August 31, 2009

happy merdeka baby!

today Malaysia celebrates its 52nd year of Independence.

today is also the day my little Dayana turns One.

post and photos later =)

p/s. Dayana thanks you for all the lovely wishes! xoxo

August 28, 2009

Dayana and Imran

i took the day off on Tuesday and had the afternoon free, so i bundled up my daughter and off we went to visit Nedd and her new bundle of joy. been meaning to visit her ever since she i knew she had delivered, but things came up so since i was free, i decided to drop by for a quick visit. i reasoned that if i procrastinate this visit the gift that i got for Nedd wouldn't be utilized as much as i wanted it to be, lol.

her baby is too cute for words! just looking at the lil' one makes me wish i had another little one of my own =D. Dayana is not-so-little to be called 'little' anymore =(. she'll turn One this Monday, leaving baby-hood behind and beginning her journey into toddler-hood. that's how fast time flies. before you know it, she'll be entering university! hahahahah.

baby Imran!

Imran. simple name. a tradition that runs through the family, i should think. heehee.

i found it funny the way Nedd sellotaped Imran's mittens one so that they wouldn't fall off. i didn't even think of that last time. when Dayana was little i used to stuff the sleeves of her shirt into the mittens as well so that they won't fall off. eventually their elastics loosened up and i had to get new ones, bwahh. i had a hard time otherwise keeping the mitts and booties on Dayana, she was so tiny! =P. when i first met little Imran, he only had one sock on =P~~

Dayana seems to like seeing other babies. or at least they manage to catch her interest now =D. pictures!

Mommy and little Imran

Dayana looking on

excited at seeing another little person

i changed...

... my blog template! what do you think? =D

although you can't really see the bluish sides of the page unless your screen is really wide... or does this only happen to my office laptop?


Daddy's birthday

ok so i'm not the best planner in the world... and Significant Other's birthday turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, which wasn't my intention (never mind that it was pouring, which wrecked havoc onto the roads), but who asked him to merajuk like a child that night? if Plan A fell through, we could have gone for Plan B, it's not like it's the end of the world... right? i was beginning to wonder if he was actually getting more mature or getting more childish. lol.

come to think of it, your birthday comes only once a year and i guess you have a right to be 'demanding' on your birthday. hehehe. i just wish i could knock some sense into his head that you choose how you want to feel.

anyhow, i'd like to thank all who came for Significant Other's kinda surprise birthday party that Sunday. i really appreciate you guys for coming. it wouldn't have been a surprise if there weren't you guys around to surprise him, correct? =P. i had wanted to have it at night for the spectacular view but unfortunately many already had plans despite asking them in advance if they were all free or not on that date.

we reached there a bit late because Significant Other thought it would be just the two of us *roll eyes*, i also underestimated the distance from our house -.-. luckily we brought the GPS along, because i had absolutely no idea how to get there. when we arrived, Significant Other saw Megat's car parked so he was thinking that i only made plans with him and Hasmah, just the four of us (plus one). weird that he didn't recognize the other cars that were already parked there waiting to the celebrated to arrive. so he was surprised alright. he didn't think there would be so many attendees.

the food was so-so, as expected. i just wished i'd chosen a better place for the venue. will there ever be a next time surprise party? we'll see.

i won't elaborate much, i'll let the photos do the talking. thanks to Zairus for most of the photos taken below =).

where we went

the birthday cuppies, thanks a bunch to Dini

the birthday boy

surprised at the turnout

blowing out the candles

mingling with the guests

purple is sooo not my color

"got milk?" advert

no hints as to who or what he's looking at


the photographer and pwiddy Dini

attendees at one end of the table

attendees at the other end of the table

birthday boy giving his speech

bored listening to the speech... hahaha (kidding!)

