October 29, 2009

and the wrap fever continues

hmm, no thanks to Emiza, i am currently awake at 12am thinking of these:

POC Grad Chiara

Vatanai Maruyama

Girasol Pacifica - i like its contrast

Girasol Symphuo

October 28, 2009

farewell to these

with a heavy heart i let go of these beauties. i wouldn't be doing them justice by keeping them in my drawers so these had to go. hope the mamas that would be receiving them will love them as much as i did =).

my MPB Flannel Fitted in Monkey Print! got this along with another velour fitted from MPB aeons ago when MPB was considered to be a great CD (i should think it still is!). unfortunately i got too many fitteds due to the yummy prints. i don't use fitteds much because they needed to be paired with covers (and i only have 2) and they take forever to dry, and since i don't have my own house to dry them wherever i please, so... this one has to go =(. i've been trying to convince myself that i don't need another fitted. oh how i wish BG came in more livelier patterns! =P

my Cushie Tushies AIO Couture in London Mod. i love the colors, i still do but i'm just not a fan of this CD. this CD is so soft and snuggly you can even use it as a mini pillow! (hahahahaha). i think it'll fit better onto older babies so the bulkiness will be less obvious maybe? i dunno. and i've only used it like a couple of times on my dot, and i had to convince myself that this had to go too by promising myself i'd try the Rumparooz G2 later (luckily they come in really nice prints).

now... who wanna give my wraps new homes? =P~~~

October 26, 2009

a very productive weekend

i have never felt so irritated with Facebook before. and all the while i've never found any faults with it. i get to upload a bunch of photos without hassle, i get to keep track of all my friends, and i get to entertain myself when i'm bored stiff with nothing to do. it's a way i get to connect with the outside world =).

until now.

i keep getting messages that my profile is temporarily under maintenance, will be available in few minutes, or something like that. bahhh. it's been temporarily under maintenance like FOREVER. after that i got blocked from sending messages via FB just because i got irritated with the stupid application for not being able to send a message so i impatiently clicked on the Send button one time too many. now i'm not sure when i'll be able to reply messages via FB, sigh (to Sya, yes, i can wait until then, no worries =) at least i know it'll go to a good home!). my friend list is now officially screwed up (and i spent almost an hour just trying to organize them into groups too =( huargh). sometimes the reply box seem to have just disappear even though i've refreshed the page a million times. there are also times when i get the message that you're not allowed to post a comment, or some other sort of pigeon shyte (i've been trying to reply to ito's Question on where the RS went but until now to no avail. marahhhh ok). and the list just goes on and on...

has anyone been experiencing this the past weekend? or am i being discriminated? i am already pissed to the max. like they say, why tinker with an already-good running application? grrrrrr.

actually this wasn't my main post. i guess i got carried away with my raves =P since i'm pissed off and in no mood and might be suffering from pre-PMS, i feel so demotivated and miserable and feel like jumping out the 72nd floor window (which we fortunately don't have).

i'll expand this later on, but here are the gists of what i've been up to last weekend:

-- Nicholas & Diana's wedding

this was my first Christian wedding i've ever attended. Diana bugged me all year to come, and told me to bring LO along. lol. i remember those days when Diana was still new to my co and a total stranger to me, haha. Diana's a really fun person. and she loves to bully me T_T. i'm guessing she'll be bullying Nicholas after this, haha. Nicholas is just as sweet. i remember offering to tapau food for me and shishi when we didn't go down for lunch. that was ages ago. a whole bunch of Intecians were present as well, even shishi, who still looks like a kid as ever =D (ok shishi don't be angry ok? =P).

Di was so pretty! we shared a pew with Edwin and the wifey, he brought Gwen along too. so the little ones entertained themselves with exchanging gift baskets of candy with each other while the ceremony was going on, haha (oh yeah, thanks wah jei for the burger! =P). Dayana was so happy to roam about the isle during the photo session. she even allowed Jeannie to hold her hand while walking about, totally oblivious to everyone around her. haha. that's new. i'm just afraid she might just get up and go off with a stranger one of these days T_T. i'm just happy she's more open to people now.

congratulations Nico and Di *hugs* thanks for inviting me!

ooh i love these two people =)

-- wrap meet up in MV

i was actually only supposed to meet up with Leen and pass her my mille to try. in the end it ended up being a wrap stash partay. hahahaha. Sya wanted to see my mandarin, so i brought that along. Lixa wanted to try my OMT, and i brought Claudia for fun. we met up at this cafe where we had ample space to try out wrapping without having to worry about mucky floors.

