October 13, 2020

those last moments in BS

due to the rising COVID cases each day, Selangor's been decreed to go under CMCO for two weeks starting from tomorrow 14th to 27th October... BUT i reckon it will be longer though. MCO started out the same way too; they told us to stay home for 2 weeks, which ended up being > 3 months. my terrarium i left in the office R.I.P. because of that. haha.

because of this, today marks our last working day at Bangsar South office. personally i'd have chosen to continue working at this office since everything was easily accessible here, plus Operations are still based in BS (until Cyber's IT infrastucture is ready) but 16th was the last day our parking pass was valid for, so nak tak nak we had to pack up and go.

i will miss you Ah Hock (milo panas cawan besar), myNews downstairs, SanFran's coffee offers (even though i don't drink coffee haha), Ayam Penyet, Tomyam, Nasi Kukus (also known as kedai kaki ayam Rina) at Bumbung Biru, the Curry Laksa at Nyonya (they don't have any outlets nearer to me, chis) and fragrant Flower Tea at Amber, to name a few things on the top of my head that i know i would miss. 

(as i'm writing this, i am hungry, can you tell?)

at the new office, you have to literally go out to find decent food if you don't want to order food delivery service. and the new office is adopting an open seating work situation, where you no longer have a permanent desk to dump all your things - tissue box, mirror, stationeries, personal supplies, etc. save for a small cubicle to chuck your stuff. where am i going to keep my extra monitor like this? nanti orang curikkkkkk :O since CMCO happened and everyone is forced to stay home and i have yet to step foot into the new office, my office stuff are strewn all over the house. hahahahaha.

in light of everything happening, we took the opportunity to celebrate our last few weeks in BS - eat, shop, and camwhoring. not to forget plant-poaching *ahem*, but let's not elaborate on that, shall we? =P

nak pindah baru tau kewujudan tempat ni HAHA
no more shopping outings to mv with this crazy bunch
no more Ted Boy for tea time, across the office
no more reason to drive out to BS after this
no more lunch sessions with my ice cream buddy

i'm going to miss:
- my occasional ice cream sessions with Dilot
- hanging out with my other non-colleague friends who i occasionally lepak with
- getting lost in the stairwells in the basement looking for my car because parking is always full and i keep forgetting where i park my car
- ad hoc shopping for overpriced groceries at Aeon so that i don't have to stop by Tesco on my way home from work
- hopping into a Grab and heading to mv to have lunch w Mashi
- monthly banana leaf sessions with my cousin
- my favourite threading store after having banana leaf =D
- makan megi and onion-ing with my gila friends after work
- cheap food at Bumbung Biru!

but then again CMCO has gotten everyone stuck at home, so no difference la... for now.

October 4, 2020

F & F's garden wedding

F & F

getting married in the middle of this pandemic is quite challenging really. catering for social distancing requires quite a number of adjustments in order to do so: limiting the number of invited guests, preparing hand sanitizers at every table, donning 'fahsunable' face masks to go with your outfit, temperature checking, and generating and scanning QR codes, to name a few. so a friend of ours Fikri got married recently. he was supposed to have gotten married earlier this year, but alas covid happened.

the new norm - hand sanitizers!

we've known him way back during his and the husband's pre-flying days when they were both working at Aviax. Fikri had another friend working together with them, Danial who we always thought (and joked) that they were gonna be inseparable forever, haha. those were the days when they were all still single and available. Aviax is l.e.g.e.n.d, yo. heck, two friends of mine found their husband / wife whilst working there *ahem to bini geng AA*, how ohsem is that, lol.

geng Aviax reunite!

well anyway, they chose Forest Valley Hall in Cheras as their wedding venue, and i must say it's quite a distance from our place, but the place seemed relatively new, and gorgeous too. boasting of a garden wedding concept, there were lots of windows and everything was bright, airy and sunny, so the space seemed much larger than it already was. the only downside was the roads were untarred, so good luck to your vehicle, hahahahha.

Forest Valley Hall
Unnamed Road, Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras, Selangor

see? even the road is 'Unnamed'. hehe.

the bride, i first met during our flight back from Perth last year (oh i miss air travel, doesn't everyone?). her facial features are so exotic-looking. she made a gorgeous bride that day. and Fikri cleaned up good too for the wedding, check out his 'wolverine look', hahahha. if you have the time to hang out with them one day, ask them about the first time they met. =)

one with the Bride & Groom

it's been awhile since i dressed up, covid has gotten everyone stuck at home with nowhere to go, you can't believe how much i've saved for not having to replenish my facial supplies =P. i brought my younger two kids with me, i'm not sure why they enjoy weddings, probably because they've been cooped up so long indoors they were happy to go anywhere, even if it means to the kedai runcit a few meters away from home.

so who recognizes the flowerpot? =D
with the two younger minions

oh and that budak Terengganu friend of ours, Amirul is still single (or not. but do ask him first in case i'm wrong LOL).

flower girl(s)
the groomsman cover line sbb tersalah enterframe LOL

congratulations you two. they're currently in the phase of enjoying grocery shopping together, hahahah. someone once told me grocery shopping together was romantic. mulling over which tomato looks the ripest and which brand of cereal to get is totally romantic indeed.