February 24, 2010

all for RM300

i can't believe i didn't even blog about my hardship of creating a passport my my daughter and renewing my own last year. i guess i was busy complaining about how slow immigration is on mbw that i forgot to post it here. hahaha. so here's a little reminder to myself just in case i need to renew ours in the future.

here's what you need when you want to apply/renew passport:
- Identification Card (MyKad)
- 2 copies of recent photograph with light blue background (3.5x5 cm)
- Your old passport if you have one
- RM500 for 5 years, RM100 for 2 years (for renewal only)

if you're applying for children below 18 years:
- Identification Card (MyKad of MyKid)
- Birth Certificate
- Parent’s Identification Card (parent must appear in person together with applicant)
- 2 copies of recent photograph with light blue background (3.5x5 cm)
- RM150 for 3 years, RM120 for 2 years (if i'm not mistaken)

the child must appear together with the parent while applying for the passport, and must also be present when picking up the passport.

you can imagine the number of screaming kids running around the immigration office T_T, they should at least provide a playground to let the kids vent out their steam, kakakaka (demand betul). my daughter had already lost patience and we were only halfway down the queue to verify our documents! (belum lagi tunggu nombor giliran ok, after verifying your documents they'll hand you a number and you'll have to wait again for your turn, grrr. not to mention the waiting time of two hours to pick up your passport, and even then you need to wait for your name to be called @_@).

they have a special counter for children and the elderly, so that lessens the waiting time for those cases (you know how impatient toddlers can be). i made the mistake of not checking my passport expiry date when i was applying for Dayana's passport that i ended up going to the immigration office 4 times in a row ok. gila saiko ke apa. if you want to go through a smooth process of applying for a passport i suggest you go as soon as the doors open pagi-pagi buta. else you'll waste alot of time spending time waiting in line. bring a good book if you have to. lol.

sometimes i think RM300 is alot to pay for a passport. it's worth it if you travel extensively. me? the passport i had made in 2004 only held stamps from Thailand (Phuket 05 and Bangkok 07), and Indonesia (Jakarta 09) and gosh, that's like sooo not worth my $$$.

my new passport has a stamp from Singapore. let's see if i get to put in another stamp this year. lol.

Phuket 2005

Bangkok 2007

Jakarta 2009

February 22, 2010

sheep issues

as predicted i'm up at 2am every day without fail with a temporary case of insomnia. sigh. i've been at it for the past week, wide awake in the middle of the night unable to go to sleep, not to mention with a severe case of skin itchiness all over my body (despite not eating prawns, which i'm kinda allergic to). then i face the day totally drained by the time it reaches 2pmish.

i went for my second checkup at DEMC on Saturday. again my normal Gynae was nowhere to be seen, so i had to see a replacement for the second time. i didn't mind. this Dr was also very nice, but it would be even nicer to see the same Dr that delivered Dayana, just to show how big that little rascal has grown, if you know what i mean =P. anyway, i'm currently in my twelfth week, but according to the scans, the size indicates that the baby is about 13 weeks along. so check against next month's progress to get the correct timeline. at this rate i'm going to expect another August baby (and confirm i'll need to ganti puasa and miss out on raya goodies again this year *sob*).

i lost 0.5kg compared to previous visit T_T.

the baby was really active during the ultrasound. i was really happy, although it's too early to feel a thing externally. heck i don't even look pregnant. i look buncit! hahahahahah. if you ask Dayana, 'mana baby?' she'll come over and pat my tummy. sungguh pandai. although i'm not sure if she really undestands that there really is her little brother or sister in my tummy. lol.

sent Significant Other to the airport Saturday night. met Mus and wifey at the check-in counter, the wifey coincidentally taking the same transit flight to Singapore, haha. Dayana was more interested in roaming around the airport than bidding her Daddy goodbye. we had KFC for dinner (coleslaw + whipped potato + chilli sauce = heaven =P) while Dayana was more excited hanging out at the children's playground than having her dinner @@.

at 2am i couldn't sleep so i finished the leftover coleslaw and mashed potato. hahahah.

on Sunday i went for a mini meetup at Cineleisure, more to return Emiza's RS more than anything, lol. it was good to meet up with the peeps. i didn't take any photos because Significant Other borrowed my camera. Dayana had so much fun running around with kids her age, she immediately konked out once we were in the car. i arrived late for a baby shower at Mawar's before heading off to my mom's place afterwards since we were already in the area.

as usual i couldn't fall asleep so i watched a horror movie about ventriloquist dolls on Astro (i hate doll movies) but i woke up at 7am this morning because Significant Other took control of the PC and blasted on some mp3 song full blast just to annoy me. chis. and since she's a big girl now, Dayana is now more excited at video conferencing with her Daddy on Skype. lol.

that's about my weekend. i am so not looking forward to the next 4 working days =(.

btw, congrats to Fahmi and Jo on their engagement. looking lovely!

and i misplaced my pink + purple butterfly bracelet yesterday =(. has anyone seen it?

