March 31, 2011

a bit of paintball, face paint, babywearing and f1

i'm really behind on my post, aren't i? i'm still at the office at this hour, a fuse blew at our house yesterday which blacked out the back section of the house -.-. thinking on the positive side, i'm glad it was a partial blackout and not a total darkness blackout (the lights and fan were out in my bedroom, but the PC and tv were still functioning, beats me how they wired the house @_@). thanks to Faiz, i got someone to come over to fix the problem. yay! alhamdulillah.

so let's recap the past weekend, shall we? (British accent mode :P).

first up, mini babywearing gathering at Tasik Chempaka on Saturday! happened to be the F1 qualifying started at the same time the meet was held, so i decided to take the opportunity to snake away with the kids while Significant Other was occupied! hoho. photos courtesy of Leo and Leen.

diggin Reet's Azur colors more than mine!

leo pakai kasuri lap hidung jap *hingus* *hingus*

Dayana wants to be worn too :P

ayam, ayam, dan ayam lagi
FWCC, semi-FWCC, BWCC(?) :D

ada orang itu sudah jeles... :P~~~ dibs ini ayam

babywearing chat

she's loving the new water bottle i got for myself... lol

babywearing group photo shot

i went for my first Paintball event on Sunday. Significant Other's department organized it at TT Sports Park, which is apparently the biggest paintball park in Malaysia? (yakah? i dunno i simply read the words written there hoho). i think many were expected to turn up but in the end there were only 11 of us. and about 4000 bullets to finish. uh oh.

i didn't know what to wear for paintball. i think it doesn't really make much of a difference even if you wear layers of clothing, you still end up getting bruised. we were only given a vest to wear, and face helmets. heck, one of the guys in my team went into the game wearing absolutely no protection (kebal kah? i think he was pro). apparently i was the only one who was a paintball-virgin, so i got front seat for the quick briefing O_O.

first round i think i was the last one in my team to be eliminated, i was busy hiding behind one of those blown-up bolders, too scared to charge forward, until i got ambushed by the rival team, haha. i was actually more scared of getting nasty bruises, if anything. and boy did it hurt. i managed to shoot a guy who was busy crawling on the ground and didn't notice that i was on to him, kekeke. we played a total of 4 rounds, with me getting hit twice on the legs.

er, what happens if we run out of bullets? surrender and die? :D

end of Battle

i didn't bruise as bad as Significant Other though. he bruises easily. haih. even his skin is high maintenance. and boy, were his bruises horrible-looking.

Significant Other's horrible bruising 4 days after getting targeted

later in the evening i dropped by Rinie's crib to celebrate Dani's 2nd birthday. Significant Other stayed home to watch F1 on tv. i waited for the kids to wake up from their nap, so we arrived just in time for the birthday song. didn't take many pics since i had two kids to handle all by myself. luckily i met Syaz, Dayana was quite smitten by her. hehe.

managed to say hi to Dina (insyallah we'll see you this weekend!), Munirah (waited in line together for face painting, dun even know if she knows me or not), and i said hi to another fellow blogger who looked familiar thanks to my friend Mawar. don't think she knew me either. said hello but she looked pretty blur. oh well. nobody reads my blog anyway. i write pretty meaningless stuff most of the time haha.

Dinara managed to grab hold and dump a bowl of cendol onto my lap T_T.

i realllllyyyy wanted to get Dayana to do face painting (mother was more eksaited than the kiddo), but after waiting in line for ages, she burst into tears as soon as it was her turn T_T. so i thought that if the kakak didn't wanna do, i decided to do for the adik instead. the adik was happy to oblige :D. here's my little tiger, literally speaking :D.


