February 27, 2009


i finally had sushi! Significant Other isn't a sushi fan, and when i got pregnant early last year it was advisable not to eat raw food, which included sushi and oysters so i think i didn't set foot into a Japanese restaurant at all last year. come to think of it, there were a bunch of food i kinda avoided when i was pregnant, which included:
- sushi =(
- oysters (the one at Uptown is dee-lish)
- kicap (mil says later the baby would turn out dark skinned, haha)
- half cooked eggs (to avoid some kind of poisoning contamination)
- pineapple (Significant Other would purposely order this because he knows i can't take it, chis!)
- and a few others that i'll add in once i remember them

i temporarily acquired the taste buds for Onions during my pregnancy, haha. i do not like them anymore now, i only eat onions if you mash them beyond recognition, or if you slice those bawang besar and fry them into tempura =P.

anyway, my friend had initially invited me to Sushi King for lunch yesterday, but i was running late and only got into the office after lunch. i met fil in the lift, btw. that's the second time i've run into him at the lifts ever since i get in early, haha. anyway, we decided to make it dinner instead (yay!). i was late, so my friend ordered first (of which he already finished half of). i added crab mayo (my favorite). usually i'd order the normal california roll, but this time my friend ordered the the soft shell crab roll, which is absolutely yummy! what he had ordered seemed little at first, but it's actually very filling. and to wash everything down with a cup of steaming green tea is absolutely lovely. too bad Significant Other doesn't share the same taste of Japanese with me =P.

i can still remember my first taste of Japanese food. and hated it. i went to this Japanese restaurant with Nedd's family, seated at those Japanese-style tables with cushions and everything. at the time everything on the menu seemed alien to me, and i can't remember what i hentam ordered. i can vaguely recall not liking it. the only think i could put into my stomach was the california roll. haha. but i remember what my uncle's dish looked like since it seemed weird to me at the time. it was sorta like green noodles served on ice, but i have no idea what is was called. haha. i was in my tweens then. of course, my taste buds sucked.

then when i enterd Uni i sorta acquired the taste of sushi. but because at the time i couldn't afford to dine in at those fancy restaurants, i just bought them at supermarkets (Jusco Kinta City comes to mind, lol). then i got to know this friend of mine (the one i had dinner with yesterday) who's a sushi lover at heart, so sometimes we go for sushi together. hehe. i even purchased the member card for Sushi King a few years ago you could get 10% off each time, but it was underutilized since i didn't have anyone to go with. at least now i have a sushi partner whenever the craving calls for it =P.

i'm a fan of most type of foods, but i guess i like Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malay food the most. i'm not a fan of Korean though. i just don't know why. ever since i first tried it i didn't like it, and even though i went a number of times after that, i still don't like it. i think it has something to do with kimchi. or this weird aftertaste i get in my mouth after having a few bites. my colleague (more like my deskmate) has opened up a Korean restaurant somewhere in KL. i hope he doesn't read this entry though, not to offend him or anything. hee~. it's just my personal opinion. who knows, i might acquire the taste for Korean food after having a go at his restaurant? =D

jergh. i had planned to write about Dayana's 6 month milestone. in the end i ended up crapping about sushi. haha. which goes to show i'm hungry. tomorrow Dayana is 6 months! i've been busy the whole week so i didn't even have time to visit her at my mom's.

my Drybees dah sampai!!! i just can't resist the colors. i just realized that i'm not a hardcore CD mommy though =P

February 23, 2009

yet another weekend story

last sunday i decided to cook something different from the boring basic dishes that i usually make since i fail at complex cooking =P. so on saturday we went to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to shop for junkies. when i say junk, i mean j-u-n-k. if you let Significant Other push the cart, before long it'll be piled high with goodness knows what. and that's not including the healthy stuff yet. lol.

