October 21, 2012


somebody posted about UTP's annual alumni homecoming on FB and since we haven't set foot on campus since 2004, we thought why not?

too bad by the time we reached there (and getting lost in the process), the event finished dy. ahahahhahahah. bengong. ok next year we leave the house at 8am ok.

but you should've seen the campus. well not just the campus. even the roads leading to UTP after the highway exit seemed unfamiliar. please excuse the minah jakun ok. dah 8 tahun tak visit Toronto, hoho =P

i barely even recognized the front entrance. cantik hor? it was convocation weekend. beautiful sunny day to take convocation photos. i saw a bunch of students camwhoring everywhere on campus. why didn't we do that last time?

UTP front entrance
after they revamped the whole campus, UTP felt so alien. roads were different, new buildings went up, some went down, so i can't believe we got lost in our own campus. HAHA. i practically had to ask that pak guard over there for directions to the multi purpose hall. i remember that it was pink, and it was where our Minggu Aluan Siswa was held, and where numerous examinations took place (i remember my accounts lecturer bending over my paper and complaining that my writing was too tiny for him to read T__T).

asking for directions. i forgot where the MPH was
we still got lost. we found the UFO building instead.

our UFO from afar
we missed the whole event. hahahahhaha by the time we entered the hall, most of the food was gone, but there were a small bunch of people still mingling about. best thing was, we practically knew nobody. so imagine my relief when i saw Penny's face in the crowd.

she lecturer ma. tak kira. she was always on campus. don't think anyone else from our batch came. most of those that did come for the event were from the later graduates below us. i know because when i was filling up the attendance form, the year they wrote down was much closer to 2012 than 2000. hahahahhahahaha.

so we decided to take a photo at the photo booth station instead.

we missed it. HAHAHA
caught up with Penny for abit.haven't seen her since graduation. she still looked pretty much the same. in the photo below in the blurry background you can just make out Anang Hudaya (er, that's him right?). hands up if the news that Jafreezal is currently the Head of Computer & Information Sciences Department comes as abit of a shocker to you. oooh i remember him when he first joined UTP as a lecturer. some lecturers think that controlling students is to their advantage. unfortunately in college, it kinda works the opposite (in my opinion. the more you try to suppress the students, the more they'll try to ignore you). he was that type. rubbed off us the wrong way. but eventually he kinda mellowed out. the last subject he taught me was Virtual Reality. he was Significant Other's FYP Supervisor. so i guess he turned out ok. LOL

(btw UTP website is no longer neon orange. kah kah kah).

since the elders were so busy gawking at everything in sight, one of the student committee members entertained Dayana with sand art. look at the happy smile on her face, pantang ade orang layan dia, suka lah cik kiah tu. cik kiah lagi sorang penakut sikit.

Penny's a lecturer on campus =D
kakak ni entertained Dayana with sand art
after promising Penny we'd reach there early next year (hah!), we decided to take a tour of the campus. v3 and v4 were still standing, but you should've seen village 5. it's like a community on its own.

the path below leads towards the DK from the villages. this was where i first 'bumped' into Significant Other. on campus. else i never knew he existed. aha.

where we first said hi
couldn't resist stopping by to have lunch at our old cafe. the cafe vendors were all new, i don't recognize them. the nasi briyani (or was it nasi arab?) that we ordered tasted splendid, and cheap to boot if you compare with crazy KL prices. Penny told me pakcik Ali was still holding up ground at campus, hahahahha. thought he'd be in v3 or v4 but he's currently located at v1. v1's previous cafe was where i got to occasionally makan-free because my dad used to work with Kopetro. i love their nasi campur (crap i'm getting hungrier as i'm typing this). food used to be so limited on campus. now? v5 alone had many options to offer, you don't even have to step foot off campus to get a decent meal. huhu.

village 4
there's a village 5 now
convo bunting
new walkway connecting v5 to v4
nostalgic v4 cafe
we just had to have lunch first =P
continuing on our exploring, we found the Main Hall to be still standing as well. a place where we took more numerous boring examinations. also where i spent my time playing gamelan for the convocations before mine, held here at this hall. our convocation was the first to be held at the Chancellor's hall, hee~. my mind blanked out when Farhan mentioned 'main hall' (was looking to see if teacher Zaidin was around or not). co-curiculum related activities had been relocated to the building beside the swimming pool, the building where i remember i used to go for computer graphics classes with Dr. Abas (boring ok, i disliked CG!).