Dayana had more fun running around with Ari and the rest of the kids chasing bubbles. see if you can spot Ari in the photo below. and i handed over rose and hemp to Syaz to be chopped. bye bye size 6. muahahahahhaha.

my eldest one frolicking around and has totally forgotten about me

intec is no longer based in KLCC :(. i no longer have a reason to drop by the towers just to gaze at the gorgeous scenery below. i even hear the Skybridge visits aren't free anymore :(. anyway, guess where they're moving to? bahhh... :P.

hmmm. i'll update more later when i have the time. i need to send an email out before heading home, and i'm hungry :(

March 16, 2011

hurray for iso-answering mamas

hurray for iso-answering mamas!

sometimes it's worth it to call dibs. you never know when they actually do contact you out of the blue when you think that it's impossible for them to let go any time soon (this doesn't successfully apply to hoarders though, haha).

dibs = please think of me if you ever decide to sell!

to me dibs is also a form of compliment. and some mamas keep track of dibs seriously. so please, use this word wisely. it wouldn't do to dibs everything in sight only not to follow through in the end (minus technical difficulties, that is).

Mr. P was an answered dibs. i placed dibs on two Mr. Ps at the time, but i didn't think they'd offer it so soon.

three other wraps were also obtained through isos, you can't help but love these mamas. you're happy to wwm if you like =P

* fishy-fishy and flowers! lol *

sometimes i don't like it when you get PMs stating, i have so-and-so, please name your price -.- especially when you know you're only able to get it if you're willing to pay 3 times retail. sigh. this has happened with rose. i think they're using it as a bargaining chip to get what they want, but i wonder if that's working, coz i see there's a sudden influx of roses for sale? i dunno.

will i ever be stashified? not if you have enabling friends. haha.

Dinara is starting to blow raspberries at you. if you start to talk to her, she'll go 'pffffffffftttttttttt'.

i was folding up Lampone when Dayana came over to me and sed 'nak carry'. woohoo. boy, she's heavy @_@. made a quick trip down the stairs and up again. speaking of heavy, i can actually feel the weight of Dinara if i carry her with my bare arms, berattttt! soo.. hurray for babywearing :D.

i'm going to Jerantut this weekend, my cousin is getting married. so i'm not purposely missing this weekend's gathering!!! sniff

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March 15, 2011

my little grabber

Daddy took some lovely photos of Dinara yesterday.

i gave Dinara Pumpkin + Sweet Corn last weekend. she didn't really love it, but she eventually finished the whole jar. hahaha. like Dayana, she doesn't like to drink water either. she adores her Rusks.

she loves to grab anything her little grubby hands can reach. and she has quite a grip, beware. last weekend she almost tried to strangle Aunty Marina by grabbing hold of her shiny necklace, lol. she especially likes to grab hold of my face when i'm wearing her, and she'd dig her nails into my skin, which hurts! grrr. she annoys her elder sister each time she tries to grab Dayana's Chewy. Dayana would then yank her blankie away and say 'no adik! this is mine!'.

kah kah. Dayana only shares certain things with her little sister, but her Chewy isn't one of them.
and apparently she bullies her little sister sometimes when our backs are turned, haih.

spent last weekend (read: Sunday) at home, much to my dad's surprise. lol. CNN was on most of the time (thank God my friends in Japan are alright), while Beauty & the Beast was played on repeat mode practically the whole day in the living room (i tried to get Dayana to watch Monster's Inc., but she insisted on pwincess, even Disney Channel sudah takmo tengok, aiyaa). i'm already sick of this Princess, i think i need to download Cinderella for her to watch, haha.

yesterday we went to Tesco, food supplies was running low, and i don't think i can handle shopping for myself so i brought Kakak and the kids along. we test-ran Liz's goldfishies. i don't really like how it pictures in photographs, but i love how it looks irl. thanks Liz! but a size 5 is still too lengthy for me!

praying my wrappee doesn't outgrow the wrapping phase anytime soon. else i gotta iso a new squishy haha.

our Tesco stroller haha

March 14, 2011

sneaky sneaky

if you want to lie, at least try to cover up your tracks, will you?

