May 31, 2012

flying truisms

what is the similarity between air traffic controllers and pilots?

if a pilot screws up, the pilot dies; if ATC screws up, the pilot dies.
*cricket noises*

img source: google; joke source: ATAFlight School - more here

someone commented recently that i've 'aged', i'm not sure what that means, it's either i've started to mature abit from my 18-year old looks, or i've simply started to sport wrinkles. haha.

btw, my dad is finally clearing out bits of junk sitting on the front porch. i was amazed. finally there was space a clearing room to get to the front door with no obstacles in your way HAHAHAHAH

May 30, 2012


in response to my query on bleeding gums while brushing teeth.

[5/19/2012 1:45:53 PM] myraazmi: hola!
[5/19/2012 1:46:13 PM] myraazmi: gusi bdarah mcm2 reason
[5/19/2012 1:46:35 PM] myraazmi: baru lagi ke dh lma dh?
[5/19/2012 1:47:25 PM] myraazmi: bleh jadi sbb wrong brushing technique
[5/19/2012 1:48:24 PM] myraazmi: kwn aya slalu gum bleeding masa brushing dentist kata gusi dia hyperaemia - bnyk sgt blood supply kt situ
[5/19/2012 1:48:49 PM] myraazmi: bley jadi sbb gum disease - genetic. mami ada. hoho
[5/19/2012 1:49:04 PM] myraazmi: or lack of vit C or vit K
[5/19/2012 1:49:20 PM] myraazmi: or could be symptoms of other severe disease
[5/19/2012 1:50:16 PM] myraazmi: try gosok betul2 laa. guna soft toothbrush. run vertically. pastu gargle listerine
[5/19/2012 1:50:28 PM] myraazmi: or air garam

my sister the gum doctor. haha

been using the same brand toothbrush since forever. been brushing the same way i've always been. i guess a trip to the dentist is in order. now if only the waiting list wasn't so darn long.

OT: it seems that, the easiest answer to everything would be salt. no kidding.

May 28, 2012

i want shoe

how was your weekend? my weekends are getting crazier and crazier... and i'm getting physically exhausted each day. thank God for the morphine in green tea, and let's hope that age hasn't caught up with me yet.

i haven't bought shoes in 2 years, did you know? the last pair i bought was my black Skechers (the one i wear practically everywhere) that i bought in Penang sometime in May 2010 back when Significant Other was studying there. i was browing through vivy's blog when i came across the photo below. and decided that despite abandoning heels so long ago, i wanted to own a pair. because they look ridiculously sexy. never mind that they tower at 5" tall. doesn't help that anything she wears will look incredibly interesting on her =P.

at the moment, i don't know whether i should laugh or cry that they don't have it in my size. but i'm secretly hoping that they do have a pair in my size hidden somewhere in the deepest corner of their stock room. shhhhh.

screen shot

on Saturday,i took the kids out to Amcorp Mall to see my friend's mom. wanted to make matching baju kurung for them this year and i needed to ensure their measurements were correct. word of advice: never serve two opinionated kids milo dinosaur, especially when you are lacking of extra hands. huhu. on the way back, Dinara spotted Ronald McDonald, so we stopped to take a long-lost family photo.

say cheese~!

and since i promised Dayana, i brought the kids to the playground in S7. oh they had so much fun going up and down the slide repeatedly. since it was already late, the playground wasn't so congested, i really don't like it when the elder kids get all raunchy and conquer the playground.

Dayana insisted i take this photo

another word of advice for me: it is futile to attempt to finish your prayers with these little sugar-high rascals jumping all over the prayer mat, thinking that it's funny to be draped in a long white piece of cloth T_T. how the heck do you guys khusyuk with the kiddos around? i ended up storming into the other room to finish my prayer. itu pun diorang diam2 sneaked into the room via the connecting bathroom. grrr.

ok please ignore the kain that Dinara was wearing. the telekung Dayana was wearing was donated by Auntie Norley and since i didn't have a pair for Dinara, i used the bottom half of the telekung and simply sarung it over her head. chomel kan? AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

budak-budak inesen konon

Dinara sudah pandai mintak susu on her own. when she wants it she'll go 'nak shu shu~' in this wispy voice of hers. suara style kesian pun ada. haha. then bile dah habis she'll hand you the bottle. she'll persistently go, 'nah! nah! NAHHHH!' and won't stop until you take the bottle out of her hands.

Dayana pulak, will go, 'Dayana nak two je, Dayana taknak three, TWO je'. three, two, refers to the number of bottle refills. hogwash! 3/4 of the time she would berjaya kelentong me. haih. maybe i should teach her how to bancuh her own susu next time. what say you? =P~

May 27, 2012

can u? seriously?

i really don't know who made the clip... but seriously? can you? @_@
someone's considering using this as a ringtone.
i suppose after a few dozen renditions, i might just place the phone permanently at the bottom of the ocean T__T.

anyway, i dare you to listen to the full length of the video. HAHA.

