December 30, 2014

rs vs rs

it was hard to choose


the oldest in my stash

storchenweige Ulli, SBP shoulder


the prettiest in my stash
(to me, anyway)

psling kiwi shijira, GOLD rings


which did you think got

the cut?

December 21, 2014

birthday at KL bird park

on Saturday my friend invited the kids to her three dot's combined birthday party at KL bird park. luckily Waze got me there in one piece, i actually don't know where the bird park is, hahahah. to me birds are beautiful, but they're boring and they love to poop (ahhh marah la semua burung2 kat bird park tu). i didn't even know you could hold parties here, check out the link to some of the packages that they offer.

i thought it would be an interesting experience for the kids to go to (and they seemed bored out of their minds staying at home all day) so i woke them all up early and off we went. the party was scheduled from 11am-2pm, if you're late you'd miss the quick tour in the bird park.

the map, just in case you don't have Waze to help you =P

bibik followed as well, so i opted to bring the stroller so that Sophia wouldn't wander about like she always does. the event was held in a separate area, away from the official bird park entrance. i'd have to say, getting to the event area wasn't really stroller-friendly, it was stairs, stairs and more stairs all the way. at least the bird park helpers were helpful enough to lug the stroller down the stairs, and up again, haha. next time i'm just gonna stick to babywearing, thank you.

hmmm takde gambar the birthday girls la pulak

with kids involved, it was difficult to keep to the schedule, so the large group of us strolled through the park in our own pace as we made our way to the Amphitheater, where we were given a fantastic display performed by the birds themselves. the show started at 12.30pm. as usual, my mushroom of a kid never seems to smile for the camera T__T.

camwhoring before the Bird show

after the show, we all headed back to the party, where the kids gathered round to sing happy birthday - three times haha - and the parents got to stuff their faces with food. the food was nothing fancy, but it was catered to suit the kids (and whatever they eat, the adults can eat too lol). my kids are ridiculously picky-eaters, so i was kinda glad they were smitten with the sausages and nuggets. oohh and the birthday cake was lovely. there were like three different types of birthday cakes (one for each kid haha): chocolate, mango cheesecake, and victoria buttercake. the mango cheesecake was so ohsem, i ate the whole thing myself =P~~~~.

hantu nugget
awesome kid-friendly food!

oh and there was a quick photo session with the birds. each kid got to pose for a photo with the birds. i'd never thought Dayana would be brave enough to do something like that, especially since the birthday kids themselves were scared of the birds (and i was especially afraid of mascots when i was younger, remember that A&W Root Bear? -___-) but she was all up for it. you should've seen Dayana pose with the birds, complete with one on top of her head (haha!) *clap clap* she told me the birds were heavy, that's why she had to hold her arms up high macam strong woman. she received an awesome party pack, even i wished i had gotten one LOL.

and the best part was, even Dinara wanted to have a go at it *blink blink in disbelief*. i kept asking her 'are you sure? are you sure? cannot cry you know' and she kept nodding and said, 'nak macam kakak'. i didn't know whether she was excited for the birds or for the party pack, mommy pulak yang berdebar2 haha, i kid you not. but she didn't flinch one bit when they told her to hold up her arms for the birds to perch on. i haaad to laugh because she was so busy concentrating that she forgot to smile for the camera, HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

p/s. one of the birds pooped on one of the bird handler, yucks. told you they love to poop =P.

but i had a great time at the party, even the kids were happy too, although Dayana did ask me if she could go jalan2 lagi after that T_____T. thanks for inviting us =)

December 10, 2014

mister roti canai

came here last weekend with the elder two kids after swimming class. someone mentioned the roti canai here was very nice, worth a try. so after looking up the location on waze, off we went.

Mr. Roti Canai,
2, Jalan Putra Murni 3/2A,
47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

everything on the menu looked interesting. check out the different types of roti you could order.

muka sapa tu?

there were selections of nasi lemak and noodles to choose from as well, but let's just concentrate on the roti first, ok? (lol they're not called mr. roti canai for nothing lulz). i think their drinks were so-so. the teh ais was kinda bland. the service was ok, there weren't many people anyway. are they always like that? i'd categorize them at a higher level than your usual mamak, lol.

my kids were a roti fan,so they happily got their dose of roti canai + roti telur. and for something different, i tried the egg roll. Significant Other says it looked like a kebab -____-. when i was googling for the address i came upon someone's blog mentioning that the roti canai float was worth a try (and it also reminded me of roti dholl, the one roti we didn't get to try when were in Alor Setar last time lol) so i tapau-d that for Significant Other. the only roti canai in the menu that came with two soft boiled eggs. i'm not really a fan of soaking wet roti, but he said it was nice.

then he asked me, was that all? T______T what, you wanted me to tapau the whole menu back? haha.

i tried the egg roll.

roti canai outing