hi, let me tell you a story about a kerek somebody who thought she could get away with her tall tale.
apparently not, because i found out so... i'm able to tell you the tale. haha.

ok so Twisties decided she wanted to buy something from Campster. she asked if she could ship to a friend because Campster didn't do long distance shipping, and Campster agreed. so fine. payment details sent and all.
few hours later, Campster mailed Twisties, saying that she needs to cancel the transaction, as her friend has just gone into labor and wants to gift the item to her friend instead. so ok la, Twisties didn't end up buying the item, and simply requested for dibs.
[note that the item was not readily available, so at the time the only person who was selling it (according to Twisties resarch) was Campster]
few days later, an enthusiastic mama called Ribena started chirping about a recent purchase of hers. intrigued, Twisties realized that it was an item of the very same nature that she initially wanted to buy from Campster. and so she casually mailed Ribena asking who she bought it from.
and you know what she replied? who else? Campster.
you can guess what Twisties felt after that.
Twisties mailed Campster right afterwards 'casually' asking about her labor-friend and whether she liked the gift.
no reply until now.

kot ye pun, couldn't she have come up with a more better excuse? the excuse of not being able to do international shipping would rub off wayyy better than lying about a friend going through labor.


Significant Other said that Campster had a right to cancel the transaction because no monetary form was paid to seal the contract. however if money was already paid (be it only $1 dollar) and received by the seller, if in any circumstances that the seller decided to back out, the buyer has a right to sue. well, that's according to Significant Other lah. any lawyers out there to confirm this?


(to that particular someone, please do not sue me. eeek :P)

imo, this wouldn't be a bad deal if lying hadn't been involved. tsk tsk.

kesimpulan? if you wish to lie, please do it skilfully and stealthily. and make sure your tracks are fully covered :P

better yet, stay away from all these evil wrongdoings!

p/s. i also find it distasteful that some people jack up prices with the intention of donating for a good cause. not that i'm criticizing their good deeds, but sometimes i think i think they do it because they know there's a high demand for it and there are people who are willing to sell their arm for it (gory scene from 127 hours is filling my head now -.-). i think there are other ways to raise money instead of making money out of people's wants and desires. and let's hope that they actually do donate the proceeds to the respective bodies!

arrrgh, curse you-know-who for producing such lovelies in limited quantities! :P

ok emo sekejap. lol. please abaikan myself today. it's raining outside and i'm freezing, and my brain doesn't seem to be functioning properly today.

March 10, 2011

spay the nipas

dayana zooms into the bedroom.

dayana: mommy, ada nipas! ada nipas kat tv!
me: where?
dayana: come mommy, meh show, meh show.

heads toward the darkened living room where Dayana was watching Beauty & the Beast for the trillionth time.

me: mana lipas? (warily looks around the tv area) takde pun.
dayana: tu!!! (pointing at the ceiling cornice)
me: where? (squinting into the darkness) on the ceiling? that one? (me pointing to the teeny-weeny baby cicak that seemed like a small speck of dirt on the cornice)
dayana: yes, on the ceiling. mommy spay nipas!!!
me: T_T!
me: that's not lipas la, that's a cicak!
dayana: oooo, cicak go to sleep (makes horror face).

aih. itu cicak on the wall pun mau takut kaaa??? ni mesti inherited from the Daddy lar nih!!!

March 9, 2011

indian is england

me: where's Ashu?
Dayana: Ashu go to study, in India

me: where's Uncle Amal?
Dayana: Uncle Amal go to study, in Indian.

indian = england.


