May 29, 2009

Lilly the Ladybug

i almost fell off my chair when i came across this little critter:

"Sure to catch your attention with her beautiful red color, Lilly the Ladybug is quite a catch and is sure to put a smile on your face. Bound to become your child?s best friend, Lilly is not only an adorable ladybug, but also a comfy pillow and super-soft blanket all in one. Perfect for road excursions or just cuddling in bed. Lilly also makes a perfect baby shower gift."

it's me!!! [note to Eiwa: lol] i'm adorable! *evil laugh*

i'm femes! hahahahahhahahhahahahahha

i heart! anyone wanna buy me one of these lovelies?

get it at Zoobies!

May 27, 2009

day 1 - across the waters

where was i? oh yes. we arrived at Kuala Besut roughly about 5.30am. it was still pitch black when we arrived, the area was practically deserted. so we groggily made our way to the place where we were gonna purchase our tickets for the boat trip to the island. each of us had to pay rm65 for the return trip, plus rm5 for the maintenance and restoration works of the coral reefs (marine park entrance fee i think). since the first boat out was at 7.30am, we took the opportunity to freshen up a bit. Significant Other even managed to change his clothes (hmph. no wonder the bag was over loaded =P). then we headed off to a little cafe that was just about to open for breakfast.

we ordered drinks, some of us ordered half boiled eggs which they served in little cups. since we were the only two girls along for the trip, i took this time to get to know Fahmi's girlfriend better. ironically we both went to Jakarta in March at around the same time, but due to some unforseen circumstances we didn't even manage to meet once, lol. and not surprisingly, she thought i was younger than her, when she's actually a year younger than me. sigh. i really need to change my style of dressing or something. do i really look that much of a kiddo? =P.

Geoff with Significant Other

Zahrul, Diyana and Me

Nick, Husni, Bern & Fahmi... doesn't Nick remind you a bit of Michael Scofield? =P

we lepaked at the coffee shop until about 7am when we then paid for our drinks and headed towards the jetty. while waiting for the gates to open we took some photos. the sun was just about rise at this time. diyana and fahmi are really crazy at taking photos (which is a good thing, since i don't need to make the effort of taking photos of my own during the trip =P). eventually more and more people kept piling up at the jetty, mainly foreigners and other Malaysians travelling in large groups just like us. we were lucky we didn't have to wait that long once the gates opened at 7.30am, once we handed over our tickets we were immediately escorted off onto speedboat and off we were. there were about 4 other people in the speedboat with us, all heading to Perhentian Kecil.

Diyana & Me posing at the jetty

Significant Other & Me

the boat ride was kewl! imagine the wind whipping through your hair (and imagine the large tangles you had to attack with your comb later :-S), the sun rising at the horizon, the boat bumping across the waves - i ended up having a slightly sore butt)... heading off to adventure... hahahaha. i sat in the front end of the boat, so indeed it was a bumpy ride. the journey to the island took about half and hour. by this time i was already wide awake =D. i was also thinking how the heck we were supposed to lug that gigantic heavy pull bag that we brought along. i immediately regretted sharing one bag between us. big no no if you need to lug your stuff to and fro. a bigger no no if you ever decide to come to Perhentian and stayed at where we were staying =P.

morning sunrise on the way to Perhentian island

at around 8am we reached our destination, Long Beach. the speedboat couldn't send us all the way to the shoreline, so we had to transfer our stuff into a smaller boat, which cost us rm2 each. you could choose to swim to shore, but then i guess that would be okay if your bags are waterproof in the effort to save rm2. hahahahahhahahaha.

we had decided to stay at Mohsin Chalet. Mohsin Chalet wasn't situated at the beachfront, so we had to walk a short distance to get to the chalets. and we had to do a bit of climbing to get the the reception counter. in fact, the whole chalet was mostly about climbing a bunch of stairs to get around. Significant Other lagged behind, opting to drag the heavy luggage through the sand while i went ahead with the others to check in. the view from the reception area overlooking Long Beach was simply stunning. we paid rm210 for a two-night stay, and purchased a couple of mosquito coils and put down an rm20 deposit for towels. we occupied four rooms in total.

no thanks to these putra lilin people who requested for air conditioned rooms, the rooms we got were situated at the highest point of the area. we had to climb about three storeys of steep steps just to reach our rooms. but the time we reached the top we were totally out of breath. thinking back, i am quite amazed Significant Other managed to lug the gigantic luggage all by himself (not before unloading some of its contents and asking me to haul them up to the room, cheh). the room we got was #5, the connecting room #6 was occupied by Nick and Geoff. next door was Fahmi and Diyana, and the other three shared one room right at the other end of the chalet.

