January 29, 2009

growing =D

Dayana at 1 month

Dayana at 4 months 4 weeks old

my my =D in two days' time she'll be 5 months old!

solids shopping

my daughter should be starting solids in a months' time, so i guess it's time to get some feeding equipment for her (another reason to shop again, haha):

1. bumbo seat - i bought mine in lilac! i got the tray as well. got it at a reasonable price from Rachel of Littlewhiz. my roommate was supposed to get one as well, but she bailed at the last minute *faint*. my friend Ieta bought it for her son, and he sits in it whenever he watches Barney on tv, lol. have you seen the prices for high chairs these days? so mahal ok. i'd rather get myself a pair of diamond hoop earrings i've been eyeing from Diamond & Platinum =P

2. i have plenty of bibs, so i hope i don't need to get more of these. if not i'll just hentam ikat a lampin around her neck.

mad about spoons

3. spoons! i didn't know what brand to get. i decided to follow Ieta's advice and get something colorful. i only bought the sippy cup from Avent because their spoons tak menarik langsung. then i bought a bunch of spoons by The First Years, and summore spoons and food containers from Nuby. Nuby had some really cute spoons so i just had to get them just for the sake of having them. hahaha. it's not as if Dayana's gonna eat the spoon, i don't think she'll even care how the spoon will look like (but the Mommy will care! =P). do i need plastic bowls? those Tesco containers shud be good enough at the moment right?

4. with the baby voucher Significant Other received, we bought a mini blender. hopefully i won't be malas2 in making her food. is a slow cooker necessary? i took a look at a few of them when i was buying the blender, but it looks like some ordinary crock pot to me.

5. after reading Farrah's blog, i bought this:

so far i like! i'm a sucker for books with glossy colorful pages.

gile advance kan ini Mummy? hmm... what else do you need when you're baby is just starting out on solids?

January 25, 2009

the origins of Dayana

as usual each of us wanted to have a say in the naming decision. i wanted this, he wanted that, bla bla bla... but the only rule set was no naming after exes. seriously.

we came up with her name roughly less than two months before she was born. the funny part was that her name was inspired from a magazine i was reading while Significant Other was having his eyes checked. and we never revealed her name to anybody until she was literally brought into the world on August 31st last year.

the name Dayana was initially meant to be spelled as Diana (die-ya-na), pronounced English style, like Princess Diana =P but since i am living in Malaysia there will be a 100% possibility of having her name mispronounced Malay style (dee-ya-na), so we had her name literally spelled on paper, hence the spelling Da-ya-na. i used to have two friends in the office named Diana, one Chinese and the other Malay, but as usual the latter will be pronounced as dee-ya-na, and the former as die-ya-na. it's kinda like a default pronounciation thingy just because of their race.

dayana brings the meaning kegagahan.

and NO, the choice of her name does NOT and NEVER will be having to do with any living person, as some of you may like to think.

we added Nur in the middle to make her name sound more Malay-like =D

Sabrina was purely coincidental as a name both me and Significant Other agreed on. people do tend to ask me if she was named after the main character from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. i like to think that it is =P. who knows, she might create magic of her own one day =)

nur sabrina brings the meaning cahaya kesabaran.

Dayana Nur Sabrina.

lol. what a mouthful. imagine the time she's gonna take to shade in her name on the examination sheet =P

a look at Dayana

here's Dayana with her gifts!:
orange Carter's dress from Auntie Sarah,
pink Baby Gap socks from Auntie Dini,
yellow tweety bird from Auntie Wanie

(she looks like a rugby player wearing that socks, lol)

January 22, 2009


Significant Other is going to Texas next month, possibly for two weeks.

OMG i want to FOLLOW!!!

i am green with ENVY.

*jeles jeles jeles jeles jeles*

p/s. he tak jadi pergi. his boss came down instead. owh well... there's always a next time =D. do you know of any openings which require frequent travel? pm me!

tagged by Mawar

i'm lazy to do tags. they always ask you the weirdest questions and you're expected to come up with truthful answers. and i also dislike forwarded emails. they do nothing but mess up your inbox (unless, of course, it contains some heartwrenching story that brings me to tears, now those i still keep in my inbox). but i've been tagged by my friend anyway, and since this is my first time doing such tags, so here goes:

1. do you think you are hot?
- i refuse to answer this. all i know at the moment is that i'm freezing in the office, and i was already freezing at home when Significant Other decided to turn our bedroom into a server room, so i don't feel any sense of hot whatsoever.

2. upload a favorite picture of you:

3. why do you like that picture?
- it isn't always you see me round in the face =P. and i usually suck at side photos. but this one turned out okay. i was 8 months pregnant at that time (15 days before Merdeka), taken during Nedd's wedding. i totally had no appetite at the time =(.
(btw, the visible arm in the left side of the photo belongs to my cousin Yaya. she's the one who appeared in the Silky Girl commercial, featured girl #1, lol)

4. when was the last time you ate pizza?
- what has this question got to do with anything? u wanna belanje me isit? i can't even remember when i last had pizza. but i vaguely remember one time Significant Other had a craving for Dominoes so we went out to buy two thin crusted pizzas to bring back home for dinner. i like Pizza Hut better though. my favorite is Hawaiian.

