October 29, 2013

opene*t sports day

last Saturday was my company's Sports Day. the whole office had been randomly split into 8 teams and for the past 2 months we've been having mini sports competitions between the teams in the office, before building up to the main sports day event.

i got stuck in assigned to team SIX. a great competitive bunch these people are. you have to salute them for originality in team name, no?

the mini games we had before the main event:
- chess and checkers
- table tennis
- win lose n draw
- dance dance - xbox 360
- sudoku
- basketball
- futsal
- pool
- taboo
- badminton

upon completion of the mini sports competitions, we placed second overall, after team 2. the main Sports Day on the 26th would determine the overall champion. being present on the day of the event was a choice, but you'd contribute 5pts each for your team. so naturally, our team leader threatened each and every one of us on the team to come... or else. bahahahah.

you'd be surprised at how much hidden talent there is among the staff. hahahahah. i was away in London when most of the games were being held so i didn't manage to participate (*phew*). but i did join the main event to show team spirit. there'd be free food, so ok what =D. it isn't always the company holds events like this that forces bonds the staff together. heck i didn't know we had that many staff until i saw them running around the field that day, some of whom i've rarely or never seen before =P.

on the day of the main event there were 6 games that each team had to participate in. prior to the day itself we only knew the name of each game but we had no clue on what the game was about. i got there late because apparently people kept saying the venue was 'next to AnW' but they never actually said which AnW. haiz.

games during the main event:
- stay sober: a drinking game haha
- around the world in 10 days: a dizzy game
- bend it like beckam: a rolling on the ground game
- gone with the wind: catching ping pongs in teeny containers
- catch me if you can: dodgeball
- opene*t next top models: erm, parading around in coconut bras bahahahah

one advantage we had over the rest of the teams was we had the company's photographer in our team, so naturally alot of camwhoring was done. thanks Azan!

bits and pieces of the game i participated in: opene*t next top models.
note that the wastepaper basket had to replace the fairy skirt because the size was too small to fit the men, LOL.

the end product: the model *thumbs up*

i left right after the last game, the event was already running late and the midday sun was busy doing its damage. surprisingly we tied first place with team 2, yay! and since nobody predicted there would be two winning teams this year, they ended up with a deficit of medals, heee~. aaaand we had to share a trophy - i don't think they were gonna be ordering another one, it's gonna be kept in the office anyway haha.

so... until next year, everyone?

saving my windscreen

one fine morning i parked my butt in the driver's seat of my car only to find myself staring at this loOOOoOoOng line on my windscreen. it was still dark outside so i assumed the it was some stray twig that landed on my car. apparently not. it was a bloOoOody crack. a looOoOoong crack. on my windscreen.


the ugly truth, the length extended the whole length of the driver's view

note to self: before purchasing a car, please do inquire the cost to replace its windscreen if the need ever arises. that is, if you don't intend to purchase insurance to cover it. you know how much does my car model's windscreen cost?
close to 5k. if you ask them why, they will say it is imported. i believe its water repellent characteristics and its built-in rain sensors contribute to the crazy price.

but even if i did purchase a separate coverage for my windscreen, the premium would still be expensive, so no matter what you can only pray nothing happens to your windscreen =D.

never underestimate even a tiny chip on your windscreen, before you know it, an aftershock (read: ugly cracks that resemble tarantula-webs) can happen. i was unlucky for the crack to have originated from a small five sen coin sized star on the edge of the windscreen. the most durable part of the windscreen, according to the technician, would be in the centre, but as the technician says, you can't tell the stone which part of your windscreen you want it to hit, can you? better yet, tell the stone to stay away from your windscreen. bahahah.

anyway. if you google 'repairing windscreen' or some of the sort, a couple of infamous names will pop up, two being Dr. Cermin and Dr. Windscreen. for some reason i chose another specialist to repair my windscreen, namely Glass Mechanic, which i found through Googling. i read that GM would rather advise you to try and fix your windscreen first before replacement (because they believe that the original factory installed windscreen is the best), but only if the damage can still be repaired. the former two would probably have advised me to have my windscreen replaced judging from the length of the crack that seemed to have grown overnight (or many nights, in my case T_T). that being said, GM doesn't do windscreen replacement, only repairing.