2012 - 12th convocation ok. our convocation was the 4th, which had only about 400+ graduates. this year they had more than a 1000 graduating. pretty soon they'd hafta hold their convocations the way UiTM does.

which is why, i feel old. hahahahhahaha

dewan besar. still there.
12th convocation!
we had to drop by the floating mosque. this was Significant Other's FYP project. some VR thingy which i really don't seem to get. the mosque was simply splendid.

the new floating mosque
masjid an-nur
it wouldn't do to come down all the way here from KL and not bothering to lepak for abit on the grass tepi the famous 'lombong's found on campus =P. me and my group of friends used to do that during our first year when everyone was so free.

we had icecream. see the comot kid below? tetap nak eskrem even though she wasn't feeling well. she had to have a change of clothes after that, she was sooo sticky.

lepak tepi lombong
budak comot + tak sihat taram eskrem
the cafe in the photo below was a new addition. and so tiny. it was situated right beside Ruby (ke Tembungor ar?). yep the old hostels where we first resided in are still existent - Metana, Etana, Propana, Ruby, Tembungor, Duyong. whenever we ter-locked ourselves out of the room we'd have to go to climb through our neighbor's connecting roof ceiling. HAHA

i used to stay here!!! homaigod it's still standing
and this was where Significant Other used to stay in first year before they got shooed to the RKs
the only ones that got demolished to pave way to the UFO were Baram and Semarang. heck, even the old cafeteria doesn't exist anymore. that small cafe is its replacement la i guess. so tiny. to me lah.

the new cafe that replaced the old one that got demolished
the convosquare was held at the front fields of UTP. it was the rainy season and apparently the previous square alongside v3 and v4 becaks easily so they relocated it to here (and easier access too perhaps?). this time the convofair wasn't as happening as i usually remembered it to be, even if it was only Day 2. not as many stalls as i remembered because unlike before, nothing much appealed to me here.

oh there was this stall selling kebabs, that was nice. also another stall selling ridiculously long potato curly fries on a stick. i wanted nasi tomato but it began to rain -__- we didn't stick around for the performance though. wanted to have one last round at the UFO before heading home.

off towards the convofair
waiting out the rain T__T
more photos taken at the Chancellor's Complex. despite graduating here, we never got the chance to utilize the library. my Engineering batch did. hmph. i remember studying with my roommate in our room during our last semester. usually she'd be mia and would only be back to sleep.

i bought a bike once, with Mahani. konon nak cycle pergi class. hot hot chicken shyte that was. i ended up enjoying the walks to the DK.

sigh. i feel so old
loitering at the chancellor's complex
our UFO =P the place where we took our scroll
the resource centre that we never got to use
see how many books there are?
pathway leading towards the other pockets
2004 was our year =D
Penny said we ought to at least pass by Taman Maju before we headed back. so we did. aih it literally became just that: maju. Rahmath was still standing, in fact it looked much bigger than before. a McDonalds opened up as well, so no more excuses of going to Ipoh just to get your craving fixes. oh and did you know a small-sized Tesco opened up as well? gilos. and a whole bunch of other shoplots which hold more food options for you. gahhhhh.

this store's still standing. haha
perghhh... ade McD!
seriously, i don't even recognize Toronto anymore. haha.

