March 30, 2016

pinky pie

i was minding my own business at the dinner table earlier when she entered the dining room and headed towards me.
due to the bad lighting, it took me awhile for my brain to register that my daughter had been tinted PINK.

in color.


my daughters get a little jakun when given a tube of lippie; i can guarantee you that the lippie will wear down to the very base within minutes. my kids have too much lip area to cover i guess that they have to keep reapplying every couple of minutes or so.

*rolls eyes*

somehow Sophia thought she might look even prettier if she smeared the lipstick on other parts of her body.
because it's pink, you know.
honestly, what girl doesn't like pink?
(most girls do, anyway)

face pink, neck pink, arms pink, hands pink, feet pink. ears also pink.

i almost burst out laughing just at the sight of her. you could say she got sun-burnt, and she probably looks like the long-lost cousin of Hellboy. the Uncle says she looks like a character from Guardians of the Galaxy. 
whatever the case is, she'll be pink for the next couple of days, because the pink ain't coming off T____T.

i tried makeup remover, nope that didn't work either.

apparently, that is one heck of a stay-on lipstick. lolz.

aaaaaand being the bad Mommy that i am, i just had to get a couple of mugshots of her first. you know, just so that she can read this blogpost later when she's all grown up and will understand why her Mommy's hair turned grey so fast. 

i even got her confession on video. trying to pin the blame on her elder sister, eh?
very sneaky!

mugshot taken
budak muka tak bersalah
even pinker in real life
perasan chomel lah tu.

oh i just had to upload this photo on the side, it's too cute =P
she's turning One soon, how time flies.

talk to the hand... and the double chin!

March 28, 2016

what's with the PMs

if you as a buyer ask the seller to "PM", please don't reply them like you don't even remember why they're PM-ing you for *roll eyes*. awak yang suruh PM kan? be a good buyer and directly message the seller lah. i mean, if you wanna buy an outfit from Jovian (for example), you don't go asking him to "PM" you, correct? and even before you type those two annoying letters, please read the whole post beforehand. it's likely most of everything you need to know is included in the sales post.

yeah i wrote this recently. i was pissed. buyers get it so easy these days, with sellers selling their wares not only through physical stores, but also via websites and Facebook pages and Instagram. and those are only just a few that i can recall from the top of my head. belum lagi putting order through whatsapp! emails and private messaging are there to convey your purchase intention.

and yet buyers still have the tendency to leave a "PM" at your sales post. when you (as a seller) check your Inbox and find that there's no incoming messages (even in the Others folder), you go and message the buyer instead. but imagine the annoyance when you finally do get a reply from the buyer but the buyer doesn't even remember what item you're selling in the first place.

seriously, awak yang suruh PM kan??? *steam comes out from both ears*

it's fine if the seller requests to leave a PM if it's a matter of first come first serve though, mainly to keep track of who saw the sales post first.

which leads to another problem: buyers tend to not read the whole sales post before PM-ing the seller. most of the time sellers includes everything you need to know in the post: what item they're selling, the color, size, material, etc., asking price, and whatever extra need-to-know information. yet some buyers choose not to read and simply PM the seller, which will then lead to asking questions that can already be answered had they read the whole original post in the first place.

i experienced that earlier today. specifically wrote what COLOR item i was selling. when the buyer asked to PM i sent her the same photo i posted to jog her memory, and she said 'owh, ok sis pass ye'. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

unless of course, the seller purposely does not put an asking price for their item because they want to sell at an exuberant price, or to find a buyer that can offer them the highest price. really, no kidding. it's really none of my business if you want to sell a RM200 item at RM350 for all i care. go ahead and knock yourself out, it's your item to begin with.

in my dictionary, a personal shopper differs from resellers. my definition of a personal shopper is as follows: someone who purchases an item on your behalf because you as a buyer has requested them to do so. you utilize their services at a price agreed by both parties before the personal shopper purchases something for you. yes?

which also leads to another trend these days: people purchasing in bulk items that are highly-sought after and pose as personal shoppers who then resells these items back at a ridiculously higher price. these item were originally offered to the public to purchase at retail provided they have an internet connection (which in this era, is almost a necessity). unfortunately, everyone likes to make a quick buck, don't they?

