January 27, 2008

in rememberance

i was browsing browsing through msn.com, reading through the many articles tributed to the late heath ledger who passed away recently, when i came across this article titled 'Gone Too Soon: 10 actors, like Heath Ledger, who died in their 20s'. one actor particularly caught my eye, most probably because me and my friends used to drool over him back in high school (aida should remember this. omg we used to fight over who liked him the most back then, lol). if you're a die-hard fan of seaQuest DSV back in the 90's, you'd probably know who i'm talking about. and such a young age to die too. i wonder what was going through his mind when he decided to take his own life. scary.

so peeps... love life and live life to the fullest, no matter how crappy life can be.

Jonathan Gregory Brandis
(April 13, 1976 - November 12, 2003)

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger
(April 04, 1979 - January 22, 2008)

January 21, 2008

my New Year's resolution

my resolutions for 2008 (posted here just in case i forget i ever made them =P)

-- Financially:
1. clear off my credit card debt balance
i NEED to do this. this is so not healthy. i can't keep relying on the bank to pay for everything i buy, and let them make money out of me when i can't make the maximum payments. the power of purchasing is the one of the few evils of the world. if you look back at all the purchases you made recently, you could still live without half of what you bought, couldn't you? =P i know i could, and that's what makes me feel like strangling myself at times for buying things that i WANT, and not what i NEED.

2. save at least 5% of total income monthly
why 5%? well, 5% is better than 0%. and since i have new year's resolution #1 to clear, so... furthermore i have my car loan to entertain, as well as my future housing loan (not to forget my study loan, sigh).

3. reduce spending like no tomorrow
this is another one of my goals which i seriously need to abide to. i have a friend who can afford to spend like no tomorrow and can still afford to clear off her card each month, which i kagum to this very day. it doesn't help that my office is located right above an infamous shopping centre though.
the most particular item i need to restrain myself from getting is shoes. SHOES. whenever i'm down, i get shoes. whenever there's a sale, i get shoes. if i'm bored, i get shoes. they're easy to buy. you know your size, you only determine what design you want. haha. simple ey? it used to be. lately the shoes that i buy seems to bite into my feet =( so now i have a bunch of them to sell off eBay.
another resolution in regards to shopping is i should try to lessen the amount of black items in my wardrobe. apparently black is the easiest color to maintain. black = bergaya, bermutu, keunggulan, that sort of thing. and they match with any other color. but i'm thin, so wearing black makes me look more like a walking stick T_T.
other resolutions include shopping on impulse, buying just because other people are buying it, and i really should leave all my credit cards at home. it's safer that way.

4. gradually pay back ***'s loan
i thank thee for the generous loan, now i will keep my word and repay back every last penny, i promise!

-- Healthwise:
5. no skipping meals (at least try not to skip breakfast)
i used to skip meals for no particular reason, the main reason being plain laziness. back then it didn't matter if i skipped a meal or not, i'd still be able to last throughout the day without suffering a tummy ache or a gassy stomache. my Dad loves to bug me if i don't take may breakfast, the most 'important' meal of the day. it's not that i have anything against breakfast, it's just that sometimes you rush to get to work in the mornings that you tend to skip breakfast and simply wait for lunch at 12 in the afternoon. bad habit, i know. hopefully, by taking meals regularly, i might gain a kilogram or two =P

6. take multi-vitamins and supplements consistently
i always get excited when purchasing all those supplements, being cheated by the various bottle sizes and the colorful pills. i will be so into taking them daily without fail. but after a few weeks, it's hot hot chicken shit - the vitamins will be ignored, only to collect dust on my table in the room. so my resolution would be to take my multi-vitamins daily! (yeah rite... sound like more chicken shit =D)

7. wake up earlier in the mornings than usual
i really should try to wake up earlier than normal. but then again, i should also start going to bed EARLIER too, shouldn't i? (ahem).

-- Spiritually:
8. pray as often as possible and be thankful with what i have
i should always remember that there are far more Greater things than those that we can see on the face of the earth, and that not everything lasts forever.

9. learn how to cook - the basics
i'm a girl and i don't know how to cook! how terrible is that? i wish cooking was as clear-cut as a heart operation. haha!

10. take a trip somewhere exotic
due to the future events of 2008, i might not be able to fulfill this one. it's ok. i can always postpone this to 2009 =D

-- Beauty:
11. daily moisturize after shower
before this i moisturized only when i felt like it. this time round i really wanna see if daily moisturizing actually makes a difference to my skin. but so far i haven't settled on a moisturizer i really like, settling for those i see in the magazines or whatever brand that tickles my fancy. bio oil is not bad. i like its faint fragrance.

12. stop my annoying habit
i should, really. all the lipbalms in the world won't help unless i have enough willpower. dammit!

my list could go on forever, but i don't think i would be able to fulfill all of it by the end of 2008. lol!

my first blog

this is my new blog. i've been meaning to get one of my own since 2007, but i guess i never got around to doing it.

E`n1x: twas the nickname i used back in my uni days when i didn't mind NOT sleeping just for the sake of chatting online inter-campus until the wee hours of the morning, and also because i was a big final fantasy fan.

mind you that this is my first blog ever.