5. the last song you listened to?
- i listen to the radio and channel surf whenever i drive but i never keep track of the last song i've listened to. but the song currently ringing in my head is 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. i like Taylor Swift.

6. what are you doing right now besides this?
- procrastinating! okay okay, i'm supposed to be creating reference tables and record definitions and the such and i'm supposed to go for my pumping session but i'm doing this instead. hmph.

7. what name would you prefer besides this?
- i like helena. but do i LOOK like a helena to you?

tag 5 people [*sigh*]
- 1. Farrah
- 2. Munira
- 3. Fahmi
- 4. Myra
- 5. Aida

8. who is number 1?
- Farrah the SuperMommy! i stumbled across Farrah's blog when one of my friends was doing research on labor (she was about to deliver at the time) and she passed me the link. since at that time i was pregnant myself and i had no mood to work, so i sorta started reading her blog. and i got hooked. i haven't met her in real life though.

9. number 3 is having a relationship with?
- Johanna! wahahhahahahah... i think they've been together for a year?

10. say something about number 5.
- i bought my mei tai from her. i haven't tried it out yet. she's now a SAHM in UK and i am so jealous because she gets to stay in UK.

11. how about number 4?
- that's my sister. she's getting braces so for the past couple of weeks 4 teeth have been pulled out. hahahaha.

12. who is number 2?
- we were in Primary together but i don't think we were that close until i moved to Kedah and started corresponding through snail mail. she's in UK now doing Forensics (see? another friend in UK, jeles!) and i have no idea when she plans to come back here, settle down and get married already =P


okay Mawar, you happy? =P btw, i can't remember if ever was in Tunas Puteri. i think it was the Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah or something. i loved that camping trip. i remember the toilets had no doors, so i think we didn't take our showers. hahahahahah! wonder what happened to Nik Azura, Selena and Quin Jean.

January 21, 2009

what Dayana can do

on Monday i took EL half day to send my daughter for her third booster. i hadn't planned on taking leave that day but due to unforseen circumstances and since i was already late for work, i took her anyway.

at 4 1/2 months old, Dayana is 4.5kg! ok la, better progress from 3.6kg last month, ey? i've only just retired her newborn outfits and tiny baby rompers. but the Dr. said that she's still too light for her age and i should supplement her with weight gain. i msged my doctor-in-the-making friends for their opinion but they think otherwise. they say breast milk is the best (obviously). as long as she is healthy and steadily gaining weight, they see no reason as to why i need to supplement her with formula. i do give formula occasionally, but it's only 10% of her total intake. anyway, i think i'll just stick to my current routine =P.

Dayana was doing pretty good throughout the visit. she cried when the Dr. gave her the shot but quieted down soon after. sudah besar itu my little lady! *all smiles*. i asked the Dr. about the optional shots but he said just taking the compulsory ones should be fine. in the first place i hear they're costly, but they're really recommended. what do the other Mommies out there think? this time the visit didn't take too long as there weren't many patients, so i was out of there in an hour.

now that she's a big girl, i let her be mittenless most of the time, unless she's sleeping because that's when her hands love to merayap all over her head and face. unfortunately that means i need to make sure that her nails are always short, and my eyes are already juling because of this =P. now that her hands are mitten-free, she loves grabbing onto stuff. she can already grasp her rattle and shake it vigorously, although her hand coordination isn't too hot yet. my mom has taught her to play with her lampin as an alternative to having her hands all over her head (is that some kind of habit?). so she hangs on to it whenever we offer her the lampin. haha. this reminds me of Linus from Peanuts. even when she's nursing, she'll grab my blouse or fiddle with my necklace, or even better yet, grab my glasses and refuses to let go T_T.

if you hold up Dayana under her arms, she'll push her legs off the floor. it's as if she wanna skip the rolling part and go straight to walking *rolls eyes*. her kicks are very powerful, and this makes changing nappy time close to impossible (wiggle here, wiggle there, haih).

she still isn't fond of tummy time, but she'll stay longer on her tummy now. her neck is getting stronger and she can hold her head up longer before collapsing back onto the bed. hihi. my mom is trying to teach her how to roll. so far she can only twist herself half way. i think it's because her butt's too heavy. hahahahaha! but when she's lying on her back she likes to grab both her legs, like she just discovered them or something.

when people ask me what can my daughter do now, i really dunno how to answer that. each baby progresses at their own pace, right? so i'm not really worried about what Dayana can't do. i'll let her learn at her own pace, slow and steady, easy peasy.

