June 29, 2012

more destashing

this time... it ain't about carriers.

1.MNJ Nicole Blouse, XS

- worn it only a handful of times... for interviews. LOL.
- size XS, but it's still loose on me @_@
- asking rm 25 with postage.

2.Mothercare Swaddling Blanket from Miracle Blanket *SOLD*

- equivalent to miracle blanket perhaps.
- bought this brand new, prewashed... then never worn (Dinara wasn't a swaddle baby).
- retailed for 100+, letting go for rm60 inclusive postage.

3.Primavera Shoes

- size 5, bronze color.
- don't wear it, been sitting in closet forever.
- not exactly heels since it's not, but i wouldn't call it flats either (ala cam those comfy sandals you see at Hush Puppies punye style ittew), need to take a pic of the bottom of the shoe later.
- retailed at rm150, letting go for rm40 with postage.

June 28, 2012

what's your perfume?

while ransacking sil's closet last night after having dinner my only two sils, i came across her perfume collection.
sil has sooo many nice stuff, the amount of clothes she has easily surpasses mine. her cosmetics too. her bathroom is heavily littered with beauty products.

Sarah!!!!!! remember this???? you used to love it more than i do. in fact, i only love the bottle, because it's purple. and it's encrusted with tiny jewels. HAHA. wujud lagi ke tak eks?

moi Lolita~

i found this one in sil's closet. this was the first perfume i've ever bought for myself, i remember purchasing the set for only rm150 at Greentown Mall. until now, this is still one of my favorites.
Lancome Miracle... fink!

once upon a time i used YSL Roses, a limited edition line from the original. i'm a big roses fan. aaaand it's pink =P. for the amount you get, the price was totally worth it. it's too bad i don't see it being sold around here anymore. i tried asking the staff at the counter to see if they happen to carry its variant, i only managed to get blank stares in return @_@.

YSL Roses

i don't believe in buying too many perfumes at one time. it takes a year for me to finish a normal-sized bottle. when i was pregnant i stayed away from all types of 'smelly' stuff, including perfume. and i find that once you've used a bottle, after awhile the smell will start to change, usually to something nauseous, no kidding. sometimes the color will start to change too. then the only noble way to finish it is to use it as an 'air freshener'.

air freshener my ass. i came home one day to find the house intoxicated with some perfume Significant Other was trying to finish X_X.
the maid almost got murdered by EDP.

well anyway, here's what i'm using now, fil bought this for me. i only love the original Pleasures, not Intense or Exotic. one of my mom's favorites.

Estee Lauder's Pleasures

Fresh as flowers after a rain, this sheer, shimmering floral is a spirited blend of Lilies, Peonies and Jasmine, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic Baie Rose.

i got this for my birthday present last year. i'm not much of a fan but i love the bottle! i use this daily to work. the kids love it too, every morning they'd ask me to spray some on them. lolz.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Significant Other doesn't really like it. he says since he's the one that's gonna be the 'smell-er' (er, so does that make me 'smell-lee'? ahahahahah), so might i wear something that he happens to like? *roll eyes*. but he has a point. well, at least he likes Pleasures. i told him to go buy something for me at one of the duty-free shops there, he might be eligible for a discount, haha.

well, anyway, his favorite scent on a woman is this. i find it a bit too rich for my liking, i'm reminded of 'older' mysterious women =P:

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

i personally prefer Red Door Velvet. but the original is starting to rub off on me. maybe that's a sign i'm really getting older. heck i'm leaving 3 decades behind!!!

June 27, 2012

i.s.o. this n that

one of the bags i own that i didn't even buy.

no thanks to someone's blogpost - and mind you, i don't get swayed by bags easily - i keep coming back to look at this one:

sighhhhhhhhhh. Sarah, nak oder ni leh?

oh, look what came in the post for me earlier this morning - it's not mine, btw. i'm resorting to temp trading - much cheaper for the pocket, and won't cause you heartbreak if you don't like it later.

a colleague of mine thought i brought a pillow to work T__T.