at the reception counter

Significant Other trying to lighten the load =P

Mohsin chalets

after unlocking the door to our room i wasn't pleasantly suprised with what awaited us in the room. the room smelt as if it hasn't been used in months, you know, the kind of smell that always linger in places that haven't been occupied for ages, all musty and mucky? and the floor was in dire need of sweeping. and i don't even dare to imagine what kind of animal leaves droppings of a certain shape and size. hahahahha. even the toilet stinks. the furniture room was really basic, two single beds joint together, a chest of plastic drawers, a face mirror nailed to the wall, a wooden beam suspended from the wall complete with hangers to hang your clothes, air-cond, a single lightbulb to illuminate the room, with the toilet merely containing the neccessities, a sink, toilet bowl and shower. bascially if you plan to hang outside all day, this would be the room for you. plain and simple. oh oh, and i only just knew that the Mohsin Chalets turns off the power supply from around 9+ish am to 6+ish pm daily. wahahhahahahhahahah.

for the first day on the island, Significant Other's friends decided to schedule a snorkelling trip for the day. total kewlness! so we planned to meet up downstairs around 11.15am. after grabbing our things (i sooo wish i had a waterproof bag) we headed downstairs to meet up with the guide, Jali. i officiated my new Ogival swimsuit, but i also wore a pair of shorts and a top so that my shoulders wouldn't get burned by the sun. the weather was absolutely gorgeous! not too streaking hot, but even so that still didn't spare us from being browned by the suns rays. after slathering ourselves with as much sunblock as we could wear, we got hold of swim masks, our fins (i had to settle for the kiddos swimming fins because the smallest they had was still big for me hahah), and life jackets. but first... it was camwhoring time =P. you cannot begin to imagine the antics these people could imagine for the camera.

the snorkelling gang!

having trouble finding the perfect fit

according to Fahmi, this photo ain't priceless

aksi menarik di dalam bathtub... or wheelbarrow as you like it

so off towards Jali's boat we went, all 7 of us + Jali (Nick and Geoff decided to pass the trip). we headed off to see the turtles first, but all we could see was two sleepy turtles at the bottom of the ocean. so off we headed off to an island where we stopped for some drinks before moving on to the next point. we went to see the corals next. there were lots of fishies! apparently some of our friends bought a loaf of bread... for the fishies to eat. they were like mini piranha's attacking the pieces of bread, oh wow. Jali told us that if you could manage to catch one with your bare hand then you're truly a fisherman. he caught a couple of fish to demonstrate *in total awe, lol*. too bad nobody managed to catch any. failed fishermen we are. the sight underwater was truly breathtaking =D. corals everywhere! i just wished i had 20/20 vision to appreciate the view more =P.

me, Zahrul & Significant Other

what's with the funny face?

swimming with the fishies =D

i think we headed off to see the sharks next. and we managed to see a couple! oh wow! at first we couldn't see anything except for the corals, there were alot of corals at this point, but after following Jali's lead we managed to tail the shark a couple of times. yay! ahahah. you should've seen us swim to and fro trying to get a good glimpse of the sharky. boy was he quick. we spent a good deal of time at this point. so after that we headed back to our second stop where we had our lunch. the food was really good, the banana lassi was extremely yummy, the cili padi was twice as hot (Significant Other bought cili padi from the local store there, i forgot what they called that particular cili). it was soo yummy that the bill amounted to rm50, just the two of us *pengsan*.

where we had our lunch

ular sawa kekenyangan

chillin on the rocks =P

it looked like it was about to rain at this point, and it did drizzle a bit but the skies cleared up not too long after. we lepaked at the rocks abit before heading off to the next point to get a glimpse of the puffer fish. the waters at this area was deep so i didn't have to worry about stepping on any corals or sea creature. we spotted the group of puffer fish not long after that, they were huge! and blue! =P. at one point Significant Other did manage to get one glimpse of a shark, even i did too, but it was too fast for us to follow. i can swim fairly good but i get a bit phobic when it comes to the sea since you can't really predict what's down below, so i didn't toss aside my life jacket like Diyana did. hee~

the last point Jali took us was to visit the spring water. it was located on a reserved location along Perhentian island where turtles come to lay eggs (i wanna watch turtle-laying! how?). Jali brought us to this spring where even the locals don't really know where the source is from. and it's not salty. but it's freaking cold. it's almost like having a bloody cold shower at six in the morning. the guys were loving it though. especially Significant Other. brrrrrrr... at this point i'm not even sure if the points that we visited were in that order or if i left out anything. i think i even lost track of time, haha. well anyway, we did a bit of cam whoring before we headed back =P.