May 24, 2012

toy story

Dayana finally got her first Barbie doll, no thanks to Toy Story 2. she kept asking me to buy Barbie each and every single day when i got back from work, but i told her to go ask her Daddy since Mommy sudah bankrupt. so the Daddy came back last weekend and brought the kids to Toys R Us. i asked her if she wanted Woody, she said takmo. haha (i did find Buzz Lightyear on one of the shelves. pun dia takmo).

Dayana's favorite phrase in Toy Story: "Money Money Money!"

with her first ever Barbie

chis. Barbie doll lagi laku dari Bamboletta? i used to have a collection of Barbies. Mommy threw them away i think. haha.

the Daddy helped her choose the prettiest one @_@

the younger one, she didn't have anything specific in mind. she's easily swayed - hand her something better than the first, confirm she'll take the latter.

Daddy trying to bribe her with that weird noise making doll, tapi macam tak menjadi je hahah

but! she did find something she seemed to enjoy. first... spot the little one.


potential F1 female driver hahahah

once she was in, she refused to come out. she was so contended in the car that she didn't mind us abandoning her. she started talking to herself, turning the wheel, imitating sape ntah i pun tak tau LOL. tapi... tengok lah harga dia @_@

i think i might need to get another Barbie doll. sometimes Dinara plays with Dayana's Barbie whenever she doesn't notice.

mil is in UK now for two months. Tuesday night we sent her to the airport and brought the kids along. Auntie Enn came along as well. during dinner with mil last Saturday their Auntie bought Dayana a Hello Kitty stuffed toy (eergh, i don't like Hello Kitties!!!). so this time round at the airport she gave Dinara a Happy Meal toy - a small toy car.

si Dayana pulak, pandai. when she waited expectantly and didn't get anything from her Auntie, she asked, 'Dayana tak dapat ke? mana Dayana punye? sian Dayana tak dapat pun~~~' muke innocent habis @_@. i seriously don't know who taught her this. pandai pulak mintak simpati!

seb baik Dinara wasn't so interested in the toy since she was more interested in hijacking Auntie Enn's coke straw. i told Dayana that the toy tu adik punye, but she still doesn't get the concept of sharing and sendiri declare the car hers. sigh.

while waiting for mil's flight to board, i gave rm1 to Dinara to play with, and as usual si Dayana pun mau rm1, so i told her to get it from mil or Auntie Enn =P. then not long after running around the airport she came up to me and asked, 'Mommy, where's my singgeringgit?' i blur kejap, until i found out that mil ajar dia cakap 'singgle ringgit', haha.

so... this is officially the first wrap i sold, regretted, and bought again. LOL.

May 16, 2012

wordless... sister sister

with my pretties

(just realized photos look much more interesting if i upload them Large instead of Medium... =D)

May 15, 2012

me, her and her


we were walking past the shop window. she stopped to spell the letters out loud. when it came to the word 'collection', she went:

"C, O, eleven, E..."



little missy here works her fork much better than her older sister.
she spears her pizza pieces like a pro.
she's not afraid to try new things.
she's not afraid to mess things up and run away from my wrath either.



i have been looking for this ever since i was in high school when i had someone to give it away to.
we grew apart since then... so i have noone to give it to anymore.
(and some just refuse to settle with 'friend' haha)...

i'm tempted to buy it for myself just for the sake of finally finding it, haha.

May 14, 2012

2012 mom's day

so Mother's Day was yesterday... same old, same old. tak leh nak harap the husband to wish, so need to teach the kids lah to wish. LOL. Dayana je pun. Dinara is currently fluent in words like 'mama' and 'shushu' and 'shoe' (Dora's pet monkey Boots pun dia panggil shoe T__T).

friday night when i reached home Dayana told me she wanted to get something from her school bag. she told me her teacher bagi happy mother's day. punye semangat punggah beg, tapi takde pun. the ex-maid would usually keep stuff she brings home and hands them over to me after i get home from work. i didn't manage to get a straight answer from her when i asked what her teacher gave her to bring back, but i'm guessing it's some form of artwork =P.

so in the morning i asked the maid if she brought back anything from school. she did... it ended up among her toys in the toy box downstairs.

(add pic later)

so on the morning of Mother's Day i woke up i told her to wish me Happy Mother's Day.

she said to me, "Happy Birthday Mommy!". T________T

at night while Skypeing with Daddy, she excitedly told Daddy about her day, about how she managed to squeeze a Dora straw bottle from me (chis), the Mother's Day balloon her Wan received from the neighbor, and also showed off the card she brought home from school. then she asked,

"tak nak wish Dayana Happy Mother's Day ke?" she asks me. T________________T

tunggu cik kak jadi Mommy dulu, aci?

i spent my Mother's Day at Fabulous Mom in Cheras, for a babywearing gathering. hosted by Norley, topic that day was about SSCs. great turnout i must say. so many newbies i could barely keep track of who is who (sorry yek! mak dah tua). the kids had fun, i didn't have to pay a single sen for them to stretch their legs, they had the other kids for company, and i didn't have to worry about them wandering off (save for the occasional memunggah barang kedai @_@).

photos courtesy of Elly and her new lens... =P (and the group photo belongs to Farid).

