November 28, 2014

missing in action


it's been awhile since i've written anything here. i bet nobody reads blogs anymore, nowadays everyone seems busier updating their instagram and posting nonsense on Facebook than socializing in real life haha.

anyway, when i manage to get my mojo back, i'll try and revive this page. i haven't been in the best of health lately, i've been more tired than usual and i've had too many things on my plate for the past couple of months.

someone has officially started work last week. he's already updated his 'Works At' description on fb. however in my opinion, he seems as if he's attending uni classes instead of 'working' - irregular hours, half days, off days... jealous lah. i oso wanttttttttttttt.

someone asked me what 'flight crew' meant. i was tempted to answer 'tukang sapu sampah kapal'. hahahahhahaha.

now... if only i looked as awesome as this bird... haha.
all dressed for winter too.

only we don't have snow, we've been experiencing heavy rain and the occasional flash floods T___T.

November 26, 2014

stash shot Nov 2014

current colorful stash.
feeling pretty good.
(for now)

zatgebo peaches 3
addicks birdsong 4m
farideh hemp 6
farideh reverie 4m
farideh sundance 6
etla lighthouse 5
roses ember 4
nsi aphrodite 4