gambar lompat is always a must

the guys doing it from behind, haha

the sultry pose yang tak brape menjadi

the two macho men

us =D

we were sooo tired that me and Significant Other went straight back to our rooms for a good long shower and pengsan straight after that. i didn't even know what the rest were up to that evening. sedar2 it was already 10.30pm. one not so nice thing i don't enjoy about the island is that the restaurants close way too early. 10pm already not taking orders. we found Significant Other's friends at a restaurant by the sea, with empty plates on their tables. huwaaaaaa =( (i found out later that they never even returned to their rooms after the snorkelling trip). so we didn't get to eat dinner that night. dang. Nick was kind enough to offer us his chips, and i bought us some canned drinks from the convenience store. Significant Other brought his chess set so he challenged Bern to one round of chess. lol.

well... that's the end of Day 1. a great day? definitely.

May 26, 2009

night trip... to Kuala Besut

earlier last week out of the blue Significant Other told me we'll be going on a weekend trip with his colleagues to an island on the east coast. i was like, mimpi ape la mamat ni nak pergi pulau... but secretly i was excited as well. i haven't gone for a holiday in ages! which got me to thinking... should i get a new swimsuit? =P

i applied leave for Monday and made plans to leave Dayana with my parents over the weekend. with the rough boat ride to the island and the presence of hot sunny skies, Significant Other thought it best to leave her behind, opting to bring her for a holiday when she's older. so on Thursday after servicing my Neo (for a whopping rm380 major service! sob) i sent the little munchkin over to my parents and left my car there so that it would be easier for us to go back home when we returned to KL on Monday night. i went to work with the lousy ktm.

btw, i just realized that Proton was taking measures to find every single way to squeeze every little cent out of their customers. previously each car service comes with a complimentary car wash. now? not any more. you have to pay an extra rm10 for car wash. teruk betul. i can't wait for the day that i get to sell off my Neo in exchange for a Honda Jazz. sigh. in my dreams, yah? lol.

basically Significant Other didn't even reveal to me the details of the trip, just that we leave for Kuala Besut on Friday night by bus and return Monday night by plane. so Thursday night i started packing. Significant Other told me to bring the big blue pull bag so we could both put our stuff in together. inside me head i was thinking, bad idea... (which i'll blog about more later =P). travelling to and fro from home to my uni has taught me how to travel light. come to think of it, i used to lug home a bunch of useless stuff back home just because i thought it was a neccessity... in the end it stayed at the bottom of my bag, untouched and unused until i got back to uni. haha. talk about waste of energy lugging the bag up and down buses last time. back to the packing, my portion of clothings was very little, practically all my clothes could fit my Wahmies wetbag. minues my toiletries and my pumping gear. hehe. but in Significant Other's case, well, his is a different story *faint*.

so on Friday morning we made arrangements with my inlaws to go to work with them. Significant Other would be leaving his car at their place so we didn't have to worry about where to chuck the car later when we left for the bus station in the evening. i was still a little worried that our suitcase was a little bit on the heavy side for a 3D2N trip though. we left the luggage in the car where i would collect it after work. much easier than bringing it up to the office. i bought a swimsuit from Ogival (10%off) and a pair of socks to wear in the bus. i also bought a colorful cover up top from Topshop (which i'm still deciding whether or not if it was a waste in purchasing).

the new top

for lunch i cilok a bit of Kalpana's salad + bread at the pantry. i was hungry and a bit curious as to how her hadmade salad recipe tasted like. it was yummy! she should've charged me for swallowing her masterpiece. hehe. and Hema offered me her BBQ chips, so that got me to Full. so i ended up not getting anything for lunch. i met up with Syaz in her car during lunch hour to hand her my RS for shortening. and to return her Chococabana Girasol. sigh. i want her Choco! gave it one last try last weekend at One Utama and i fell in love with it completely. hehe. should i? could i? *pengsan*. the Pak Guard at the isetan entrance was so kepoh by not allowing people to stop their car at the side of the road for even a few mintues, he kept blowing his whistle and shooing people away. jergh. stupid la. no car also mau sibuk shoo people away ke? all i wanted was to hand her my RS and check out her Citron Vert in the car and that only took a measly 4 minutes, tops? i told Syaz to langgar the guard on her way out. hoho.