the technician that attended to us was really helpful, she took a look at my car windscreen and gave us a lengthy explanation of what options we had, what we could and what we could not do, if we did this what would happen, etc etc. the crack's path of destruction was strategically parked at eye level on the driver's side, so she warned us of an unpretty finish, mainly because my windscreen is water repellent. after all that explanation we decided to give it a go anyway, because i don't have 5k lying around in my closet. i also didn't want the damage to the windscreen to become even worse than it already is.

an hour and a half later (we had breakfast at McD while waiting) we came back expecting the worst but to our surprise, the treated crack looked pretty much decent. in fact, it kinda looked like a scratch more than a crack. the technician advised me not to park under the sun for long periods of time so that the windscreen's condition wouldn't worsen (while awaiting for a more permanent fix... whenever that is, lol). but if the crack should grow in length, she told me to bring back the car to them to have a look.

after being treated. notice the crack/scratch now?

you may or may not be a skeptic, but if you're in a tight money fix and need an alternative fix (think temporary $$$-saving solution), then you could give it a go here:

Glass Mechanic
60, Jalan SS 2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (opposite Pelita Restaurant)

70, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: +60 3-7873 7873

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

October 21, 2013

my girls

my girls...

have grown up alot.


we were worried d1 was behind in reading so after talking to Nedd during raya haji (congrats third time mommeh!) we headed over to MPH to buy a bunch of Peter & Jane books for d1. thanks to Daddy's teaching (and in her excitedness to be able to read back to us with no mistakes) in less than a week she's covered book 1a and 1b. hoh she was so excited to show off her talents to Atuk and Tok Ami last Saturday, she insisted i brought her book along during family lunch at kgns and gave a three-time rendition to her grandparents and Angah. Ashu and Pak Cik, just you wait, your turn next, haha.

she still fights with her younger sister though. people keep saying, oh girls don't fight as much as boys do. i reckon them wrong. the other day they were fighting over some petty little thing, and so...

me: dayana, how old is adik?
d1: two (salah, adik is 3 now)
me: and how old are you?
d1: five
me: so who is older?
d1: dayana
me: so who should beralah?
d1: (in a small voice) dinara
me and daddy: T____T


for d2, we bought a few Kumon books for her to work on. at her age d1 could already work her flashcards, something d2 hasn't mastered yet. even though she'd only be starting school next year, she's been having difficulty in pronouncing words, it's kinda like she's sucking a sweet in her mouth when she's pronouncing the words back to us. she can understand us, but we sometimes take awhile before we can understand what she's trying to tell us.

remember that LeapReader pen we bought for d1? d2 would imitate d1 (by means of observing) by pointing the pen to the individual words in the book and repeating after the pen, although most of the time she'd be enjoying the sound effects the pen makes by pointing at various places in the book. she does this only when i leave her to her own means, leaving her alone to explorer the book all by herself.

daddy is better at teaching d2, if she's with me her mind would wander away 90% of the time. the other day i found Daddy teaching d2 the 1a book, with d2 willingly repeating after her Daddy. see? she can learn if she wants to, she just think Mommy's someone she can joke around with, grrrrrrr.

she is obsessed with Barbie i tell you. i found her screaming her head off this morning because she couldn't get Barbie on youtube and bibiks didn't know how to do it for her.


i affectionately call her Pia now, haha. she would draw up a fuss most of the time we brought her out so instead of calling her Dira, we call her Sophia now, just for the fun of it. Daddy wants to call her Princess Sophie, like that character in Leverage (kewl show which ended too soon). we called her Sofia the First one time and d1 scolded us, saying, tu bukan Sofia the First lah, tu Dira Nur Sophia! T__T

what can she do now, you ask? she'd get on all fours and start swaying forward and backward. some kind of pre-movement before crawling, perhaps? she can succussfully cover the whole floor perimeter by just rolling, sometimes inching forward like a caterpiller due to her strong legs.

she's fascinated by the tv. or perhaps bright colors. she loves staring at her playmat, even sometimes talking to it. she will always look in awe at her sisters, provided they take the time to stop and chat. oooh, and lately she's been blowing alot of raspberries tu, ni mesti kerje the Daddy nih. where else would she have learnt this skill? bahahahah.

the older two people:
decided to revamp the room. since we couldn't increase space, we had to make space. so two new additional closets were added to the room, in addition to a new freaking heavy tempered glass study table, i think i overstrained my back lifting weights *&*&#$&*^@#. in the process we had to throw out alot of stuff because the furniture needed floor room - a great way to do forced spring cleaning. cons: store room's full, i have no idea where to keep some of the stuff we simply took for granted. sigh. i hope everything will be back to normal this week. i've already managed to misplace my hairbrush amidst the jumble.

would anyone like to buy a used computer table? can let go for cheap. PM me!