the secret to get consumers to buy more is simple: having good customer service. if:

a) i enter a store where the staff assumes i don't have money to spend and doesn't even bother greeting me (never confuse this with hovering ok, i dislike people breathing down my neck while i shop, touching EVERYTHING i touch grrrr - tunggu org kluar kedai dulu, boleh tak? #$#@!%&),


b) staff greets you with a smile, entertain every stupid question you ask, and smile even if you don't buy a single thing after wasting their time with you-think pointless questions...

i'd definitely cave and buy from b), and i might even probably end up with more things than i planned on buying. LOL. the staff was soOoOO nice to my friend, and she only wanted to get a face mask and scrub. we got freebies!!! LOVE!
heck i think on my next pay day i'll come back to get this as well:

if i didn't know any better i would've spread some on a piece of bread and eat it. HAHAHAHA.

someone delivered at 34 weeks btw. congrats to the new momma! now i'm super envious of people with newborns. forgive me if i feel left out somewhat.


image from here

no thanks to another blogpost (and also no thanks to my sister-in-law =P) i caved n got this... (in my defense, i managed to destash 4 carriers, amin~)

ok peeps, that's all from me for today =D

oh... one more thing to share: my sil's adopted babies =D


June 26, 2012

things i pick up on FB

you see... Facebook isn't all that bad.

things you might not have known when reading the Quran:

i'm kinda glad my parents sent me to Agama school back in my primary school days. i remember Abang Van picking me up in the afternoons (and sometimes even abandoning me when i take too long just getting out the front door hahahah). i might have thought it a nuisance to go for classes back then, since i used to view it as lesser time to play in a day. and i might not be the most religious person as one would hope to be. but education in the simple basics is something. and the mysterious thing about how the world works is, you tend to remember most of the things you learn when you were younger...

yes, i haven't been doing as much reading as i should. since the holy Ramadhan is coming up soon (in less than a month!) i thought i'd share something i picked up on Facebook:

so let's hope to a great month ahead =)

June 25, 2012

who's the mama

in an effort to teach Dinara how to call me MOMMY instead of MAMA, each time i point to myself i'll ask Dinara, "ni sapa?" and then i'd answer "ni Mommy", stressing on the 'meeee'.
so recently she's able to pronounce 'Mommy', offering it out sporadically whenever she feels like it.
so eksaitedly i point to myself and asked her, "ni sapa?"
she confidently answered, "Mommy".
oh but don't get so eksaited yet.
then she jabbed a finger at her chest and confidently said "Mommy".
and then she went to poke her sister in the chest and said, "Mommy!".
haiya @_@ the hand gesture doesn't mean Mommy la sayang @_@.

did i tell you she likes to tear up papers? i think she enjoys the ripping sound. she's been having a ball ripping up my past Astro magazines in my room.
and only my Dinara can manage to destroy her board books ok. like this one:

please baby please! @_@

somehow she managed to glue the pages together. and i unsuccessfully managed to unstuck them. sigh. and i bought this all the way from Houston too. warghhhh.

anyway, here are my little two darlings last weekend. attended an ex-colleague's wedding at Taman Rimba TTDI, so it was like a mini Intec reunion. among the 6 of us (pengantin included), all except one abandoned ship aeons ago. haha.

don't be deceived by their innocent looks!

my friend became a mama for the fourth time last Saturday. she gave birth on her son's third birthday. the miracle of shared birthdays... what's her secret? =D i meant to deliver Dinara on the exact date as her older sister but no dice. she tak makan saman and refused to wait for another 5 more days, lolz. anyway, meet Nik Hafiy =D. makes me wish for a newborn now. at least i can justify my sling collection.

congrats Mama Norley!

oh... and i posted this beauty today. hope she gets lotsa snuggles at her new family *sniff*. i posted Cherry Drop too. to the mama who bought Cherry Drop, i demand dibs ok? rosa will be going out tomorrow too, all prepped for her new owner too.


alhamdulillah for a smooth first attempt at destashing. amin.

now if you'll excuse me, i need to go 'study' for Instrumentation. LOLZ.

