March 25, 2010

Dayana's portraits

i was halfheartedly trying to organize my photos in my hard disk yesterday - i say halfheartedly because my external hard disk has run out of space and i desperately need a new one to store all of Dayana's many many photos - when i came across some photos that Significant Other had taken that weren't in my collection.

muka terkexut. haha

those days when she didn't think of her crib as a jail cell

when the mosquitoes used to love her

she's changed so much. didn't realize she was quite chubby back then. we only kept hearing about how tiny she was, or how light she was (but never chubby. lol).

another 6 days and she's 5 months away from the terrible-two stage. lol.

March 24, 2010

travelling COACH

anyone interested in any of the following items please let me know. these items are Authentic, from the USA. payments plans are also accepted. COD available, but in Selangor only.

1. COACH Medium Leather Canvas Zoe - Pearl

SKU/Part No.: F14707 SV/Pearl
Condition: New with Original Tags (NWT)
- Measures approx. 12" L x 10" H x 4" W
- Comes with detachable shoulder strap
- Pink Lining
- Interior has 1 zipper pocket and 2 open pockets
- Zippered closure
Price: RM 1100

2. COACH Penelope Leather Shopper - Lilac *SOLD*

SKU/Part No.: F14686 SV/Lilac
Condition: New with Original Tags (NWT)
- Height 9″, Width 14″, Depth 6″
- Soft Pebble Leather collection
- Purple lining
- Top snap closure
Price: RM 860

nana = strawberry

don't ask me where she got that from. one day i handed Dayana my Dentyne Splash (which cost me almost rm6.50 but i bought it anyway because the container was kononnye cool-looking to me haha) and being the smarty pants that she is, she figured there was something edible inside the container so she started trying to figure out how to open it.

there was a picture of a strawberry and lime on it to depict the chewing gum flavor. took one look at it and started to recite the word 'nana'.

"nananananananananananana", she told me solemnly.

i thought at first she mistook the strawberry for banana.

but last weekend my mom dropped by and she also mentioned that whenever Dayana sees a picture of a strawberry, she'll start saying 'nana'.

so. strawberry is nana. haha.

the 'nana'

she used to like bananas when she was younger. now to her they're just plain weird

i've been pissed at blogger for the past 12 hours because each time i upload a photo blogger keeps rotating the photo on its own. grrrrrrr. has anyone had this experience before?

March 23, 2010

odds and ends to let go

Significant Other wants me to help let go of these items. a couple of good items which he mistakenly bought that might be of good use to others. anyone interested, please pm me keyh.

1. Original Composite AV Cable for Apple

Apple's description:

Connect an iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your television with the Apple Composite AV Cable, gather up your friends, and watch videos or slideshows together on the big screen. You can also connect the Composite AV Cable to your stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio experience.

The Composite AV Cable connects to your device or Universal Dock via the 30-pin dock connector and to your TV, home theater receiver, or stereo receiver via the composite video and red/white analog audio ports. The cable also features a USB connector that you can plug into a power source, such as a computer or the included USB Power Adapter.

Just recently bought (March 2010). Opened packaged contents ONLY to test its functionality. Everything included just as it was bought. I think Malaysia is selling it new at rm199.
Letting this go at rm180, considering that it has not been used prior to testing to see if it works.

the box contents

March 11, 2010

gem of a purchase

if only Malaysian store salespeople were as friendly as the salespeople in the States are. i'd be glad to spend a lot of $$$ if they only took the time to make it their point to care about their customers. but that's another story. i just wanted to blog about some of my finds here =P.

finally, finallyyyyyyyyyyyy... the RPG game i've been anticipating since last year ever since the Japanese version first came out has finally been released in English!!! *woot woot* and i also got meself the official guidebook too! =D =D (kak ish sungguh jeles, jangan marah ok).

final fantasy XIII!!!

i also took the opportunity to own my very first pair of Levi's. well, two to be exact, because they're sooo cheap here, much more cheaper than in Malaysia. i've never even thought of getting myself one in KL, even though Hani keeps saying to me that my size is always available during their sales, lol.

in two different shades =D

i seem to be buying more for Dayana these days. the jeans are the only apparel i've gotten for myself so far. it's either the hormones are still in effect or i just lost interest =P (for the better? or soon to be for the worse?). Medela is also cheap here. actually, baby stuff is dirt cheap here T_T. i'd borong every single Medela item here - along with whatever 'rubbish', as lix puts it, haha - if i could. i could stay in Babies r Us for hours on end just staring at each item in the store, lol.

insyaallah since i'm getting the opportunity to put my FS to good use again in the future, i purchased spare parts for it. even after state tax, everything is wayyy cheaper than getting it in Malaysia.

FS spare parts

ok i'm off. toodles!

March 2, 2010


tips for healthy air travel while pregnant:

- Be aware of dehydration on airplanes, which can be worse when you’re pregnant.
- Make sure you have plenty of water with you, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
- Wear support hose and shoes with adjustable straps in case your feet swell.
- As always with flying, get up and walk around the cabin every two hours or so.
- Take an eye mask and ear plugs and wear loose, comfortable clothing.
- Rest as much as possible while in the air.

well, to name a few.

updated 3rd March:

i used to love the window seat back when i was younger. i'd always want to peer out of the window watching everything turn into tiny specks as the plane soared higher and higher in the air until the view gets obstructed by clouds. i didn't like getting a window with the view of the plane's wings. haha.

these days, i'm preferring the aisle seat more, for the only reason that it's more convenient to visit the restroom, rather than to have to pick your way over people's legs to get in and out of your seat. especially if you have to go that often, like me. ever since i got past the first three months the toilet is now my #1 place to visit on a frequent basis.

heck, i don't know how anyone can stand sitting for 7 hours straight during a flight and not take even one toilet break, like the couple that sat beside me during the flight earlier. even after being served with food and drinks twice during the journey. not to mention it was cold, too. haha. the old guy advised me to take more Vit C after sneezing a couple of times during the flight. kekekeke. they're heading to Iran, btw.

so now i'm waiting for my next flight to be announced. which won't be for a couple of hours. here at 6am and the sun's already out. in malaysia? still pitch black. who could blame me for wanting to extend my sleep and snooze until 8am? =P~ unlike my first flight, the next one's duration would be about 17 hours i think. my first long haul flight after so many years. hahaha.

i see a kids playground here and barely half a day passed by and already i'm missing the little one. yesterday she was crying her head off while i was loading the car because she thought she was going to be left behind T_T. she was snoring when i left for the airport. funny that #2 gets to experience its first time travelling abroad, something Dayana hasn't experienced. haha (like that makes a difference... btw, doesn't Singapore count because we took the Aeroline =P).

so... til then =)