January 27, 2010

the color yellow

yellow is currently dominating my life.
my temporary office tag is yellow.
my car sticker is yellow.
my toolbox is yellow.
my egg sandwich is yellow.

my current status here? these are what i know.

people here love to use the stairs. they're always on the go, lugging their heavy hp laptops along. as far as i remember in klcc, selagi ade lifts in the vincinity, tunggu lama-lama pun takpe, janji dapat naik lift. kononnye lagi cepat sampai. kekeke.

the open concept is a new thing for me. for 5 years i've been so used to chucking things under my table, along with personal tokens + other unneccessary rubbish + dust. they say you can judge how long an employee has been with the company by just taking a look at their cubicle. heehee. i left the company with a huge box full of personal items and a couple of paper bags full to the brim, i had to borrow a trolley to get everything to my car. here? you get to choose where to wanna sit each day. your only source of storage is a locker, big enough to fit your toolbox and other loose personal items. the term 'open' being if you decide to dig your nose or doze off to sleep in your chair, other people can definitely see you doing it, no doubt about it. haha.

as of now i have yet to meet my team members. i think i know the plan & design team better than my own team.

it sucks that there's no shopping complex beneath us. bosan je boleh turun makan, or turun pergi posto, or pergi pharmacy, or just flit in and out of stores to check out the sales (and habiskan duit unneccesarily haha). here i have no idea where to go whenever i feel like dozing off to sleep after lunch. there aren't much choices to eat here unless you drive out.

one of the perks is that i don't have to pay toll and parking.

there's no fixed line. so your mobile is your lifeline. always keep the batteries charged. hahaha (mine as i am typing this tengah flashing low battery, chis).

you can actually get yourself lost looking for the appropriate meeting rooms. i haven't had that problem yet. i'm sticking to my little island for now. just because it's an open concept doesn't mean that people aren't territorial. after a while you'll notice that some people tend to stick to their familiarity. which is why i'm not sure if i'll ever get used to this kind of environment.

i think every office is programmed to freeze their employees to death. here and there? sama saja beku.

hm. belum lagi mengomel pasal the other things that i have to complete @@. i go back home always in tired mode. when will my tak-sedap-badan feeling vanish?

p/s. and no. i have yet to see the YCF roaming around in the building.

autumn's getting a summer

so as most of you know, little autumn is getting a summer. i didn't think it would be that easy to decipher, but oh well =P.

before dayana was born, i used to fondly refer to her as autumn. so one of my status messages then was 'autumn in september', because her EDD was supposed to be in the middle of September. somehow she heard daddy's wish and came out a couple of weeks earlier, exactly a day after we finished assembling her cot. lol.

second time around, the EDD is about a week before dayana's. and it kinda sounded tak cun if i were to label this one as another autumn ('autumn's getting an autumn' sungguh tak menarik perhatian kan? kan?). since i had a big feeling that this one would be another august baby (that's 3 augustus versus 1 november in the family! egad!), i decided to label this one as summer for the fun of it. heehee. so that's just my little story behind the seasons thingy.

anyway, i'm the superstitious type, so i wasn't into breaking the big news yet, spare a few of them. but in the end i couldn't resist =P. besides, as of today i'm only about 2 months along, and that's nothing compared to those already in their second trimester. and i found out not on my doing, but during the medical checkup that i had to take. haha. previously when i thought my cycle was out of whack i wasted rm20+ on two test kits only to get negative results. so this time around? i didn't bother checking =P. hence, my surprise -.-.

was it planned? i was on Noriday for a couple of months before i got lazy and decided to ditch it altogether (i also got my P right after i took it, but as soon as i ditched it my P didn't come back until 6 months after Dayana was born). i was actually ok with the pregnancy since the gap between the kids would be 2 years. Significant Other was a wee bit more excited than me at breaking the news to everyone, haha. we're a bit financially worried though. which is why i am where i am right now. hopefully since i'm now in a remote area (compared to where i was formerly, where everything IS under the sun), i reduce spenditure and hopefully save more (and pay off my loan sharks faster!).