June 23, 2012

up to some sort of good

ok so for the past few days i've been busy... sort of. i realized i had so much free time all of a sudden (sunyi sepi is more like it... macam tak pernah terperasan... ouch) this is what i did last night at 1am:

fishy soup... half finished already

gigih ok. i had already bought all the ingredients the day before, but i fell asleep as soon as got back from work and only woke up at 10pm T_T. being the undomestic person that i am, i had quite a time figuring out what was what at the supermarket. especially the spices.

lemongrass tu serai rupanya. chives was what again...?

bunga lawang... bunga cengih... kayu manis... @_@

i came back with a bunch of spices in pre-packed packets. the maid said i had enough spices to last me a year hahahahah.

... almost fainted at how much fish cost these days. seb baik time tu i tak tamak amik lebih. huhu~

well anyway, i took my own sweet time rounding up everything (kalau ade org lapar tu i would recommend looking for an appetizer dulu haha). i'm reminded of Mak Long. she's really something in the kitchen, lol.

the ingredients

i wonder if i put too much water, because at first taste i was reminded of salt water. hahahahaha. but it turned out edible. it wasn't spicy enough so apart from the crushed pepper i put in, i added tons of white pepper powder to make it more spicy. next time i should put in a whole carrot instead of half. and bawang besar (but i realize i only like them if i boil them to oblivion).

lasted me three rounds. ok la for a dummy beginner like me. for those who think they're intermediate or expert, please roll your eyes elsewhere ok?

today (Saturday) i had a dental appointment at the usual dentist i go to in KJ. needed to do something about my bleeding gums. i brought Dayana along to show her that whatever you see in dentist horror films are actually true bwahahaha what dentists are about. usually Dr. Sinniah would be the attending Dr., but today the Dr. i met was the son (there used to be another Dr. but he seemed to have poofed). anyway, he said i had good teeth =D (lol Aya... ooo Aya... sila pengsan plis =P~) despite having done my last scaling in 2006. my teeth feels all shiny now. prices seemed to have increased though. luckily there's company claim.

after my fishy escapade, i was tempted to try ayam goreng kicap. this time round, i got the recipe from my friend Nurul.

(recipe here).

since i was on a roll, after seeing the dentist i dropped by Tesco to get stuff. Nurul mentioned that kicap abc was good with anything (does it trump kicap kipas udang? i wonder) so i decided to give the brand a go. siap tangkap gambar kasi confirm sama Nurul hahahahah.

heinz rupanya. macam heinz ketchup kah?

will try this later and update you on whether it turned out to be a disaster or not. the last time i attempted to cook kari ayam from mom's recipe, it turned out weird. ugh. now where did i put that recipe...

will be going out later for an eye checkup. busy busy...


shopping with impaired vision is no fun. especially when you need to take off your glasses to see things up close. i'm squinting at the monitor as i type this. huhu.

oh btw, thanks to iza's post, i caved and bought something for Dayana:

girls will be girls. from Elmo and Dora to Barbie Dolls and Disney Princesses... i do wish Tinkerbell would stand up properly. she's gonna 'donate' that one to Dinara... -__- i have the tiniest urge to get another set for myself to decorate my cubicle haha.

June 21, 2012

new me... sort of

well... not new la, per se. but looking at the photo, i do feel like i'm someone else. hahahaha.

(do i? hahah)

can anyone suggest to me what hair color would suit me? last time i highlighted my hair red, i felt like a flaming tomato. don't like blond. i like brown but am not sure which shade would compliment me.

so... u laike?

June 20, 2012

today's lunch = yesterday's dinner

creamy seafood spaghetti from Dome. semalam makan tak habis (actually, tak luak pun), so brought it to work to taram during lunch hour.
kononnye nak jimat duit, but i ended up following my friends for lunch and buying a set meal at Burger King, which i finished during tea time @_@.
guess my appetite is slowly returning =). a good sign i guess.
i only wish i didn't feel so sleepy...

here are my maestro kids, btw. perhaps this comes from my side of the family. Daddy has 0% talent in music =P~~~~

btw, lovely wrap this one is - Jumpsac Pandora, pink weft

June 19, 2012

empty Tuesday

i say empty because work's done. so no quarreling over who gets which environment. phew.