sometimes she likes to talk as if she's having something in her mouth. is that normal? i hope it doesn't turn into something to worry about. Daddy sometimes manages to catch her babbling on our video cam. hahaha. and she bites now. clamping down with her two hard gums sungguh sakit ok. sometimes i think she deliberately does that to see how i react. she looks up at me, then she gives me her gummy grin. cheh!

did i tell you that out of all the songs i usually sing to her during bedtime, she loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star the most? oh, and she's warming up to the Peekaboo game! yay! sudah pandai gelak, tihihihi~~

my mom tells me that everytime she talks on the phone, Dayana will stare at my mom in awe, as if she's listening in and understanding every word (or maybe she finds it fascinating that adults sometimes talk to themselves... haha). i found it to be true when i was on the phone myself and Dayana kept staring at me with rapt attention. haha.

i now have 6 cloth books for Dayana to read. so far i've offered her three, but when she's with me she loves the Fly Away Ladybug book the best. i left the Dinosaur book at my mom's place because whenever i offer to read it with her she seems to turn away in boredom. so i let Grandma read that to her instead. Daddy says when she turns 5 months old we'll give her a dose of flash cards =D

that's it for her monthly progress at the moment that i can think of. am still thinking if i should purchase a Bumbo seat. i want one in lilac! i already bought myself a pair of Malindi crocs in black because the shoes i was wearing at the time was killing my feet so i had an excuse to get them =P.

January 19, 2009

my eventful Saturday

i had quite an eventful Saturday, so eventful i didn't have time to empty my boobs. hahahhahahaha!

Jc & Jo's wedding reception
last Saturday evening i attended Justine's wedding at Cyberview Lodge. i haven't seen this friend for almost 14 years, since we were twelve! this was also my first time attending a Chinese wedding, so the experience was kinda new and interesting. at least next time i know what to expect.

stunning Justine =P

Justine was absolutely lovely that evening. whoever hears her name for the first time will surely think that the name belongs to a guy =P. i still have photos dated in 1994; when i come across them i'll post them here to see how 'cacat' we used to look like back then, lol. i even met other ex-primary school friends that night, even though i can't remember half of them, but their face seemed familiar, like suet lee and this other girl who i didn't quite catch her name (sorry!). i sat at the same table with iza halilia and liyana D, chern ling (the MOHzilla), and a few others who i didn't know but was also from the DU clan. mei mei and jay wyn, the two people who i still remember from the old days (because the latter is a set of two and the former used to be my neighbor), sat at another table.

Justine's wedding feels like a fairytale wedding, it's too good to be true =)

photos will be uploaded as soon as i corner iza and force her to hand me the original copies in her camera =P.

Mus & Adlina's wedding reception
earlier, on the same day, Significant Other was chosen to be pengapit at his best friend's wedding reception for the girl's side held at Damansara Heights. so while he fulfilled his duty onstage i sat at one of the tables reserved for the groom's entourage with the rest of Mus's cousins of whom i barely knew in the least. during the acara merenjis (i dunno what you call this in Malay) one of the persons who went up to merenjis seemed to pause onstage to ask Significant Other something. someone at my table commented that he's probably asking the pengapit if he sudah kahwin ke belum. hoho~! i expressed milk using my FS in the car just before the reception because i didn't have time to nurse my daughter that morning but halfway through pumping i just realized i forgot to bring the cooler *doink*. so in the end i had to literally water the plants. sigh.

Irina's daughter's akikah
right after the Mus's reception we went to Irina's place in TUDM subang for her daughter's akikah. the area was quite huge, we got lost looking for her place. when we finally found Irina's house, Rjial and Marina was already there. the food was good, the butter cupcakes was even better =P. kak normah arrived not long after. as usual, they crapped abit about working issues while i stared off into space. hahah. irina's daughter was really 'semangat'. i think she's half the size of my daughter, lol.

and all this while...
poor Dayana. she was neglected the whole day by Mommy and Daddy. hee~

January 16, 2009

my observation list

1. MAM bottles, 160ml
Dayana drinks more than 4oz now, so i thought of getting some of these for my mom, so that she won't have to keep giving multiple bottles for one feed. 9oz bottles seems a bit big for my daughter, so 160ml would do nicely. it's either MAM or Tommee Tippee.


Tommee Tippee

2. Bumbo baby seat
i went to isetan with the intention of being up to no good, hahaha. luckily i didn't bring my credit card (i'm supposed to cut them up anyway). saw they had stocked this item in isetan. i heart! happen to be i'm looking for a baby chair to use when Dayana starts solids in 1+months' time but i'm not sure if it's suitable to be bought in the long term. my roommate has gone nuts over it. it does look cute, doesn't it? lol.