i had fun actually. lixa paling semangat try all the wraps. Dayana was having fun running around the cafe and dragging Aunty Sya's handbag along (sorry ye Sya -.-). the husband's were not bad company either. hahaha. even ito, the oldie so-called otai in wraps dropped by to give a few pointers =). and Dayana had someone to play with for a while, until she decided that wandering aimlessly pleased her more.

after the meet up i wandered around MV with Sya until her husband came to pick her up =D. Dayana fell asleep in Syaz's Tibet RS but it kept slipping after a while so Sya suggested wrapping her up. it worked for a while... but she woke up not long after that. i guess Dayana's not a wrap baby =(. and that was my first time wrapping in public, lol.

not too long after that, wrap-mania broke out in MBW, hahaha.

-- visited Pak Long & Mak Long in Melawati

i haven't been to my uncle's place in a long time, so decided to go for a quick visit to see how they're doing. she was pretty excited, actually. i think the last time Dayana ever saw them was during last year's raya, when she was only about a month old. she immediately made a beeline for the lego. and she did her usual, make a mess, move on to next location, continue making more mess, and so on, lol. she now knows how to drink from a straw (i dunno who taught her that) so when Pak Long gave me a box of ribena, she was so excited to drink from it. can't give her the box though, she'll end up squeezing everything out.

there was pretty much alot of space for her to move about in Pak Long's house, so i guess that's partly why she's excited - she got to roam free! haha. Pak Long ordered Dominoes for lunch. Dayana was pretty excited to have pizza, she impatiently took my hand and pushed it towards the pizza =P. we couldn't stay long though, had another function to attend, so we left as soon as the afternoon rain let up.

we'll visit again =D

- Zack's early First Birthday in KJ

it didn't cross my mind that this mini gathering Aunt Ruby was talking about was actually an early birthday party for Zack, and also because Kak Tasha was back visiting. so when i arrived the jelly cake had already been cut, and everyone was already moving on to dessert. i had wanted to melantak more (there was roti jala! and bihun soup! yummyyyyyyyyyy) but i had just swallowed 5 pieces of pizza earlier so i was full :S. zack is BIG. total mat salleh look. guess the British gene outshines the Malay gene, huh? =P

most of my younger cousins were around so i let Dayana run around the house as she pleased. Nedd wanted to check out my stash. she loves the OMT. it's no wonder. everyone does. which is why it's sooo pricey in the first place, haha. i stayed until 9-ish, after another round of bihun soup (haiz, i wished i had tapaued back =P). Dayana got a party favor bag!

chillin out on her cousin's rocker

i was supposed to meet up with a friend at Pavillion after that, but i was running late because of Dayana's nap schedule (which was why she was soo full of energy earlier at Pak Long's house, which continued all the way to Nedd's house, haha). she immediately fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up until the next day. come to think about it, she'll doze off to sleep around 10pm-ish the whole time i was staying over at my parent's place. it's when her Daddy is around that her sleeping times will go out of whack. sheesh.

well, that's my weekend for you! (more photos later, mata dah rosak for staring at the screen for too long).

now that there are more babies in the family, Nedd's place has transformed into Babyland. i found one of the toys at the house really fascinating. i think it was one of Zack's birthday gifts. Dayana seems to love playing with the blocks. i wonder if i can find this in Malaysia.

Wooden Toddle Truck

isn't the baby adorable? =)

October 22, 2009

cinnamon blended no more

i haven't been to CoffeeBean for a long time. i'm not a fan of coffee actually. i'm just for the occasional drink each time the peeps stop by those so-called kedai kopi for their usual fix. or back in Uni when i needed to stay up to do some last-minute cramming - burning the midnight oil - so the instant 3-in-1 was my best friend. or during office hours when i feel so sluggish in front of the PC that my eyes can barely open.

and coffee can be fairly pricey, these days. if i were to drink one cup a day, i'd be spending like rm300+ on coffee alone each month. huwaaaa...

anyway, during lunch time today i went out with a colleague of mine (who's gonna resign soon and leave me behind, sob sob) and she's a real coffee junkie so after lunch we decided to get a cuppa at CoffeeBean. i was all for it and had already decided on what i wanted to get.

ice blended cinnamon!