we decided to go window shopping first at The Curve before heading to Tesco. i finally found the FFY colorful bowls ieta was talking about in Metrojaya, so i bought a set. i figured it'll be a while before Dayana feeds herself, so i'll get her own bowl later. and for the first time Dayana fell asleep in my pouch. hehe. we were halfway towards Ikano when Significant Other saw that Dayana had dozed off; i didn't even notice. so we took her out of my pouch and placed her in the stroller so she could sleep more comfortably. after thoroughly exploring The Curve from top to bottom, we headed to Ikea for dinner. me and Significant Other were craving for Daim cake, but unfortunately for us, they were out of stock. what a disappointment. so we only got the Swedish meatballs to share between us, and we tried this funny looking tart which did not even come close to the yumminess of Daim cake. sigh. but when we passed by the mini Swedish food store at the exit on our way back, we grabbed a box of Daim cake for rm25. luckily they still had that in stock. frankly speaking i could eat a whole cake all by myself =D.

so off we proceeded to Tesco. Dayana was awake by then so i put her back into my pouch. we had to wait abit for the trolley carts as they were out. wth? the crowd got bigger and bigger as we waited for the trolleys to arrive. so i pushed the stroller, while Significant Other maneuvered the trolley into the ever sesak Tesco. Dayana couldn't wait to get her hands on everything. we were checking out the yogurt aisle when we stumbled upon some kids accompanied by their mom and grandma. one look at me and they were like shreiking, 'mommy come see this lady, got baby!' i think they were amazed to see Dayana in my pouch. i agree that not many mommies out there wear their babies, especially in a pouch sling like mine. the kids seemed to excited to see Dayana like that, each time they walked past they kinda cuit Dayana, or grasp her hand and shook it (you know how kids love to see and touch babies, and sometimes vice versa =P). luckily Dayana didn't seem to mind. hehe. even the grandma asked me how old Dayana was, i think she found it amazing that she could fit into the pouch even at 6 months old. lol.

thanks to KY, i went looking for some french beans and dried shrimps in the vegetable section. while waiting to have them priced, the two ladies behind the counter, like the kids before, were also astounded at the sight of Dayana in the pouch. haha. they said Dayana was sooo tinyyyy! and a lady waiting in line asked me if she was in any pain or not being squished inside like that. i was about to answer when Dayana chose to answer herself by opening her mouth and giving one loud baby babble. hahahaha! anyway, i was saved by a phone call from Juney saying that our planned brunch on Sunday was cancelled - for the second time in a row. cheese =P. i guess i got the occasional stares from other people wearing Dayana like that, but i didn't really notice. i had to readjust the sling from time to time because the sling was a little bit big and i kept leaning to one side.

by this time we were almost finished with our junk shopping and Dayana was getting cranky. the sucky part of grocery shopping is during checkout time, when you have to bag your groceries yourself. hmm... i was thinking to myself at that time of how i wished i had bought envirosax... =P imagine having to unload your items onto the conveyor belt, have them scanned by the cashier, and then you have to bag them up into proper plastic bags, load them back into your trolley, pay for your purchases and juggle your kid(s), all in record timing? jergh. i can never seem to master this so-called art. it doesn't help if the person behind you seems impatient for you to gather up your stuff and move along. and it doesn't help if you're kid's patience seemed to have dried up at that point of time. arrgh (to be fair, it was almost midnight and time to schleepy schleepy for Dayana, poor thing).

so the next day i woke up and decided to prepare 2 new dishes for Significant Other. one was a recipe i got from my college friend's blog, and another taken from KY's blog. after cooking the rice, i chopped up the french beans, cili padi and dried shrimps, and marinated the chicken. i decided to do KY's recipe for french beans with dried shrimp first because i wanted the chicken to be served hot by the time i finished with everything (and i wanted the chicken to be marinated longer =P). i made small portions just in case Significant Other didn't like it (he's very particular, this one). but i made a bit of modification to the french beans recipe because i wanted it to be spicy, so i added some chilli boh to it. which was a bit of a blunder really, because the chilli already had seasoning added to it, and since the dried shrimp itself was already saltish, the dish ended up a bit salty. but the dish finished anyway =P.

the second dish was ayam masak kicap taken from che ah's blog. i marinated all the ingredients together and fried them in a pan. add a bit of water and... voila! finito. i should've added some potatoes to it though. i totally forgot. maybe next time. i had imagined the dish to be a bit more kicap-y, like how my mom usually makes it, but i enjoyed it all the same. yummy! no photos though. i totally forgot to take them =(. what if i took photos of them and they turn out to be a disaster? wahhahahahahah...!