3. Phillips Mini Blender
i already bought some baby cubes, so now i berangan wanna make my own baby food. so far i saw the blender i've been eyeing selling at Tesco and isetan, so i think i'll get this next month (... since the Gaza issue, should i be boycotting Tesco now?). small containers will accompany my purchase if i buy the blender at Tesco =P

4. topshop dress! ok, this has nothing to do with Dayana. but i've got a wedding to attend tomorrow and i have absolutely nothing to wear. but the dress i'm keen on getting comes in black, and the wedding theme is garden wedding. hahah. omg, i hope it doesn't vanish when i go back down later for it. and on the side, probably 2 jersey tops at 20% off? hee~

5. crocs!

(Farrah, bile i dah curi the bumbo photo from google i baru terperasan that this photo is the same as the one in ur blog... sorry ya... but the pic itself is sooo cute! the baby's clothing is the same shade with the seat!)

January 15, 2009

CD washing experience

i've finally washed all my CDs. not a fun experience, but not too bad either.

since i didn't have a wetbag, so in the bathroom after spraying off the poop i popped them into a pail of water to soak until wash day. i added a sprinkle of sodium bicarbonate for good measure (although i got no idea whether it did them diapers justice). Significant Other pulak paranoid pasal smell so he sprayed the whole toilet with perfume. haiz. pengsan.

so on wash day i emptied the water out and stuffed the soiled CDs and inserts into the washing machine. i put in my daughter's towel as well to add to the load (3 CDs, inserts and a diaper cover seemed seemed like a too-small load). i used a little bit of Pureen H.A.D. and had it go through one full spin. i realized after turning the machine on that i forgot to take out the inserts from the pockets. oh well. the very ganas washing machine managed to do that for me. when i opened the washing machine to inspect the CDs, some were already stain free, some still had light stains on it. and thanks to my lovely blue colored MPB fitted (which i had prewashed prior to usage) it managed to tinge the whole load with a slightly blue hue. with the feeling of tak puas hati, i ran all the diapers again through a second spin cycle, this time without any detergent. the outcome was my fitted MPB and GAD pocket was stain-free, but my BG 3.0 and its insert still had stains visible. and the GAD m/f insert was still looking a bit blue-ey. huwargh.

i took the BG 3.0, the BG insert and the GAD insert and soaked them again with very little Pureen detergent and did more than sprinkle a whallop of bicarb onto the stains. then i left them to soak overnight while i hung the rest out to dry under the fan. the next day i tonyoh the stains abit and soaked them again. finally the stains managed to disappear. it was hardest for the BG insert though. i think i had it endure more soakings and bicarb before it became stain-free again. haiz.

i'll be enduring my second round of CD-washing this weekend. wish me luck. lol.

tiny tapir visit

during lunch hour me and Sarah went off in search for Tiny Tapir. it was located somewhere in Ampang which was nearby to our office and we've been wanting to drop by for weeks but never had the time. i've read in forums that many mommies went nuts over the items in the store, so i wanted to experience it for myself. since i've been driving to work the past few weeks, i thought why not drop by? isetan starts its presales tomorrow so Sarah wouldn't be available to go with me, and i think by next week i'd probably be busy with NRTRDE, so today it is we went =D

i didn't know the way but luckily Sarah did. although she didn't really know the way 100%. we made it up to Lorong Damai 9 before we got lost. hahaha. we actually parked the car by the side of the main road and continued to search for it on foot. i felt like i was taking part in a motor hunt (which i miss. jom jom let's take part in one!!!). we found house # 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 15 (? actually i forgot what house numbers were there ok), but no 9. sarah noted that the Tiny Tapir building was orange in color, but the only orange building we could see was the Al-Maghreb Restaurant. i was ready to give up when i remembered last time i had bought some CDs from Tiny Tapir so i might still have Jamie's number stored in the Answered Call list... and luckily her number was still there. so i rang her up for directions. apparently the dead end that we thought was a dead end wasn't really a dead end after all =P. there was actually a little turning to the left and if you go further abit, you would find house # 9. tiny tapir =P. tiny sungguh!

the area was huge. at first when we arrived there seemed to be nobody around. jamie was in the kitchen area when we were busy jenguk2ing at the windows to look for signs of life; she greeted us at the door. the house was huge. and roomy. we were brought to the back room where they stored all the CDs and wetbags and all sorts of accessories stored neatly in many rows of large pullout drawers. CD heaven =D. best i tell you. luckily i didn't bring my money. else i might just sapu every cute available item that was in front of me. hahaha. jamie brought in a couple of chairs and left us so that we could browse in ease.

they carried Happy Heiny's in prints! omg. luckily they didn't have the new prints that i've been eyeing in onesize. i haven't tried the HH i bought yet so i was thinking i'd try it first before i decide to go nuts over this brand. they had Jamtots berryplush in black too. i heart! i might get this the next time i decide to visit.