Dayana's current obsession is to stack things. and arrange things. her current favorite victims are her magnetized alphabets, ELC blocks, and the recent Duplo we just bought her.

her books that Uncle Alif bought all in a row

her kitchen set all susun neatly on the floor

one irritating thing that i don't like: she seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. she gets irritated if things doesn't go her way. and in turn, i'll get irritated as well. there was one time we were about to go out and for the first time she refused to follow us until she got her stacking completed the way she wanted it to be @_@.

doc in the house

i didn't know this book was launched in MidValley yesterday!!! T_T

i'm not a die-hard fan or whatever, but i like his vision. he's humble and wise! well, that's my opinion anyway. it's amazing how well he's faring at his age. my granddad and grandma's memories are slowly fading away, they can barely recognize people these days :(

so... has anyone gotten the book? LOL. i know a great friend of mine is a big fan of Dr. M. i actually knew about it watching the midnight news this morning. punye ketinggalan zaman. there's also this My First Home Scheme for those interested to purchase a home but can't afford the downpayment. terms and conditions applies.

wawasan 2020 is much more catchier than 1Mal*ays*a in my book anyday, hehe.

the two other books that i'm tempted to read are:
- Making More Milk by Diana West and Lisa Marasco
- The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever by Leslie S. Baumann


i remember i was driving in Penang when i got stuck behind a bus at a traffic light. there was this 1Mal*ys*a advert/banner printed on the back of the bus, which depicted the PM among a bunch of schoolkids, if i'm not mistaken.
the funny part was, the all people surrounding him seemed to look like Malays. what happen to the rest...? lol.

March 8, 2011

Dinara on solids now

ok so i got abit carried away with the banner. but it's currently my favorite color to look at. lol.

i started Dinara on solids last Saturday, i wanted to be the first person to spoon food into her mouth haha. i think she benefitted alot from just observing her older sister, she seemed to grasp the idea of spoon feeding much better than Dayana did the last time she started on solids.

her first food? i started out with those cereals added with EBM. my mom used to nag that since i didn't start Dayana on those type of cereals, growing older she absolutely refused to even try it (and she's still a picky eater until now). she's such a picky eater, only eats when she feels like it, but chugs alot of milk at night T_T. bila mau train her to stop bottle feeding? she recently chewed all my available teats to oblivion. luckily Mothercare had a sale last weekend. but i only bought 2, i should've gotten a couple more. i would've gone crazy at Mothercare if i didn't happen to bump into Farrah B last Friday, hahahah. i ended up empty handed the day i saw her (but that didn't stop me from purchasing Burt's Bee's for myself the following day at Parkson hahahahah).

her first few spoons

sudah habis, makan spoon pun jadi lah

anyway, it's back to the chopping board literally as to what i can feed Dinara. hohoho. i gave her a Rusk biscuit and she happily reduced it to crumbs, haha. can i use this excuse to buy a new blender/steamer? there's a sale at LittleWhiz. ohohohohoho *evil laugh*.

SR will be rented out tomorrow, i feel abit sad since i'll no longer be able to drop by on weekends to chill out, or be able to have a quick shower in our open-air bathroom =P. nor will i be able to enjoy the modern-ness of my tiny but cozy kitchen area, hahaha. on the other hand i have to keep reminding myself that the rental is good and i need to cover all the expenses we incurred just doing up the place @_@. i just hope the tenant will take good care of the unit. 'do unto others like how you'd like to be treated' and all that crap. hahahhahaha. i cringe each time i recall mil's unit in KL, the place is horrendous, no thanks to the previous tenant -.-

that's Dinara chillin out on the carpet :)

oh lookie, i got this newsletter in my inbox just now:

Significant Other wants to know who is in US right now, he wants to order. haha.