so. back to the story. after much kelam kabuting trying to update all the boring remedy tickets with my colleague's help (thank you so much, Anu! you're the best ticket handler ever, haha) i realized the time was almost 6 o'clock. my mil called me to take the bags from the car, so in the end i still had to lug up the heavy luggage throught the scanners and up to my office, haiz. once in the office the juniors took one look at me and jokingly asked me if i was doing support over the weekend and if i was planning to sleep under the table in the office. then he changed his mind and asked me if i was running away from home instead. lol.

oh yeah, Body Shop is on sale! i reminded myself that i always get cheated during BS sales so this time around i told myself firmly that i wouldn't buy anything and i went down with my colleagues to help Sally get a couple of stuff (i'm a BS member, and members get an extra 10% off for the first three days, yay). but even after all that convincing i ended up buying a small lavender bath wash and a small minibag for myself, bot for 70% off. so ok la.

btw, Morroccan Rose smells nice, don't you think? =P

at 7pm i headed down with all the luggage to meet Significant Other downstairs at Starbucks. i had no idea where and how we were going to the bus station, but since Significant Other seemed to be so calm and collected i was lazy to drill him for more information since buat penat only. i saw Miu and a couple more girls at Starbucks as well, no doubt still in the mission to stalk Stila until the very end i guess. lol. once i received my caramel blended, i took a seat at a small table and waited for Significant Other to arrive. i thought i caught a glimpse of Rijal in the corner with a two other people, so i called Significant Other to ask if he was planning to meet up with him. he feigned ignorance at first, but in the end i found out that apparently Significant Other had asked Rijal if he could send us to the Putra bus station. cheh. and all the while one the phone he was saying to me, are you sure that's him? and, why don't i go and tegur him? how about, you sure or not? cheese. tipu me.

so we reached Putra bus station at 8.30pm. and then only Significant Other told me that the bus would be leaving at 9.30pm. just great. a whole hour to kill. luckily we managed to find seats in the crowded bus station. i've never been to this bus station before. i guess this is where people catch the bus to the east coast. reminds me of a sesak pasar. but then again i've always hated the bus stations in KL. i've heard countless of promises from the Malaysian government that they'll do something about it but until now... nothing. typical.

i'd like to thank You Sing for offering his extra bun before i left the office that evening. i didn't even have time to buy myself dinner. so i brought that along with me on the bus, as well as two bottles of mineral water. i think it was about 9.15pm+ before all of Significant Other's friends arrived at the station: Nick and Geoff (the States people!), Zahrul, Husni, Fahmi and his girlfriend Diyana, and Bern. and only then i got to know that 9 of us would be travelling on the bus together =P. among all of his friends there, i've only met Zahrul before. i almost laughed when i saw the size of the bags they brought in compare to ours. hahahahhaha. anyway, the leg room on the bus was pretty satisfactory, in my opinion. the bus left the station around 9.30pm.


Diyana & Fahmi

Husni & Zahrul

Geoff & Nick

Diyana with Bern

i think after a while we dozed off during the first half of the journey, we were already tired after waking up early to catch the inlaws =P. the bus was freaking cold! i forgot how cold buses can get during night trips. thank God i had my socks, and as usual Significant Other had his blankie, so that was a saviour. at about 1.30am the bus made one stop in the middle of nowhere, it was so dark and isolated i didn't even know where we were. Goeff (or was it Nick?) commented that it would be more interesting to make the journey during daytime since we could enjoy the scenery better than staring into the pitch dark of the night). we had a toilet stop and a quick bite (we bought 3 burgers to share between us). the toilets were so lousy and unhygenic i might have vomited inside there if i had to stay in there a minute longer. even the items in the sundry shop looked so old and aged (i saw a moldy bread on the shelf!) that i ended up not getting anything there. the bus stopped for half an hour before finally resuming the journey. we saw one episode of 24 on Significant Other's laptop before falling asleep again for the second half of the journey.

after much dozing off uncomfortably in our seats with legs sticking out in all directions and heads lolling about at odd angles, at around 5.30am, we woke up to find ourselves at Kuala Besut.

more later...