marimekko KP red straps standard/standard with red sv, stuffable sv flat hood. *SOLD* was a pleasure to own, despite rarely wearing it. or not at all -___-.

i'm guessing your new owner will make full use of you =D.

i'm down to only two SSCs now. although, i'm bb and ocah curious... *slaps self back to reality*

this is what i had for lunch today:

spicy smoked beef pasta

frankly, i no like it. it's a bit spicy for my liking. their spaghetti dish with the black pepper chicken is ridiculously spicy T__T. actually i'm crossing SweetChat off my list for lunch, i don't really fancy the food there, save for their desserts (you gotta give their banana or durian pancake a try). i've been craving for spaghetti these past few days. been craving for the spaghetti at level 3's food court but at the moment they're closed for renovation until December, and i don't know where they relocated to. can they afford total shutdown for that many months? @_@

for some reason pay day seems like aeons away. can i go for a makeover?

June 14, 2012

pretty in Dayana's eyes

was Facetiming with Significant Other last evening in front of the TV. i had my glasses off.

Dayana came to me and said, "Mommy, pakai glasses la Mommy!"

(dia ni pantang tengok anomalies - if i only have a top on without any bottom, she'll insist that i wear pants immediately, or if it's bedtime she'll insist i change into baju tido, etc.)

then Daddy asked her, "Mommy nampak pretty tak kalau Mommy pakai glasses ke tak pakai glasses?"

she thought for a moment, then she replied "pakai glasses lah".

so i asked her, "Daddy pretty tak?" dia cakap tak. when i asked her why? she answered, "sebab Daddy tak pakai glasses". hahahaha.

but when i asked her if she and adik were pretty or not, she said "pretty lah!". which is kinda contradicting because both of them don't wear glasses either. LOL.

June 13, 2012

mashi's ikan recipe

sup ikan. my friend made this. sedap woOoOoO =P. the recipe according to Mashi:

- tumis bawang merah 2 ulas, bawang putih 2 ulas + cincang halia 2 keping
- letak skali serai (ketuk sket) + kayu manis dlm 2 cm, bunga lawang 2 kelopak (bukan 2 kuntum), cengkih 2 bijik
- tumis sampai wangi
- dah naik bau baru tambah air
- add in carrots... once dah mendidih... put in the fish (ikan jenahak, siakap)
- letak garam secukup rasa + black pepper (ketuk sket kasi pecah)
- potong bawang besar seeloknya bawang kuning tu... campak je dlm kuali
- tunggu ikan masak

and there you have it. LOL.

June 11, 2012


lbs = lagenda budak setan

i don't know whether to like or hate the movie. perhaps a refresher is in order.

ok so kill me if i only just joined the LBS bandwagon. i rarely watched Malay movies at the cinema, i'd be happier watching Malay movies at home within the comfort of my bedroom walls. if the movie story lines weren't about sappy love stories with the usual predictable endings, they'd be about gangsters and mat rempits. or fake-looking hantus. in my mind lah, they would usually be cliche.

Ombak Rindu was ok. best by far (please ignore me, i'm usually bias -_-).

i've been harping on wanting to see this movie forever, so one day Significant Other downloaded the movie for me, and one night we watched it together. the movie made everything in the plot so rushed, so unnatural. then again, i was young when i read the book, i didn't have high expectations then. but i think for those who have read the book di zaman batu dulu, you'd agree that the books were good, no?

Shaliza, a childhood friend of mine, introduced the LBS books to me. i rarely read books in Malay medium - having been brought up in US during my first 7 years of living, i tended to sway towards 'English' - speaking bukan main, my internal thoughts were in English, even Malay looked foreign to me (i didn't get A1 for BM in my SPM btw haha). my favorite storybook of choice would be the Sweet Valley series, a book in those days cost only rm7.90. if i couldn't buy, i'd borrow them at Novel House in SS2. i remember being amazed at Nicholas, he was a big fan of the SV series.

anyway, the LBS trilogy books were great (in my mind, that is), the movie was not. in fact the movie sucked. which is why the hunt for these three books is in order.

i pretty much have nothing better to do atm =P even the kutus couldn't die. LOL.

by the way, has anyone seen this book? another Malay book i read when i was in Form 1. that was so long ago, i presume they don't sell this book anymore. i think i borrowed this from my friend Aryati, but i could be wrong. sometimes i wish i had never given the book back to her, teruk tak? wahahahahahah

p/s. after the movie baru Significant Other cakap Lisa Surihani chomel. like duh, i know that since Ombak Rindu lagi., hahah.

stendhy, rosa and lavender

*all SOLD*

1. Jumpsac Single Layer Crunchy Raw Silk in Lavender. M size (if i'm not mistaken). *SOLD*
asking rm160 inclusive postage.