oh yeah, i knew you're eyes were gonna pop out in disgust. that's how my former boss Gene reacted when i first told him i what i wanted the last time he offered to buy coffee for us.

what's so weird about cinnamon? i'm a HUGE fan of cinnamon. that's where Cinnabon got its name. i love cinnamon buns. this is one type of spice that i don't actually mind consuming =D. cinnamon blended still had the coffee element in it, but at least the bitterness of the coffee is hidden by the sweet taste of cinnamon. and it's not too sweet either, like caramel.

heck, i preferred CoffeeBean over the rest of the other kedai kopi just because they're the only ones that offers cinnamon blended.

well, not anymore. when i was ordering with my friend she noticed the menu board had been revamped. and when i asked for cinnamon blended, they said they weren't selling them anymore!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! *sob*. i ordered ice blended caramel in the end, but it wasn't the same *sniff*.

CoffeeBean, bring back my ice blended cinnamon!!!!!

on another note, here are some of the junk i went to survey after lunch:

PSP 3000
- a newer improved version of the previous PSP
- uses UMD
- built in microphone and wider screen
- price rm899
- already available in Malaysia

- functionalities similar to PSP3000
- uses SSD (which is far more better than UMD, more stable)
- design differs from PSP 3000
- price rm1199
- tentatively available in Malaysia from November onwards

i went to Kinokuniya earlier to survey the following books:

Status: bought and ready to be shipped =D

Title: Breastfeeding Answer Book, 3rd Edition
Author: Nancy Mohrbacher and Julie Stock
Publisher: La Leche League International
Price: rm272

Status: Available
Title: Malaysian Taxation: Principles and Practice, 15th Edition (as of April 2009)
Author: Chung Kwai Fatt
Publisher: Infoworld
Price: rm140

October 19, 2009

spotlight on these 3 carriers

i am still searching for the perfect SSC. i might have gone crazy on tbw, but surprisingly i couldn't, (no) thanks to no more $$ in my pocket, all going to my recently finished future home's installments and stupid cc (but that's a story i malas want to get into).

so... here are the recent carriers that i've tried. will give reviews on each of them when i have the time... i'm amidst CRs and documentations (my only projectmate took a week off from work so i jaga ship alone) and ensuring that my deskmate by all means do not surpass me in RC... (hahahahah keje bodo yet frustratingly annoying... shhh!). two of the carriers were on loan, the other recently arrived at my 'car door'. and might not be leaving for a while.

1) Beco 4th Generation in Dove print
(that's me at KLIA at 2 o'clock in the morning)

there was already a line of mamas wanting to try out this SSC (actually i was surprised humayra offered to let her Beco go travelling in the first place, haha). lix was the first to try it out. syaz, shida, and a friend of shida's were next. and then only me. it was quite a bargain for the person who chooses to buy it because humayra was selling it quite cheap to begin with. not to mentioned they're no longer in production. i wasn't interested in buying it because i actually preferred humayra's other Beco in Metropolis print (i'm picky on designs, lol) but i really wanted to try one IRL so that i wouldn't regret my decision if i were to buy one on an impulse without trying.

shida's friend had already decided to purchase the Beco but she was really sweet in sending it to me to try it out anyway (thanks darl!). i received it in the mail on the 6th this month. Significant Other took one look and was like, "beli lagi??" and i was like, "no no, pinjam only" *sweat* (he reacted like that last time when i brought back Syaz's Chococabana RS last time).

i didn't have the opportunity to wear it heavy duty because the occasion to wear it never came during the the short time it was with me. i had to return the Beco back to it's new owner, A by the 12th so i only had to make do with traipsing around my bedroom (mil would say all this is a waste of money, so i stayed within the safety of my own room) and the short trip to KLIA to send Significant Other off to the States (tak aciiiiii~). i was lucky A's husband happened to drop by KL, so i saved on shipping costs (*phew*).

i didn't have anything to compare it with, with this being my first carrier, so these are my thoughts on the Beco:

- i didn't know SSCs were heavy. what a doofus i was when i first held up the SSC in my own hands and i was like, wowee (bengong, ahahahhaha ok this doesn't count for a Beco review).

- the mamas before me complained that the Beco was abit big on them. i didn't really understand what they meant (only after i tried Syaz's SSC i understood, lol). basically i had to tighten all the buckles to their smallest setting.