jamtots berry plush in black

jamtots animal prints... oh myyy~

too bad they didn't have Drybees AIO. they even had a red thirsties cover in my daughter's size (i loooooove RED)! but i had just bought one in celery cover, and i think the two covers i own should be enough for now. i have more than enough fitteds to last me for a while (or until my daughter decide to go up a size, which is highly unlikely for it to be anytime soon) so i ended up not getting anything. i got to see and feel envirosax for the first time. i find it hard to believe that one envirosax could carry up to 20kg. i was thinking about getting one for quick trips to the supermarket. after seeing it with my own eyes, i think i'll put off getting one for now.

envirosax - Botanica series

i wanted to get Happy Tushies wet bag though. they had it in a really suitable size which had two separate compartments to separate the clean from the dirty. but it was a whopping rm70. whoa. i think i'll wait for a sale or something. Sarah on the other hand, bought something. she grabbed a thirsties AIO for rm55. quite reasonable for an AIO =D. we got back to the office quite late, because we got lost and took a long time browsing through the many many many CDs that Tiny Tapir has to offer.

while we were there, there were two cute fluffy cats roaming freely in the house. jamie mentioned that they were initially strays. i think they might just be the most loveliest stray cats i have ever seen. i heart! reminds me of one of munira's kitties i met the last time i went to her house, i forgot its name. hmmmm. i wonder if they kept a Tapir anywhere in the compound? =P

January 14, 2009

tie rack

omg. i never thought my question would get a response as such:

me: mana nk cariek tie rack?
xxx: err..
xxx: ikea?

*me blur kejap, lepas tu baca balik, terus gelak guling*

me: tie rack scarves ok
me: bukan tie rack perabotttt *doink*


January 13, 2009

EL-ling at starbucks

guess where i am? at starbucks, waiting for Significant Other to finish his 'shopping'. sigh. this is my first time wi-fiing at starbucks. hohoho. i don't usually do starbucks because they don't do my favorite drink, cinnamon ice blended (gene thinks i'm crazy for liking this though) but i don't think there's a coffee bean anywhere nearby. i know for a fact that i'd die of boredom if i follow Significant Other around, especially since he can go at it for hours on end (like me shopping til i drop), so i'd rather sit back and relax at a coffee house (kedai kopi) instead =P.

this morning while waiting for Significant Other to withdraw cash at the bank, i accidentally terdropped my butterfly hair clip onto the tar road when i was getting out of the car without realizing it. and then this car comes along, which happily ran over it =(. terpenyetlah the clip dengan bangganya totally beyond saving. so tamatlah riwayat itu hair clip. sigh. what luck.

do you know i have 3 children?

1. dayana
2. our home PC
3. the infamouse honda civic 2.0

if any one of them falls sick or gets injured in any way, then habisss la the whole family will end up in total chaos. like yesterday, the PC's motherboard hangus. Significant Other was totally hyped up about it. he bought another one as a replacement, but unfortunately it was defected and had to be exchanged. double hype as in hangin satu badan. so today i'm on EL, accompanying Significant Other to repair the crisis that has caused me to lose sleep last night, while worrying about my unfinished work that awaits me at the office tomorrow. lol. luckily Dayana is with my parents. triple hype. she's almost 5 months so i've gotta start researching on solids. i'm thinking of starting her on solids when she turns 6 months old. i found the mini blender i wanted sold at Tesco but i haven't bought it yet =P. so enough researching on CDs. for now (my stash is enough to kalahkan a fulltime CD mommy. hee~).

i finally managed to fix my Casio Baby G watch! the battery died not long after i gave birth to my daughter, and the strap kinda putus at Jusco MV some weeks ago and i lost one of its parts. so i've been kinda watchless ever since. i think it's kinda stupid that some watch shops doesn't offer battery replacement. probably because they want you to buy their wares? jergh. i bought my watch at Central World in Thailand during a 2-week biz trip for TrueMove 2 years ago (i heart Bangkok!!!). i bought it there because at the time when i first saw it in the catalog it wasn't available in Malaysia. so when i set my eyes on it i felt like i just had to get it =P. and it's not the normal silverish steel color like most steel watches you see in the store, it's a nice shade of rose. quite unique. i had accidently dropped my trusty Pop Swatch watch, which has been loyal to me since i was in Form 5, onto the hard marble floor. the second hand refused to function properly due to the impact =(. so i had to find a replacement, which i eventually found... in Thailand. haha!

my G-ms Baby G

but i'd like to complain about the store at which i had my battery replaced however. i think it's the only watch store here. i really didn't like the person who attended to me. the person looked like he had no interest at all in my request for battery replacement. like he'd rather entertain those foreign poeple who buys those really expensive watches and pays for them in foreign currency and sees me as an interference to his profit margin. seriously! i know la that the price of battery replacement doesn't amount to the price to buying a new watch, but still... if he were to take genuine interest towards me, who knows, i might come back again, right? but noooooooo, he had to give me his mandom face. i felt like throwing my shoe in his face. gerammmm ok. so i'll take my business elsewhere next time, thank you very much.


my laptop battery is running out. and i forgot to bring along the charger. til then, taa~

January 11, 2009

a pleasant visit

(i just realized that this is my 100th post. whoopee!~)

yesterday Dayana got a visit from Significant Other's ex-colleagues, uncle Fahmi, auntie Johanna and auntie Dini. they came to the house in the evening around 9+ish and brought KFC for dinner. we had dinner at the upstairs balcony. luckily the weather was kinda breezy outside, so it wasn't so stuffy. we put out a couple of tables, some chairs, a protable fan and mosquito repellent, so we were good to go.

the attendees of the night

during the midst of it all Dayana chose to poop while Daddy was holding her (she was wearing her GAD CD and it sorta leaked) so i got her cleaned up while Fahmi and Johanna were having a go at the Nintendo Wii.