and most of the time normal buyers miss out on these sort of releases because of this. these people are the ones that miraculously out of nowhere says, 'i have a few extra available, please PM me!'. lol. and there you are with your cart empty (despite clicking 1000x Add to Cart) and you start to wonder how the heck did she manage to cart so many???! haha.

all that being said, it is not my place to judge how much you sell your item. i am simply musing about the people who purchases items, especially items that people are coveting for and reselling them because they managed to secure extra (and also just because they can). like what i said once, i cannot brain that the store sold out in seconds but the items were 'readily' available 'to buy, please DM me' barely 5 minutes later.

i remember being one of those disappointed people, unable to purchase because i was slow. it totally ruins the purchasing experience, eh? and i wasn't one to purchase the same item at a higher price (trust me, when i say higher, i mean waaaaay higher, sobs). i mean if you had an option to purchase at retail, you'd go for that, correct?

ok i'm done ranting today. i don't know what my point is. just needed to let off some steam.

another thing that i've come to realize recently (just because Mr.Pilot's days have been starting earlier that mine lately) (that has nothing to do with this whole rant of mine, LOL) is that i'm done leaving the house early in the morning just to get stuck in rush hour traffic for one AN HOUR before reaching the office. i'm better off leaving an hour later and taking only thirty minutes to reach the office, therefore preserving my current mood and sanity. no?

March 25, 2016

and more talking from Sophia

Sophia's current ramblings!

where u goin'?
- asked every single time i a) look overdressed, or b) if i happen to be carrying my bag, or c) if i'm heading out the front door. this is practically the most soklan kepochi asked by the three elder kids.

where get that?
- asked by her every time i'm holding an object, doesn't matter what it is.

what u doin'?
- if she doesn't ask the 'where' question first, then this will be asked when she's looking for people to bug.

can you susu?
- asked whenever she wants me to get milk for her. replace the word 'susu' with anything that she is requesting for.

- proudly tells me the room is in a messy state when all the kids' toys are strewn all over the floor T___T

- selagi u tak reply her with an 'owait', she will repeat this over and over again. sometimes i don't even know what i'm agreeing to.

- prior to saying 'owait', she will ask you this first.

-  another word she will proudly tell me whenever she spills something on the floor.

baby banana
- that's what she calls Emma.


damage from the baby fair today. i was supposed to get only teats and diapers. but those outfits for Emms were too cute to resist! whoops. #splurgeforEmma

March 24, 2016

batman v superman

i'm not a die-hard fan, so of course i never did get it when people were disappointed with the movie.

i find the movie ok.
as always, i'm on team Superman. bahahhahaha.

Ben Affleck made a decent Batman, actually.
my reaction when i first heard he was cast was the same as from an online message board Affleck came across:
(i read about this from imdb)

"Affleck as Batman? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lex Luthor reminded me or a deranged Joker actually. i always thought John Shea had made a great portrayal of the character (again, note that i don't follow the comics).

and is it a coincidence that both their mothers had the same name? i seriously didn't realize it until i watched the movie. hmmmmm.

so... who's your pick? Batman or Superman? =D

img source: Google

img source: Google

March 20, 2016

he's finally married!

fefeeling gitu

one of my colleagues got married recently. we thought he'd never get married. haha! (marah orang tua tu =P~).

he used to be really annoying, and you wouldn't get much help from him for unknown reasons. aaaaand he'd always bug you for food (he has a higher metabolism rate than mine apparently lol).

we noticed that he's turned into such a softie now. bahahahhahaha.

so i guess that new wife of his did him some good, eh? LOL.

he still swings by my desk two hours after lunch without fail to ask if i had any food or not. lulz.

well anyway, congrats Luqy and wifey! i guess it all turned out awesome for you in the end, eh? may you grow old and grey with 20 kids. hahahhahahha. i'd like to say that i have a million questions about VoltDB for you when you get back to work, but i'm better off bugging Siew Wai or Ben about them, so.

the food was good, btw. i didn't get to taste the cendol, though. i was too busy waiting in line just to take a freaking photo with you. i'm glad that the wait was worth it, haha.

the boss thought you'd recently purchased Photoshop and had been busy you-tubing on how to use it. no pun intended haha.