May 20, 2009

sweet surrender

i was really touched by this particular episode of Greys Anatomy. it brought tears to my eyes to see that little dying girl in Bailey's arms. the girl was afflicted with an uncurable terminal disease and the daddy was trying so hard to help his little girl, despite the doctor saying that she only had very little time left to live *sniff*.

mary-charles jones is one talented girl.

reminds me of how i love my little girl and how lucky i am to have her, God's gift (yes, yes, mushy i know, if you're a mommy with kids of your own you'll understand how these kind of emotions can get the better of you, lol).

and yes Nadia, i am sOooOoo ketinggalan zaman in watching Greys Anatomy Season 5. hehe.

i seem to feel like i got tons to write. but i'm in a not-so-good mood at the moment. like my friend said, the conclusion of the day is, no matter how hard we work, we tend to go unnoticed by others. so what's the point?

on another note, there was a mix up with the email i sent to Chinnee 19 days ago - NINETEEN! - she never got it. so i missed out on picking up a cool color for her prototype. sigh.

i am so moodless now. i wish i lived just next door. huhu.

May 13, 2009

rare beyond beautiful

this beauty sold at an astonishing £6.2 million at an auction by Sotheby's in Geneva recently. i can't imagine how anyone would easily part with that amount of money, unless they're bloody rich and consider £6 million to be merely peanuts.

i guess that's the price to pay to obtain something that nobody else has. plus you get to name the diamond! =D

which got me to thinking. if i owned a beauty like this in real life, would i keep it for myself (it being the subject of rarity) or sell it off at a humungous profit? i mean, i could happily live off £6.2 million comfortably for i dunno, a good number of years? (provided i don't spend like no tomorrow, haha).

hmm... anyone willing to get me one? =P~

link here: Blue Diamond fetches record price

May 12, 2009

i want... (yes, i WANT)

i just started using my cloth diapers again. thinking about the small stash that i've built, rase macam sayang pulak to just let it rot in my CD museum drawer =P. and my Drybees are sized so pretty soon Dayana's gonna outgrow them. and she pooped in each one. boleh tak ini minah? chis.

the list below has been triggered by Sarah's sudden urge to borong all the lovely available Drybees print in L size. and... i caught the CD bug again. heehee~

but i'm broke. so they'll remain as wishlists for now. hoho.

i want...

1. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

2. Baby Beehinds - Magic-All Pocket AIOs

3. Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper Size 1

4. Blueberry One Size Deluxe H&L Diapers

5. Limited Edition bitti d'lish Minkee Snap-In-One (because it's red)

6. Drybees M size!
candy stripes, mocha dots and jangle/retro print!

7. MEG Pink/Black Baby Changing Pad

May 11, 2009

i spot a lion


i was quite shocked when this sight greeted me at 2 o'clock in the morning. lol.
i spotted a lion on the jungle bed! hahahahahahaha


a mother's love

here's wishing all the mothers out there a happy mother's day! this is my first Mother's Day as a mommy to my naughty 8-month daughter. despite the ups and downs in life, i wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything in the world =).

we even had an early celebration at Significant Other's grandma's house the weekend before. oh, and thanks for the all the sms wishes! thanks to Aya for her wishes as well, lol. i can't believe Significant Other forgot =(. i didn't even go anywhere this Mother's Day. it's bad enough that he's still miles away from home. hmph.

well anyway, i went to my mom's place a day earlier because i was already in the area attending Nolee's wedding in Bangi (congrats to Nolee and hubby, btw. the sago + coconut milk was so delicious, i could polish off the whole thing all by myself =P). i sent Significant Other's car to the car wash first so i arrived quite late at the reception. but Shasha, Ity and Cicak and family were still there. omg Haiqal was one hyperactive kid, running around the hall, popping into occasional group photos of the bride and groom (Cicak was saying to me that they're definitely gonna tag his kid as 'Unknown' in facebook, hahaha).

so i presented Mommy with her early Mother's Day gifts from her children. remember i mentioned earlier i bought something for my mom? my mom was looking for perfume last time but couldn't manage to find any nice sweet smelling ones, anything similar to YSL Roses. so happened to be during my day out to MV, Elizabeth Arden was having a promotion, promoting Mother's Day as well as their new fragrance, Pretty. it was all pinky, and since i wasn't into perfumes yet (i still have my hantaran perfume unopened at home) i thought of getting it for my mom. i bought her a set, which came with a nice mini bag. yay!