- i thought the waist size at smallest setting was ok, but i noticed after a while, the waist padding tend to put pressure on my er, hip bone? (that protruding bone u can feel when you put your hands on your hips, hahaha). demn i must be too thin. chis.

- since i had to pull all the buckles to the smallest setting, i had excess of straps left over dangling like nobody's business. it seemed a little messy for me with dangling straps, so unflattering if you see me from the back (which is why i'm liking Syaz's SSC even more! lol)

- i think i used the chest strap wrongly. the chest strap was dangling loosely off the body straps when i first got it (which can easily get lost, i'd hate that if it ever were to happen) so i didn't really know how to use it. at the time i was wearing it in KLIA, i locked the chest strap at the base of the body straps (somewhere nearer to my waist). is this correct? macam tak betul je. kakakakkakaka.

- i think because of my blurness of how to use the chest strap, when i tried front carry using the SSC, the body straps seemed to always slip off my shoulders. pastu kene tarik2 adjust. then my daughter will get impatient and uncomfortable. and she'll insist on getting herself out of the carrier. haha. she doesn't like it if i stop and stand still (but this applies to any kind of carrier i'm wearing her in).

- the body straps seemed bulky, due to the padding i suppose. or probably because of the denim-like material? i dunno. i think i'm not a fan of denim when it comes to baby carriers.

- the body of the Beco seemed a abit too wide for me. at least, it felt like my daughter was drowning in it. not sure if it was because the carrier is big for me or my daughter is still too little, lol. when wearing the SSC can her arms be worn out of the SSC above the body straps? i mean not between the straps like how my daughter is wearing in the above photo. you can see most of her view is being blocked by the bulky straps. and the white thing in between is her Chewy. she insisted on bringing it along, lol (omg compared to Nita's Giraffe Beco, i look like a stick in a Beco, kekekekeke).

- i didn't have time to try out the hood. my daughter would hangin because that would mean i'd be blocking her view to the outside world, haha. she hasn't fallen asleep while being worn for quite a while now. i miss that =(.

- i had noone to help me try out back carry since Significant Other left for the States (has anyone done back carry with a squirmy baby/toddler without the help of anyone else? do tell me the technique). so before i returned it and with assistance only from my bed, i managed to wiggle my daughter into back carry position for a little while to test. she was intrigued at first, she's never been back carried before so i guess it's something new for her. then after a while she got restless so i had to bring her down. so i could only get a couple of photos with her face all scrunched up, heu~ in my hassle of getting her in it i didn't manage to use the chestbelt. grrr.

- a couple of photos of me doing the back carry (noone to help me means noone to take my photo either hahahahaha)

my verdict: although it may make a good carrier for more 'fleshier' mommies, i think i'd be better off passing this one.

2) Jumpsac Black Leaves SSC

i'll give a review on this one tomorrow yeah =D i got crappy work to do.

3) LE Mandarin Linen Indio 4.5
(by Didymos of Germany, very htf these days, huhu)

omg i can't tell you how much i love this one, it was like love at first sight. and fsot is a dangerous place and it's not for the faint hearted and empty purse. lol. i haven't used this thoroughly so i'm just gonna blog about how i came across this beauty (and how i never should attempt this again unless i'm really really made out of gold).

so i was browsing on fsot browsing through all the yummy-looking wraps online, and wishing i had enough pp to grab something when i first came across Shawnah's dyed mandarin linen up for sale. i loved how the light blue contrasted with the orange. at the time i though it was a bit too pricey so i thought i'd look for an undyed mandarin linen and do the dye job myself (hahaha, berangan gila, i have 0% knowledge on how to dye)(later on Shawnah had it redyed in a deeper shade of blue which i didn't really like).

so when i came across a mama who was selling hers (she wanted to raise pp for Kupfer linen), terus i agreed to buy it from her without thinking (oops T_T. i lost a quarz because of that, but malas wanna talk about it). so i was like yay! my first indio! and had it shipped to my friend in Texas, so i'd be getting it when she comes back for raya (thanks again, darl!). hani had a mandarin of her own and she was saying how nice and snuggly linens are. i had a violet waves on hand (which is still for sale, ahem ahem) and the material isn't really thin (probably because it wasn't made from linen, haha).

my thoughts on this particular type of wrap:

- the wrap was already soft and snuggly when i got it. it's a 4.5 and has middle markers, which makes it easier for me to determine the center of the wrap each time i use it. now i know why they say indio can get pulls very easily, due to its weave.