Dayana is schleepy schleepy

group photo =D

August 26, 2009

a reminder to myself

- claudia
- christiane
- red green mille
- mandarin
- quarz

- lago
- silver linen rs
- maruyama rs
- kipawa
- grad
- pistachio
- cse
- silk indio

O&A? Beco 4th Gen?? petite calyx??? (#*$#@)(*#^!(&@(*#

i've got too much things on my mind these days. despite looking young, i think my brain has grown old.

p/s. this acts as a reminder to myself and nothing else. thanks!

August 21, 2009

5th parenthood expo

the 5th Parenthood Expo 2009 will be held at MidValley this weekend. it's starts today, in fact. too bad i'm working today =P. blame me for missing out on last year's expo, because at this point of time exactly one year ago i hadn't delivered my daughter yet, so it was more of ignorance on my side =P. so this year i was thinking that i really wanna go. but with the h1n1 lurking around, i doubt that there will be many visitors this time, with some mothers opting not to bring their children due to the flu. but then again, i don't think that will stop people from going out, never mind if there was a hurricane outside or a bunch of flesh-eating zombies running loose, seriously. since when do Malaysians stay at home and do nothing?

well, anyway, if everything goes to plan i'll be there tomorrow. there will be activities, workshops, contests, and what's an expo without the exhibitors? TheLilCaliph will be there, as well as Tiny Tapir, Fabulous Mom, and great baby carriers and more from Jumpsac, SnuggBaby, Mei's Mei Tai, Peekaroobaby and Mama Patch! =D is there anyone else i forgot to mention? =P. this is a perfect place to get baby stuff for great bargains, so i heard *hint hint to my pregnant friends to go ok*. several bloggers will be there to hyphen the place up, so if you're a blogger fan, you get to check them out there too.

if you're not feeling well, it's advisable to skip gathering at crowded places. please be considerate to others! or wear face masks =D. i heard that temperature screening will be carried out on visitors. Those listed as high risk will be given a free mask. hee~

the not-so-good thing? tomorrow is the first day of puasa! no eating! sob sob. hehe.
to the Muslim readers out there, i wish you guys a Selamat Berpuasa =)

5th Parenthood Expo 2009
Venue: Hall 1 & 2, Level 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Date: 21 - 23 August 2009
Time: 10.30am - 9.30pm
Admission: Free

August 20, 2009

skybridge tickets

so this is my first time queuing up as if i'm some kind of tourist just to get tickets for the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge visit.

on Monday Significant Other asked me to help him get skybridge tickets for one of his colleagues who was visiting from the States. had he told me 3 days earlier about this, i wouldn't have to endure the hassle that i had in order to get the tickets for him.

the number of skybridge tickets are limited each day so tourists would join the queue as early as 7.30am (or earlier, who knows?) just to get a ticket. the counters, however, only opens at 8.30am.

so on Tuesday morning, we left for work early and i arrived at KLCC earlier than normal. even the SMART tunnel traffic was smooth, for the first time i didn't have to switch lanes to avoid lane hoggers, hee~. i could not believe my eyes at the number of people who were already down there waiting in line for the counters to open. i joined the queue at 8am. the queue was S-shaped, to accomodate the number of people waiting in line @@.

so while waiting for the ticket counters to open, i updated my status on FB via FB mobile =P. i was bored! i wished i had brought along a book or something. the couple behind me was already daydreaming about McDonalds, lol. i think most of the people queuing up in line were foreigners, many of them were holding guidebooks and maps. i heard snippets of conversation around me saying that the queue wasn't so bad at the KL Tower, but they had to pay rm8 per person. the skybridge ticket, of course, was free =P.

only at 8.30am did the line began to move, it began creeping slowly forward. i had expected the line to move a lot slower though, haha. it helped that there were those guards to help organize the line. there was a TV display showing the session of the tickets that were currently being distributed. i guess you can't pick your time in this case. the gap of each session was 15 minutes. before i knew it, the 10.45am session was already displayed on the screen, and i was only halfway through the line. some of the tourists at the back of the queue decided to give up and come another day. i realized that by 9am+ they no longer allowed new people to join the queue. no wonder i usually see the 'tikets habis untuk hari ini' sign erected at the top of the escalators so early in the morning, apparently they've all been snapped up like hot cakes by the early birds.