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

on Friday my brother called. he asked me to help him look for a Mother's Day gift for my mom. he gave me a category and a budget and so i had to go hunt for one. jergh. i paling dislike buying presents for people. every year i crack my head thinking of what to get for people, especially for the dads. i tend to buy what i like, and not what they like. haha. so anyway, he asked me to look for a bag for my mom. i initially found a really nice sling bag from pierre cardin, but then my sister mentioned that my mom was looking for a slightly bigger bag to fit all her stuff in (my mom carries junk around like me, hahahaa).

i thought i was already gonna ting tiong tiang when i spotted one decent sized bag from Nine West. it was prefect! although it was slightly bigger to my liking, but at least it looked like it could fit alot of things in there =). heck i was thinking to myself as i was purchasing it, if my mom didn't like the bag she could always give it to me. hahahahha (teruknye). i wanted to get a bag for myself too but after much thinking i decided to wait awhile, probably to see i could get past my crazy mood after a few days has passed. buying on impulse is not good =P. and i just splurged on a pair of pants and a bubble dress at topshop the day before, both 50% off. bags are soo pricey these days, don't you think?

Mommy's present from Abang

tengok tu, Dayana pun sibuk nak excited skali

well, my mom is one lucky mom this year. hehe. i think i'll assign the task of getting something for my dad on Father's Day to my brother pulak. haha.

thank you so much for everything! love you lots, Mommy! xoxo

p/s. aya is the official award giver this year. she said so herself. heehee~

May 9, 2009

team bowling at MV

yesterday the development and support team decided to hold a team building session - a friendly bowling tounament - at Cosmic Bowl, MV. we initially wanted to have it at Times Square, but due to the low number of people attending, they couldn't prebook the lanes early so the next choice was MV.

there were seven teams (i think, based on the list provided in the email hahah), each team consisting of developers and testers, except for the clueless ones who were then randomly put into groups. due to the low number of people, they extended the invite to some others outside from our team. i was put into the same group with Yani, Bala and Deb. to unify ourselves, we had our own black and blue theme going on. we just couldn't find Devil horns to wear. haha.

i just have to story about the most stupid incident that happened that day: i thought i had misplaced my car keys! me, Yani and Hema were all set to depart for MV when halfway down the tower i remembered to check for my keys. i couldn't find it. haha. you should've seen me, hauling my laptop bag, my diaper bag (in which i carry my pumping gear), a paper bag full of my sister's Kinokuniya books and my brother's Mother's Day present. huargh. i was so disoriented! i emptied out each pocket of my bags, combed the office twice, even checked the toilets, but still not car keys. we met Pooi San on her way down and even she offered to check my stuff. imagine, four people actually went through my stuff and yet no key. haiz.

the last i remembered having the key on me was before going throught the tower scanners, so we went down to ask the Pak Guard down there if i had accidentally left my keys at the scanner area, but with no luck. the other best thing about all this is that i have a spare car key in my room, but my room is locked and the keys are in the car, which is locked (duh). and the spare key for my room is also in my locked room and the other spare key for my room is with my mil and she's happily in UK somewhere. hahahahah. in my mind i was already thinking about which door should i break into - my car or my room, haha - and even contemplated climbing up my room balcony to see if i could miraculously unlock the balcony door from the outside (hah! fat chance).

we finally resorted to go to MV via the lrt. you could not imagine how disheartened i was, busy thinking of how i should collect my car later since the carpark closed at midnight. my friends jokingly said i could let off steam at the bowling alley by furiously chucking the bowling ball down the lane. hahaha (it doesn't work for me. the ball will always end up in the gutter). anyway, we were halfway to the lrt and i was on the phone ranting to my dad that i'd misplaced my car keys when i realized there was one more place that i didn't look - a small side zippered compartment of my bag that was partially hidden it was so bloody easy to be overlooked. like a fool i unzipped it and TADA, it was there.

geramnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! *$#&#(*$&*@^#&*@

i wasted one hour running up and down looking for the keys ok. omg am i nyanyuk or what? sigh.

i was lucky Hema and Yani didn't kick my ass for taking up so much of their time just to look for my lost key =P. we immediately backtracked and headed for my car instead. yay! we got stuck in Bangsar traffic but we took a shortcut through Hema's condo and managed to bypass the traffic by half. we were supposed to be at the bowling alley by 7pm so on the way there we were wondering why hasn't anyone messaged us to ask us where we were. were we really nobodies? *sob sob* =P~~

we arrived there at almost 8.30pm. when we arrived we found everyone busy wolfing down dinner and mingling about and practically no bowling activity had even commenced, hence the reason why we weren't even missed. cheese! time melayu sungguh. by this time i was hungryyyyy with all that running around so i belasah jerk whatever that was there, nasi goreng and kari ayam. nyum nyum. James added KFC because someone complained the food was not enough. but in the end there was an abundance of food pulak. oh, but i ate all the wedges. shhhhhh.