- the shade of orange is soOoooo soft! it even looks lovely in the above photo. agree? =P i snuggle with it to sleep =D i wonder if they have square indios... hmmm.

- the only carry i know at the moment is FWCC (seems easiest to try and most easiest since it's not a single layer carry). i have yet to attempt other carries because i'm afraid my daughter will pop out from under the wrap (if to attempt to use an SSC for back carry susah, i think matilah if i mau try to attempt the back carry on my own, kakakaka).

- i think the wrap is too long for my liking. i love tails, but too-long tails just make me feel like having tails of my own. haha. i might chop it later, we'll see. i have yet to find a technique to keep the tails off from the floor while attempting to wear it.

- i might try wrapping apart from inside the house if i go for long excursions outside =D maybe, who knows? like last Saturday during our walk we had two wrapping mamas, emiza (the current Queen of wrapping!) and syahidah (the newbie-turned-wrapping-expert-overnight) plus mazaa, who came just in time for photos! lol.

my verdict: every mama should at least try out wrapping, if not only once. it's so much fun since it has a big learning curve. and i shouldn't make wrapping a hobby. they're really expensive! :O

October 17, 2009

IBW 09 Babywearing Awareness Walk

l-r: Jumpsac Black Damask SSC, Action Baby Carrier SSC, Littlepods SSC, Ulli SBP RS, Snugg Mei Tai, Neobuille Julie wrap, Littlepods SSC, Ellaroo Mary wrap, Jumpsac Black Leaves SSC, Snugg Mei Tai

it's International Babywearing Week!

i'll be heading to the Curve after this to participate in this year's walk. i missed last year's event coz i was still new to babywearing so i didn't have much awareness then. lol. i'm taking this opportunity to get to know other mothers out there, it's a great way to meet new people (as well as being able to let Dayana to mingle with other kiddos like her).

Date: 17 October 2009 (today)
Time: 3pm
Venue: meetup in front of Mothercare, The Curve

1) to raise awareness and promoting the benefits of Babywearing by walking in a group ...while wearing our little ones to catch people's attention,
2) to spread the babywearing love,
3) and to camwhore! =P~~~

LO is sleeping now. so i'm not sure what time i'll be leaving. i just hope the traffic won't be too bad. everyone is welcome to take part in the event =)

also not to forget, today is Deepavali. so here's to wishing all the Indians out there a happy Deepavali! (too bad we don't get Monday off, grr). back when i was in high school me and my close friends (Eenol, Ames, and Azwa) would always serbu Rathi's house for Deepavali. Rathi was the only non-muslim in our batch, believe it or not. i haven't heard from her in ages - in fact i haven't heard much from the other three as well. i guess as time goes by, friendships tend to wither if you don't water them often.

to my colleagues, make sure you bring us Muruku when you get back to office! lol.

p/s. kipawa, or maruyama? (my December wishlist =P)

p/s. next year, let's do a trip thingy instead of just walking. that way, the kids get to enjoy themselves more, and we'd have more time (and SPACE!) to mingle. how's that?

October 15, 2009

when your LO starts to walk...

now that Dayana has discovered that she can get into more mischief - and especially since she now discovered that she has feet - i find it really hard to keep an eye on her 24/7. she tots around the room more efficiently now and her hands are really quick at grabbing stuff ( i realize she loves to create milestones everytime the Daddy is away, lol). the maid tells me she'll make a beeline for the stairs whenever she gets a chance. mil won't allow her to roam freely around the house until safety gates are installed (you never know what kind of mischief little babies can get into).

she already knows that her crib is the most boring place to be in unless it's bed time. so now all my attempts to bribe her to stay in her crib are futile, haha. one time i wasn't looking, she miraculously climbed out of her crib and onto our bed, until now i am baffled at how she did it T_T omg (although i have a feeling she used the toys in her crib as stepping stones). luckily at the time i placed her crib close to our bed, leaving no gap in between. a reminder to myself: i need to adjust the crib level to the lowest setting.

since there's nobody to give their full attention to her, she'll be spending most of the hours of the day lepaking in the buai while the maid goes around with the house chores. as a result, she'll spend most of the day dozing (sungguh tak productive langsung), and i'd be facing the problem of putting her to bed on time every single night because she slept too much during the day. the earliest i can get her to sleep on a weekday is about 1am ok. and that's crazy. this morning? she woke up at 5am. and refused to fall asleep. she began making those "ek ek ek ek" sounds that can really get on my nerves. then she'd start to scream like mariah carey (najua i sooo totally get you now about the screaming phase) and at that rate how the heck could i continue my slumber? so today i was wide awake at 5am, thanks to my living breathing screaming alarm clock.

