December 8, 2020

plants and rocks

image source: Google

the solar system : i've never really bothered to know much about this subject mainly because i didn't have to take Science for UPSR. back then subject was called 'Alam dan Manusia'; that's how old i am. the closest thing i knew about planets back then was when my classes were named after planets. i was a Musytarian since Standard One until Four (or was it Three? i forgot already), then i got bumped into Zuhal for the remaining years.

yup, that's all i know. hahaha. until recently when my kids need to learn about planets in school. during my days Pluto was still considered a part of the solar system (and also shares a name with Mickey Mouse's loyal pet dog), until it got downgraded into a dwarf planet in 2006. it still feels weird to know that there's only eight planets in the solar system; my mindset still has it set to nine. haha.

and i learnt all my subjects in school in Malay (ami-laa-se liur, bahahhahahahha), so for the life of me i keep forgetting their translated names correctly. i mean like how on earth did Jupiter get translated into Musytari???

so i got to learn that my daughter has a formula to remember the names of the planets in order: 

"My Very Educated Mommy Just Served Us Noodles".


My - Mercury / Utarid

Very - Venus / Zuhrah (the hottest planet)

Educated - Earth / Bumi

Mommy - Mars / Marikh

Just - Jupiter / Musytari (the biggest planet)

Served - Saturn / Zuhal (planet with the most rings)

Us - Uranus / Uranus

Noodles - Neptune / Neptun

Potatoes - Pluto

pretty cool huh. my Standard One kid has already memorized it. but for a very educated Mother, why does she serve noodles? i'd have chosen Nutella. or Nachos. or Nuggets, my kids absolutely love those hahahhahaha

now moving on to... rocks!

ok now this one i seriously don't even remember learning about it, unless you have a genuine interest in the subject. kids these days have it easy, everything you can just Google. our version of Google was to ask our Mom or Dad, or take a trip to the local library, assuming they have books related to whatever it is you are looking up on. and then head to the foodcourt to eat mee ayam because you're hungry. and then find a public phone afterwards to call your mom to pick you up, because you haven't figured out how the bus system works.

anyway, i googled those rock terms, just because one of my daughter's questions in her Science paper asked about the rock sequence as it enters the earth's atmosphere. and the terms all sound so similar to each other, it's like Molly Bolly Jolly, so who comes first? haha. 

but first let's define the terms.


a small rocky body orbiting the sun. large numbers of these are found between orbits of Mars and Jupiter <- this i also did not know. another one of the questions asked in my daughter's paper. she can consider a career as an astronomer after this.


a small rocky or metallic body in outer space. meteoroids are significantly smaller than asteroids, and ranges in size.


when meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere (or that of another planet) at high speed and burn up, the fireballs or shooting stars are called Meteors.


when a meteoroid survives a trip through the atmosphere and hits the ground, it's called a Meteorite.

i'm guessing this is what you call those solid rocks that people see on displays in museums, no?

here's a very good video to differentiate everything:

ok i'm done rambling about this subject. my kids have learnt the existence of this blog so they find it amusing to read my ramblings, especially when most of my older posts are about them. LOL

today's my anniversary, and here i am wiriting about planets and finishing up my pending test documents yg never ending T_T.