with my teammates Deb and Bala

we played two sets. there were prizes for the Highest Scorer for Female and Male bowler, as well as First and Runner Up for group standings. i wasn't much of a bowler, so i was kind of rusty. i kept blaming the lanes for being senget =P. you should've seen the antics at how people throw their bowling balls down the lane. hahaha. takde gaya langsung! like Vick said earlier during our team meeting at the office, just simply chuck the ball and try to hit down all the pins. hahahahah. i think there were some new timers too. a colleague of mine managed to score a consistent 0 until the fifth round. haha. my groupmates were not bad either. Yani's husband was there, hopefully not feeling too bored just sitting there. Bala was exceptionally stunning. he ended up being one of the top scorers. fuiyyo... even though sometimes he threw the ball as if he was trying to break the a hole in the flooring. hahaha. Deb pulak was really overexcited =P. menjerit sakan. but don't play play ok, she won best Female bowler. hahahahah. by the time we wrapped up the night, it was almost 11pm.

don't pray pray... she won Highest Scorer for Female Bowler ok =P

on a spooky note, just before the tournament my colleague Jeff actually posed for a photo with a couple of the trophies. and lo and behold, he managed to win two - one for Runner Up in a group, the other for best Male bowler. wow. talk about de ja vu. i think i should do that next time there's another competition. make sure you pose with the prize, and you're gauranteed a win later. hahahahah.

Vick, Indran, Onnie and Kalyan won First Prize. Hema jokingly mentioned they won it unfairly, because the whole team consisted of all guys. guys, as you know, have exceptional upper arm strength. hihi. Hema complained that they should have been neutralized with at least one female player. i think they wouldn't be able to win if it happened to be so =P~. hmmm. we also should've had a trophy for the Best Longkang Player. hahahaha. you think it's easy to maintain a consistency of 0 and maintain your waterface? =P.

anyway, a couple more photos of the night:

members of 1tec! hahahaha

le group photo

May 8, 2009

outing with my peeps

on Monday i took a day off from work to hang out with two of my high school friends. my roommate wanted to go shopping and weekends just couldn't cut it (not free lah, got wedding lah, got to layan hubby lah) so we chose Monday to go lepak. Aida who was getting married next month wanted to tag along too, so the three of us it was. no kiddos of course. i left Dayana with the maid, Aien sent her son to the nursery.

so i woke up at 9am that day wondering whether our planned outing jadi or not. i checked my phone only to see no messages and not a single missed call. apparently Aien messaged me on the other phone, saying to meet up at her place at 11.30am because she had something to attend to that morning. cheese. and i was all excited to go out early to have breakfast together first =(. but i arrived at exactly 11.30am at the parking lot of her apartment. hee. Aida was already there.

we headed off to MV, since it was a working day and almost noon, we decided to ditch the idea of driving all the way to Jalan TAR. the first thing we did was to get head up to GSC for our movie tickets. we decided to purchase 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' for 1.20pm. i was hungry, no thanks to my roommate for making me skip breakfast, so i got to choose where to eat for lunch =D. at first i chose Killiney Kopitiam, but along the way we came across Paddington's House of Pancakes, so we made a split second decision to have lunch there instead. hehe. i thought PHOP could be found only at the Curve. i've never been to PHOP before. i've heard people raving about how yummy the food was.

Paddington's House of Pancakes!

i had no idea what to order (the pancakes looked soOooO yummy but i knew it wouldn't be very filling for lunch) so in the end we each decided to order the set. i forgot what the names were, but mine had blueberry and cheese pancakes, slices of meat and some egg, Aien's set looked like a tomatoey pizza but without the crust, and Aida's set had chicken, some kind of veggie roll and mashed potatoes (i'll rewrite this part once i find out what the set names are). and we each ordered ice lemon tea. yummy! but the blueberries in my pancakes tasted rather sour though. is it supposed to taste that way? since we were rushing for the movie i didn't even think of taking photos until we were halfway through our lunch.

