June 30, 2008

blogging on the last day of June

i am now craving for Ikea's Daim cake.

Daim cake... yummy~

i am now in my 30th week and am starting to feel a bit 'slowed down'.

i have left all my credit cards at home. good luck to me for July.

i am annoyed because the top i wanted to get at Zara is totally extinct at the KLCC outlet when there was a whole bunch of it still available last week!

i am getting more scatterbrained these days.

i blame Zara and MNG for making the shopaholic demon in me rise again. haha.

June 27, 2008

ayamas and more shopping accidents

i finally got to buy Ayamas for dinner yesterday. yay! i love their pepper roaster, so they have this set that's sorta like nasi ayam, Ayamas-style which i would indulge myself in. yummy. i haven't had it for a while and while i was pulling my hair out in frustration over this issue that i was supposed to solve at work, the thought of Ayamas suddenly passed through my mind. haha. i think i was hungry that time. the only outlet i was familiar with is at Kelana Jaya, so on Wednesday i told myself i would stop by after work, after making a short detour to MidValley =P.

the unfortunate thing was, the issue took up a bit more of my time than i had wanted it to so i ended up leaving the office later than usual... reached MidValley at 8+pm... browsed through MNG for like about an hour (most of the time occupied queueing up at the dressing room, sigh) then left at 9.20+pm and drove like a madwoman to get to Kelana Jaya, hoping that the store would still be open. it wasn't. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... (apparently operating hours were from 9.30am to 9.30pm. sobs).

so i didn't get to have my Ayamas roaster dinner that night. but i did get to have it the next night (yesterday) =P. and i managed to solve my work issue too. yay!

on another note, the reason why i was so determined to go to MNG was last week when i was there, there was this really nice dress in XS size i found among the pile of clothings, but for some reason only the universe knows why, i didn't get it. save money konon. the next day a colleague of mine purchased it, the exact same size and it was apparently the last one. how ironic is that? for some stupid reason the dress got stuck in my brain so i got abit obsessed in finding it. unfortunately Sunway's outlet didn't carry it, and MidValley's outlet didn't carry it either =( so ended up getting three MNG tank tops as a consolation (which wasn't in my agenda, which means i spent money that i wasn't supposed to in the first place, argghh). my friend told me to give up on the dress already.

and another thing? zara was on sale yesterday. and i went nuts there. apparently cardigans are the craze now (MNG had lots of it on sale, Zara had tons on sale too) so i bought a couple more things there too. huwaaaaaaaaaaaa... i'm the type that easily gets influenced, such as when i see someone wearing something and it really looks nice on her, i'd go out and look for more or less the exact same thing. it's not a good habit i know, but still... =P

within the week i also made other purchases elsewhere. i bought Significant Other a Nike T-shirt, and for myself a pair of Ipanema sandals from the Giselle collection. we went shopping last weekend at Pyramid and Studio R was out of the size he wanted, so i managed to get it at KLCC in his size and gave it to him as a present (see how nice i am? haha puji diri sendiri). we also bought a couple of things at Jusco (and the damage cannot be compared to MNG or Zara, ok =P).

and there you have it for my shopping spree disasters this whole week. i confirm that i have gone completely nuts in the shopping department and i now solemnly vow to leave all my credit cards at home and only buy when i NEED something. seriously!

June 19, 2008

a little more than nuts

i think... the only way i can stop myself from shopping like no tomorrow is to cut up all my credit cards into a plasticy pulp.

sneaked to Sogo one weekend to check out the Baby stuff available there. fell in love with almost everything they had to offer. ended up buying FOUR sleepsuits (they carried one of the Pigeon designs that i really liked in NB size, i was soo ecstatic i got two of the same type but in different colors), THREE day clothes (pink, yellow and green - finally, colors other than the usual WHITE) and a pair of black maternity pants for myself because i was tired of alternating between the grey and brown one (see how stingy i am when it comes to buying maternity clothes for myself, but not on other items? -.-). was pissed of by the saleslady at the maternity section. she practically tailed me everywhere, straightening everything i touched only seconds after i moved away to a different section (i absolutely cannot tolerate these kind of salespeople. i mean, come on, give your shoppers some privacy, please! shouldn't you learn this at sales school or something?) i got so annoyed i whirled around and gave her the most fiercest look i could muster (while cursing her under my breath... i know i must've looked like some deranged shopper, but i can't help it. it's annoying to have someone following you at your heels like you're out to do something wrong when you're obviously not. he-llo, don't you have anything else better to do??) she got the hint - finally! i think my Baby clothes collection is almost complete =P