to speed things up a lady came up to each person queuing in line and jotted down on a piece of paper the number of tickets they needed. they also jotted down from which country they were from. i told her i was local, so she wrote 'Country: Local' on mine. hahah. should i have answered her Malaysia instead? O_o. i opted to take two tickets, because i was thinking, takkan Significant Other's gonna let his colleague go up the skybridge alone without any teman, would he?

i managed to reach the front of the ticket counter at 9.15am. i received tickets issued for the 12.30pm session, and i was told to come back here 10 minutes before the session started. the tickets were valid for that date and time only.

jergh. i waited in line for practically 1 hour 15 minutes. i wasn't even a tourist!

queuing up for Petronas Skybridge tickets

the humongous queue of people that was behind me

see the TV display thingy at the back there?

skybridge tickets for two

if you work in the Tower and you're offices are way higher than Level 41 and Level 42, you sometimes feel that the view at the skybridge isn't much =P. i've been on the skybridge before during my internship years. but for first timers, it's worth the visit. the view is actually nice, btw =).

i was so hungry after that long wait that i had breakfast with my colleagues at Level 4 right after picking up the tickets =P~~~

anyway, i'm glad you enjoyed your skybridge visit, Carol =)

August 19, 2009

fff-uh for fish

Significant Other mentioned the other day that he wanted to go for fish spa. i've been wanting to go for one ever since i heard the Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa opened in Pavilion. i never got around to doing it because my colleagues were the ticklish type and i didn't want to go alone. time wasn't permitting either. until now.

i remembered passing by a fish spa at Pyramid while we were roaming around the malls pushing Dayana around in her stroller the last few times we were there. i didn't know the name of the spa, but i had a vague idea of where the spa was located. so we left the house at 8.30pm. it was a Saturday so i was worried that by the time we found parking, the spa might close or whatever (you never know if those fishies got last calls like restaurants do, haha). thanks to lady luck, we found a parking without much hassle so off we went zooming down the escalators to LG where i thought the spa was located (and i was right, phew!). the spa is located at LG2.89.

so the official name for the fishy spa is the Foot Master Fish Spa. each session cost rm38 for 30 minutes of fish therapy. i'm not sure about the available promotions though, since i only wanted to come for the experience, lol. they say your feet will be a whole lot smoother after the therapy since the fishes will nibble the dead skin cells off your feet. they can also help in improving skin ailments. i didn't know how true this was though. but it was fun to try something different.

first we had to cleanse our feet before dipping our feet into the tank. they gave us a blue towel each and then we headed over to one of the tanks with the small fishies in it. Significant Other was the first to dip his feet in. omg the first time in was wayyyyyyyyyy ticklish. hahaha. geliiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~ imagine, as soon as you put your feet in the tank a school of fishies will swim right over and nibble your feet like nobody's business. a couple of people who already had their feet immersed in a tank looked our way with amused expressions on their faces at the sight our reaction to the fishies. haha.

but after the first 5 minutes it started to feel better. even soothing, to be exact. and less ticklish too. one guy put his hand into the tank and the fishies were all over it. someone even took a short nap while at it. i think there were about three types of fish available. we went tank-hopping and tried all of them. i think i prefer the smaller fishies the best. or maybe the bigger fishies were already full with other people's dead skin cells, i don't know hahah but they were less livelier than the smaller ones. i don't really know what kind of fish they were though. but they were definitely not related directly to the piranha. if they were you would've left the spa with no feet. hoho. Significant Other took a couple of video shots with my cam. unfortunately no photos of him =( as i was handling Dayana - oh, i forgot to mention, she came with us too =P. she wasn't entirely interested in the fish.

our first time in with the smallest fishies. check out my feet! wargh!