so i guess i pass for basic attempt. i should write these receipes down somewhere before i forget them. i'm such a forget-me-not lately. next week i'll probably try negri's favorite masak lemak cili api, provided Zal remembers to post the recipe. anyway, this weekend i might start Dayana on solids (she'll be 6 months old on Sunday, yippee!) so we'll see =D. i'm excited to see how she'll react to solids. and she's overdue for the 5th month booster shot.

i purchased a so-called getaway last weekend. it'll be my first trip after a long while. let's hope things go smoothly =) (let's hope my leaves get approved!). i just wished i booked the return a day later. i tried calling to reschedule, but i would incur extra charges of RM180+. wth??? i'd rather come back home first, then purchase another return ticket, which would cost me only half the price! *pengsan*

i suck at my job. i realized that it's just not me. i've come to a point where i'm blanking out now and nothing seems motivational. what should i do to overcome this? any opinion out there?

February 12, 2009

tagged from Facebook

done while i was panicking over a sucky CR which has yet to reach completion...

001. Full name? Lillies (i have 13 letters in my name, but i'm not gonna type it here).
002. Nickname? Lilly, Ainie, Anne, Kak Ly, Lilo.
004. Zodiac sign? Cusp, between Sagittarius and Scorpio. But I was brought up believing i was a Sagi, so Sagi it is =P.
005. Male or female? Female.
006. Kindergarten? Crestview Preparatory School.
007. Primary? Damansara Utama Primary.
008. High? Sultanah Asma Secondary.
009. Eye color? Dark brown.
010. Hair color? Dark brown.
011. Long or short hair? In between.
012. Shoe size? 5.
013. Asthma? Hereditary =(.
014. Health freak? I eat whatever I like.
015. Height? 5' something...
018. Have piercings? Two in each ear.
019. Tattoos? Ugly looking, never intend to have one.
020. Righty or lefty? Righty.
021. Sexual orientation? Straight.
022. School clique? Er, my own group of close knit friends? =P


023. First piercing? Ears.
024. First best friend? Serena Wee. lol =)
025. First movie? I watched a ton of movies, can't really remember my first.
026. First sport you joined? Netball in school. Oh, is swimming a sport?
027. First pet? Omelette, a stray cat we adopted who gave us tons of offspring.
028. First concert? I don't do concerts.
029. First crush? I think i crushed too much =P
030. First kiss? With the guy i thought i had liked.
031. First love? Love or crush, difficult to differentiate =P
032. First broken heart? I've had my fair share.
033. First stitches? Not sure.
034. First broken bone? I don't think I've ever broken any.
035. First grade teacher? Mrs. Barry (I think).
036. First car? Secondhand Kancil.
037. First cell phone? Alcatel.


038. Im eating? I'm Hungry!
039. Im drinking? Oatmilk.
040. Im listening to? Office noise.
041. Im workin on? NRTRDE CR.
042. Im waiting on? Waiting on what? lol.
043. Im wearing? Black top and jeans, all from Topshop.
044. Im worried about? Work.
045. Im loving? Dayana!
046. Im missing? Dayana!
047. Im anticipating? Something. I just dunno what it is yet.


048. Kids? I heart mine of course =)
049. Marriage? High maintenance.
050. Career? I suck at it.
051. Pickle? They're sour, they're green.
052. Penny? Lynette's daughter in Desperate Housewives.
053. Stop? Road sign. An image of "Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200" is forming in my head now.
054. Donut? Oreo Donut from JCo.
055. QuizPox.com? Apa itu? Chicken Pox?
057. Debt? Crappy Credit Cards *@&#*^!&@
058. College? UTP
059. Cupid? Valentine's Day.
060. 777? 999 =D


061. Lips or eyes? Eyes.
062. Hugs or kisses? Hugs.
063. Shorter or taller? Taller.
064. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous.
065. Stomach or arms? Er, I dunno.
066. Sensitive or loud? Sensitive. A big plus.
067. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship.
068. Older or younger? Older.
069. Richer or Poorer? Richer.
070. Smart or witty? Witty. Smart people think they're always right.
071. Shy or outgoing? Outgoing.
072. High maintenance or plain? Plain.
073. Glasses or contacts? No difference to me.
074. Taurus or Gemini? Does it really matter?
075. Lots of friends or no friends? FriendLY, not FriendLESS.