March 7, 2011

berry berry

happy happy fluffy! :) eksaited.

i initially wanted another dyeist to kill something for me, but unfortunately at the time she was busy with other commitments (she did reply me much later after that but that's another tale in the future mwahahahaha) so i decided to enlist the services of another fellow dyeist. i previously owned one of her dye jobs but i sold it off because the color and size was definitely not 'me'. but her dye jobs are superb (i own one of her hemp jobs), so one day while i was feeling abit frustrated i pmmed her to ask whether she had any available dye slots.

i got lucky: she said yes. glory glory~

so i bought a wrap from an Euro mama (who i have yet to hear from, i hope she is well) and she had it sent directly to the febeles 'I'. i decided on a 55 azur in a size 4, since i liked how it rucked, despite it being thick and guni-ish.

the color choosing process

now this was hard. browsed to existing photos of dyed wraps and the more i saw, the more confunded my brain became (i hate customs =P). the base of my 55 is blue, so i needed something that could blend in. i initially wanted to do a Fera lookalike, purplish-aquamarine - it had two of my favorite colors, purple and blue. but if i were to request that, it would be her 3rd identical creation in that colorway. and i think she was starting to get bored dyeing the same thing.

i couldn't ask her to be creative with the colors because i didn't want to end up with a wrap that i didn't like, i wanted to love mine. that's the whole point of doing a custom, right?

ok so the other option was to recreate the colors on a wrap i came across while traversing TBW. it had three of my favorite colors: blue, pink and purple :D.

Luminescence taken from Vanessa's FB page

inspired by this:

Psling Berry Berry Gradation

and so after bugging her with numerous of PMs (changing my mind like every 5 seconds) and even to the point of asking to redo (sorry dear :P), she came up with this for me:

i loved it so much i kept the page open in my iPhone browser to stare at it. hahahahah. cannot wait. for it to arrive and to see it irl :D.

my 55 search is officially over. i am sooOOoOOo banned from TBW after this T_T.

note: 55 = 55% linen

March 4, 2011

bamboletta & dragonflies

one craze follows another. i'm not a dolly person. well, i used to be, i think. when i was younger i had a number of barbie dolls at home. but i also remember that i stripped their clothes off and subjected some of them to a number of horrendous haircuts, which to me come to think of it, seemed like pure torture... oops.

well, at least i didn't tear off their limbs or stick needles into them like they do sometimes in horror movies. hahaha. i didn't really keep them properly because my sister used to steal them away from me. biasalah, whatever the older sister does, the younger one pun nak buat sama... which gets me to think about Dayana & Dinara and the time when they're at that age when they get efficient in bickering at each other, hahaha).

i received quite a bunch of stuffed toys throughout the years while growing up, but only a few became my favorite. i still have my stuffed bunny rabbit i used to have when i was young. it wore a purple swimsuit, i think i named it 'Sandy' (swimsuit = beach = sand = get it?). i went to bed with it every night. even brought it along with me whenever we balik kampung. i faintly remember one time my rabbit looked sooo greyish and dull that my uncle Pak Itam threw it into the washing machine, and it came out putih berseri hahahaha.

i don't look like a stuffed toy person, so i rarely get them as gifts. i'm not a flower person either btw. i hate that they don't last and start to get this weird smell after they wilt and die and they start to decay. ugh.

i remember a good friend of mine once surprised me with this gigantic Mashimaro outside my hostel window during my college years. bapak punya besar, it took up 3/4 of the space on my bed. in defense, when i say 'teddy bear', a mashimaro does not fit the bill. kakakakakaka. i think it eventually went off to live with one of my cousins.

Dayana hasn't shown her fondness for stuffed toys yet, but she loves her Mickey Mouse her Daddy bought her during one of his trips overseas (which i think he actually bought it at the KLIA airport kakakaka). when she was younger she used to regard Mickey AND Minnie as Mickey. Mickey is Mickey, Minnie pun Mickey. she drags it around until the ears almost tercabut. i tried sewing it back, but with the noob skills that i have my sewing came apart not too long after -.- then one day at Empire she saw Minnie being displayed at a makeshift booth and demanded she wanted that one too. at this time she could already differentiate between Mickey and Minnie. haha. cannot kelentong her already, sudah smart, this kid.

anyhoo, i just wanted to crap about Bambolettas and Dragonfly's Hollow (this is one kewl name, eh? sounds spooky and reminds me of the Charmed Ones, hihi). if you're a doll fan and would like to get a unique doll of your own, then these two should make wonderful additions to your home. i fell in love with them at first sight. but one thing turned me off abit for me to get one.