Dayana thanks the uncle and aunties for the lovely presents she got that day. see how happy she was =P

with her pressies

excitednye... =P

first CD review

this morning Dayana woke up really early and refused to go back to sleep... all because she wanted to poop. T_T so after cleaning her up and failing to get her back to dreamland i decided to jot down my review on my cloth diapers trial run, with her in my lap as i type this entry.

up until now i have tried 3 different brands of cloth diapers. and here's a basic conclusion of trying them for the first time:

Bum Genius 3.0 in Zinnia, Onesize
type: pocket; insert used: BG newborn

when i first received it in the mail, i thought it looked rather big to be put on my baby. i got two, one in Zinnia (Significant Other's choice of color), the other in Clementine (my choice!). after a late afternoon bath (i was busy waiting for post to arrive and i didn't want to miss the doorbell) i put Dayana in the Zinnia diaper stuffed with the BG newborn insert that came with the diaper. after securing the velcro tabs, i found the fitting to be quite good. it looked too cute for words on her that i sayang to hide the diaper underneath her clothes so i just put a blouse on for her (we were not going anywhere anyway). it lasted throughout her nap time, and i only had to change her when she pooped. no leaks for me.
verdict at first run: i wouldn't mind getting a few more of this brand of diaper. the fitting is just nice since my daughter is still really tiny for 4 months (i can understand when some mommies say BG might not be too comfy for chunky kids, despite being onesize). it comes in a limited number of solid colors though. i think if they start to have them in prints, i'd be the first one to got crazyyyy.

Green Acre Design in White PUL and Pink Microfleece, Small
type: pocket; insert used: GAD onesize

i'm glad i decided to get only one of this brand for first try. when i first received this little pocket in the mail, i found it to be really tinyyy. i wondered if it could even fit my daughter or not. i had added on the GAD onesize insert to my purchase, which i found it to be big and a bit difficult to stuff inside the small size diaper. i didn't have a clue about these inserts so i hentam saja when i chose the inserts. when i saw the actual size with my own eyes only i understoond, it was no wonder Grace laughed at me when i told her i bought them onesize inserts for my 4mo =P. konon if you buy onesize inserts it'll last you as your baby grows. for my daughter's size i think small microfibre inserts would best. i've already ordered some to try, they'll arrive Monday. anyway once i snapped it on my daughter, it seemed to fit just as Huggies Ultra did, fit and trim, which got me to worry about leaking problems (i never did like Huggies Ultra. i find it ultra susah for me). the diaper was at the last snap settings, with the rise below the belly, which i find it a bit too low for my liking. it also made me wonder if the sizing was correct. but with the big insert stuffed inside, it seemed a bit bulky on my daughter. and again, she pooped in this diaper *sigh*. as i expected, it leaked while she was busy making poopie faces (Significant Other was holding her at the time, hahahahahah).
verdict at first run: probably the too bulky stuffing made it leak? i dunno. at first try, i didn't really fancy the diaper that much. i think i'll try this one one again, but with a different type of insert to see if i'm able to change my mind. the only thing i like so far about this diaper is because they come in a variety of colors, which made me feel as if i wanted to get each and every one of them, lol. and for a snap diaper it's really easy to put on a baby, it makes the diaper look really nice and trim too.

My Precious Baby by April velour fitted in Blue Aqua, Small
type: fitted; insert: soaker included with diaper
i bought this one because Farrah had been ranting on how nice this brand of fitted diaper was, and especially since they come in such lovely colors. and omg, i loove the material. so soft and niceeee it made me feel so sayang to let my daughter wear it. decided to try it for night time diapering. i paired it with a Bummis Super Brite in Pink diaper cover. i wasn't unsure how absorbent the fitted was and i didn't want to take any chances of leaking, despite reading that fitted could be worn on its own to allow the baby's bum to breathe. i was going to put her to bed anyway. chanced upon Tiny Tapir's collection and just had to grab one (or two) for me to try. it fit on my daughter nicely, and another too cute for words diaper =P. i got it in blue because i seemed to have my pink baby items. i wish to get another one of this but in rose pink, but during my impulsive buys, i had managed to own 5 fitted diapers *smacks forehead*. again, i had to change her at 6am because she pooped. when i removed the diaper, i was amazed to find that the whole body of the diaper was damp. and not icky smelling either (minus the poop la).
verdict at first run: i heart! MPB brand is absolutely lovely, what with the soft velour material and the lovely colors that they come in. sometimes the soaker that comes with it will have a really nice funky pattern (this one didn't). however, i don't really know how to coordinate extra inserts for this type of diaper. and you need to get a diaper cover in order for it to function properly. i can go crazy over MPB =D. (no pics of her wearing this because i didn't have the time to take one, as we had friends over at the time).