this time around, the feeling is totally different. with dayana i had a very happy pregnancy - great appetite, nada morning sickness, clear complexion, energetic feeling, luscious hair, sugar, spice and everything nice!

so for this time around, i have:
- too much gas in my body (hahahahahahha)
- limp hair. now i feel like cutting it short to put me out of my misery.
- gatal kulit everywhere! even the old itches are acting up again :S *cry*
- no mood to eat. eat only to fulfill the requirements of alas perut.
- instead of morning sickness, i get evening sickness. that's when i totally lose my mood to eat. i'm just lucky i haven't thrown up yet, just the feeling of wanting to throw up.
- water tastes yucky. because of this my water intake has decreased =(
- i lost my mood in babywearing ever since i started feeling feeling lousy.
- susceptible to sickness. i'm currently nursing a bad cough and asthma! (Drs out there, is it okay for me to use my inhaler?)
- i'm tired most of the time (ok, last time pun i was equally as sleepy so i guess this doesn't really count). i just wish that Somebody would understand just how tired i really am. hmph!

i told dayana there was a baby in my tummy and she looked at me as if i were crazy because as far as she knows, there's only your belly button there. haha. so here's to me looking forward to the next 7 months. i'm not sure if i'm even ready to relive my experience or not. despite being a fun journey before, i am so not looking forwarad to all the body aches and tiredness that will surely ensue. but i'm lucky i don't have a reason to take ktm anymore!

i just realized i've been neglecting to write about Dayana in my blog, haven't i? huhu. she's at my mom's this week, going through/browsing/exploring everything in the house i expect =P

January 14, 2010


1. ellaroo claudia - fs, measures 144 inches *sold
2. ellaroo christiane
3. didymos mandarin indio 6 - never leaving, may be chopped
4. girasol symphuo, measures ~4.5m - may be leaving
5. didymos lago indio 4 - fs, measures 148 inches *sold
6. didymos silk indio aphrodite 4 - never leaving
7. didymos quarz linen 5
8. didymos cgw 4 - fs *sold
9. didymos kiesel linen 4 - fs *sold
10. natibaby pp butterflies 5 =)
11. amazonas laguna - may be replacing christiane

ring sling:
1. sbp storch ulli
2. sbp girasol chococabana
3. jumpsac ugs linen
4. jumpsac ugs pure linen
5. comfy joey silk moccha souffle

(kepada hasben yg sedang membaca ini, be happy that your wife still has a strong will unlike me, muahahahhahahah)

just a stash list, no stash pic because that seals the deal that i have the symptoms of being a hoarder =P. i guess once my si arrived, nothing else can compare. hehe.

just curious, if i had to let go of 4 of what i have above, which ones do you recommend that i keep? because i'm seriously in the mood to destash. but i got no idea which one.

excuse my mood, i still feel like a bottomless pit atm. i wonder how other people can cope (Sarah i think i finally understand what you mean, haha).

today am reducing the prices of most of my stuff that's for sale... i need to make room for additional items, as well as clearing out my dues. i really shouldn't be brooding so much. in fact i should be happy that my life is taking a new corner. but you know me. i like my comfort zone. for all i know, there are sharks out there, or even Freddie Krueger waiting for me to close my eyes so that he can invade my dreams and give me nightmares until the end of time *shiver*.

i've got 5 years to clear out. should i store, or dump?

January 12, 2010

and the dread continues

i feel sick. been feeling sick the past week. i even lost my appetite looking at my wraps, if you can imagine that. i've been feeling a bit gassy the past week, with me feel like throwing up if i don't take my meals on time. someone used to tell me i should always eat my meals on time, because once a gastric patient, always a gastric patient *gulp*.

did i mention i even loss my mood to shop? i suppose that's a good thing. heck i even passed up the chance to buy a Jumpsac RS at 30% off! was i crazy, or what? (on the bright side, i did manage to convince a new mama friend of mine to get one for herself, so here's to you Syaz, and here's to another new babywearing mama =P).

browsing through fsot makes me want to puke. i haven't been crapping much in the forums either. haha. i think those mbw mamas miss me already =P.