076. Kissed a stranger? Nope.
077. Lost your glasses or contacts? Nope.
078. Lost your cell phone? Nope.
079. Broken any bones? Nope.
080. Broken someone's heart? Probably.
081. Been arrested? Nope.
082. Seen a hooker? Seen? Yeah.
083. Been to a funeral? Yeah.
084. Been to Las Vegas? Yeah. Got a souvenir to boot.
085. Bought off Ebay? Yeah.
086. Cheated? Hasn't everybody?
087. Picked your nose and ate it? Ewww, gross!


088. God? Yeah. I just wish there were more roadsigns in life.
089. Yourself? I don't really know the answer to this one.
090. Miracles? Highly unlikely with my luck.
091. Love at first sight? Shallow.
092. Heaven? Yeah.
093. Santa? I like to think so.
094. Fairies? Those in the Enid Blyton storybooks =D
095. Kissing on the first date? I wish!
096. Angels? I have an image of my own version of Angel on Earth.


097. Is there someone you want to be with right now? ;)
098. Is Superman really better than Batman? I've always liked Superman better than Batman. haha!
099. Have you dated more than 1 person at the same time? Sagittarians are loyal. Or was it Novemberians are loyal? Nuff said.

February 11, 2009

out of ideas

been busy the past week - worrying about work, juggling being a domestic mommy (and failing at it), trying to find some me-time in between... so i don't really have much to blog about at this point of time. at least, until i deliver my CR, my mind won't be at peace. such wrong timing to have the due date to be at the end of this week, which is the last week Significant Other resides as a Grape Planter before he moves on to greener pasture.

i managed to get all of Dayana's photos into one location for easy access later. so here's a nice little photo of my little rascal we took last weekend. she looks all grown up there, doesn't she? alot of people say that she doesn't look like me. can you believe that i actually look more or less like her now when i was younger? now i only need to go to my parents' place and dig up a picture of yours truly from the wonder years =D (izzar, dengki la u. hahahahhaha =P).

February 3, 2009

everything online

anyone know where i can find Carter's brand clothing for kids in Malaysia?

decided not to purchase the Envirosax, instead decided to try the Roo Shopper tote. hopefully it won't be too small. but they're a bit pricey.

my EBM stocks in the freezer are approaching their expiry date! huargh... i rarely give Dayana frozen EBM, i just freeze them whenever i have excess stock in the fridge (which is not much) since they don't last long in the fridge and i feel sayang to just discard it down the drain. i'm now in the process of using them up while restocking them again.

i have no mood to do my work. huwaaaaaaaaa... i need something new. i need something fulfilling. but resigning to be a fulltime SAHM is a big nono. i fail at being a domestic goddess. i think my lifespan will shorten drastically if i stay at home. part time would be better. any suggestions?

oh, i was browsing through Dina's online store when i came across one of her entries, which in turn led me to a list of local online stores (which are alot alot alot, enough to make your mind spin). so as i was happily clicking away at random links, i stumbled upon my friend Hwee Yen's site. i didn't realize it was hers until i saw a photo of her in one of her posts. omg! she and i used to be primary schoolmates back in DU. we used to nickname her Chewbacca back then =P. if you're into baubles and trinkets, then you should definitely drop by her blog. the items she's selling there are soo kewl. Choobs is so creative! too bad i suck at being creative. promote lak. lol. it's the trend these days. people are creating websites and selling anything and everything they can. nowadays online shopping is more acceptable to people, especially since the mode of payment has gotten easier. it's a good way to empty out your savings account too. from baby stuff to tudungs and scarves to trinkets and vintage clothing, you name it. you just need a little bit of creativity if you plan to open a store of your own =D.

(well... Sarah? rumeto? =P)

p/s. after attending the swap meet last week and since i knew ieta already got her carrier =P, i am itching to get my hands on this:

pink!!! but i'm still waiting to sell off my pouch sling first. the pouch i'm selling is Littlepods, size S (22") in Navy Blue. purchased in October, gently used a few times (if anything, experiment-wearing mostly at home). anyone interested?