i just realized that Dayana has successfully managed to poop in all three of her cloth diapers. sheesh. i haven't gone through the washing process yet. i wanna wait until the end of today before chucking them into the washing machine. since i don't have a proper place to store them dirty CDs, i'm soaking them in a pail for now. the messy part of CDs is to handle them when they've been soiled and when you need to juggle the messy diaper and a wriggling baby (apparently my daughter's been generously giving me practice runs. haha). my mil says lampin should be much easier to clean than my CDs. we'll see.

that's my review for now =P. today i'm gonna try the BG in Clementine and Happy Heiny's Print Diaper today. i should probably try my Drybees as well. at first look, the sizing seems to be a bit big for my baby. but looks can be deceiving. and i have yet to try my Blueberry Minky. maybe next weekend. at this rate, i might just be CDing on weekends, lol.

updated: didn't have the chance to try the BG in Clementine and Happy Heiny's yet because we went to my parent's place early to celebrate my Mom's birthday as my sister needed to be back to Seremban before 7p.m. and from observations and such i came to a conclusion that both moms will not favor cloth diaper that much. so that means i have more than enough CDs to be a weekend CD-mom =D.

January 10, 2009

medela free.style.

is here!

my little angel sitting there patiently while mommy tinkers with her new toy


i got this new tech gadget here: http://mybreastpumpshop.blogspot.com/

my impulsive splurge

top (L-R): MPB fitted, Bummis cover, GAD pocket
bottom: two Bum Genius 3.0 (sponsored by Significant Other)

this is what i'll be working with for my first trial run. couldn't help posting a photo of them, they look soooo nice and yummy, i feel like bringing it around everywhere with me =P. tak sampai hati to let my daughter soil them. will let you know how it goes later.

MPB fitted was purchased from Tiny Tapir.
Bummis cover and Bum Genius 3.0 was purchased from Mia Bambina.
GAD pocket was purchased from ezMotherhood.

i just looove receiving mail =D

January 9, 2009


i'm addicted... to online shopping!!! @#*&@&!@#

and i have three people to thank...

1. my beloved bff (for getting me 'itchy fingers'), Sarah
2. my newfound blogging friend and supermommy (for being so informative and helpful!), Farrah =P
3. the maker of my newly purchased but yet-to-be-used mei tai (for pushing me off the cliff due to her lovely reviews and 'frugality'), Aida


yesterday while i was feeding Dayana with her bottle i noticed that she can hold her own bottle now! wah wah! ok la, so she's not actually holding it all on her own but at least she's trying to, even though her grip is still a bit clumsy. lol. i still need to help her tilt the bottle a bit, else she'll just chew on the teat. heehee. so cute. my baby is growing up so fastttt. dengki tak if her mom wishes her to be small and cute forever? =P~~

January 8, 2009

Dayana and EBM

i realized in the past few days that my daughter couldn't really take much of frozen EBM. i don't know why. last week since there were many public holidays (Awal Muharam and New Year) i was with Dayana most of the time so i didn't need the use of my milk stock in the fridge. there were 7 bottles altogether so i decided to freeze them for later use. on Monday i unfreezed 4 of the bottles and left them for my mil to give my daughter. but halfway through the day Significant Other called me saying that Dayana was pooping frequently in small amounts and she seemed rather unsettled. which was weird because the day before she was fine. i first guessed it was the EBM that caused her get an upset stomach because the next day when i gave her fresh EBM, she seemed quite well, at least alot better than the day before.

this theory of mine was further strengthened when i sent her to my mom's place and my mom gave her frozen EBM, which also caused her to poop frequently, and in small amounts. so i know now that it's the EBM at fault. hehe. now the question is... why? weird. before this i gave her frozen EBM but she seemed to take it OK. or maybe that time i wasn't being observant enough and didn't really notice. i dunno. lol. is it because of how i handle frozen EBM? or the EBM itself? i wonder if any of you might know about this.

so... it's back to the pumping board for me. lol.

yesterday, since i was gonna pick Dayana up, i had dinner at my parent's house. i found that Dayana absolutely loves to babble sepenuh hati to my mom, and in a really loud voice too. my dad was amazed at how such a loud voice can come from someone so small, haha. i think it's probably because my mom talks to her in various tones of voices, of which she finds really interesting. but she takes one look at my dad and she bursts into tears. hahahaha. i think she hasn't been socializing with my dad for a long while.

