah. even if she did disturb my sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning.

she's in the mood to ask me for hugs and kisses too these days. i wonder where she learned this from. sometimes she'll come to me and say 'Mommy, hug' or 'Mommy, kiss'. and she won't forget to kiss my tummy as well. lol! sungguh syiok!

the best part is, Daddy needs to bribe her with 'aikim' (ice-cream) before he can get his share of hugs and kisses from her.

best. best. (score 1 for Mommy! tee-hee~)

July 14, 2010

the little things

me: *while keeping away her toy utensil set we got for her to play masak-masak* dayana, where's your fork?
Dayana: (looking around) where? where? *dashes off to her toy corner where we keep all her toys... korek... korek... korek...* haaaa, there! *dashes back to me*

you know what she brought me? she brought me her toy FROGS.

at least she doesn't call them 'Flossies' anymore.

and she's starting to refer to her Elmo as 'Elmon'.
oh God. don't tell me the Indonesian influence is beginning to rub off her.


July 8, 2010

paul the octopus

all this while, i didn't think he actually was one, literally speaking. until i decided to google him up and came across this in wikipedia:

"In the 2010 FIFA World Cup knockout stage, Paul predicted Germany's win over England in the round of 16 and over Argentina in the quarter finals. For his last prediction, Paul received death threats. Angry Argentinian fans blamed him for their team's major loss of 0 to 4, and threatened to eat him to avenge his prediction. His keeper Oliver Walenciak is sure that the octopus is safe in his aquarium tank."

LOL! and there i was yesterday telling Significant Other about this German octopus fellow who had earlier predicted Spain was going to win over Germany.


(sorry la, it's like lately i'm like a frog underneath the coconut shell)

July 7, 2010

marimekko mikaneko

no thanks to elly, i've been quite captivated by marimekko unikko prints. why ah? it's actually a pretty boring print - printed flowers that comes in three sizes, the unikko, pieni unikko, and the mini unikko. yet... i still like them. haha.

too bad they come in limited colors. tsk. i hate it when they do that - prooduce the most-wanted in limited quantities and expect people to fight over the availability. huhu.

anyway, i'm planning a custom soon (Significant Other knows about this, although he doesn't really understand what the big deal is haha) so i've been mulling over fabric the past month (although i'm in no hurry because my slot is due about the time i deliver) and i try to limit my choices because the longer you stare at fabrics you'll end up being rambang mata because there's just too many to choose from...

also, i easily get influenced by other people's choices =P. i like fazie's chosen fabric for her custom, as well as norley's supposedly custom, but in a different color. anyhow, to make my life simpler, i decided to limit my choices to three:

- amy butler's Love collection
- joel dewberry mulberry collection (my 'safe' print, looks lovely once made)
- marimekko mini-unikko collection

i like this:

but this is the pieni sized marimekko. if you put it on a carrier, it would look like this:

the flowers are quite large, you can't really see the pattern that well once it has been sewn into a carrier =(

then there's the mini unikko:

but there aren't many minis that have a colored background. so kurang cun. and they come in limited colors too =( phooey.

the mini unikko pattern would look like this on a completed carrier:

i love this purple!!! but i think they're pretty htf now =(. sob.

oh just for fun, this is the size of the regular unikko:

sebesar-besar alam punya big. haha. cantik kan the color? another htf. tsk.

and a simple comparison between the pieni and mini i found on a Japanese website somewhere:

which one would you choose? and what color? and why? LOL.

July 6, 2010

a song that brings back memories

i was trying to make space on my external hdd when i came across the lyrics to a song i had saved into notepad.

the song is simple, yet holds a lot of memories for me =)
(don't even know whether the person reads my blog or not)

Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu

Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu...

