April 30, 2012

Dayana's camera escapade

clockwise from top L: Elmo on tv, fork her sister threw on the floor, wires ntah kat mana dia jumpe, minnie mouse water bottle, bibik's room, blur 2-yo kid. haha

this is what happens when you leave your daughter with your iPhone. semua bende pun mau amik gambar, including her bewildered sister yang kene tambat kat high chair. hoho.

she's always finding ways to use my iPhone. the last time i allowed her to recklessly use my iPhone, i scolded her for finishing my free cash in Snoopy's Street Fair, and she understood me very well, because each time she begs for my iPhone (whenever her iPod habis battery) and when i say No she'll counter with this:

"Dayana tak main Snoopy, Dayana main Angry Bird je!"

yet another movie marathon

Significant Other came back for the weekend. so as usual, our weekend activity would involve movie night(s). the three movies that got Significant Other's approval for last weekend:

1.Cabin in the Woods - for its Zombie appeal T__T
2.Lockout - for its sci-fi element T____T
3.Avengers - must i say more? =D

1. Cabin in the Woods

stupid zombie movie @_@. the whole ending didn't make sense. but i read the movie got high ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (91% approval ratings? egad) so i guess i have lousy movie taste. haha.
i wouldn't spend the night in a cabin in the woods even if you paid me a million bucks.

wait, scratch that. maybe i would. lol.

anyway, i wish the movie had explored the other death options in the basement. probably zombies were the easiest form of monster to recreate for the movie? and i do seem to think zombies are a favorite in this era *shudders*.
i can't believe Chis Hemsworth and Jesse Williams are in the movie, it never fails to amuse me how people can be one character in a movie/series, and then become a totally different character the next. lol. the power of being a good actor, i guess?
Fran Kranz's face kept bugging me throughout the whole film because he looked familiar. finally struck me that he played Topher Brink in Dollhouse.

kesimpulan: if weird trap doors suddenly open up for no reason, jangan buat2 macho, sayangilah nyawa anda. also, please do not stand near windows, you never know what evil being would smash through and drag you out into the darkness. also, if you plan to make out, please literally get a room. oh and don't jump ravines on motorcycles in the dark. you never know that there might be an invisible barrier out there. kggal.

2. Lockout

this movie was slightly better than Cabin in the Woods - i'm not a fan of sci-fi, but i dislike the undead even more.
i find it amusing that they can afford to ship inmates to outer space like it costs only 50 cents one-way. hahahahaha. i thought space travel was expensive. or does it get relatively cheaper in the future?
i would not set foot on MS1 even if you pay me a million dollars. you never know what could happen out there in space, like in the movie. you think in case of emergencies you can just float away to another planet? @_@

kesimpulan: this makes a better alternative to watch just in case the Avengers are still sold out =P. oh, and it's advisable not to name your son Marion.

3. Avengers

awesome movie ever. i'd watch it all over again =D.
sil stands by her opinion that HawkEye is the hottest hottie ever. lol.
oh, i can't believe that Cobie Smulders is in the movie. for some weird reason each time she's on the screen i seem to feel like i'm watching a comedy instead of an action movie. lol. How I Met Your Mother seems to be influencing my brain =P.

kesimpulan: awesome awesome awesome! jom tengok lagi!

LC sports day

Saturday was Dayana's school Sports Day.

venue: SK TTDI Jaya
time: 7.30-12pm
weather: HOT HOT HOT T___T

for the past 2 weeks she's been going to school wearing sports attire. i can only imagine the patience the teachers have with the kids. not easy to get the kids to follow your instructions. especially when they start to feel tired, cranky, and in some cases, crying for their parents, lol.

meet the little one, who thought that it was a fun idea to follow, until the heat got the better of her:

cik kiah mogok atas padang rumput

i kinda wished they had the games indoors, it was so hot for the kids to sit under the sun while the performances were going on, everything seemed to be melting in front of my eyes hahaha. other branches of LC were there too, but it seemed that Platinum had the most kiddie participants.