Significant Other foot whoring with the slightly bigger fishies

wearing Dayana in my NYC, didn't have to worry about dipped tails

she was sleepy! a total angel during the first 20 minutes

after our thirty minutes were up we headed over in a room with really nice comfy chairs and we were given a free short foot massage. well, actually we were given the massage with the intention of promoting their foot products, particularly the Skin Softening Gel, which can help remove dead skin cells from your skin, something that normal soap can't do. using this makes your skin fairer and will allow moisturizer to absorb faster into your skin. just rub it onto your skin on any parts of your body twice a week after showering, followed with your favorite moisturizer. you can even use it on your baby's knees, if your baby has black-ish knees from crawling around alot. Significant Other, being the softy that he is, bought a big bottle of the gel and a small bottle of moisturizer T_T.

i'm not sure if my feet feels smoother than they actually were before i went for the therapy, but i enjoyed it anyway. i'd rate this as something new to experience. not for the extreme ticklish (*think eiwa!*). but come to think of it, it's only ticklish at the initial stage. once you get used to it, you'll wish you could leave your feet in the tank, haha. is it possible to do a whole body dip, i wonder? =P~~

August 18, 2009

farmville attempt

i'm not quite sure i understand what's the big fuss with this game. you plant crops, you wait for them to grow, you harvest them then you begin the whole cycle again. you rear cows, chickens and sheep (and other sorts of animals depending on your current level) on your farm, you plant trees and build a farmhouse... it that it? oh, and you can also help out at other people's farm if you have nothing interesting to do at yours. lol. but you don't have to manually do the work. you just accept and everything will be done for you. pergh.

i've seen lots of updates from FarmVille in my notifications page. lots of my friends are actually playing this game on FB. i wonder why they find this game interesting. i dunno if it's because they find it a glorious way to pass the time, or if they really have nothing better to do, or because it really is addictive, only that i just don't get it. lol. i remember that stupid McD game where you had to run a fast food chain restaurant, which includes rearing the cows, planting crops, and keeping the investors happy. the cows usually end up being infected with mad cow disease. the investors will eventually get involved with corruption. and the employees will get mad and start spitting into the beef patties. i end up running the business into the ground, haha.

i used to be a (fluff)Friends addict last year. but it got really irritating since you had to pay in order to get the good stuff. that's so unfair. at the moment my pet Tofu is left abandoned =P. and no, my blue Uniko is still not for sale.

during those days when FB was emerging as a favorite among my colleagues, Fighter's Club was the one of the applications that you had to have on your profile. fighting and losing was a norm. the more powerful your backer, the higher the chance you had at winning. wah jei used to get into a bunch of fights in one go just to increase his fighter rating to the highest level. this application hype died down too, eventually =P. i think the best part of FB is its applications. friendster slowly got abandoned, although i still know some friends who still update friendster. then twitter emerged. i never signed up for this though. i have enough accounts to keep track of already.

anyway, for the fun of it, i decided to give FarmVille a go. who knows how long i'll be interested in this. heck, i might even get addicted (i am soOoO easy to be influenced). so i planted a few things, helped out at other people's farms... here's a snapshot of me on my farm i created yesterday:

farming attempt part One

note the small signpost in the middle of my farm. Alpha left that for me. lol. the crops behind me are squash =P.

see the wilting crops? i forgot the strawberries needs to be harvest in four hours, so when i checked back the next morning, they were all dead. haha. some of the other crops take longer to harvest, like the eggplant (2 days) or the soybeans (1 day). it's all about timing! i think the creators of FarmVille are smart in the sense that the different harvest timing will make sure people will come back if they don't want their crops to spoil =D. anyway, i don't have enough money to buy additions to my farm yet. i've seen some of the other farms on FarmVille. sungguh creative ok. apparently they've raised enough money to buy more junk to chuck onto their farms, hahaha. i have yet to get the hang of this game.