NAR family photo

anyway, i stopped by Tesco to get some stuff and i finally got around to wiping the 10 centimeter worth of dust off my slow juicer! hahahhahahha. i hate the juicer for personal reasons - i need a ton of fruits just to yield 700ml of juice T___T also to say that you can't just simply mix fruits and vege at random, they might end up tasting and looking like something Frankenstein just barfed up.

in the past year my house acquired one too many devices one could imagine (no KitchenAid unfortunately haha), so i guess you could say the slow juicer kind of got neglected along the way.

700ml = 3 bottles of juiciness

then they haaaad to tayang all their juicing efforts in their instagram accounts, my eat-clean-kunun friends. bahahahhahah and since i balk at paying exuberant prices for cold pressed juices at stores, i decided i'd rather press em myself. kudos to my peeps, you know who you are.

so my juice of the day involves: 3 green apples, 2 red apples, 3 oranges, 1 celery stick (to follow Norley's combination. i just added the celery because i had 1 stray stalk lying around in the fridge). hmmmmmm i need more of them fancy plastic bottles! =P

March 13, 2016

planner peace...

... doesn't exist. or maybe it does. i dunno.

i do know the term stashified is non-existent, so perhaps that too can be said about my blog title.

yes? no?

well anyway, after numerous trials and errors, i've finally settled on this little arrangement:

my fabric planner was made my Lina of Wonderdori by Ann. my Hobonichi Weeks can be slotted in one side of the sleeve (provided i take off its plastic cover... pui), and then i stuff the pockets with stickers (that i still so sayang to use *rolls eyes*) and washis-on-a-stick. the notebook's there for me to jot down my daily stuff of what i need to do, things i need to remember (but then i tend to forget about them even before writing them down whoops bahahahhha). i diy-ed the notebook and decorated the cover with my so-many-washi-i-dunno-what-to-do-with-them =D.

but i guess i'm halfway towards planner peace because there hasn't seem anything that i WANT to buy lately. i keep telling myself for an ocd like me, thinking too much about how to decorate my planner would defeat the whole purpose of keeping one in the first place. i kind of like the size of my Weeks, it's not too big, but it has enough space for me to keep track of stuff, with minimal deco in between.

no, i'm not up to par like some of the other planner addicts out there, but at least i have most of my stuff in one place =D.

the only downside to this is that i'm a frixion-freak - i need to rub out mistakes i make in my planner, or else i'll resort to the koyak-buang phase. a coleto pen doesn't allow me to do that, and frixion pens don't come in a barrel like a coleto does (with the exception of the fat one, but the refills are not as readily available as coleto). and i like my planner to be in techno-color, so i lug around a fat pencil case with me everywhere i go, haha.

i almost got held back at Hong Kong customs because i brought so many pens with me on the flight, bahahahhahaha. crazy pen-woman.

March 7, 2016

Emms a Kitteh Kat


the kitchen smokes

lately i've gotten a little hooked on watching those Tasty videos on Facebook. they make every single recipe soooo easy to make, you'd be a dum dum to not want to try at least one out haha. i actually did try out this one recipe: Spinach Dip Chicken Bombs last Saturday night, i had the ingredients at hand so i wanted to see if the recipe was doable for a idiot-cook like me. i only had one chicken breast though, being the picky eaters that they are i didn't know the kids would be interested as well. i had extra stuffing left over, so i promised Dinara i'd make her some more the next day.

i bought breadcrumbs at Cold Storage for rm4. just sayin'. i just wish Tesco carried asparagus (updated: dan2 after i wrote this, i found asparagus in Tesco. chee~!).

so on Sunday while debating between taking the kids for brunch at Double A Cafe and making my own lunch, i decided on the latter - jimat duit konon. (also, because the former didn't accept credit, haha).

dip dip dip!