October 18, 2013

a little bit stroller-crazy

when in was in UK, i was amazed at the massive stroller usage there. people were pushing all kinds of strollers everywhere - onto the train, in the park, on buses, in shopping complexes.

ok fineeee, i can't really compare to Malaysia because of the crazy hot weather - babies would melt like ice cream in an instant. not to mention the putra putri lilins pushing the strollers, hahahah.

imagine all the babywearing i'd have done if i had brought Dira along (ahhh, my poor abandoned wraps). during my trip, i only saw one wrapping mama during a ride on the tube. the others were mostly SSC carriers. in London their sidewalks are so wide you could hold a 3-stroller race and still have room for pedestrians to pass by. everything was designed to be stroller-friendly that you didn't have to think twice whether to bring or not to bring a stroller for a lovely day out with the kids.

so anyway since the only stroller we have is the ever stiff Quinny Zapp (our version is the one before the existence of the newly improved Xtra), we decided to get one in UK. in my opinion the Zapp isn't infant-friendly, i remember the times when Dayana looked so uncomfortable slouched down whenever she dozed off in the stroller because the seat wasn't able to recline. Significant Other mentioned getting the Zapp extra but i didn't want to get the same stroller twice. we decided to take a look at Mothercare to see what brands they carried.

their collection of rompers are crazy cheap compared to how much they're selling it in Malaysia, btw. i bought one set for Dira at half price =D. she grows quickly, this one.

since it was almost closing time when we got to Mothercare (darn those UK closing times), we were only able to have a quick look-see - the available brands at MC included Bugaboo, Graco, Silver Cross, Britax, to name a few. not to waste any time, i simply grabbed the nearest stroller pamphlet and shoved it into Significant Other's hands - the Bugaboo Buffalo, the all-terrain stroller. bahahahahhah seriously who would want to push their kid in their stroller everywhere, as in every possible place in the world? is it because a certain Kate Middleton is a user that makes this brand soo hyped up? for just a stroller, i will pass, thank you.

then Dad brought us to Kiddicare, where they also had a massive amount of stroller choices, from those lightweight ones to the double stroller ones to the travel system ones, depending on what you're looking for. i saw a bunch of double stroller users in UK, but most of their owners chose to carry their kid in their arms and decided to fill the bottom seat with their shopping spree hauls, lol.

Significant Other wanted to get an Oyster. no, not the Oyster card. yeah i didn't even know such brand existed. they were having some sort of promotion at Kiddicare. i wasn't really impressed with it because of the silver chassis. i think Significant Other was smitten with it because the handles were made of leather T_T. i'm judging that Oyster is a well known brand in UK. i know, because i've been oogling every single stroller that passes us just to find out what brand it was, haha. in UK because of the weather, their strollers are snugly padded accordingly, up to the point that you don't really notice there's a baby in there unless you really peeked. but you don't really need all those thick padding in Malaysia, do you?

oooh. oysters img source: google.com

my choice? after much looking i wanted to get Silver Cross, particularly the Silver Cross 3D Pram and Pushchair. the 3D is sorta like a pram + pushchair system combined. most strollers come with an optional carrycot that you have to buy separately, but for the 3D, the seat unit can actually be positioned to lie flat, making it the perfect newborn baby pram. then once your baby is able to discover the world, you can just remove the pram liner and lift the seat back to create the 3D forward facing pushchair (so they say). the seat back has a multi-position recline so you can lay your baby down for a snooze at any time. cool, eh??? =P~~~

img source: mothercare.com

Mothercare in Malaysia carries the Silver Cross Surf, btw. my friend has it. just in case anyone asks.

but on our way out the door, they haaaaaad to park Quinny Buzz at the exit, just because they had a promotion for the Buzz in Rebel Red colorway. they were also having an extra 15% off on their store items that made the Buzz offer so incredibly exciting. heck the total cost if you buy it that weekend would make the stroller a whole lot cheaper than if you buy it new from Malaysia.