Nesh has been pestering me to try Barn Buddy. is there a difference? you know what, they say that babies born with two pusars on their head means they would grow up to be great farmers (or pengembala kerbau, being the exact word). is any part of that true? my Dayana was born with two pusars on her head. hahahahahah. i was hoping for a Doctor in the family. but farmer? hmmm (and you don't often hear children going around exclaiming "when i grow up, i want to be a farmer!" lol).

anyhoo, here's a quick joke (in my own words, i forgot how the actual joke went):

a husband got into an argument with his wife and refused to talk to each other as they were driving along the countryside.
as they passed a bunch of cows along the way, the husband turned to the wife and asked sarcastically, "relatives of yours?"
the wife simply replied, "yeah, in-laws."

'scuse me. i gotta go harvest some strawberries.

August 17, 2009

babywearing journey

i first found out about the beauty of babywearing from Farrah. i first found her blog through my friend Ieta, who was googleing for more information on delivery (she delivered a couple of months earlier than me) when she stumbled across Farrah's blog. haha. and it became a keeper since.

the only thought i had in my mind at the time was that babywearing would be a good way to keep my hands free while getting around with my daughter. i wouldn't have to deal with bulky strollers. i wouldn't have to carry her in my arms until my arms feel like breaking off. i wouldn't have to rely on others to look after my baby. so this is my babywearing journey.

starting off with pouches =).

my first baby carrier was Joanne's Littlepods pouch. i was a newbie at the time, so i hentam beli a Size L dusty rose LP (the store owner suggested sizing up), which turned out to be humungous (duhh) so i had it exchanged for a Size S navy blue. i wanted a pouch in red, but being small sized, you can't be choosy. i found out much later after attending a swap meet at Tiny Tapir in January that the size i bought was still big for me (thanks Ray!). i first learned how to do kangaroo carry at the meet =D. i joined the mbw forums not long after that to find out more about babywearing.

kangaroo carry at TT

i bought a Hotslings too, Everyday in NYC. i didn't really plan to get this one. but i sold off my Littlepods to a great mama and i was thinking that i might need a pouch to come in handy someday. my friend Sarah wanted to buy CDs overseas so i thought i'd tumpang along her purchase =P. Molina was having a sale for Hotslings at the time but she didn't have the pattern that i liked. unfortunately for me (again) Hotslings in Size 1 is still big for me (i. want. to. scream.) but instead of selling it off, i'm thinking of having someone resize it for me. i have yet to send it off to someone for tailoring, lol.

next... moving on to ringslings!

Syaz held a clearance sale earlier this year for her Jumpsac label and i was itching to try out a ringsling without burning a gigantic hole in my pocket. so i bought myself an earthy brown linen RS with pink rings to try. i wanted one in white but Farrah clicked wayy faster than me =P. turned out i loved ring slings better than pouches. it was adjustable and way easier to learn how to use, in my opinion. i still haven't mastered the hip carry for both carriers. i had the RS returned to Syaz to shorten the tail and resize the zippered pocket. so far, apart from the color, i loved everything about the ringsling.

syaz's jumpsac in earth linen

i met up with Syaz the day mazaa bought her Ellaroo Kristen, and wloo bought Vat Koira =P. Syaz let me try out her Girasol Chococabana SBP RS for a couple of weeks. it was like a wrap + RS combo. at the time i wasn't really impressed with wraps, it looked too tedious to use @@. since she was looking for a buyer for her RS, i though i'd have a go at it. and looked who turned out to be the potential victim T_T. the maid didn't prefer the RS though. she preferred the pouch since you didn't need to adjust anything.

i was so excited over ring slings that i bought an Ulli SBP RS, my first purchase off fsot. i love the Storch's pinkish + reddish tones, and i had no regrets buying this. i was stupid enough to buy another FG SBP RS online on a whim, which i am currently offering it up for sale because i don't like the colorway (i'm not a deep purple fan).

