September 28, 2019

my fly girls

last month i had to stop by the Academy to drop off the Pilot's iPad when i chanced upon them outside during their morning break. i haven't seen the girls since February!
when you hang out with gorgeous girls long enough, their gorgeousness will definitely rub off on you, don't you think?
(proof: they say i look like i'm in my late 20s, score! =D now i really do wish i was still in my late 20s hahaha).
anyways, these fly girls finally complete their training this week after 80+ days of training. #jeles

i am grateful to have gotten to know these bunch of people. i wish them all the best in the skies!

on another note, the Pilot is grounded for another month (#B738forever punye pasal lol), so it's been awhile since i boarded an aircraft. i miss the adrenaline rush each time flying on standby... i miss the smell of the aircraft cabin... i miss getting to know the crew (and listen to their gossip, haha). macam2 lah i miss when it comes to this metal bird! LOL