problem is, you can't find them at stores. you need to wait for listing, then you gotta berebut with everyone else to snag them once the list is up and running online. if you're too slow or have a lousy internet connection, then too bad for you. hahaha. ok that's just me being pessimistic. any listing that works this way i confirm tak dapat. i was never that lucky to get anything first time round, huhu.

anyway, since they're actually handmade with natural materials that are safe for your children (both Bambo and DFH i think, i gotta find out more later and i'll update soon wnough) so each of them are unique in its own way. they are also available in 15" height :O and because of that, they're not cheap to begin with. but they're worth it if your little one is into dolls. actually, it doesn't matter if you yourself is the one jakun over these dolls. they're really really really pretty to begin with (the girly side in you can never resist cutsey-pie things, can you? lol i'm talking on a woman's perspective ok, if you're a guy and reading this (and getting bored to death with this post), you're better off going gaga over Transformers or something keke).

for more information on Dragonfly's Hollow, you can go here. operating from the States.

source: Dragonfly's Hollow FB fan page

for more information on Bamboletta, you can go here. operating from *ahem* Canada :D

source: Bamboletta FB fan page

or you can also look them up on Facebook (everything is about Facebook and Twitter these days... hmmph). lol. i'm just writing this post just for fun, mainly with the hopes that Dayana will one day be into these type of dolls so i have a reason to stalk their listings =P. i know a friend of mine is currently being enabled over these dolls. for now stalking them is just too taxating for me, i'd rather stalk that silk indio i raved about earlier.


another thing i don't like about these type of products is that since they're not available in stores, the resell prices can skyrocket and can even be auctioned off at ebay for an arm and a leg. i kind of find it abit of a turnoff that way. ntah la, that's just me. i'd rather have it that everyone should be able to own one and not have to pay htf prices, which is sometimes just ridiculous even for just a doll, for God's sake.

but then, the world is unpredictable and crazy at times. heck, i read in the paper that someone was willing to waste 100k on a bloody car platenumber. what for????? will you be sleeping with the platenumber? sometimes people have too much money to begin with they just don't know what to do with it. haha.

if i was able to turn into a doll, here's what i wish i could look like =P:

source: Dragonfly's Hollow FB fan page

ok i'm off to lunch. i'd better write whatever i can while my brain's still wired up :D. today Mothercare is on sale, i need to get teats for Dayana because she has managed to ruin every single teat on her bottle -.- (to begin with, i have never replaced her teats before this, punye la kemut hahaha).


p/s. izzah, happy belated besday! bile yek? sorry kakly terlupa wish... heee~

March 2, 2011

the impulse trip up

it was an impulse trip alright. Significant Other heard from a friend of his that there was going to be durian fest at Genting, so on Saturday the whole family was bundled up into the car and brought up to Genting Highlands. woohoo. we got Fahmi & Johanna to tag along too :).

for starters, the only info we could find was the poster shown below. and when i called the number written towards the bottom of the poster, the person on the other end knew nuts about what was happening, nor could she answer any of my questions. bahhh.

another thing which was disappointing was that on the poster it wrote there 10am-8pm. we arrived there about 11ish, and nothing was there. so i asked a guy there who was busy setting up tables and such, he told me to wait until 12.30pm. so ok lah. we went to McD to share a meal between us as the prices are literally to die for.

but when we went there again for the second time, there were only two measley stalls set up and one stall when i asked they told me they were already sold out. wth? you couldn't even call it a fest, it was soo measley to begin with. contact numbers were printed on the banner that was erected AT the fest, which kinda defeats the purpose considering people would have wanted to know more about the fest before actually coming to the fest, don't you think? whatmore the time stated there was from 10am-8pm. not only did the durians arrive late (in limited quantities too) but when i left around 5.30pm the area was already totally deserted.


musang king

fahmi n jo

since we were already there, we bought tickets for the indoor park as Dayana didn't meet the minimum requirement for most the rides, be it outside or inside haha. i think this was my first time playing the indoor rides, usually before this it was either simply sightseeing or going for a ride or two if we had to hang out indoors, haha.

gondola ride!