so... we bought one. bahahahahahaha. i like how you can interchange the seat from forward to backward facing, aaaand the seat is reclinable. yay! i put Dira in the seat while i was trying to figure out how to assemble the whole thing, and i think she kinda approved. phew.

i wonder if anyone could tell me why the Buzz cost a whole lot more than the Zapp Xtra. also, why does Quinny Moood cost a whole lot more than the other two combined? they look the same to me *iisblind*.

another brand we saw that was also well-used in the UK was the iCandy, but i didn't really read the reviews about it. there were a bunch of them models on display at John Lewis, but decided to shy away mainly because of its super hebat price, almost like the range of Bugaboo, hahahah. oooh and Stokke too. crazy expensive stuff. it's like a mini automobile for kids @_@.

back in Malaysia, i had the opportunity to assemble the stroller myself while Significant Other was still 'stuck' abroad. the freaking stroller took up more than half of my allocated check-in allowance, i was already overweight as it is T_T. i didn't like that we had to inflate the rear tires ourselves though. the elder kids were super excited to push their little sister around. Dinara never had the opportunity to be a stoller-baby because Dayana would always conquer the stroller no matter how many times we tried to tell her she's old enough to walk (her legs were already dangling out of the stroller T_T) so i usually end up babywearing the younger one. not anymore though. 10.5kg is too heavy for 41kg-ish me.

the humungous box i lugged back from UK
quinny buzz, version 3
almost assembled!

i might sound a little nuts, but i couldn't wait to try out the stroller and see if the little one would want to sit still in it. i'm amazed with the kids in UK because they always seem to behave in strollers, mainly infants who would usually prefer to be carried than being dumped into them. they don't fuss, they simply sit there quietly staring back at their moms, even for long periods of time. my only theory is that a) the weather makes them too lazy to kick up a fuss, and b) they're too comfy in between layers and layers of clothing to even think about moving around.

we had the opportunity to try it out last week: one to park the baby while we had dinner, the other for a spin around a shopping mall.

the wrap will never be left behind, btw =D.

little miss tiny in the Buzz

word of the day: amazeballs. bahahahahahah.
also: in UK, they call em pushchairs. because you need to push them. *gelak lagi*

October 16, 2013

cellumination - day 1

this entry is to record my day #1 of trying this hi-end product out.
worn twice a day before moisturizer.

according to their website,
"improve your skin from the cellular level and experience highly defined, aura-bright skin in just 4 weeks*"

so... we'll wait 4 weeks to see, eh?
thanks Significant Other for the sponsorship =D


October 7, 2013

in an effort...

... to destash =D

if there's anything that catches your eye, feel free to PM me or leave a comment yeah?

Uppymama emma 4.6m cotton fuschia weft *sold*
didymos azur grad 55% linen size 4 - Tsumiko *traded*
Oscha roses prunella tussah silk size 5 *sold*

October 2, 2013

thank you, hubby

... for bringing me on the bestest holiday ever (even though i really missed the kids the whole time and had to start a love-hate relationship with my Freestyle because i accidentally left the baby behind too)

... also for this. something i really wanted but you think it pointless because it doesn't do anything funky like tell the time or tell you where North is or providing you with GPS coordinates or something super-geeky like that
just something to remember everything by

thank you Dear, love you loads :)

October 1, 2013


so the kids got a dollhouse for their birthday this year. although it wasn't exactly the ones i had in mind, the ones i'd be imagining about were the gigantic old-school traditional wooden ones that looked so antique that you'd be too scared to even play with. but then the dolls would also be old-looking at tiny and scary looking, wouldn't they?

(ok fine. i couldn't find the perfect dollhouse in Malaysia).

there were alot of children's wooden dollhouses for sale in the UK, which costs roughly about £100 (furniture sold separately hokeh) but they were too huge and too heavy to be brought back. i'd rather ship back my EBM if i could, haha.

since the girls had a small collection of barbies, i thought why not get them a barbie dollhouse?

they weren't into My Little Pony like iza's daughters were.
Polly Pocket had so many small parts D3 would be more likely to swallow them once she learns how to crawl.
they already had Duplo bought by their Daddy.
they also had a play kitchen with all the utensils strewn everywhere (but i wouldn't mind getting them one of those wooden sturdy ones from ELC or Ikea =P).
however their princess figurine collection set is under code red (what with loose limbs and a decapitated Cinderella).