(on another note, since i woke up early, i got to work early and i miraculously got through to the end bit! omg. and totally bombed, hahahah. sungguh ke'malu'an besar. chis chis chis. i swear i could hear my deskmate laughing at me in his head).

so my solution to this little problem could be one of three things (or could be all three):

1) get safety gates to be installed around the house so that a small section could be hers alone to explore safely... but safety gates are expensive. and i don't know what brand to look for. do i need to get many many safety gates? *blur* any recommendations? the house i'm staying in is 2-storey, all the more reason to babyproof the split levels.

2) start looking for a nursery to send her to. this one i've been contemplating on doing so for a while now but because of our limited budget (due to my irresponsible spending during my past life, sigh) i need to delay this plan for now. i think it's time for Dayana to start hanging around with kids her own age instead of us foggies. and she needs to stimulate her brain more. i don't think she learns much at my mil's. nobody dedicated to teach her anyway. and i hope she doesn't pick up Indon slang from the maid any time soon, haha. i just don't know of any reputable nurseries (translation: affordable) in SA. does anyone know? at least at nurseries i can at least rest with knowing that her brain cells are busy at work =D.

3) get a playpen, if safety gates prove to be expensive. but are they useful? a playpen was one of the items in my babylist when i was pregnant, but i never got around to buying it last time because i didn't think i'd be needing it in the early stages of babyhood (i wish i bought a sleeper cot though. from liyana's and farrah's blogs (and in my opinion =P) i think this item would be really useful, even if you didn't decide to co-sleep together, no kidding). with a playpen my dot would be able to have more space to move about safely, and she'd spend less time in the buai. i have a walker but Dayana doesn't like to stay in it for long periods of time. anyone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong about the usefulness of a playpen. i might start to look for a secondhand playpen if they're useful.

or even better, if anyone has any better ideas on how to secure a baby while giving her ample space for her to explore on her own freely, do let me know =D. at the moment she's having the time of her life in my room messing up her Daddy's DVD collection and pulling out all the contents of my makeup bag and not bothering to put them back T_T.

unloading my stuff

p/s. she's not a fan of SSC. sigh. will update my SSC journey later. toodles~!

October 13, 2009

my deskmate's antics

my deskmate (who i'd rather leave anonymous) never fails to amuse me. funny i never noticed it until now.
like today, here's what he left on his desk:

i burst into a fit of giggles when i first saw it. apparently now i'd be able to know of his whereabouts whenever he decides to pull a David Copperfield on me, and if anyone looks for him and he's not at his desk i can happily inform them so and so. haha.

during the whole duration of my tenure at my current co., i've only (ONLY??) had three deskmates:
- shishi (we joined the company together, and she left when i was on my maternity leave)
- afiq (he joined later than me yet left earlier than me. tak acik betul si afiq ni)
- my current deskmate. he took over from afiq as soon as afiq left, due to the desk's vantage location. lol.

i just realized how fossilized i am here. oh God help me.

you'd think that with a guy sitting beside me i'd act more like a proper girl. sit properly, ayu ayu and everything.

totally the opposite. duduk angkat kaki bersila atas kerusi, serupe macam apek lagi ade la. hahahahah. i've had enough sessions of 'ebaying' behind here (i told you, my seating position is strategic) to confidently proclaim that my deskmate thinks i'm some crazed woman. hahaha.

i never was the graceful woman anyway, despite taking ballet lessons with Mr. Joseph aeons ago. lol.

however, my daughter seems to have a hidden talent:

attempting the splits! lol

on another note, my FG has finally sold. despite its loveliness i am not loving the purple and green, i'd prefer both in different shades so no love from me =(. hope you like it mama, i paid a bomb for it! =)

final tribute photo to my FG RS

October 8, 2009

it isn't porn it's notpron

have you ever heard of Notpron? i came across it almost 4 years ago, back when i was unmarried and when Puchong was a nowhere. i can't remember how i came across it though, it was that long ago. apparently pron is a slang word for porn (not that the main page for each level has porn staring you right in the face, no. you need to tinker around abit with notpron in order to come across that =P).