look at the costumes they had to wear, LOL:

birds of paradisio

LC Platinum LOL

after the march parade there were the student performances and then only the games. the skies were so clear (and hotttt pergh i basuh selimut hasben 2 kali pun boleh kering in a jiffy hahahah) that by the time it was time to start the games, this little missy started to lose interest in participating:

bad mood due to heat

we participated in a parents game too, btw. Dayana refused to join until she found out that Mommy and Daddy were joining too. Daddy was amused at the whole she-bang (being first-time parents attending their first kid's Sports Day), but i told him not to expect 4 to 6-year olds to lontar peluru, lari 2 ratus meter and lompat jauh any time soon.

a final photo before heading back:

they each got something

and later in the afternoon after attending Significant Other's friend's wedding in Setia Alam (warrggghh jauh sehhhh @_@ but i finally realized if i took the 60sen toll i wouldn't have to go through Klang roads oops) we dropped by Starbucks (they have drive-thru wor). ade orang tu perasan best sebab he has the Starbucks card. hmmm... maybe i should get the Chatime card, no? =P~

at Starbucks. look at the Starbucks monster that stole my drink @_@

April 23, 2012


that's it folks. it's me back to being maidless.

it's like a win-lose situation. on the winning side, i'm partly relieved that i don't have to be responsible for another person, mostly being her welfare, don't have to feel guilty for bossing people around, bla bla bla (in other words simply being an employer =P). no need to go through all the hassle that comes with having a maid. but on the losing side, i lose a dedicated person to take care of my kids. and somehow, it feels kinda lonely (or empty) because it's like you suddenly lose someone that 'seems' to care for your well being (and also to manage the unruly physical household haha).

i also need to put the kids to sleep. huarghhhhh. not an easy task i tell you. the give-up method would be to let them drop to sleep after they've exhausted their battery power. and that can take awhile @_@.

i'll live, i guess. i always do, somehow. DEPRESSED!

anyway, just wanted to share something i heard Dayana say the other day... we were downstairs and i was turning on the DVD player for the kids to watch - mil bought a bunch of alif ba ta CDs for the kids to watch (i guess she thinks Dora and Sesame Street have been overplayed a little too much).

then Dayana told me, 'Bibik tak pandai mati-in' (means the maid doesn't know how to turn the DVD player off).

hahahah. so a abit of Indonesian did rub off on her.

Dinara still calls me 'Ma Ma'. if she wants something she'll go 'Ma Ma?' in a questioning sort of way? then datang tepuk2 badan orang when i ignore her. LOL.

these two sisters, they can be best friends today, enemies tomorrow. one time while i was walking across the parking lot with the kids, i reached out for Dayana's hand. not wanting to be left out, Dinara reached out her hand too... for Dayana's.


(on other days toksah cerita. they are very good at making messes, ignoring me when i ask them to clean up, and love to fight over something the other has just because the other one has it - kalau bende tu duduk atas lantai tak terusik, i can bet you they wouldn't even bother, chis).

April 18, 2012

sims social errors

dear Mr. creator,

meet my latest addiction:

it was my favorite way to de-stress by going click-click-click on the screen.

note 'WAS'.

i started out liking this game because the game provides you with quests to complete (at least you have purpose of playing in the first place =P), you get to decorate your house as you like provided you have enough money and social points, you get to make and break friends, oh and don't forget the infamous woo-hoo, ahahahahhaha.

but recently their quests are all timed, there's too many chain quests, and too many harassing friends to 'please click on my feed' nonsense.

recently newer errors have come into play too, like this one:

i've also gotten the grey screen error (their own version of blue screen hahahaha) and the most infamous response of all: the no-response-at-all error.

big cheers, everyone! *sarcastic clapping heard in the background*

sigh. buck up and improve on the app, will you? i don't want to abandon you the way i did with Restaurant City.

sincerely yours,
frustrated Sims Social Player

April 17, 2012

lost mojo

i must be losing my mojo...i've never abandoned my blog this long before... haha. forgive me. not that i have too many readers to begin with. i have lots on my mind. you know what invention i'd love to have (if it existed, to begin with)? --> a gadget that has the ability to turn your thoughts into words into the PC. i've been virtually 'blogging' in my mind that when it comes to the time i want to translate them onto physical medium, they come out yucky sounding and lame. and into the Trash it goes. haha.

google translater calls them indians, sometimes towels. LOL.

here's a colorful pic that makes me happy just looking at them:

apricot silk
rose silk
eisblau silk/wool/cotton
holunder aqua linen
grass hemp
petrol hemp

ring slings revisited:

(btw, that is only half of what i have.the rest are archived away for the future)

and yes, i do have a small collection of ring slings, i never began with wrapping. i was considering to let go the silk (the lovely creamy one) but i chickened out again for the second time @_@. the ring sling at the bottom of the pic was my very first tbw purchase, inspired by a friend's OMT that she has. i'm contemplating listing the grad linen psling. any takers?

cherry drop linen psling, rm350 *SOLD*

this is also for sale. i'd rather not list the price here, i've had quite a number of people fainting already, haha. i think that's what made me to start doubting my sanity for the past couple of days. ignore my ramblings. i've been doing that alot lately just to release the tension building up inside me. i'll be fine later, don't worry =P.

natibaby beige silk swallows 5 *SOLD*

who can resist its neutral beauty? definitely not me

i'll write more meaningful ramblings once i get my mojo back.

oooh, have you seen Battleship? you should watch. i must be the only person who has never played the game in my entire life.

i've seen them on tv commercials when i was in the US (you gotta love their commercials, hahahaha) but hey, i'm a girl. apa best Battleship? =P~~~ it wasn't really a great movie but it wasn't so bad either. it felt more like watching someone playing the game on big screen. no wonder Significant Other enjoyed it - aliens were involved. hahahahhahahahaha.

the hero plays Gambit in Wolverine, btw. i simply can't recall who he is, but he reminds me of Paul Walker. sil denies this though.

to finish my ramblings, i leave you with two pics that consists of two of my favorite colors =D

April 8, 2012

bloo-kangaroo J love


easter eggs

to my friends who observes this holiday, happy Easter! - Snoopy's Street Fair

(i, on the other hand, observe...
the chocolate eggs and bunnies! LOL)

April 6, 2012

Sheraton Langkawi

for some reason this hotel was available for SPG points redemption during for the dates of our choise (and they usually aren't!), so we decided to give this hotel a try (also, points redemption was much more cheaper than redeeming a stay at the Andaman wahahahahhahah). this is another member of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Langkawi. the hotel is located along the way to Telaga Harbour from Padang Matsirat.

Sheraton Langkawi
Teluk Nibong,
07000 Kedah,
Phone: (60)(4) 952 8000
Fax: (60)(4) 952 8050
check-in: 3pm, checkout: 12pm

to get around the hotel grounds you need to do alot of walking, so they provide you with free buggy service to get around. just pick up the phone and give them a ring. they give you a map so you don't get lost. of course, for those who love the exercise, you're free to walk =D.

Sheraton Langkawi, sunny skies that day

the welcome drink

map of Sheraton Langkawi grounds

waiting for the buggy to take us to our room

me in the buggy with my *ahem* bag =D

our stop, top left

we were given an upgrade for the room. oh i was seriously momentarily speechless right after we unlocked the door and stepped into our 'room'. we were upgraded to the 'executive suite' - a bit too much for only just the two of us, but hey, i'm not complaining, aite? =D =D. pictures don't do justice. it beats our room at the Andaman, obviously.

our room door *a must have photo haha*

*jeng jeng jeng* the executive suite

this totally blew me away... our own lounge

... the bedroom...

boleh tgk tv sambil mandi =P

a walk-in-hallway to the bathroom

i'm in love with the bathroom <3

complete with its own tub jacuzzi

our own private balcony

According to their website:

The executive suite is a comfortable one-bedroom suite with a living room, dry bar and long private balcony, located in close proximity to the pool deck and beach front. Other features include an oversized bathroom with shower and bathtub jacuzzi, timber flooring and modern room facilities.

but i must say, there isn't much to boast about when it comes to the swimming pool and Sheraton's beach; the Andaman wins this category hands down.

note the huge rocks

lazing in the lounge chair

the desolate 'sandy' beach at the far end in the pic. too many beach creatures

the swimming pool. it has a pool bar over at the far end

1. ooh i definitely enjoyed my stay here. hahaha. no complaints from me =D

April 4, 2012

(d)inara's rainbow

if anyone happens to see this in wrap form, please let me know? =P~~~

April 3, 2012

pc doctor to the rescue

Tuesday 3/4:

i haven't been around blogging as often as i previously did ever since work assignments came pouring in. and ever since our team shrank from too many to too few, i've been getting panic attacks every now and then since i'm the newest one left - and a blur one at that @_@.

