May 10, 2018

a new dawn for Malaysia


9th May - the day the people of Malaysia (and the world lol) have been anxiously waiting for.

we did our part! did you?

the people have cast their vote. Malaysia has chosen. the results were overwhelming.
to have him as Prime Minister for a second time, is truly an honor.
at his age, it did not deter him for accomplishing what seemed like the impossible.
we love you Tun!

7th Prime Minister of Malaysia

and here's to our first Female Deputy Prime Minister =) the Wonder Woman, the Iron Lady.

#girlpower =)

for a new Malaysia and a better future, insyallah.
#ge14 #malaysiamemilih #pru14

May 9, 2018

the younger two's birthday celebration

we held a birthday celebration for the younger kids after the elections. it was just a small birthday celebration; we figured that since it was a public holiday whoever that was voting around the area would be able to join the party. it was also kind of a last minute decision because we just planned to have a small family eat out and cake, but mil messages me and says lets do something for the kids so i'm like okay. and you know how i feel about holding birthday parties, you work your butt off but in the end nobody bothers to come at the last minute *sweat*

my kids will never say no to McDonald's.

where the party at

i was already anxious because it was well past 4.30pm and not a human in sight. is history repeating itself? i wondered in my head. i'm not kidding. i've developed a bit of a phobia ever since, it's not even funny. because it is very heartbreaking when your child comes up to you and asks why are her friends not even here yet. um ok but that's a different story. let's move on...

turns out, the people arrived, Melayu style. alhamdulillah.

me wants those cheeseburgers
family photo

this photo doesn't have a photo of Emma innit because she's terrified of the mascot. in fact, the person in charge told me she's never seen so many kids crying because of the mascot before. hahahhahaha.
tis ok, when i was young i never liked that A&W bear mascot, either =P~

family photo without Emma. she no likey that bird

a big thanks to my mil for making it happen for the kids. i know the kids really enjoyed themselves, despite being scared of that big bird mascot, despite the limited space (but who cares?? it's McDonald's yo!). thank you for all the presents the kids recieved. thank you to all the second cousins and friends who could make it that day! i cannot tell you how grateful i am to everyone for making this day happen for my kids.

and i apologize for any shortcomings!

the ones that made it happen
my '13 and '15 babies
happy birthday!

after the cake cutting, they even held some games for the kids. i never liked joining these kind of games back when i was a kid, i always lost baahahhahah. glad these kids have the spirit to participate and understand that it's not about whether you win or lose, it's about how you play the game and about having fun in the process =P

musical chairs
build-a-tower? Aunty yg baju biru tu semangat
so many kiddos in one place

i was running around much so i didn't have time to take a lot of photos, so these are photos sent to me by guests of the party. do you know that both of my cousins below have four boys? as opposed to my four girls. what is their secret please, haha.

my cousin Hazirah
my cousin Nedd

and Aja, who misread the invitation and turned up just as the party was ending. hahahahhahaha.

my #IAmOilCrazy peep

a group photo with my high school friends who always seem busy in the whatsapp chat group but will always spare time for you when you demand it. hee~. since 1995 yo, lama tu. and it's 2018 now?

my Northern Lights!

so tonight we berkampung in front of the tv and wait for the ballots to be tallied... good luck Malaysia!