today i went a little nuts in the shopping department (i say 'little' because i know i can go more nuts than that). a colleague said MNG was on sale, and it was, to my horrors. today my initial agenda was to by a pair of pink floral rompers for the Baby (done! and i bought an adorable red dress too), a necklace for myself from Axxezz (and a pair of earrings, hoho), and a pair of Mary Janes from Nike (the dark blue design i wanted was last year's, so they were out. this year's design is orange. wth??). fullstop. however, i managed to buy TWO cardigans from MNG, one red and one pink, which obviously wasn't on my initial shopping list. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!! they were on sale, how was i supposed to stop myself? God someone please take a knife and stab me (but spare the Baby please =P). is there such thing as a shopaholics rehab or something?

my other agenda is to go find something suitable to wear for weddings that i would be attending this August. i'd be a comfirmed fullfeldged 'Penguin' by then and i certainly wouldn't be able to fit into any of my baju kurungs (and kebayas were already out of the picture quite a loooong time ago, hahaha) so i was thinking of going to look for something to wear at Jalan TAR. i think i might put this on hold until next month. totally broke at the moment. seems like the country's price increase effect is really starting to get to me. sigh.

i'm now selling off some of my stuff on eBay. anyone interested in browsing through can drop by my fotopages.

on another note, it is week 28 now and Baby is now 1129g. really need to eat more. ganbatte!

June 9, 2008

the 50,000km mark

finally reached... the 50,000 mark. no more free complaints for me. in another one month or so she'll turn two, so she's right on schedule for her warranty expiration. lol. also due is her 50,000km minor service. sigh.

(check out the fuel gauge, i purposely filled up full tank before the price hike. barely 3 days later, a quarter tank gone, wuuu~~)

June 6, 2008

the life, the loves & the inspiration

P Ramlee the Musical

was supposed to blog about this earlier, but other things got in the way.

on Tuesday me and my family went to watch P Ramlee the Musical at Istana Budaya. i had wanted to watch this since last year, but when i wanted to get the tickets, it was already sold out =(. i knew my Dad was a big fan, and so i knew he would like to watch it as well. i was always a fan of musicals; some of the shows that i've been to before in Istana Budaya were Sound Of Music, Stomp (my personal favorite, tu la Mr. Significant Other, orang ajak tak nak ikut, kan dah rugiiiii), and Puteri Gunung Ledang. so when they were showing the musical again for a second time, i immediately dropped everything at hand and practically ordered my Dad to purchase them before they sold out. since my parents were already classified as Senior Citizens =P, they got 30% off their ticket price, as well as my siblings, under student price.

at the last minute Significant Other couldn't make it (cheese, rosak plan!) so my sister's friend joined us for the show. the show wasn't bad in my opinion, only for the occasional microphone sound glitches and a techincal problem at one point of the show. the Sultan Raja of Perlis and his konchos attended the show too, so the show started a bit later than the originated time. Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K was apparently there too, only noticed them during the interval. this time round she was in the audience instead of being on stage. and Musli Ramlee seriously looks and sounds like the late P Ramlee. how eerie is that.

apart from those two, the rest of the cast is apparently the same as the previous season. some said that last season was better than this season. i dunno. i only watched the second season to have anything to say about it. and OMG, Douglas Lim seriously gained a few pounds from when i last remembered him. sudah bulat! and you know what, my former ballet teacher, Joseph Gonzales starred in the show too! to my utmost surprise. haha. thought of catching him after the show, but couldn't manage to get a glimpse of him. oh well. i don't think he even remembers how i look like. the last time i met him was in 1994. and that's a looooong time =P.

worth a watch, i should say.

June 4, 2008

petrol prices soaring

it's official.

petrol price will be increasing from rm1.92 per litre to rm2.70 per litre (????!!!!)

effective midnight tonight.

i am soooo disliking the Government right now.

and ooooh boy, there's gonna be a loooooong line at the petrol stations tonight.

went back a bit earlier to join the mad rush for petrol before the midnight increase. a madhouse i tell you. if there was a backed up jam, for sure there's a petrol station up ahead. gave up temporarily and ended up at One Utama where i went nuts in the Baby department store in Jusco. bought a few outfits since they looked all cute and inviting. joined the fuel queue at 10.30pm and only managed to fill up my tank to full at 11.30pm. haiz.
oh yeah, when i was in Padini Authentics at OU there was this young chinese kid who came up to me as i was browsing in the 50% off clothes pile. she took one good look at me, said hi, then started bombarding me with questions like, 'you're having a baby?' 'are you having two babies?' 'where's your boyfriend?' 'are you married?' and such. i was so amused by her curiosity that i just chose to entertain her questions. i asked her her age and if she had any brothers or sisters, she answered that she was gonna be 6 this year (actually, she rambled on and on on how she was gonna 6 this year, then 7 the next, then 8, and so on... until she was barely out of breath =P), and then promptly disappeared only to turn up moments later dragging her older brother with her, claiming he was the 'bestest koko ever'. heehee. kids are cute.

baby countdown

i just couldn't resist...