2. Didymos Rosalinde 50% linen Shorty size 2 ~ 2.6m *SOLD*
overdyed Dylon Pink to make the pink even sweeter. well-soft wrap.
asking rm195 inclusive postage.

an action photo of Rosalinde

3.Didymos Stendhal 50% double faced linen wrap. size 5 ~4.2m. *SOLD*
almost brand new, rarely worn.
handsome red linen on one side, reversing to mysterious black cotton on the other.
asking rm550 inclusive postage.

run away

Dayana definitely knows when i'm mad at her.

last night Dayana she was too indecisive - nak iPod lah, nak watch TV lah (she calls it 'televisi' T___T), nak hijack my PC to play Sims Social, nak susu lah, nak draw lah... and it was 11.30pm at night and tomorrow was a school day. grrrrr.

so mula lah Mommy nak meletup with impatience. i was at the PC busy clicking away at the time (multitasking la kan =P). i started babbling away at her for not listening blablablabla...

she came to me and said,

"Mommy, kalau Mommy marah, nanti Dayana run away!"

i was like, whaaaaaaaaaaat?

hmmm. she must've actually listened to all those empty threats that if she didn't clean up after herself and didn't want to listen to Mommy, i'd run away and leave her behind. or perhaps it was because in Alvin & the Chipmunks, Theodore ran away from home - i've been having the movie played on rerun for so many days now at her request - mau muntah mak.

so out of curiosity, i asked her, 'Dayana nak run away pergi mana?'. i never told her where i was going anyway.

you know what she answered?

she was sitting on the floor at the time. she reached out an arms length and pointed to a spot on the floor with a finger. "sini!" the said most confidently.

*imagine multiple sweat drops forming on my head like those Japanese anime*

June 8, 2012

when you wish upon a star

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

June 6, 2012

i has a swollen ankle

yep. miss clumsy clots did it to herself... she earned herself a swollen ankle.


Dr. said i was lucky i didn't fracture my ankle. so i got some meds to help with the swelling and some painkillers... let's put it this way: it hurt far worse yesterday, and today i was able to walk, so here i am at work, hoping that the painkillers the Dr. gave me would kick in faster.

courtesy of missing a step down the stairs. heck, even Dinara did just fine on her own.

my weekend trip to Terengganu was ok. got stuck in 7-hour traffic up east, got to eat nasi dagang for breakfast, brought the kids to the beach, had A&W Batu Burok for dinner, crapped with my grandma =), tido ramai2 atas lantai kat living room, got stuck in 9-hour traffic back down to KL... @_@ (kalah balik kampung for Raya ok).

nasi dagang Terengganu

here's one from my brother's iPhone:

the beach girl

abang got confused with the mirror effect... check out the result in the pic =P

June 5, 2012


Wahai Tuhan, ku tak layak ke syurgaMu
Namun tak pula aku sanggup ke nerakaMu
Ampunkan dosaku, terimalah taubatku
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengampun dosa-dosa besar

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai
Dengan rahmatMu ampunkan daku oh Tuhanku

Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan
Kami takut, kami harap kepadaMu
Suburkanlah cinta kami kepadaMu

Kamilah hamba yang mengharap.. belas dariMu

June 4, 2012


we brought the kids to the beach

muka macam tak pernah tgk pantai

finding the salty taste intruiging

HRH enjoying herself immensely

mandi laut. budak tepi kiri tu buat muka takut

fairytales and sandcastles

masterpiece kak ish

our artwork of the day

Daddy n kak ish

thunderstorm up ahead

my sibs


with my Grandma

the 'Ganu clan