Dinara chillin' out

future parents in the making =D

too short to meet the minimum requirement


Dayana seemed to be expressionless whenever she got on the rides, i got no idea why. hahah. pics to be uploaded later as usual =P. i wore Dinara using Rosey Moss. surprisingly this is the first DH-approved wrap among all the others that i've brought home and tried. seriously. i was surprised myself. i wonder if it's because it's pink =P~~~

expressionless macam itu all the way

then later... rush back to KL... left the kids with my parents... and off to a wedding smack in the center of KL T_T:

the bride looks lovely as she always does... (Significant Other kagum that she's sooo tall hehe). thanks so much for inviting me :D. this would be my 3rd chinese wedding dinner i've ever attended (second one being Norm's, first being Justine's). the only tiny part of chinese weddings that i'm not too fond off is that you can't take your own sweet time on each course. before you know it they'd be sweeping off all the dishes off the table and you need to finish up what's on your plate for the next course. hahahaha. chis.

on Sunday we zipped off to Ikea to prepare SR for its new tenant. i finally had the opportunity to try out the oven, roasting pre-marinated chicken i bought last minute. wish i had abit more time to enjoy the unit. staying in your own home has soo many +ve sides, the vibes you get is more energetic too. heehee. but we need the moolah since budget this year is really tight so rental it is then.

hopefully murah rezeki this year. i dunno about you but this year has already started out on a roller-coaster for me @_@.

p/s. can't wait for my Azur makeover. i hope you get well soon, Iza :)

yesterday tweetified

yeah. so sue me. i told myself i wouldn't. yet i did. why? no thanks to Didy. haha. see photo below. now tell me that's not pretty.

rose silk indio 30%!!!

lovely. lovely. lovely. but they were sold out the minute they were released. wth??? i wonder what Didy was thinking about when they released it in limited quantities. don't they know that women love PINK???? and so me and my friend are stalking the world to see if there are still a couple more to spare. sniff.

anyway, as of yet, i am still a twitter-noob. i dun even know how to twit, and the apps for iPhone is equally annoying. so for now i am trying to figure out how to follow people's twits (whatever that means). haha.

oh since my chickens balik kampung this week (to Terengganu of all places, i miss my grandma!!!) another chicken dropped by today to temporarily fill the void. fastest postal service ever for Poslaju. tak sampai 24 hours even :). usually they're very unpredictable and you can't always rely on the 'dijamin sampai esok tagline' thingy. haha.

i got my mail from sampan country last week. my mom brought it over last Saturday when they came over to babysit. woohoo. it's kind of infamous that mail from sampan country takes ages to arrive, especially if it's sent via surface. heck, my December wrap hasn't even arrived yet, and it's already been 2 months -.- (i'm giving it 3 months before i officially declare the sampan tenggelam).

well, this one, i paid quite a hefty price to ship this one out. and even then i think pp ate some of it. tsk. but look at the little extras the mama threw in. that was really nice.

little trinkets from sampan country

come to think of it, all my 50% are from sampan country. ahahahhahaha.
but this time i'm diverting yew before it reaches here, with the hopes that it would arrive faster. i'm tired of the long wait. long wait will lead to increased curiosity which will then lead to impulse actions which will then result in pp tree dying. hohohoho.

i seem to have wraps on my brain alot these days. i wonder why. seems like my blog is turning into a wrap blog. if i were reading my own blog, i'd think, bosannye. kakakaka. i still got alot to update, especially about the kiddos. be prepared to see a couple of outdated posts popping up on my blog occasionally from now on. hehe.