February 1, 2009

tiny tapir swap meet

happy federal territory day! esok cuti!

i went for the Swap Meet at Tiny Tapir yesterday. i arrived quite late actually, the Baby Signs talk was just starting. since i barely knew anybody and i had no clue as to where Sarah was, i simply barged in and listened in on the talk. i brought my sling and mei tai along with me (Sarah wanted to check it out) but i didn't use them because i had no idea if i'm wearing them correctly or not (lagipun i shy shy lah... especially since there were many mommies and kiddos that i didn't know together in one place). it was just Dayana and me that day. Significant Other would be bored to death if i dragged him along and i didn't want to take care of excess baggage. luckily i came here before with Sarah so i knew the way and didn't manage to get lost on my way here.

Dayana as usual was OK at first, until she realized that there were too many strangers milling about so she started to get all fussy. even after a bottle she still was fussing about. i tried to sumbat her in my mei tai but since it was her first time in it i guess she wasn't feeling too comfy. i think she's creating a kinda distraction so that Mommy won't go crazy over the preloved items that were on sale there =P.

i met Pauline, the lady i wanted to get her preloved Jamtots from. but with Dayana literally screaming each time she makes eye contact with someone it was impossible for me to browse in peace *sigh*. sarah wanted to check out the mei tai, but in the end i dunno if she managed to convince herself whether a mei tai could support her almost 3 years old daughter safely or not. hihi. luckily i'm not that mad into carriers at the moment. they're lovely, but pretty costly. and i think Significant Other would chop my head off first. but snugg's mei tais are really cute. ieta ordered one. can't wait to see hers in action. haha. i saw someone selling Drybees Small in Candy Stripes. omg, the color looks more yummier in real life. hmmm. maybe i should hunt down the Mommy that was selling it yesterday =P.

i realized that my mei tai straps was a bit too short for my liking. i dunno if it was supposed to be that way but the maker is in UK now and is sorta unreachable at the moment to ask about it. if only Dayana was more cooperable, i would've tried out every single carrier there was that day, just for fun =D. anyway, i managed to ask Jess about my pouch, i only knew how to do cradle carry but at 5 months old, Dayana's sick of it already so i wanted to learn how to do hip carry and kangaroo carry. i tried to hip carry her one time at The Curve but she seemed to be swinging about, so when i talked to Jess she confirmed my suspicions that my pouch was still a bit too big for me, even at S size. haiz. i think Rayhana (?) helped me out as well with regards to the sizing(sorry ya, you left before i could catch your name and who you were =P).

anyway, Jess showed me how to wear Dayana kangaroo style, and when Dayana was snugly put into my pouch she seemed to be somewhat quieter. i think she loves it in there! and now i know how to lipat her feet nicely into the pouch. i always think that somehow she's being squished in the pouch so i'm kinda scared to simply sumbat her in. hehe. now i'm thinking of selling my littlepods sling. anyone interested? if i can manage to sell it off, then only i might get a custommade one from Jess =P.

i think i was one of the last ones to leave that day. apart from the Jamtots i bought from Pauline, i grabbed one Happy Tushies wetbag from Tiny Tapir. it had two separate compartments which made it more easier to handle your dirty diapers on the go. Sarah bought one too =P. there was this couple with a very cute baby, browsing through the Angelpacks i think, (to me they all look the same, haha) but had to come back another time because Tiny Tapir doesn't accept credit cards. hee~. oh yeah, i liked the nasi lemak too. i should've bought more. hahahahah.

here's us at the meet:

adiqsu and DD

little Dayana happily snugg in her pouch with not-so-little Husna =P

my purchases of the day:

Pink Jamtots Berry Plush in Pink from Pauline (thanks Pauline!)

Happy Tushies wetbag

bumbo seat

here's photos of bumbo seat in action:
(ieta, if you wanna have the photo removed, lemme know ya =P)

mlo in her new bumbo seat =)

ieta's amir looking all happy wappy in it =D

seriously, at first glance it looks like a potty. hahahhahahhaha.
p/s. this is a promotional entry, specifically speaking. so.... bile lagi?