February 13, 2010


condolences to my second cousin, Nurul Hanis and family for the loss of her only daughter, Maryam Saffiyah, earlier this morning.

may your family be strong in facing this sudden loss...


February 12, 2010

knitting for dummies

i guess after talking to adriana i got a bit excited at the idea of embarking on a new project, so yesterday after work i dropped by Subang Parade. since my tummy no dummy, i satisfied my KFC craving first (baby #2 has alot of junkfood/fastfood craving) and then only headed off to the place i was initially looking for - Lily Handicraft.

i was initially inspired after seeing how flawlessly aida managed to miraculously create such lovely knits for her baby Mia, especially the knitted cashmerino cardigan and the knitted baby blanket she posted on her blog. i was thinking that since knitting didn't involve sewing machines, i have a fairly good chance at excelling at this, hahaha (i sucked at sewing. for ERT during my secondary school days, i remember crying to my mom to help me finish my sewing projects. kekekeke). aida makes sewing seems so easy like chewing gum. and besides, i just realized how dull my life is. i have no creative hobby!

so... this is my first attempt. the people there were really helpful. i get a free lesson since i bought supplies from the store (which isn't that cheap, imo). i'm still unsure as to how to start from scratch on my own, or how to connect threads once i'm out of yarn, or how to finish it (heck i can't even visualize the end product!), but first things first kay =P. i'm clueless as to all the terms they use in knitting i.e knit, purl, casting, dropstitch (pickupstitch? hahahaha). and yesterday i think i literally dropped a stitch (i don't know what this means, i imagine you dropping your knitting project onto the floor, hahahahah) so after only knitting a few rows i am now officially stuck because i'm not sure how to continue. i stared at my handiwork for the whole night and still didn't manage to get any bright ideas =(. and the store will only be open next Friday after the CNY break. sigh.

i decided to try 'tinking' and it kinda worked... i managed to solve my boo-boo! yay! and i made a bunch of mistakes along the way and had to 'tink' again *cry*. it's not easy trying to figure out what went wrong. and at the moment i'm out of yarn and i got no idea how to incoporate a new ball of yarn into my creation. hihi.

mil says Baby #2 will be a creative baby... since i'm embarking on this sort of project... lol. i can only say that this pregnancy makes me crave for lots of unhealthy stuff, cold water and indomie included. heu~

ta-da! =P my first attempt at knitting

let's see if i have the patience to finish this

February 11, 2010


Small town homecoming queen
She's the star in this scene
There's no way to deny she's lovely
Perfect skin, perfect hair
Perfumed hearts everywhere
Tell myself that inside she's ugly
Maybe I'm just jealous
I can't help but hate her
Secretly I wonder if my boyfriend wants to date her

She is the prom queen
I'm in the marching band
She is a cheerleader
I'm sitting in the stands
She gets the top bunk
I'm sleeping on the floor
She's Miss America and I'm just the girl next door

I don't know why I'm feeling sorry for myself
I spend all my time wishing that I was someone else

by: Saving Jane

February 9, 2010


after she poops...
mommy : dayana, jom follow mommy basuh poopie...
dayana : namau!

during dinnertime...
mommy : dayana, nak makan lagi tak?
dayana : namau!

time to sleepy sleepy...
tok mami : dayana, mai sini tukar baju, pastu gi tdo...
dayana : namau!

when she starts to korek belakang TV...
daddy : dayana, NO~ don't do that...
dayana : nonononononon~! wau~ <- a sign that's she's annoyed. hahahah

amazing. and i'm not even sure where she learned the word 'namau'.

i remember one time she saw her pacifier on the bed... she tried to reach out for it, looked at me and you know what she said? "NI!" she exclaimed. hahahaha. whenever she was reaching out for something we'd ask her "dayana nak ni?" so i guess that's where the 'ni' came from. lol. but she's alot smarter now... now she'd come to us with the biscuit container and say 'nak, nak'.

should i be worried that she still has yet to identify her numbers and letters? i haven't been sending her to any day schools yet.

February 5, 2010

congrates equals yucks

a mistake everyone makes that gets on my nerves.

congrates != congrats

congrates might just as well be the plural for congrate, if that's even a word to begin with. i might be overreacting, but each time i see the word, i see the word 'cong-greayts'.

another common mistake i hear is this: "THAT'S mean... bla bla bla".what the heck is THAT's mean??? it translates into "that is mean... yada yada". my God. this is the typical mistake many Malaysians love to make. i have a friend who has this habit. i've never managed to correct her 'til now. tsk.

i got sick of all the 'congrates' on fb. haha.

today is Friday. miraculously i wasn't that sleepy compared to the previous days where i would wander around aimlessly, heading to the toilet, heading to refill my cup, heading to the cafe to clear my head, trying my hardest to stay awake. probably because it's Friday? (but it doesn't feel like Friday to me). gosh i got a ton of documents to read up on.

i saw Mr. I today. he sooo reminds me of Mr. Kecik last time, only fairer. i wonder if he's taken? lol.

while i'm busy slaving here in the middle of nowhere, Significant Other bought himself a pair of new feet. unfair! =P. i wish there was a post office downstairs. i could even get a kick out of mailing things, or licking stamps even. hahahahaha.

obviously this is a bored entry. i was so bored i added a new ticker to my blog =P.

