June 29, 2012

more destashing

this time... it ain't about carriers.

1.MNJ Nicole Blouse, XS

- worn it only a handful of times... for interviews. LOL.
- size XS, but it's still loose on me @_@
- asking rm 25 with postage.

2.Mothercare Swaddling Blanket from Miracle Blanket *SOLD*

- equivalent to miracle blanket perhaps.
- bought this brand new, prewashed... then never worn (Dinara wasn't a swaddle baby).
- retailed for 100+, letting go for rm60 inclusive postage.

3.Primavera Shoes

- size 5, bronze color.
- don't wear it, been sitting in closet forever.
- not exactly heels since it's not, but i wouldn't call it flats either (ala cam those comfy sandals you see at Hush Puppies punye style ittew), need to take a pic of the bottom of the shoe later.
- retailed at rm150, letting go for rm40 with postage.

1 comment:

Mrs. Swaddle said...

I would get the swaddle blankets, but I got so many as baby shower gifts already