one thing i noticed recently is that whenever Dayana lies on her back, she loves to lift up both of her hands in the air front of her, at shoulder's length. as if she just realizes that she has to hands to utilize =P. i find it really funny. even when you hold her cradle style, she'll lift one hand up for whatever reason only know to her. reminds me of 'hail hitler'. you know, like tabik hitler ittew, hahahahahah. my mil wonders the same thing too.

the FS will be arriving soon... lalala~

January 7, 2009

my lightbulb story

earlier today i had lunch with my colleague Karen at O'Briens. then i dragged her to Cold Storage because i wanted to buy a lightbulb (to hold over my head whenever i get a good idea. you know, like in the comics? hahahah, i'm kidding). the dim lamp that i use at night in my daughter's room suddenly decided to blow a fuse, so i brought it along with me during lunch with the intention of hunting for it afterwards. Karen laughed at me for simply holding it instead of chucking it in a plastic bag or paper bag or whatsoever =P.

anyway, i didn't even know Cold Storage carried light bulbs, but apparently they did, and they even had this electric board where to get to test your lightbulb to see if it's functioning or not. so i just grabbed the cheapest Phillips lightbulb that had the closest similarity to my own. i didn't even think of doing it, but Karen suggested trying it out first to see if it works. so we screwed it in and pressed a blue button on the board and presto! it lights up (duh). then i had this stupid idea to stick my own lightbulb in to see if it works or not. i wanted to know if it was the bulb problem or the lamp problem. so i did... and when i pressed the button, it lighted up for a second before emitting this loud crackly noise, sorta like a mini explosion. luckily we didn't scream out loud. we left the area hurriedly, leaving the discriminating evidence behind still screwed in the electric board. Karen looked around to see if there were any security cameras or not. luckily the whole Cold Storage didn't decide to black out. if not lagi teruk, we'd be screwed literally, hahahahah.

so i left Cold Storage with only one lightbulb. next we went to Guardian. i wanted to look for Pureen H.A.D. (semangat nak wash my CDs - that's a different story) and Karen wanted to promote me this hair serum because ever since i cut my hair, my hair became sorta kembang-y. i don't have time to straighten my hair, so i'm just living with what i have on my head for now =P. she mentioned that one of the shampoos made her hair really shiny and smooth, but her scalp got a bit dry because of the shampoo. without thinking i just said that she'd have to choose between having nice hair or a nice scalp. if she chose nice scalp, it would be fine because if for some reason her hair decide to fall out, she'd still have a nice shiny bald head to look at. HAHAHAHAHAHA (Karen, don't get mad ya. i always have a good laugh with you =P).

January 6, 2009


the size i initially thought it would be when i first set my eyes on it:

after purchasing one from Grace of Lil Danzell, this is what i actually received:

[photo available later]

i was so surprised i almost fell off my chair laughing. and for that price???

to be fair, Grace accidentally sent me the item in the wrong size. i had ordered for the 2oz size, but unfortunately she was out of stock. so she promised to send me another 1oz jar... 1oz + 1oz = 2oz, right? =P~~~

has anyone tried their Milkmaid Tea? reviews, anyone?

January 5, 2009

the three skills

something my friend mentioned to me today. i found it hilarious. and vaguely interesting.

a***su: najua's granny sed
a***su: lady kena ada 3 skill
a***su: wajib
a***su: sewing, cooking
a***su: and... play piano

and the best thing is, we both have no idea why we need the third skill in the first place.
ideas, anyone? =P

pixeljunk monsters

Significant Other downloaded the demo on PS3, and after having a go at it he decided to purchase the game. for this type of game it's actually quite fun. you won't even notice how fast time flies. i had a go at it yesterday after Dayana was put to sleep (which was about midnight) right up until 3am. for some weird reason i couldn't sleep, and it isn't always i get to hog the ps3. haha.

in the game you need to defend your little ones (little people? i have no idea what i'm defending, haha. heck, the character i'm playing resembles some kind of a turtle) from being attacked by various monsters. they come in waves, and you need to build towers to prevent them monsters from advancing further. some of the basic towers you can build are Arrow Towers and Cannon Towers, and you collect coins and egg gems after you successfully kill the monsters so that you can unlock and build the more stronger towers, like the Flame Tower and Laser Tower. the funny part of this game is you hafta 'dance' in your tower if you wanna upgrade them. lol. unless you're really lazy you can cash in those egg gems but rugilah since you can put them to better use. i dunno if it's your cup of tea but to me it's a great way to pass the time (until it's dark outside and you just realize that a whole day flew by just like that, lol). and what's more, it's a two-player game!

i'm waiting for Final Fantasy RPG on PS3 to come out. but i'm guessing for sure only the Japanese version will be out first, so i'm gonna hafta wait extra long before the English version will be released =(. unless i decide to take a crash course in Japanese lah. hahahahah.