the game is simple, you start off at Level 1 and you have to figure out how to proceed to the next level. sounds easy? i don't think so. it's more fun if you try and figure out the answers by yourself, it feels more rewarding wish a sense of accomplishment. there's a ton of cheats and walkthroughs online but that's totally ruining the whole purpose of the game. i remember being stumped on some levels for days. i think i stopped around the 80th level the last time i played it, where the only hint i had to go on was 'only the chicks can help you now!'. damn. so it really isn't 'notpron' after all. hahah. gosh, i have to replay the game =D.

sometimes the creator modifies some of the levels answers, so the cheats become useless. i guess he's sick of people posting up all the correct answers and ruining the fun for everyone. lol. there are different ways of tackling each level. some of the levels require a username and password, some requires you to modify the url, etc. etc. sometimes a level might have bogus url pages containing weird messages (that might be useful! hint), that you might stumble upon if the level happens to require you to change the page url. hehe. google helps too - not googling for the answers ok.

click here if you're interested to play the game. it has more than 80+ levels, and there's even minus levels too. according to David M (the creator) there's a total of 140 levels of notpron - the positive and minus levels. i haven't attempted the minus levels yet. most of my friends tend to give up after a while, which isn't surprising. FB game applications seem more appealing to some (*all eyes to deskmate! hahaha).

all you need is a creative mind, total patience and perseverance (as in not tempted to cheat!).

October 6, 2009

scared of grass

my daughter is afraid of grass.

haha. serves me right for delaying the introduction of mother nature to her. i first realized this a day before my in-law's raya open house. everyone was downstairs busy cleaning the house and rearranging furniture. the maid was busy preparing the food so i was the one left to take care of Dayana.

bored stiff of staying in the room with her with Playhouse Disney channel on, i brought her downstairs with me to find the whole lot of them busy polishing the legs of the plastic tables mil kept in the storage room. apparently everything made out of metal seemed to have rusted in the room (my mothercare stroller included =( benciii). can chlorine affect the oxidation of metal? mil kept a big tong of it in the room together with all the stuff, supposedly for the swimming pool, but i think it's been a year since the pool has ever been filled (due to poor desicion-making during the completion process, sayang bangat). so they were all outside busy polishing the rust off, trying to make the tables more presentable. one touch of the table and your hand'll be covered in rust. yuck.

so i decided to set Dayana down on the grass. i realized ever since she was young i never actually brought her to play outside, and since she was already furniture crusing and was able to stand on her own so i guess she'd like being outside. i didn't put on her shoes, i wanted to let her feel the grass under her bare feet, lol. i even squatted down with her before i set her feet down onto the grass.

and you know what? each time i lowered her to the ground, she'll immediately lift her legs as high as she could in attempt to not let her feet touch the ground. it's like she's attempting splits in the air, haha. at first i thought she did that on purpose, but after a while i figured that she didn't like the feel of grass under her feet. she'd even try to set her feet down onto my own feet in every way possible in order to avoid her tiny legs hitting the ground. i could even do an encore for the rest of the family to see. hahahahha (kesian, i buli anak sendiri).

Significant Other even ran upstairs for the video camera. too bad i didn't take photos, you would've laughed just seeing her. jerit sakan each time i want to set her down on the grass. i even tried to get her to walk to my brother in law, with a small patch of grass in between. sorry hokay, she tried to do this gigantic split in her attempt to not having to step on the grass, lol. she almost did it, but collapsed onto the grass. marah okay minah tu! *gelak jahat*.

so now, whenever she starts to protest or misbehave, i'll just tell her "nanti Mommmy put you on the grass, nak tak?".

eeeek Mommy, i'm surrounded by Grass!!!

i dunno if she understands what i mean =P. i just hope she'll outgrow this phase very soon, it's a pity to miss out on what mother nature has got to offer at a young age. when you grow older you just don't seem to have time for her anymore =).