moving on to MTs =P.

my first MT purchase was actually Aidafiq's original MT. i bought this in December last year without even doing enough research. i only knew at the time that MTs was the in thing to get (what a stupid reason to buy, hahaha). all of Aida's creations were instantly snapped up the moment they were posted, so i thought i wanted one for myself too, lol. the thing is, i've kept it in my drawer ever since it reached my home and have not even used it once outside the house (except to try it on for the very first time for action photos). i guess at the time i wasn't much of an MT fan. i'm having that one up for sale too, for anyone interested in trying out MT at a cheaper rate than the firsthand. apart from Aida, Liza and Farid were selling their own brand of MT too, Snuggbaby and Mei's Mei Tai respectively.

so... fast forward a few months. after seeing Aida's delightful Storch OMT discovery at a car boot sale, and also seeing Syaz's lovely Chococabana OMT, i decided one day after a couple of weeks browsing fsot that i wanted one too. Dayana was already getting heavier and sooner or later one-shouldered carriers will leave me with shoulder-ache. but the ready made ones online were crazily expensive. so i contacted Shannan of OMT and asked her if i could have her make one for me. i just needed to get a wrap for her to convert and provide her with measurements. which i did, i bought a Didymos violet waves off fsot and less than a month later, a package arrived at my mom's house =D. hope to put it to use it this weekend *good vibes*.

Shannan's OMT in violet waves

now... how i entangled myself in... wraps.

another type of baby carrier that i didn't dream of getting myself tangled with are wraps. i find this to have the highest learning curve. pusing sana sini and voila! (voila my foot). i was around when mazaa bought her first wrap from Syaz. my first impression was that i would be sweeping the floor more than actually wrapping my baby, lol. but wraps came in lots of beautiful colors. which is why i turned to slingified wraps =P (i got to try out wraps without having to wrap! haha). just for the sake of trying out wrapping, i temp traded my Fresh Grapes with Syaz for her DIY wrap. turned out to be bloody long for me though. but i managed to attempt an FWCC, thanks to a very helpful babywearing website (some mamas first attempt was back carry, which i am amazingly amazed, hehe).

all of a sudden everyone started to go crazy over wraps, even the newbie mothers on mbw have gone slightly mad. i guess it's the current phase. and you know la me, pantang orang suka, i also sibuk wanna suka too. i am easily influenced (previously it was CD, then TRs - don't ask!). anyway, i managed to get an Ellaroo Claudia on fsot. i wanted Christiane, but i couldn't find one that was selling at a decent price. turns out i like Claudia's colors - red, i likey!. it measures at about 3.5m, a bit too short for my liking though. i could still manage a tight FWCC with it. if i'm not wrapping i'm sleeping with it, it makes a good snuggle blankey. lol.

my affair with Claudia

i decided that i wanted to try an indio after asking 1000 questions to hani (thanks hani!), she has a travelling didy seeing the world at the moment and i've read raves that linen indios are really soft and yummy. so off i went to hunt fsot =P. i wanted to get a Lago but there weren't many for sale. i finally settled with a mandarin linen (which apparently was the same kind as hani's didy). it's now residing at Houston with a good friend until she comes back to Malaysia for raya (hi good friend, muaks... pst, jgn bocor rahsia ok! =P).

frequently stalking fsot resulted in understanding more about wrapping - the material, the brands, the colors, the gradations, the mystical pamir (!), etc cetera. the good thing with these wraps is that if i don't like it, there will always be a mama out there who will gladly relief the item off your hands (too bad the same thing can't be said for the items that i'm having up for sale at the moment, huhu). i have a bunch of ISOs at the moment due to my color indecisiveness =P but i think i should see first if i really love wrapping or not =P. later jadi hot hot chicken shyte again!

is this the last? ssc.

the last carrier i forsee i will go crazy over in the future is an SSC. but not at the daughter is still at a reasonable weight to be carried, and SSCs are expensive, so i can hold this one off for now =P.