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

week 26 Baby & Life progress

progress in the 26th week:

1. Baby is getting more active now, the timing not as consistent like a few weeks back when it was usually during lunchtime and dinnertime. this also means i'm getting less amount of sound sleep at night, and you can't even get into a comfortable sleeping position anymore. sigh.

2. i get tired easily climbing up a flight of stairs, although i have no trouble going down =P

3. at times the tummy can feel a bit itchy, even scratch unconsciously in my sleep... a big no no 'cause when i wake up, my whole tummy looks a similar shade to a lobster, haiz. a friend suggested wearing baby mittens at night... one for each finger (think Edward mitten-hands! muahahahahah). ointment and Bio Oil becomes a newfound best friend.

4. skin shrivelling up like a snake! the horrors! need to increase water intake... more dependent on the trusty Bio Oil now...

5. can still drive a car (which means i can still reach the steering wheel and the pedals, haha)

6. occasional rib aches, back aches and leg cramps when i sit in my chair like a cinapek at the office (gotta improve on my sitting posture, gwahhh)

7. appetite is still good. sometimes even when i think i'm not hungry, when given food i will wolf down everything as if i haven't eaten in two weeks. hahah.

8. last month Dr mentioned to us the Gender of the baby. but from the reactions i get from people around me, they were like, oooooh, from the shape of your tummy, it looks like a *****! (which is a total opposite from what Dr had told me) and i'm like, really? you think so? and people seem to think that i'm only 3-4 months pregnant -.- now i'm starting to doubt whether the Dr was right or not. another checkup this month should reconfirm, then later i can start on Baby shopping!!! on the safe side, better to get everything in neutral colors (although if it's a girl, i can gets lots and lots of pinkkkkkkkkkk!!!!)

9. am starting to go nuts over Baby stuff. all my colleague's fault. she was telling me Baby stuff was on sale... a department i had never EVER set foot into. now i think i set foot in there every day. it's true what they say. you have no interest in the Baby section until you have one of your own. you can just go crazy over everything from the cute little outfits to the canggih manggih Avent bottle set. i just hope the sales people haven't recognized me yet as 'the crazy shopper who comes every day but ends up buying nothing'.

10. need to get things for 'Mommy' too. and they too are expensive. i'm starting to feel like a penguin now. i really should take a picture of me while i'm preggie. it's not often you see me all roundish in the tummy. haha. my friend said i look like a school kid with a watermelon under my shirt. cheese...

11. i hate my maternity jeans. it keeps on sliding down and i keep hafta pull them back up. i got cheated by the saleslady at Modern Mum!!! come to think of it, i haven't even bought a single maternity outfit for myself save for my two favorite pants i bought at Jusco at a reasonable price, only because i can't fit into my favorite jeans anymore =(. i still wear my empire tops, but i definitely can't fit my kebaya's anymore, waaaaa. i need to get an outfit for a couple of weddings in August. what do pregnant people wear to weddings? my bras don't fit me anymore either, but i bought some extenders to help with that (i am soooo not gonna waste my $$$ on buying new expensive bras okayyy). oh and i bought a pair of Crocs to wear everywhere (even to the office =P).

12. they say pregnant people get more clumsier due to the shift of your centre of gravity, or whatever they call it. like i said, think Penguin. oh, and they suffer from short term memory loss.

13. the past month my colleagues say i have this glow around me. is it because of the Baby - pregnancy glow? or is it because i had just started using my new Bobbi Brown compact foundation and pressed powder? lol. starting to look more rounder in the face too. they say it's a good thing, that i don't look skinnier as before. and to me, that's good. i just hope whatever 'appropriate' parts of my body that fills out, stays filled!

i think that's enough of my rambling for now. i've gotta look into this problem my client is facing at the moment, something about how files are not being distributed downstream. and everything is urgent. what's not urgent in life? so i'll probably tapau lunch in a bit. i have no idea what to tapau except for nasi ayam (comfort food!!!), which i've already tapaued like, a few times in the past week already.

i soooo wish i hadn't been so reckless with my credit card spending during me bachelor years.