so i guess the obvious choice would be a dollhouse of the sort for their barbie collection, wouldn't it? the kids' idea of a 'dollhouse' at the moment include parking all their small toy figurines all over the room - on top of the bookshelves, in the baby's crib, under the dressing table, on top of my storage boxes, etc. semak bilik!

so we got them a dollhouse each - to SHARE (bah. what a lot of hogwash that word is hahaha). the girls were so excited to tear open the wrapping paper (don't worry, i recycled the torn pieces =P). but who had the task of assembling them dollhouses? mommy and daddy lah. the one i had to assemble was a sort of summerhouse, complete with a kitchen and living room. this summerhouse had small parts that you could anchor onto the main parts of the doll house, which i think is pretty cool so you don't end up losing them. the dollhouse that daddy assembled consisted of a collapsible bed and a bathroom. you could fold the whole dollhouse into a compact carry bag and lug it around the house. the downside of this one is it had so many small tiny parts, i'm pretty much sure that the kids will be bound to lose them anytime soon.

the first thing they did after finishing assembling the dollhouses was to - you guessed it - fight over who got to play what. sigh.

oh let me show you the kids' barbie doll collection. the daddy loved to buy them barbies. each time we drop by toys r us, the kids will always manage without fail to pau a doll each from daddy so that the total number of dolls that they owned would be even numbered - except for one time when daddy came back from a business trip he bought Ariel for D1, and pooh bear for D2 T___T. pooh bear? seriously? haha.

so just before i flew off for my holiday i hunted around the house for those dolls. mind you they don't take care of their toys as lovingly as we want them to, no matter how many times i tell them to keep them properly. take Tinkerbell for one. uncle Amal bought Tinky for Dayana's birthday present and the next day it disappeared. like completely. i haven't found it until now. and you know what she said? 'it's gone! Tinkerbell flew away!' T___T. Dinara pulak has this thing about destroying the dolls by taking off their outfits reason being they want to take a bath T__T.

update: until now, no sign of Tinkerbell. di manakah??? @_@

amidst the jungle of toys they've managed to accumulate over the years, i managed to find all their barbie dolls and accessories, except for the first doll's miniscule shoes. and their crowns? couldn't be saved. i dunno how the toy manufacturer initially glued the crowns to the dolls' head, because each time i try putting them back on they just come back off again. the bad part? their hair were in total tangles. yarghhhhhh. especially Ariel, who had the longest of hair among them. the kids wouldn't play with the dolls if their hair were out of place. i remember how irritated D1 and D2 would get each time their hair got into the barbie's face.

L-R: newest to oldest

i read online that you could literally get rid of tangles with a water, fabric softener, and a comb. just dunk the doll's head in the mixture for 5 minutes, then dry off and comb. i have yet to try this tactic. another way to untangle dolls hair would be to massage baby oil into the hair before coming it out. but i think everything will end up oily, so i think fabric softener sounds like a much better idea.

i just got back from my trip, and guess what the Daddy decided to get them: more barbie dolls T___T. i stuck all 4 of them in the stroller box... eh wait got 5 - Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Merida. yeah and guess which one noone took a fancy to? T___T. i think their Nana bought them a couple more barbies too, because i saw an unfamiliar barbie lying about in an outfit i don't recognize.

hmmm... now to get an updated shot of their collection. laters, ya?

vat refund entitlement

vat refunds! hands up to those who've heard of it and have claimed for their refund. or those who have heard of it before but never bothered to claim their tax refunds. LOL. let's talk about the VAT in UK, shall we?

VAT refunds

vat: tax on the purchase price, currently at 20% since January 2011
(minus food and children's clothing to name some)

tax-free shopping: refers to the opportunity for customers to purchase goods or services without paying any tax, usually for people who do not reside in the EU, in other words: mainly tourists.

regulations: minimum amount spent and types of products on which it can be claimed. a handling fee may be charged by the service provider (so you won't really get back your 20% in full). must leave the EU within three months from purchase of item. applicable only for personal purchases.

vat forms are only available at the retailer. no vat form = no refund. vat claims must be stamped at UK customs before you can even obtain your refund. roughly here's the steps you need to follow in order for you to claim your refund:

1. choose a shop that operates the VAT Retail Export Scheme. if you want to know if a particular store is participating in the scheme, look for a Tax Free Shopping sign. it's a voluntary scheme and not all shops operate it, so you need to check before you buy anything so that you won't feel cheated later on. take Kiddicare for example, they don't participate in the scheme, boo.

receipt already issued a VAT form

2. after you've gone on your shopping spree, you need to hand in your receipts to the retailer (receipts can be accumulated, different stores have a different minimum amount you need to spend before you can claim VAT) and you need one of the following documents from the store:
- a VAT 407 form
- a shop or refund company's own version of form VAT 407
- a VAT Retail Export Scheme sales invoice

from what i can recall:
- victoria's secret - min £30
- disney = min £75
- selfridges = min £50
- others = min roughly £50

3. the retailer will ask to see evidence that you are eligible to use the scheme, such as your passport. however some are too busy to even bother to check anything, they'll just simply press a bunch of buttons into a machine and a looOoOoOOng piece of paper will come streaming out. that's the vat form. some will use the old-school form (the one that uses carbon) and they'll manually fill up the details and calculate the amount for you. but one thing they will always ask you to do is to sign the form in front of them. and they'll ask you to fill up the details required in the form on your own later: name, passport#, permanent address, how you'd like to receive your refund, etc.

4. you must show your goods, receipts and your refund form to UK customs staff at the airport you're leaving from, i.e if you're leaving from terminal 3 you can claim your refund ONLY at terminal 3. make sure you arrive at the airport early so that you have plenty of time to deal with the customs staff before your departure. seriously this is an understatement. the staff at Pandora told me i'd be spending at least 2 hours waiting in line, and he was quite right. i stood in line for more than an hour. the line was sooo long, you have to come here early else you'll miss your flight. there were some people who had to leave the queue because their flight was about to depart. one thing about this vat refund claim is, you can only claim your refund on the day that you fly off, not before.

5. make sure you have everything filled up and your passport ready, there will be a customs officer hustling people to close the gaps in the line and checking everyone's forms to ensure that everything has been filled up for a smoother transaction. all forms must be removed from their envelopes. also, be sure that the items you are claiming VAT for are with you, else you'll be denied your refund. this means don't check-in before claiming your refund! another option would be to claim for your refund after checking in, provided that you are able to hand carry your goods onto the plane. which i think is ridiculous unless you are only claiming for one of those expensive LV bags or whatnot. when it was finally my turn there was only 1.5 hours left before my flight departure. the customs officer didn't ask to see my purchases though, but he did ask me what time i was due to fly off. probably because it was already past 7.30pm, people were already mood-less by then. haha. there were about 7 customs officer behind counters processing our requests. tu pun line slow gila @_@.

6. there is a charge to cover the cost of handling your refund, which is already shown on your refund form. the more you spend, the more refund you will get. you can choose to receive your refund via cash, cheque, or refund back into your credit card (regardless of how you paid for your goods). a fee would be imposed if you choose to receive your refund in cash form, other forms of refund are free. some people might say it's a waste of time to claim refund for a small amount, but with the increasing GBP against the MYR, even a few pounds is worth alot, bahahahahah.

muka menyampah tunggu lama sangat dalam Q

i barely made my flight. after the VAT episode, i had very little time to drop off my bags at the check-in counter (check-in closes at 8pm, it was already 1945), and made it by a hairline past immigration to reach the gates just 10 minutes before closing (2030). my check-in luggage were slightly overweight (i checked in the freaking-heavy stroller!), but the staff was a real gem for letting it go through =). anyway, immigration screening was a PITA, every single form of liquid in your hand carry MUST be sorted in Ziploc bags (my outbound flight to London was quite lax on this) and you had to take certain articles of clothing off - jacket, shoes, belt and have them go through the scanner. even then if they screen your bags and find something unusual, you'll be spending a good many more minutes there while they rustle through your stuff @_@. i was lucky after a seemingly long wait my bags emerged from the conveyer belt unharmed, phew. i didn't even have time to browse through the terminals, i simply ran past everything to gate 29 gahhhh in heels lagi @_@. i didn't even have time to pump before boarding!!! @_@

this time, i didn't miss my connecting flight. bahahahahah.

so conclusion? go earlyyyyyyyy! if you want to claim your tax rights. hahaha. sekian, terima kasih.