so... if you notice that updates are lesser than normal, then you'll know why. the other reason would be unstable hormones. LOL.

for the past 2 weeks my PC's cursor keeps disappearing on me and then the keyboard would become unresponsive which results in me force restarting the whole machine and then i've got to reopen all my applications again. and again. and again. doesn't help that every application in my virtual window will disappear, bukan senang nak reconnect satu satu.

the other problem is my network connection would start to get wonky, for no apparent reason. that results in my VPN being disconnected which is also equally annoying, because my putty and db connections will abort and i have to start from square one. i sent my PC to the Dr this morning and so far everything *touch wood* is ok. for now. even tried opening the Sims to push my luck. so far so good. i wonder if Connectify really was the culprit *shhhh! for the record, i didn't even know i had the application in the first place, but no guesses as to who put it there*.

Wednesday 4/4:

since it's that time of the month i painted my nails black just for kicks (which looks really fugly, btw. i never had the steadiness for art anyway) using the Elianto nail polish i bought last year, during the time they were promoting 1Malaysia ke ape ntah and were selling selected colors for cheap. Dayana wanted to color her nails too, so i let her wear a safe color - clear white. LOL. Dinara grabbed my hand and refused to let go - fascinated kot tengok tangan mami yg hitam buruks itu, hahahahahah.

anyway, here's a couple of things for sale.

hibiscus rose silk, length 4m chopped from a size 6 and professionally hemmed, asking $205.

dyed mint silk waves size 7, asking $175 (the one on the left). *SOLD*

bobbi brown creamy concealer rm60 *SOLD*

btw, so far, my PC is acting OK *touch everything wood*. no blue screens, no disappearing act, no 'default gateway not available'... but you never know.

April 2, 2012

iPhone mommy tak bes

just wanted to write this down... before i forget...

this morning , at 1am i was trying my very best to get some shut eye when Dayana, who was lying on her stomach next to me and busy operating my iPhone exclaimed,

"Mommy, iPhone Mommy tak bes la!"

@_@ boleh tak? mentang2 la Mommy's apps semua boring to a 4-yo. chis.

and yesterday, Bibik made nasi + fishball soup for lunch, but my Dayana had her own idea on what she wanted to eat for lunch. you know what she did? she took one look at the bowl and told Bibik,

"i don't want rice, i want bihun and fishball"

and when Bibik said bihun takde, you know what she said?

"adeeeee. you go get it!" and then refused to eat a single bite.

haih. cam tau je ade bihun kat dalam stor tu? and pandai pulak si kecik molek ni order orang. haihhhhhhhh.

she also likes to ask me the following Qs:

- KENAPA xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, mommy? KENAPA??? *mode sibuk-nak-tau*
- mommy nak pegi mana? mommy where you going?? *mode takut kene tinggal*
- mommy, what u doing? *mode kepochi*
- mommy can i use your iPhone?
- mommy, can you help me?
- are you thinking what i'm thinking, B1? *encik pisang punye pasal*

semalam sibuk nak makan pizza. luckily we had leftover pizza from Saturday night's pizza dinner outing with Nor, so she had pizza for lunch and dinner on Sunday. and for Monday's breakfast too (last piece).

hantu pizza cik kiah sorang ni.

oh she came up with something else recently:

"daina likes princess, adik likes abby cadaby, mommy like princess (she doesn't know what i like), daddy likes robot! (aka transformers)"

and from school:

"how are you?"
"i'm fine, thank you, ALHAMDULILLAH!"


April 1, 2012

the no word

just wanted to update here, that Dinara has a current favorite new word:


sigh. of all the words in the world, she has to choose this as a current favorite? even the word 'Mommy' pun tak lepas lagi ('mama! mama!' grrr).

if she nak cari gaduh with Dayana she'll go, 'NNNNNNNNNO!' (and then kakak dia pun will go nonononono just to infuriate her younger sister, tsk). this morning, Dinara came into my room, and the first thing she announced in a loud voice was 'NO!'.

nnnnnno! to everything. nnnnnno! to her sister. nnnnnno! to me.

@_@ apekah yang NO nye pun i tatau. i think she just enjoys saying it. it's like an accomplishment for her, like, oh so now i can finally disagree with my Kakak! LOL