Hati ini selalu memanggil namamu, dengarlah melatiku
Ku berjanji hanyalah untukmu cintaku
Takkan pernah ada yang lain

Adakah rindu dihatimu, seperti rindu yang kurasa
sanggupkah terus terlena, tanpamu di sisiku
Ku 'kan slalu menantimu

Seandainya kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu

Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu...

by: Dygta

July 5, 2010

tesco sucks being a first

i never had any hard feelings against Tesco. but yesterday was a different matter.

i always get dot's stock of diapers and formula from Tesco, paticularly because they're always available there as compared to other places (buang karan only if you berebut parking only to find that the items you wanna buy are out of stock, tsk).

so anyway, yesterday at about 10pm-ish i went to Tesco hoping i could just grab what i wanted (which were a couple of 'neccessities'), pay and drive off. simple pimple.

you think?

the first thing that got me annoyed when i arrived was there were absolutely no shopping carts at the trolley bay where they're supposed to be. NONE. wth? i had to practically stalk the parking lots for an abandoned shopping cart.

time wasted: 10 minutes looking for a shopping trolley

so i proceeded to get the things i wanted, plus a little extra. most of the fruits looked old and were in such a sad state, tak jadi borong for Significant Other. don't they restock? lately each time i drop by for fruits, they look too pathetic to be bought i end up having to buy elsewhere.

the second thing i got annoyed with was when i tried to look for the new Cheezels biscuit i bought for myself last week (i starve frequently in the office lately, sigh) i couldn't find any trace of it. i mean, just last week they were having a promotion to introduce the new product, and now when i want to come back for more, POOF hilang terus di muka bumi Tesco?? it's not as if food can go out of fashion, hahahahahahha.

time wasted: 10 - 15 minutes checking all the aisles in case i missed it

ok so when i wanted to pay for my stuff the lines were very very long, and half the lanes were 'cash only'. i got pissed off again because they only opened so few counters to handle the huge crowd. they should just tear down their stupid sign that says 'if there are more than two customers in front of you, we will open up a new lane' or some nonsense wordings like that. just because it's close to midnight doesn't mean you should treat your late night shoppers any less.

ot: there were alot of uni students buying stuff at this hour. telltale purchases include: 2-3 baldi, mop, super strong floor cleaner, super single bedsheet set, just to name a few. hahahaha.

so there i was, lining up for the past 10 minutes at a counter that was moving considerably slow (but good enough for me) until this guy queueing in front of me called his wife over from the other lane. and you know the 'best' part? they each had two shopping carts filled to the brim with teeny weeny items that took ages to unload, check out, and reload back into the cart, it's like they haven't been grocery shopping for the past three months and were stocking up for winter. wth??? i was okay with that one shopping cart (family la kan, i get it), but when the husband called his wife to join in on the queue as well who also had a trolley with a load the size of Mount Everest, i think that was a really unfair move to those queueing behind them. with the extra trolley that had that many items to check out, we had to double our wait in line. i mean, seriously!

time wasted: 10 minutes + another 10 minutes for the extra bloody cart to be scanned.

[maybe it's just the hormones of a pregnant lady who had to stand in line for a really long time, it got on her nerves that there wasn't any special lanes for the pregnant, disabled or the elderly =P.]

and then the cashier had to put the 'counter closed' sign when it got to the husband and wifey's turn. no way in hell am i going to move on to another line, especially since they had me wait in line like forever, just because some people don't want to open a few more check out lanes to make their customers happy. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sakit hatiiiiiiiii). i was really pissed for wasting my time, i didn't even thank the cashier as he handed me my receipt. and i only found out that 'no plastic bag day' has extended to Sunday as well. pfffft.

i passed the couple on my way out of the parking lot. they were still unloading their second shopping cart contents into their Myvi. blergh. i don't think the Myvi could even fit all the stuff they bought.

since they have an express lane for 'items below 10', i think they should have a lane for 'items exceeding 1 shopping cart'. i mean seriously. gila apa? i spent more time waiting in line than actually going round the supermarket looking for the things i need. and i didn't even manage to find my Cheezels!

buck up your service la Tesco. mana pergi ntah all the trolleys? and pick up speed on your check out services. and tolonglah restock accordingly.


i went to the post office today during lunch hour to send off a few more items. indeed, postal services charges have really increased like nobody's business. i heard the lady behind the counter mention that for normal mail the charge would be 60sen?? (i can't remember the last time i wrote anyone a snail mail, ever since technology took over the world). i spent rm15.30 for postage, and that's not even poslaju -.-

(btw, thank you very much for your purchases, much appreciated in helping to make more room in my closet =)).