February 1, 2010

Dayana = 17 months

happy federal territory day to the KLians. too bad i'm no longer a KL-citizen. i'm officially now known as another kind of 'zen. hahah.

so. dayana is 17 months old already =). i haven't been up-to-date on her daily progress these days (she evolves really fast for me to keep track of all her milestones lol). i received my monthly Babycentre updates just now in the mail and some points mentioned about her current acheivements got me a bit intruiged - because they seemed to relate to her at the moment =P.

1. If "no" hasn't already become her favourite word, she'll begin using it with a vengeance.there was one time when Daddy was trying to get her to understand the word no'. he'd tell her 'No Dayana, no' whenever she wanted to try and fiddle with Daddy's laptop. then one day when he was still trying to get her to understand that she shoudn't do a particular something, out of the blue, she replied back to her Daddy, 'no!'. hahahahah boy i was real surprised. he managed to teach her how to say the word instead of understanding the meaning. hahahahaha.

and now? she's gotten really smart at when she can use the word. take yesterday for instance. we were taking a look at some properties and this particular showroom had a mini playroom to keep kids occupied while the parents rounded the showroom. they had this playslide which Dayana absolutely took delight in, sampai takmo balik. when i told her, 'ok Dayana, let's go home' you know what she said? 'nonononononono!'. aiyak. menangis tak ingat when we dragged her back into the car. kekekeke.

this happens alot whenever we let her go on any kind of rides and such. punye syiok until tak nak balik. haiz. she'll scream her lungs out each time we drag her away.whenever we want her to do anything and she doesn't want to do, she'll reply you with 'no' in a vengeance-like kinda way. haiz. i think 'no' is overrated. now we need her to think positive and say 'yes' pulak. haha.

2. Toddlers are famously picky eaters.i am officially out of ideas on how to get her to eat a variety of food. she'll practically spit out any form of lumpy food once she detects it. i need to invest in more toddler bibs at this rate, i tak larat nak basuh baju already @@. currently she'll happily eat plain rice (softened up with soup), plain bread (any form of spread on top is a nono), biscuits or cereal (she used to love Biskut tiger until she graduated to more sweeter biscuits, and if cereal she'll be happy to crunch on Honey stars and Koko Krunch), porridge (assuming all the additional ingredients are mashed up beyond recognition), spaghetti... er, what else. any unfamiliar food she will immediately reject - i tried to give her organic pumpkin + apples + xxx and she didn't like it, even though the taste is actually not bad. pergh. but she enjoys her milk though. she'll never say no to that.

other things i've noticed about her:

3. she still refuses to let me to brush her teeth. and if she does, she'll want my toothbrush and not hers. cheh. she'll brush her teeth for a few seconds and chew on the toothbrush for a bit before declaring herself done with the task. previously each time i ask her to brush her teeth (and even demo'd by showing her how i brush my own teeth), she'll want to brush mine instead -.-. she also finds the taste of the toothpaste weird. lol.

4. she is officially a youtube junkie! Daddy downloaded a bunch of cartoon theme song clips for her to watch on iPhone whenever she gets bored during journeys. latest videoclips she finds interesting is 'alif ba ta' songs. her current music favorite is Shaun the Sheep (it's Shaun the Sheep, it's Shaun the Sheep~). hehe. i kinda like the show too. reminds me of Wallace & Gromit, you know, where all the characters look like they're made out of clay. haha.

5. after coming back from her grandparent's place in Bangi last weekend, she now refuses her pacifier. weird huh. i was planning to get her weaned off her pacifier soon, but she decided to reject it all by herself. kinda reminds me of the time she rejected breastfeeding all by herself one fine day. even during sleepy time she doesn't want it. but because of this i find it very difficult to get her to go to sleep. she sleeps as late as me! gwahhh.

6. she still hasn't got the hang of saying 'Mommy'. sheesh. if 'mama' terre sangat lah. 'Daddy' lagi pro. hilang je Daddy out of her sight, she'll go 'De-di? De-di?' sambil tengok keliling looking for her Daddy. chis.

... so these are a few milestones that i can recall at the back of my head. i'll update more later as i gradually gain my memory.

updates on me:i officially hate chocolate. it makes me feel sick. i know i shouldn't have taken Kit Kat for breakfast. now i'm having some kind of upset tummy =(. i wonder if i can take the rest of the day off. huhu.