November 29, 2012

photo funny ah

sorry... just decided to access my PhotoFunia app for the first time ever since downloading it aeons ago into my phone.

i have too many apps it seems. time to trim them down. got tired of Snoopy's Street Fair and Smurfs, i'm now into My Little Pony hahahah.

now if only i had more prettier photos to use...

how do i widen my blog eh? if i change my photos to X-Large they seem to eat into the right-side column.... argghhh

November 26, 2012

juney's wedding reception

i affectionately call her Juney. i didn't know she goes around by the name June =P. anyway, she FBed me months in advance about this event. didn't want to miss it because she's one of my oldest friends i still keep in touch with on FB. her birthday is also a day after mine =P which i have always remembered until now.

chee khoon & juney!
she had the reception at the Renaissance Hotel, smack in the middle of the intersection that kept bringing me heartache the last time i worked at KLCC. it's also the same hotel where i went for that Qatar interview (and where this one person told me i needed to 'mature abit' - having FA experience makes you a make-up know-it-all?). en route to the hotel i totally blanked out and kept asking Significant Other, 'mana? mana???' to his utmost irritation. luckily she held her reception on a Sunday, which makes harung-ing the weekend traffic slightly better, Significant Other delayed his return flight so i didn't end up going stag.

i love attending Chinese weddings. well, the food is good, for one =P. totally different from how the Malays do it.

the bride & groom are environmentalists so no shark's fin on the menu
the following three are also former schoolmates of mine - Wei Liang, Tania & Mei Mei. coincidentally Tania had her reception a month ago at the very same place lol. Mei Mei was my neighbour, we used to have tuition classes together with some boring Malay teacher. Wei Liang used to be ketua kelas, and Juney was penolong. coincidentally, they both shared the same birthday. HAHAHAHAHHA.

Significant Other jabbering with Wei Liang. ignore the other two cyber socialites lol
with some gorgeous ladies
oh btw, here's the bride. i only managed to get a photo with her at the end of all the shebang on our way out the door. i saved the best for last. heehee~

juney! gorgeous woman!
gorgeous kan? irl she isn't the china-doll type =P *ok lari just in case she comes across this post one day* congratulations again, Juney! much love!

November 23, 2012

November 21, 2012

for sale and sold

this photo is what made me fall in love with apricot silk in the first place.
but alas, this wrap now has a new owner now.
i'm still destashing, haven't you heard?
it's enlightening to get away from social groups once in awhile (well, first trimester helps too. being broke comes a close second).

apricot silk indio
if anyone knows when this is released in Malaysia, could you let me know? can't zoom in close enough on objects with the current available lens (someone is bragging that his 7D can do much wonder than this mirrorless camera... pointing out the obvious).

mount adapter

Significant Other wants to sell his iPhone 4 32gb black color.
bought in December 2010. the phone is sctually in better condition than my white one which i bought almost a year later (pffffft). casing not included (if you want it as well please add rm99).
asking price is rm1100. anyone? *SOLD*

pm ririyana @ . uk

iPhone 4 black 32gb for sale

got this on a friend's FB page:


1. Meyakini bahawa Allah Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Melihat.

2. Melihat keagungan Dzat yg kita derhakai, dan jangan melihat kecilnya ma’siat sebagaimana firmanNya yg bermaksud:

“Khabarkan kpd hamba2Ku, bahawa sesungguhnya Akulah Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang, dan bahawa sesungguhnya azabKu adalah azab yg sangat pedih”
Q.S. Al Hijr: 50.

3. Ingatlah bahawa dosa itu semuanya buruk. Kerana ia menjadi penghalang dalam mencapai kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

4. Meninggalkan tempat2 ma’siat dan teman2 yg berperangai buruk, yg biasanya menmbantu berbuat dosa, serta memutuskan hubungan dengan mereka selama mereka belum berubah menjadi baik.


Manusia diberi kesempatan utk memperbaiki diri. Iaitu dgn bertaubat dari perbuatan2 yg boleh memasukkannya ke dalam neraka. Taubat yg dilakukan haruslah total, yg dikenal dgn taubat nasuha.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
“Setiap anak Adam (manusia) berbuat kesalahan, dan sebaik2nya org yg bersalah adalah bertaubat”
HR At Tirmidzi no. 2499 dan dihasankan oleh al-Albani dalam Shahih al Jami’ Ash Shaghir, no:4391.

“Seandainya hamba2 Allah tidak ada yg berbuat dosa, tentulah Allah akan menciptakan makhluk lain yg berbuat dosa kemudian mengampuni mereka”
HR Al Hakim, hal 4/246 dan disahihkan oleh al Albani dalam Silsilah Shahihah, no:967.

Dengan bertaubat, kita dapat membersihkan hati dari noda yg mengotorinya. Sebab dosa menodai hati, dan membersihkannya merupakan KEWAJIPAN.

Rasulullah bersabda:
“Sesungguhnya seorg mukmin bila berbuat dosa, maka akan (timbul) sati titik noda hitam di hatinya. Jika ia bertaubat, meninggalkan (perbuatan tersebut) dan memohon keampunan (kepada Allah), maka hatinya kembali bersih. Tetapi bila menambah (perbuatan dosa), maka bertambahlah noda hitam tersebut sampai memenuhi hatinya. Maka itulah ar raan (penutup hati) yg telah disebutkan Allah dalam firmanNya yg bermaksud:

“Sekali2 tidak (demikian), sebenarnya apa yg selalu mereka usahakan itu menutup hati mereka” Q.S Al Muthaffifin:14
HR Ibnu Majah, no: 4244.