July 1, 2010

blogging isn't fun when...

... when there aren't any comments left on your posts.

it's like talking to an audience in a large auditorium. and you're not sure if there's anyone listening.

the best part about blogging is knowing that people hear you and that your ramblings are not just in vain. hehe.

tengah kecik hati sebenarnye. and i'm really craving for spaghetti + spinach at The Ship and that butterfly pendant from Thomas Sabo =(

ramblings on the 1st day in July

i've never felt so tired in my entire life.

Dayana is 22 months old already. another two months to the terrible twos. been hearing alot about this stage but i'm not sure as to what's going to be terrible. she was so happy to see me when i went to pick her up at my mom's yesterday. Ashu pasang Bobob on her laptop for Dayana to watch and dozed off (i think Ashu dah muak tengok Bobob haha), with Rusty curled up with them at the foot of the bed. kekeke. she calls my mom 'Ani' now. don't ask me why. she doesn't eat much too. any advice on how to feed toddlers? picky picky!

she kissed Rusty goodbye before going back. lol. and she loves my mom's kari ikan T_T. habis la. kecik2 dah corrupted makan spicy food. ni keje Daddy diye la ni.

we've settled on a couple of name choices for baby #2 already. ntah mimpi siang Significant Other one day decided to create a list of possible names to give the baby. i think the gender has been pretty much confirmed; my gynae has rarely been wrong. i'm superstitious about this, mind you. some older people say that you really shouldn't decide on a name for your child until the baby is born (for whatever reason that is beyond me). even Dayana dulu i think we started thinking about what to name her during my last month of my pregnancy. and finalized her name on tha day that she was born =).

this time around, Significant Other was quite excited to think up names for the coming squishy (nampak sangat tengah freeeeeee tak ingat). one fine day while i was busy at work figuring out how to execute a bunch of HLR test cases i got an email from him with 13 possible names for baby #2. haiz. i'm not mentioning them here, you have to hack my email if you wanna know (like i said, i'm superstitious. and what if someone steals the name we have already decided on? haha). when i saw the list, i was like, ini suami memang takde creativity langsung, chis! but there were some names on his list that i liked. and it was decided that baby #2's name would also start with a 'D' (don't ask me why we chose the letter D to name our first child, because i have no answer for that).

mil only requested that we give a meaningful name to the baby, and that we shouldn't give a super long name like Dayana's (hehe. fat chance).

we shortlisted a few choices and so we're just waiting for me to pop so that we can finally get a look at the baby before making our final decision. lol. i'm about 31 weeks and already rase tak sedap badan. unlike my previous pregnancy, i don't have the mood to eat these days. even yesterday a colleague of mine took one look at me and thought i was only 4 months along *pengsan*. i think i would fare really well during the puasa month nanti, haha. btw, this is my first time going through pregnancy during the fasting month. any tips from you mothers out there? should i skip fasting with regards to the baby, or is it okay for me to do so if i can manage it?

oh, and i really shouldn't take teh tarik at the Nescafe vending machine. i end up with a stomach ache each time i finish off my cup. haiya.

pissed off because the maid finished my mom's kari ikan this morning. i intentionally left abit in a container in the fridge because i wanted to cicah with roti for breakfast (which i also hid just in case anyone decided to eat the last two slices; the thing about not living on your own is that anything in the fridge is basically public property unless you declare it). but then just now bukak2 fridge sudah habis kene sapu. marahnyeeeeeeee! and so now i'm angry and hungry on the 1st day of July. tsk.

doesn't help that there's not much to eat at my workplace, huhu. starve la nampaknye hari ni. sigh.

p/s. tak baik telefon tengah2 malam buta. no ethics ka?