the two rascals Aien & Aida posing with our halfway eaten food

yours truly

and the funny part was, we were happily stuffed after wolfing down the main dish and were about to call for the bill, until they served us dessert. we actually forgot the set had dessert included. haha. our dessert was mini pincakes drenched with ice cream and strawberry syrup, i think. i find it amazing that the pancakes weren't soggy since it was mixed into the gooey texture. it was nice!!! minus the raspberry syrup. i thot the syrup was manis nak mampus. naturally, we were late for the movie =P. i think we missed the first 10 minutes of the movie =(.

dessert eater #1 sengih sebesar alam

dessert eater #2 wearing tudung bibik! =P~~~

the movie was great for a comedy, if you don't really look into the details. i find it a nice watch. the only thing i regretted was that we didn't stay for the end credits! how was i to know that there was going to be an end bit at the very last end of the credits roll? haiz. i find it annoying when the producers do that. i remember last time for Ironman me and Significant Other left the cinema early so we missed the end bit, in the end we resorted to pirated DVD just to watch it, haha. sometimes it's annoying when if we do actually wait until the end of the credits roll, only to find out that there isn't anything to see, well that is really annoying. i mean credits roll are really long okay, and most people won't stay to actually read them one by one unless your name is credited somewhere in there, or if you're trying to find out who starred as the yummilicious hero in the movie. nevermind though. Significant Other hasn't seen this movie yet. so if he doesn't manage to catch it in the cinemas, there's always pirated DVD =P.

hmm, so where was i. oh yes. after the movie i dragged my friends to Arzu. last week i stepped into Arzu KLCC and wanted to get this nice scarf for rm99 only to find out that the display was the last one so i didn't get it. the scarf wasn't at this outlet either, but the guy at the store was really nice and even demonstrated to us on how to wear square and long scarves, Arab style, haha. too bad i didn't take any photo of me wearing them. i look cun! hahahahahahha (perasan diri sendiri). so in the end i bought 5 scarves, three long, two square. oops. they had an offer, rm100 for four scarves. so, why not? Aida even bought one for herself. those two friends of mine kept on touching the brown colored scarves. i kept telling them what a boring color brown is. haha. they, on the other hand told me my choices were all makcikky. i'm into florals at the moment =P even though they say geometrics is the way to go now. hahahah.

oh yes, i even bought my mom a Mother's Day gift, but i'll write more on that later.

after MV we went to Ariani and the Strand in Kota Damansara. i think they just newly opened an outlet there. those type of 'Ekin' tudungs are really getting famous now, aren't they? i don't like them because they're being overworn here. there's just too many people wearing the same type of tudung lah! i know they're easy to wear, you don't have to iron them and don't need to stick pins into your head and all, but to me it looks like wearing a helmet. i prefer those tudungs and scarves that you can lilit around your head, they look more feminine and unique, even though it's a bit of a hassle since you need alot of pins to achieve this look. at the store i tried a couple of those Ekin tudungs for fun, but even though they were nice and really simple, i still didn't like the look. i felt like an Ustazah in one. blergh. the storelady said i shouldn't spread the material out at the shoulders, i should bunch it up to make it look nicer and less ustazah-ish. hahahha. Aida bought a black patterned one which had a really nice flowery design that even i liked. even my roommate who rarely made any purchases whenever we got out shopping managed to grab three pairs, all in plain colors. haha.

and what did yours truly get? while browsing and complaining that the look wasn't for me, Aida spotted the 'Siti' tudung, the type that shows off part of your neck if you wear it without those inner headscarf to cover your neck. now this type of tudung i'm interested in. it doesn't look too formal or helmetish =P, and i've been eyeing them at Ampang Park recently, so without thinking much i purchase one in the end. the headscarf i got was in a soft pink color, and the tudung itself was black with hints of pink and green on it. nice kan? =P. now i have a tudung and nowhere to wear it. Aida suggested to wear it to her wedding solemnization later. heehee. i also bought a nice pink stripey scarf. i'm into stripes lately, no thanks to babywearing (and to Syaz's Chococabana and her stripey Jalan TAR headscarf! hehe). but that's another story.

by this time it was already 6pm so we headed back to Subang. we picked up Aien's adorable Wally at the nursery on the way.

where's wally?

it was a rushed outing, but it was nice to actually hang out with the two of them. especially Aida. i haven't seen her since... hmm... since i delivered Dayana practically 8 months ago? (yakah? wah, that is long!).

i hope i can make Eiwa and Aida's wedding next month. it's in Alor Setar, Kedah! jom convoy ramai-ramai =D