February 28, 2020

when it is not yet your time

so i guess it wasn't my rezeki this year. they had already cancelled MH158, and eventually MH156 got cancelled too. i got as far as the airport yesterday.

all packed but unable to go

final verdict: cancelled.

on the way back to the car we met this guy (who barely recognized me bahahahah). he almost succeeded in attempting to lure us into flying East instead of the planned West amidst all the chaos =D. we already had our bags packed anyway, so why not? =P but instead of tank tops and shorts for the summer, we had a bunch of robes, kain ihram and telekungs instead LOL LOL.

jumpa batchmate Pilot

i'd like to thank all my family and friends who helped me alot with the necessary preparations, even though i have yet to embark on this spiritual journey. Insyallah in the future maybe? Amin.

was i disappointed? i guess so. the decision to go on this trip was kind of last minute (with alot of dugaan in between), but i had already prepared myself mentally for this journey... only to be unable to go due to the coronavirus. Allah is the best of planners, so i guess ade hikmah disebalik this trial He has brought unto us.

on another note, i totally recommend these two books for light-reading. purchased them on Shoppee, but they only arrived the day i was supposed to fly wahahahahahhaha.

now excuse me while i go cancel my unpaid leave.