Spinach Dip Chicken Bombs

Olive Oil (to fry)
Salt + Pepper
220g Cream Cheese
1 tbsp Garlic Powder
1 tbsp Cayenne (added for that extra taste)
Chicken Breast
2 Eggs

1. Heat olive oil. Add spinach, season liberally with salt and pepper, and cook, stirring often, until spinach is wilted, 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat.
2. Combine the cooked spinach, cream cheese, mozzarella, garlic powder and cayenne, and stir to combine.
3. Slice chicken breasts half crosswise. Cut a slit into the center of each half to make a pocket. Take a heaping spoonful of the spinach dip and stuff it into the pocket. Pinch the edges of the chicken closed.
4. Place the flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs into separate bowls. Roll the chicken into the flour, then the eggs, and finally dredge in breadcrumbs, making sure to coat all sides evenly. Repeat to bread the remaining chicken.
5. Heat oil and fry chicken until the breadcrumbs are golden brown, about 4-5 minutes per side.


made strawberry milkshake as well, everyone in the house seems to like it. to me it's simply less-sweeter from the McDonald's version (which is manis nak matiiii). i used to make this a lot after we got back from our Cameron Highlands trip, no surprise lol. i froze the strawberries in order to lengthen their life (thanks Aida for the tip!). also thanks to my ohsem Tefal BlendForce Maxi blender, i'm able to blend ICE haha.

i call this unhealthy because the ingredients involve: strawberries, ice cream, susu pekat, full cream milk, yogurt, ice and chia seeds (ahahahhahah to negate all the other ingredients konon LOL LOL)

unhealthy strawberry milkshake

made something else for Significant Other by simply throwing everything into the Happy Call, and added seasoning where appropriate. to soften the the potatoes and carrots, i boiled them in advance.

hmmm... sedap la pulak. i think the vege on the side tastes nicer because they absorb juice from the steak.

Mr. Pilot's lunch

i dunno about you, but i'm liking this chicken thingy. even my two elder kids managed to finish one piece each, and that's saying something (especially when there's vegetables involved). can't say much for Sophia, though. she'd be the most sibuks one to grab a piece, then go YUCK (Snoopy-style) when it enters her mouth *rolls eyes*.

oh yummmms

see my biggest fan? she took the biggest chicken piece of them all and finished it all by herself =D *proud mommy*

my happy eater

March 3, 2016

ten months young Emma

Emma Mariah is ten months young today! i found her in her crib this morning up and awake in such a cheerful mood. she'll always have smiles for you, unless she thinks you're not gonna pick her up. but ermmm usually this happens with just me, the Mommy. i can't put her in her playpen every morning without having her wail after me when i leave for work.

she's grown up to be a heavy baby! she drinks way too much milk, eats way too little and has yet to warm up to solids.

already solidifying her relationship with the bottle than with me *cries*.

she loves to go jalan! the only kiddo to sit contentedly in her car seat while Mommy's driving, provided her pacifier is at the ready.

loves to pull herself up on her two little feet, leveraging on whatever furniture (including your legs if you're standing nearby). if you let her be, she'll crawl away as fast as her four limbs would take her.

she has no signs of teeth yet. but is always fascinated at looking at other people's teeth. probably because she doesn't have any of her own yet.

she will sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with you, baby language.

her eczema has flared down a little, now isn't as bad as when she was younger.

everyone says she has her Daddy's eyes T___T. liars.

i give up trying to fix her stranger anxiety.

you know how gangsters like to make those gestures with your fingers if you want to pick a fight with someone? well i don't know who taught Emma that, but she randomly does that sometimes with her fingers. her way of flexing them perhaps? lol

there is this one habit of hers that even bibik notices: whenever she's crawling about and encounters any sort of stray stuff on the floor (say a grain of rice, for example, or cookie crumbs), she'll poke and prod it with her index finger. if the stuff manages to stick on her finger, INTO HER MOUTH IT GOES T________________________T

please refer to the following exhibits:

grain of dunno-what manages to stick on her finger!

where every next best thing go O_O

Mommy loves you always Emma Banana!