i even lost the mood to blog. i find it a bit disappointing when people plucks out certain bits and pieces of your blog for their own villainous reasons. it's up to you if what you want to write (as a place to express how you feel inside, ain't it?) but it's just not nice for readers to spread the news around as if it were their own... i believe the word is 'gossip'. bahhhhhh.

then i have the house to think about... it's not cheap to buy a house!!! think a million times before you decided to get a house of your own. well, unless you're really loaded and don't really care about the expenses incurred... =P

remember i mentioned about a feeling of dread accompanying the new year? well... is this it???? *gulp*. at this rate i am sooo not looking forward to the end of the month when i'll be throwing myself back in the sea where all the sharks are *teeth chattering*. i hope it's for the best. i don't want to go crying in the opposite direction.

but then... each dark gloomy cloud has a silver lining. and i received my silver lining yesterday.

"Ak*bar Ikhl*as: Excited but at the same time feeling worried..."

hmm. maybe i should start to worry as well. eh wait, does worrying qualify as a silver lining? hahahahaha.

i haven't been writing much about Dayana these days, forgive me. but i do wanna write down before i forget that she got her very first smooch(es) from the opposite sex! hahahahahaha. well if a kiss on the cheek qualifies as one =P. we were browsing through a home appliance store in Subang where there was a couple with their 2 year-old kid. the two little ones kinda bonded a bit while the older generation oohed and ahhed over the appliances (you know how Dayana is once she spots a kiddo her age, lol). the kid was cute (he was of mixed parentage) and super friendly. he tried to high-five Dayana but i think she didn't understand ('gimme five' and 'high-five' seem to be two different things to her) but she did trail after the kid, dragging her Chewy along T_T. he even knocked her to the floor in an attempt to hug her, lol. hope we see the family around in the future. they seem really nice =) (and i hate it when i freeze in an attempt to start conversations with strangers, bahhh).

yesterday me, Significant Other, Gesty and Amal played Monopoly. somehow it's the current thing to play when everyone's at home =). guess who won?

January 5, 2010

new year, new hope

happy 2010! i spent my three-day holidays at home doing absolutely nothing. what a way to usher in the New Year, eh? with a toddler running around entangling herself around my ankles i find it a bit difficult to celebrate the New Year AND keep my toddler within eyesight. so better stay at home and be able to keep your sanity and peace of mind intact. lol.

i kind of have the feeling that twenty-ten wouldn't be a super year for me. i'm not sure why. i had this foreboding feeling of dread just as we were about to usher in the new year. a friend of mine told me that it's still too early to know if it's going to be a bad year or not. even so...

then again, i have really bad instincts, haha. alot has happened in 2009.

- i've breathed air for 27 years.
- i've entered the workforce for 5 years already :O :O :O
- it's been 1 year 4 months since i became a mom.
- our finally awaited crib is completed and we finally collected the keys - yay! (although, renovations await, meaning more $$ flying out the window)
- i've decided to get over my shoe obsession and move to a even more expensive obsession - babywearing T_T
- i now own for the very first time my own Coach bag. haha =P
- i've managed to cut up two of my credit cards, but i still have the others to maintain T_T

this year i didn't make a list of new year's resolutions, because i know i'd end up breaking all of them anyway. so i only made a general list of which i'm hoping to achieve, even if it's just a little.

- to improve on my financial situation. spend less, save more, pay back my dues (i thank all my friends who have been really patient with me all this while)
- to look forward to my career and hope it will not drain me physically, emotionally and mentally (because you know how stressful telco line can be)
- improve on my crappy cooking skills - i think i'm <40kg because i don't feed myself properly (and i'm not living with my mom lol). rather starve than splurging on food, i think that should be a big no-no for this year.
- love more, more patience, more tolerance (i need a LOT of this!)
- take up a hobby - i have yet to know what it is. dance? knit?
- and most importantly, give the best to my daughter and family.

again, wishing all of you a good 2010! and may we stop grumbling about what we don't have and be thankful for everything that we do have =)