so what do i have now in my stash?
-> 1 hotsling - nyc i want joanne's xs Littlepods!
-> 3 RS - jumpsac's linen, ulli storch, soon-to-be choco giras (soon ok!)
-> 2 wraps - claudia, mandarin on the way lilly, enough already!

for sale:
-> 1 Aidafiqs MT (rm95)
-> 1 violet waves OMT (170usd)
-> 1 Fresh Grapes RS (82usd)

ok. that's it for now. you should've seen some of the stashes, some mamas own up to more than 15 wraps! one to match every outfit, i expect. in a way i am lucky i am partially color blind. i might get every color of the rainbow i wasn't. my daughter is One at the end of the month. i hope she'll allow me to wear her as long as it takes (she already weaned herself off, long before i was ready to let go ;(... )

mind you, this is an entry to remind me of my babywearing journey and how dangerous it can be to go crazy over babywearing. it's a reminder to me to not go overboard the next time the babywearing bug hits me (or any bug pertaining to babies, for that matter!). oh and i hope i don't get labelled as a babywearing collector freak. huhu.

but it's fun to share. and i don't care if anyone says that babywearing is equivalent to having a third boob. you should try going shopping with a not-yet-walking baby all by yourself without any form of baby carrier (including a stroller ok, don't cheat) and see how long you can last with just your two bare hands. i've tried it. and i'm happy that there's such a thing as babywearing =).

roaming is strangling blood

strangling blood = cekik darah.
roaming is crazily expensive!!! it's advisable not to purposely miscall anyone while you're roaming, unless you're ready to pay rm10.60 for a 1-2 seconds call, just in case the person actually does pick up the phone.
gila. and that's for 2 seconds. what if you decided to crap on the phone for half hour? T_T
there's actually a prefix you can dial to get a cheaper rate if you're roaming and you'd like to call Malaysia. you just dial *120* in front and you can enjoy a small discount on the total bill.
smart ah these people. only those who know about this Roam *120* international roaming features will be able to call and save wisely. others will get charged a bomb for their ignorance. haha.
after this it's Skype for me. all you need to invest in is a web camera, download Skype and you're all set =P.

August 14, 2009

Dayana's second second cousin on Daddy's birthday

yeah, the title of the blog is correct, i didn't make any mistakes, lol.

my cousin Nedd has just delivered a lovely baby boy! woohoo! i got an sms from her this morning saying she just delivered a baby boy at 3.54am at Prince Court Medical Centre (where all the Petronas people go for health treatment - jealous okay).

wanna know something? she was always telling me that she's targeting a Merdeka Baby too (her estimated due date is 3rd September) but we were thinking that she might deliver earlier than that (i delivered Dayana in my 38th week). so when i got her sms i burst out laughing. apparently her newborn didn't manage to share birthday with Dayana, but instead chose to share a birthday with Significant Other instead. LOL! sure he tak puas hati punye. keh keh.

Noreen's baby Miqa was born on my sister-in-law's birthday. now Nedd's yet-to-be-named baby boy Imran shares a birthday with Significant Other. heehee. talk about stealing the limelight on your birthday, haha. now i'm waiting for someone in the family to steal my brother-in-law's birthday pulak, on March 13.

my colleague was on MC since Wednesday. and yesterday we received an sms from her saying she's been hospitalized for viral fever :S. me and my other colleague came down with mild sorethroats as well. i've already went to see the Dr. and i got an MC for today but yet i'm still in the office (i wonder why?). hope my friend gets well soon.

oh, speaking of birthdays, today is Significant Other's birthday! happy birthday love!


for the understanding husband,
for the hippest Daddy,
for the loyal friend,
for the techno-crazy junkie,
for the most ambitious person, <- everything oso he aspires to be
for the biggest couch potato,
i wish you nothing but happiness
and love on this very special day
and hope everything good comes your way!

