August 20, 2008

37th week

1. vhe deployed for uat. wee~ finally! waiting for bugs and defects. moving on to idd. ta to go.

2. went for checkup on Monday. Baby refuses to show face, even after Dr's gentle prodding. hasn't engaged =.= even after 36 weeks. need to return for another checkup next week. Dr mentioned that during the ultrasound scan Baby gave her a thumbs up sign. wahahahahha. EFW is ~2.3kg. not a bad increase from last month's checkup. loss of appetite lately. mommy's legs turn to jelly each time climbing up a flight of stairs, means you're getting bigger and mommy's getting tired of carrying you around, lol. though mommy's gonna miss the feeling of Baby moving inside her later.

3. congratulations 'auntie' nedd! shame didn't get to take a one-on-one photo with you. so i guess i'm gonna hafta 'curiek' some from the cousin collection later. sakit-sakit oso still managed to go =P i was determined not to miss it although i didn't have much of an appetite. the relatives were very concerned ("shouldn't you be resting at home instead of being up and about?" lol). unfortunately at 9 months i cannot fit a single sarong of my baju kurungs (my thighs have become fattttt warrgghhh) so i wore a kain batik instead. i was lucky that the color of the batik matched my top prefectly so no one noticed anything out of the ordinary. heehee. anyhoo, here's one of the cute cousin clan, who as far as i know are all still single and available =P cam-whoring at nedd's lovely wedding. see my bump? =P at this stage it should be pretty obvious that i'm pregnant T_T

L-R: leen, danny, deq nor, aida, myra, yaya, me

August 17, 2008

the beginning of the end

it's Sunday and i'm in the office... working. how bizarre is that? the last time i ever did OT was about 2 years ago. a whole bunch of us are here, working round the clock to meet the deadline. i'm just worried i won't have time to finish everything i need to do before Baby comes. any time now...

had sensations of false contractions last Friday night -.- couldn't sleep at all and ended up missing Nedd's nikah ceremony. even starting to lose appetite. wishing i can transfer all the pain to Significant Other, now wouldn't that be nice =P.

the office is as hot and stuffy as an oven!!! wishing i had a usb fan now. meltingggggg...

August 12, 2008

week 36

finished up most of Baby shopping already. now need to think of where to store them in an organized fashion, they're taking up alot of space in my room (which is why i'm looking for a storage box of the sort). have a bunch of washing to do, and i haven't even packed my hospital bag yet. not that i even know the proper procedures of what i should do when one wants to give birth in the first place. at this rate i might end up giving birth in the streets. hahahaha. according to lilypie, i only have more or less 30 days to go!

received some lovely Baby presents from relatives. father-in-law got us a stroller from mothercare, brought back all the way from UK. Significant Other's aunt from the States gave us a bunch of cute rompers for Baby to wear. even sister-in-law was generous. she came back from UK with quite a number of things: a bunch of rompers for Baby (looks like Baby will have plenty to wear later on =P), as well as some baby bottles from mothercare. oh, and a sterilizer too! how nice is that! i now have plenty of bottles. lol. munira even gave me a nice fluffy blankie for Baby. i loike =D. but i hafta mention that my first ever Baby present was actually from my junior, given to me as a wedding present last December. haha =P

my wishlist is 'functioning' perfectly. ended up buying absolutely nothing from the list. except that i substituted the bag for an MNG cream top. though it was quite pricey, i loved it anyways. blame my colleague for making me wait too long while she tried on a dress (which she ended up buying, heehee). i was all ready to make it out of the store empty handed when the top caught my eye. hahahaha =P

need to clear out my workload before i take leave of absence. not only do i have my current stream to finish up (what with its defects and such) i only realized that i have another 2 more streams assigned to my name, each with its own teeny-weeny deadline. crazy, i tell you. the good part is we get to claim overtime on weekends. the bad part is at this stage, i'm too tired to even come to the office on weekends just to claim overtime. vpn-ning from home is no fun either. even a snail is faster than the connection.

what i want right now is to stop time so i can catch up on my sleep and finish up my work since i get back aches easily if i sit at my desk too long. sleeping is a bit of a problem now as i can't get myself into a comfortable position in bed anymore (switching positions and getting up from bed alone takes up most of my energy haha). it's 7.30pm and i'm still in the office. how hebat is that? i wish to teleport home!!!

p/s. my license expires next week. has it been that long already???

August 4, 2008

event checklist for August

this month, due to the auspicious number 08.08.08 and the date strategically falling on a Friday (and mostly being school holiday month), i'm pretty much sure there will be clashes of weddings and functions of the sorts. decisions, decisions... here are just some of the highlights that are lined up this month:

.. mahani & lan (both sides) - 8th nikah, receptions 9th, 16th & 17th August
.. noreen and hubby - 8th nikah, reception 10th August
.. lan's birthday - 13th August (no need give present, he should've gotten it already =P)
.. Significant Other's birthday - xx August
.. nedd & tariq - 16th August nikah & reception
.. ina & maidin - 17th engagement
.. iskandar and wifey - 17th August reception
.. dilot & hubby-to-be - 21st engagement & both their Birthdays (a great coincidence!)
.. mawar & hubby - 24th August reception
.. nedd's birthday - 29th August (oso no need present, ask from Hubby ok =P)

i don't even know if i can make it to even half of the functions, especially at 8 months when all your clothes can't fit and you run out of decent attire to wear to functions like these -.- anyway, i hope they find their happiness this month and wish them all the best (and please ignore if you happen to see me wearing the same outfit in between functions, wahahhahaha XXD)

remember one time i posted a lame entry about my wishlist? i ended up getting none of them. haha. i realized when i list them down as such, i end up not getting them at all. though sometimes that isn't the case.

my last month wishlist was as below:
1. black reebok shoes rm249 - never bought, probably after i deliver XXD
2. baby storage box rm129 - never bought, a chest of plastic drawers will do much justice
3. etcware laptop bag - Significant Other bought me as a bonus gift... muaks
4. mng jeans skinny flare rm129 - sneakily bought without Significant Other's knowledge... i just hope i can fit back into my pre-pregnancy size :O

this month my wishlist is as below:
1. vincci heels (for post-pregnancy. imagine a pregnant lady shopping for heels. she can't even reach her feet XXD) - bought. n my car kemek in the process T_T
2. red la senza nightie (last month was on discount, dunno this month still on discount or not) - last i saw no longer on sale and no size either =(
3. mng bag (i blame my colleague for dragging me into this store, even though i entered voluntarily, haha) - mng bag extinct one week later, lol. anyhoo, ended up buying a nice cream top instead -.-

i haven't even finished Baby shopping yet already got intention of spending on meself. and Significant Other's birthday is coming up summore. and i have yet to think of a present for him. sigh. i wish money grew on trees. haha.