October 12, 2012

bring your wife to school day

i finally got the chance to view what was behind that ugly old building. the only occasional view i do get usually involves the instructors or the students getting 'fresh air' outside the building. building is an understatement. it was more like a hangar, or something. despite not having much shelter from the elements, there were quite a number of planes hidden behind those walls.

met some of the instructors too. did you know one of the captain's name was romaine chomel? LOL

i found this plane, parked serenely under the shade.see that ugly building behind it? that's the ugly building i was talking about.

DA42, twin engine
he's still stuck flying DA40s for now
i got the chance to sit in the cockpit of a DA40! ok too bad i didn't get to fly in it, but the maintenance staff had to start the engine for abit, so it was kinda cool to see the dashboard lit up. God knows what each panel means. did i mention that it's stuffy in there? no wonder somebody requested a fan.

sticking to passenger mode only please
the old ugly building owned by them
more planes. some of them aren't even being used. retired perhaps?
PPL license holder. ade rupe pilot tak? ahahahhaha
thanks for the field trip, love. now if only i get to backseat. the last mini plane ride i've been on was with JFK over a year ago. these planes remind me of paper airplanes really.

October 8, 2012

just Dayana and Daddy


Dayana: kenapa ade baby dalam mommy's tummy? mommy makan baby ke?

T______T *that awkward moment when your child asks you mind-boggling questions*


someone passed his type tech exam today. he'll be meeting up with the skies pretty soon.

twin engine baybeh~!

adam & hawa

granted, i haven't been updating this blog as often as i should. i've been totally under the weather, something i've never experienced with my past two children. sigh. like i said to Deens, i'm totally eating my words now. and i've still got so many more days to go.


well anyway, i bet i'll be having a number of backdated posts one of these days, so just drop by whenever.

in the meantime, let me just mention here my latest must-see show every week (apart from Glee of course):

Adam & Hawa! love her hair, love the bars =P
norley la yg sibuk promote cerita ni kat blog dia. and i merely mentioned about it to Significant Other, mainly because of the *ahem* bars on AA's shoulder (although i did wish that his role in the series was more than just 'pulling luggage around the airport' lol). thanks to Astro On the Go, who became Adam & Hawa's latest victim?


the last Malay drama series that i remember Significant Other follow was the one with that Bella character innit (i remember him losing sleep over it, watching back-to-back via tonton). and yep, Significant Other follows Adam & Hawa too, although i forgot how he actually started watching it in the first place given that the show was already a number of episodes in already. in fact, he was the one that got me to watch it, hahaha. and i'm not even a Malay drama fan to begin with. this one's an exception probably because aaron aziz's innit (noli your racun does wonders hahahaha). nadiya nisaa's not bad either, even though she didn't strike me as pretty initially. but she makes a good Ain.

since the series was gonna last for about 80 episodes, i got kinda curious as to what else could happen since the Mekah episode was already up in episode 24, so after pestering noli about the jalan cerita and coming up with absolutely nothing ('something happened', according to noli, chis!), i went to MPH... and bought the book. mwahahahhahaha, Significant Other is pissed. too bad for me i couldn't get the cover version with Aaron Aziz's face on it. noli has both cover versions, btw. heehee~~~

(pic here)

ok i really need to go downstairs to the bank now. earlier i tapaued spaghetti grill's aglio olio for lunch and it really doesn't taste so nice (i really wonder how mashi managed to order the same thing each time we dined there). i totally forgot that today we preordered nasi lemak from kak long. hope that'll last til tea time.


October 7, 2012

Ashu's Birthday

it was the doktor gigi's birthday (bukan Doc MCStuffins ye) on Saturday. mak buyong kempunan natural yogurt, so kite belanje lah besday girl makan Tutti Frutti =D

+ banana + kiwi + longan for me
and since birthday cakes are real expensive these days, we could only afford half a cake for the birthday girl, bwahahahhahahahah.

oops. pecah rahsia umor si doktor gigi

happy birthday Aya @ Ashu, may we get free dental checkups in the future, keh keh keh~