missus wifey

August 13, 2009

books in my wishlist

today is Lan's birthday. happy birthday Lan! muaks to a very long-time friend of mine. i've known him since my first year. i'll always remember his CAQ =P~~~. i remember the escapades all of us used to go for back in our Uni days - the makan-makan sessions, the jalan-jalan sessions, the movie sessions, what else? shopping ada jugak ka? LOL.

anyway, i am suddenly reminded of Sidney Sheldon's book entitled Master Of the Game (which was pulished the year i was born). Lan loaned his copy to me last time, said it was one of his favorites. and i happened to like the book very much. the book revolves around the lives of the MacGregor/Blackwell family, mainly about Kate Blackwell and her family, ancestry and the building of her father's company, Kruger-Brent from a small business to a multinational corporation. a good read if you ask me. too many manipulations in the book. i think if i were to know Kate Blackwell in real life i would despise her very much. haha.

i came across it again after four years at my sil's house, the book brought back memories, one that included i wasn't sure if i ever returned the book back to Lan or not (oooops). i did some googling and found out there's a sequel to the book. interesting. Sheldon died in January 2007, but the book has just been released in August 2009. it's a collaboration between Sheldon and a Tilly Bagshawe. so i wonder if it's any good as the original. hmmm. maybe i should give it as a present to somebody.

i didn't manage to find out the actual details about the book yet. i tried searching for it in Kinokuniya but they didn't seem to return any results, but i did come across a few book titles from MPH that i would like to get my hands on. i'm running out of toilet books now, so i need to replenish my reading materials =P. the last book i bought was Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, i finished reading the book within three days.

so, here's my book wishlist:

Mistress of the Game, by Tilly Bagshawe
Published: August 2009

The Book of Tomorrow, by Cecilia Ahern
Published: October 2009

The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown
Published: September 2009

My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult
Published: April 2004
Soon to be a major motion picture

the Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
Published: September 2003
Soon to be a major motion picture

August 12, 2009


note: munira, this is what they're for =P

i never thought i'd be a fan gradations. but the longer i browse through the gradation photos thread, i can finally conclude that only certain gradations out there can really catch my eye =P. it all depends on the colorways really. some mamas did a great job on the color combination. i may not like a particular grad, but there might be someone out there who loves it to bits. so it all depends on one's preference too, hehe.

hani's travelling didy is also a grad. i'm not a fan of orange, and somehow the colors kinda reminded me of my rm10 baju kurung, lol (the kain kedut that was in fashion a couple of years ago). but i was quite surprised to know that it's a mandarin linen gradation. reviews are going around saying that it's really lovely and soft and broken-in IRL (so i guess the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words doesn't really count in this context =P). now i'm curious as to the feel of her linen.

hani's mandarin linen gradation in shades of orange

Dragonfly Beginnings is famous for their dye jobs. TBW mamas are crazy about them.

Dragonfly Beginning's Piglet Pamir creation for Shawnah

here's a couple of gradation photos that i really like. there's lots of mamas out there experimenting with dyeing. most of them use dharma and dylon colors. i think i've seen dylon brand before in Tesco. i don't think i'd try to do this on my own, even though i'd like to, i might end up destroying thewhole wrap instead. photos below are all borrowed from TBW forums.

Lizzy9's watermelon grad creation. i love this the most

another nice grad shade done on linen by Lizzy9

i loike!!! grad done by Honeywrap

this is Vanessa's first grad creation, Tropical Sunrise Ecru

Michelle's beautiful Pfau dyed by Shandelle

Serengeti Sunset Silk Waves by Kris

Vanessa's Tropical Sunrise Ecru in action

Alona's PSM gradation by Honeywrap. lovely!

Honeywrap's creation on a silk indio, love the colorways

Lizzy9's watermelon grad in action

mind you, i'm not wrap-crazy, i'm just color crazy. tempted to get one for yourself? hehehe.