July 16, 2012

babywearing withdrawal effect

ok so with Significant Other's insistence, i've managed to sell off a few of my carriers.
i reasoned with myself that i didn't need so many carriers to match my wardrobe.
wasn't gonna carry more than one kid at one time anyway.
i reasoned with myself that snuggling with them to sleep was not a valid reason for getting more hoarding carriers.
reasoned with myself that a squish was not gonna be in the picture anytime soon (geram betul tengok gambar2 Norley babywearing her nb... chomellllls!).

so i guess it was a good thing that i don't trawl fsot as often as i used to, only to list my carriers and to occasionally bump them up with hopes that they find new owners better than me (me and my wrap polygamy, tsk tsk). but it really isn't so. such a good thing i mean: i rediscovered isetan. uh-oh.

simply put, i've rediscovered the joy of shopping for myself *dies*.

currently my osg friends have been going nuts over bags, specifically Coach. i can't afford to join that bandwagon yet, but not thanks to Reet i've managed to lust over two yummy bags =D.

*close eyes and walks away*

my Fossil hobo is put up for sale, as i decided i love my other Fossil better - it's a Doraemon's pocket! oh my colleague recently bought a nice Coach purse, i told her to sell it to me secondhand if she didn't like the yellow trim HAHA.

for sale. anyone?

colleague's new catch

my actual intention for shopping was to find a couple more tank tops (i misplaced my dusty pink cultivation tank top @_@) but due to my strict tank top criteria (i used to have a bunch of tank tops i bought but didn't like so i made a few rules to narrow down my choices), i ended up with things OTHER than tank tops.

so my quick shopping list rules:

- i need to keep reminding myself that there are much cheaper and equally pretty clothes out there than merely those famous branded labels (which i adore, btw). i found a nice blouse for only 2 digits at a less expensive brand outlet.

(btw, how people manage to wash dishes in their kelawar tops is wayyy beyond me).

- to stay away from sleeveless, except tank tops. else i'd have to stock up on cardigans, which means i need to spend more money @_@ and i'm too skinny to show off my bare arms. i really wish i was a bit fairer and fatter in certain *ahem* areas (seriously the only thing i feel different about after delivering two kids is that my hips are wider. proof: the kain for my kebaya are getting more difficult to zip up lolz).

- stop getting influenced too easily T___T. when i was in my dancing phase, i stocked up on twirly short skirts (no more short skirts for me btw. i have ugly legs!). when i was in my cc interview phase, i said hello to pencil skirts and panty hose. when shishi was my best friend, EVERYTHING became a favorite (i still love this lady boss btw. and i love her sense of style. shishi can i be your adopted sister? =D).

then i started stalking FashionValet. i bought my Kiss & Tell heels from them. didn't help that i kept falling for every single item that their founder wore (easily influenced, that is me. i usually stay clear of online shopping merely because i can't try clothes first before buying, now what the heck am i doing now???).

a few items i have been lusting over over at FV...
(photos stolen from FV. merely putting my wishlist here so that i narrow down my list of LIKES and won't feel like i want to buy every single item they have to offer @_@).

no thanks to iza =P i dream of a Nurita Harith for raya T____T
i had matching baju kurung made for my girls this year (for the first time!). due to budget constraints this year Significant Other made me compromise to make do with whatever i had in my closet that matched the kids' for raya. ok fine, so i told him i wanted two new outfits for raya next year =P. i still have a few more kain that i bought ages ago and have yet to send to the tailor. i still love my tailor in Kedah btw. i just wish she didn't live so far up north @_@.

after a good two years of putting my Skechers to full use, it finally sported a hole in the front of my shoe. you know, where my sharp big toe kept pointing/rubbing at.
i dropped by the store with hopes of finding a replacement but the one i fell in love with didn't have it in my size (takkan nak pergi all the way to Penang again kot? hahahaha). so one day while accompanying my colleague, i bought wedges - a temporary replacement (just to make myself feel better, she bought two pairs ok hahahahaha).
you should see my school shoes. orang lain punye kasut berlubang at the sole, i punye berlubang at the toe. AHHAHHAHAHAHAH. from observation, Dinara inherits my sharp toe =P.

(i hope my kids inherit their dad's brains).

ok enough babbling from me at 2am. gonna sleep now. toodles y'all.


Twiggy said...

thank you. you have successfully awaken the sleeping shopaholic in me. heheheheh, i laff yuuu

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