away for training

i've been away from the office attending training at TPM this week. which is why i haven't been saying much the past few days, despite saying i got lots to crap about previously.
i have one more day of training before i get back to the office. the trainer is great, much better than the guy who taught us Python last year.
kinda enjoying myself really. come to think about it after the day is over i feel kinda... empty. dunno how to describe it.
i think i'm just kinda allergic to the word SB *shrugs*.
i just got afni humayra's Beco in the mail, can't wait to try it out this weekend at KLIA when i send Significant Other to the States. tried it on earlier and i think the straps are quite not for me. maybelah, i just got a feeling.
i picked up mandarin and mille last weekend. haven't had the time to try it out. i might let go of one later.
yesterday the in-laws had a small open house. my peeps didn't come, probably due to the odd day (sorry for the last minute notice though). food banyak gila leftover. i think i will go crazy having to eat nasi minyak, laksa and mi kari everyday for the next coming days. hehe.
anyway, i'm putting up for sale my LE Stila Makeup case. i got it during the sale last time when everyone was caught up in the Stila fever. i've never used it, it only became a tukun dekat rumah (you know me, suke collect rubbish, haha). i'm selling it for rm150, COD. lemme know if anyone is interested in this (and no, the things inside it are just for show and included =P)

*reserved* SOLD

Stila Makeup Case rm150 reduced to rm130

October 1, 2009

on to barn buddy

i blogged about Farmville previously. after leveling up by continuously farming and harvesting - not to mention taking care of the cows, the horses, the ducks, the rabbits, the goats, the chickens, to name some of them, i finally got bored of the application =P.

surprisingly there are alot of die hard Farmville fans out there. i know one of my aunts is actually farming on FB, lol (unless someone else is hijacking her account to play it, which to me is highly unlikely). some even plan their crop-planting time, making sure they're able to harvest their crops before they spoil. hahahahhahahahaha. i tried to find the Farmville love, but failed to do so. i guess this is because:
- you plant, wait, then harvest. and you repeat the whole cycle.
- you wait for the farm animals to mature, then you reap their produce. then you wait again.
- you wait for the trees to bear fruit, then you wait summore.
- you buy decorations for the farm. it's all about being creative. a for-show thing only.
- you help out at other people's farms. that's all you do. you're not allowed to mess up people's farms or wreck havoc there.

well. did i miss out anything? if i did, is that why i did not manage to get the Farmville love at all? lol.

with Nesh's insistence, i added Barn Buddy. and i find i love it more than Farmville. why?
- you plant, water, add fertilizer, weed, kill bugs, wait, then harvest.
- you get to STEAL from other people's farms! wahahahahahhahah
- if you're really rich, you can purchase a guard dog to catch stealers, or rent a chicken.
- you get to add weeds and bugs to other people's farms just to spite them.
- or you can help out and gain experience points by weeding, watering and bug spraying.

my farm! lol. and my chicken

okay, so that doesn't seem like much either. but i like it more than FV anyway. i think because it has a bit of the evil element - the stealing part. annoying others is what people do best, don't you think? muahahhahaha. i think it's kinda therapeutic, click click clicking away. Significant Other says it's total rubbish, haha. at the moment i'm trying to catch up with my friend Karen's farm. and Nesh's farm. not to forget my bil's farm. it doesn't help that they all have guard dogs on their farm. i still have a long way to go before i get mine. people please accept my BB request! =P~~~~~

the third application i play on FB is Restaurant City, only because this game is totally annoying. i say annoying because:
- the employees are only able to work for a maximum of three hours before fainting dead on the floor in exhaustion.
- you can employ chefs, waiters, cleaners, feed them to replenish your energy, or you can sack them if you feel like it.
- the ingredients are bloody expensive, and you need like 10 of each before you can master a dish to level 10 (3700 for a chilli, chilli kristal kah?)
- not only are they bloody expensive, they're hard to get too. you get a free ingredient each day you visit your restaurant, and when you manage to answer the daily food quiz correctly (what the heck is a tzatziki??? or do you know what humous is made of? i manage to answer them wrong most of the time, grrr).
- you can also get a free ingredient if you're visiting your friend's restaurant for the first time.
- you get to show off your ID skills here. at least in RC, the characters moving around your restaurant isn't as bendul as the characters in The Sims.

i'm not a pro of a player yet at this game. can you believe i'm playing it only for the sport of hunting for ingredients so that i can upgrade all my dishes? hahahahahahaha. it's annoying ok. so far i haven't gotten the final ingredient - rice - that i need to upgrade my Luxurious Chili Con Carne dish to level 10. haiz. and i need for of those. never mind that i purchased 4 chillis from the The Ingredient Market for 3700 each! gila. some of my friends are die hard fans of RC. most of their dishes are upgraded to level 10 already. hee~. but that's just only one dish, i got many many many to goOoOO.

whatever tickles their fancy. as for me, at the moment, Barn Buddy it is. hahaha.