the preggy organizer

the one interested in SSCs - topic of the day

the group photo... anyone got a better one?

and the following are OTs:

the one that left for a new owner

the one that made everyone want one

me and sil brought mil out for dinner at Muhibbah. i got lost going there ever since they upgraded the road traffic flow just past the turning into Ikea @_@. the kids were famished kot, Dayana managed to finish her own plate of rice, lauk ikan je. sil ordered soo much food, i started to wonder how many people did they budget for hahahah.

and i managed to get some sleep last night =)

at times when she's in a good mood, Dayana's the perfect older sister:

- my mom found Dayana one morning in bed, singing Alif Ba Ta to Dinara
- yesterday i found Dayana helping Dinara wear her sandals (didn't matter that she wore them terbalik and the velcro were all lopsided, it's the thought that counts)
- i can rely on her to hand things to Dinara while they're in the backseat and i'm driving (although tak leh nak buat apa la if they decide to berebut barang)
- helping Dinara refill her drinking bottle by telling me 'adik nak summore Ribena' padahal adik dia tak heran pun
- likes to tattle on her sister =P

i noticed ever since she goes to school in the morning, she speaks more Malay than usual. i need to speak more English with her @_@.

i'm sick of Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Dayana enjoys the "money money money" part. grrrr. i'm gonna force them to watch Despicable Me pulak.

oooh btw, mil just came back from UK, guess what she got me?

May 12, 2012


image taken from here

the photo above much describes me at the moment... post-friday blues perhaps... *brushing off loose cobwebs in brain*.

it's been awhile since i layan cerita hindustan, cerita korean jepun, or even anime (Love Hina, Furuba, Chobits! etc =P). the last time i did was during Uni days, when time and resource were abundant and books were a bore.

due to the current downpour outside, a friend of mine thought it appropriate to give Love Rain a try. coincidentally just the night before Significant Other suggested that i check it out. i know it's his type of story. i've lost touch with my sensitive side a long time ago. harhar.

May 10, 2012

Dayana's cam skills

so my one and only action shot with swallows...

looks like Dayana's camera skills have increased just a tiny bit... she managed to get a feasible pic among so many blurred ones... LOL (although compared to my iPhone, her iPod photos come out sort of grainy). i really didn't get it when tbw mamas keeps selling and buying the same wrap all over again... til now =D.

oh and please kill me, but i only realized i never had an action shot with this one until yesterday. because it was all folded up neatly in its original bag, buried under all the pillows and stuffed toys on my bed. oops.

roses ember! another photo taken by Dayana, since my other cameraman is currently out of commission and skills might have possibly gone rusty. so glad i came across the preorder when i did. this is a keeper. i find i prefer wraps with less bounce as of late. it's a size 4, btw if anyone plans to dibs this. only stick thin people like me prefers this size for all carries.

for the first time ever, i reached the officer before 8am. haha. supposedly i had an early training, but for three days straight it got cancelled. next week perhaps. i'm addicted to drinking tea in the office these days too. i guess i finally got sick of choco-chino, a more fancier name than 'milo' (bak kata encik kopi mesin di pantry haha). however, i take all my teas with 2 spoons of sugar, so i don't know if i can call this healthy... i like the smell of coffee but ain't a caffeine drinker (i hate the smell you omit when you go to the loo afterwards hahahahaha).

i've been addicted to Sims ever since joining a gaming community (no thanks to Liz =P) and yeah for some weird reason it's addictive. if only i could earn real money from playing this.

this goes to show i really need a new hobby. i told Significant Other i wanted to buy a sewing machine, he told me to go borrow mil's. uhhhh... ooookay.

oOoOoOoh, my friend Atiqah finally achieved her childhood dream! so happy for her. i wish i was 10 years younger. LOL. congrats babe =D.

mother's Day is coming up this weekend. i bet Significant Other will probably forget about it like last year (last year he got lucky that we happened to be outing at Sunway Pyramid) and my kids are too young to say 'happy mom's day' to me unless someone tells them to.

aih. i miss my grandmother. haven't seen her in three years.

i'm babbling here because i don't know what to blog about. but i just feel like writing it all down here.

May 7, 2012

more wraps to leave

good morning! due to temporary insanity, you'll see many more crazy posts from me in the coming days =D. more are on the chopping block... once you start you really can't stop... unless someone babaps you on the head with a serger. HAHA

Didymos Petrol Hemp Indio, size 6 ~4.6m, BNIB. *SOLD*
box available upon request.
asking rm530 shipped.

Didymos Holunder Aqua Linen Indio, size long 4 ~4m. *SOLD*
Professionally chopped and hemmed from a size 7.
box available upon request.
asking rm430 shipped.

May 3, 2012

wishlist that are merely wishes

the one that makes top of the list would be my own house, but i don't think i can afford it right now. lol. so these two would have to do.

my reasoning:
1. i want to take more pretty photos of my kids.
2. i desperately need a new hobby.

ok so if Significant Other don't want to layan my wishlist, i'm definitely gonna put some away for this beauty for my birthday... which is ages away =P.

this one? don't ask.

pink vs pink