Allah juga menganjurkan kita utk segera bertaubat dan beristighfar. Allah berfirman maksudnya:

“Maka jika mereka bertaubat, itu adalah lebih baik bg mereka, dan adalah lebih baik bg mereka, dan jika mereka berpaling, nescaya Allah akan mengazab mereka dgn azab yg pedih di dunia dan di akhirat; dan mereka sekali2 tidak mempunyai penolong di muka bumi”
Q.S At Taubah:74.

Rasulullah sendiri banyak bertaubat dan beristighfar, sehingga para sahabat menghitungnya sebanyak lebih 100 kali dalam satu majlis, sebagaimana Nafi’ Ibnu Umar telah menyatakan:

“Ibnu Umar pernah menghitung (bacaan istighfar) Rasulullah s.a.w dalam suatu majlis sebelum bangkit 100 kali, (yg berbunyi): “Ya Rabbku, ampunilah aku dan terimalah taubatku. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Penerima Taubat lagi Maha Pengampun”
HR At Tirmidzi, no: 3434.

November 12, 2012

bad customer service

pissed off with the cashier at ikea last weekend.
was it mentioned anywhere that it was compulsory to put your items onto to the conveyor belt to be scanned?
i only wanted to buy one small alarm clock. so holding it should've been suffice, shouldn't it? since it wasn't heavy, and it was just one teeny tiny item pun.

well anyway, the stupid cashier didn't even stop to see who was buying what. lines were long, as usual. he simply scanned whatever item that rolled by on the conveyor belt. tup tup he was scanning items that belonged to the person behind me. apa lagi, free pass la mamat belakang i tu.
i was like, wtf? i ended up standing in line longer than neccessary because the person had more stuff in his trolley to scan. grrrr. when it was my turn, i angrily told off the cashier that next time could he please look carefully at which items belonged to which customer?? sorry to say i called him an 'F', i was so angry because his face remained blank like it never even registered what i was trying to tell him, i almost felt like throwing my shoe at his face. no apology, not even a sorry look on his face. geram ok. he should be fired. his name is Liang, btw. it was written on the receipt.

there seemed to be a ruckus at the row next to mine involving the cashier as well, but i wasn't really paying attention. i was too busy seething because the person behind me got a free pass. dia pun satu, didn't even bother stopping the cashier, cheerily saying to me 'excuse me' and pushing past to get to the front. pffft.

told Significant Other about it. he went to the cashier and demanded an apology from the stupid cashier. wasn't really sure if i did get that apology. but i remember the cashier making an excuse that i didn't put my item on the conveyor belt, hence i was ignored.

that's a lame excuse really. for example, if i wanted to buy only one item that was too big to be set onto the conveyor belt (and therefore had to be wheeled to the counter using a trolley), would it be safe to assume that you'd be ignoring me again the same way u did earlier merely because i had nothing to put on the stupid conveyor belt???

rude rude rude rude. and stupid.

btw, ikea standards have really gone down. there are still no chairs at their cafe downstairs (is that on purpose?), so people have to eat standing up like flamingos. their sauce dispenser is so not user-friendly, do you know how much energy one has to use to squeeze out the chilli sauce or ketchup onto their hotdogs? (you're lucky your hotdogs are super yummy). i even saw a bunch of kids filling up fizzy drinks into their own coke bottle, and not using those paper cups provided by ikea. huh. teruk ok. making a big mess at the soda machine. tsk.

the only thing i found interesting was their customer service counter. before if you wanted to apply for an ikea membership you'd have to go through customer service, dealing with real people. you'd have to fill up forms using pens and stuff. this time however, all you have to do is know how to use a computer. they replaced people with computer terminals, where you fill up your details and once submitted, you're given a temporary card for you to use until you get the actual one. cool huh?

oh let me tell you about another rude cashier i encountered, at Diva One Utama. i was looking to buy a couple of headbands for myself. so after finally settling for something i wanted, i went up to counter to pay. (note that what i wanted to purchase was tagged rm39). two ladies were at the counter, busy doing inventory or something - the counter was littered with trinkets and stuff. well anyway, after making payment and all, i realized that she charged me rm43 for the headbands instead of rm39 as written on the pricetag. so i told her about it, and you know what she said? she said, 'oh some of the items dah naik harga but they didn't have the time to readjust the price tags'. so what, that explanation makes it ok to overcharge me? that's total bullshit.

price difference
Significant Other says they can't charge more for an item that already had a pricetag (consumer rights or something like that) so apa lagi? i told her off la. oh kalau macam tu i pun can simply sell a rm50 item for rm500 and say oops, sorry, i simply had no time to change the pricetags, gitu? (all this while apa you dok buat kat kedai tu? sampai tak sempat nak reprice the items?). cashier's name listed in the receipt.

so with a meluat look on her face, she offered (in not such a nice tone of voice) to refund me the rm4. you know what she said? she said 'aku benci la bende macam ni' in a really loud voice and stormed into the storeroom. the nerve of that girl! when she came out again, she handed me the money, and said, 'dah, settle?'. more rudeness from her. again, no apology. like i was the one creating hell for her in the first place. wtf?

oh i took her photo. if you wanna be as grumpy as that then you're better off not being in retail. pfffft. she should be fired too.

the self-absorbed cashier
kalah orang PMS i nih. tsk tsk. i'm pregnant, so please excuse the short temper. heu~~~ ok sekian hate post from me. off to try and find better vibes for the soul. sigh....

November 9, 2012

how we've been

look at what she's been up to. i didn't put her to it, she did it all on her own. hahahahahah. i've heard of pigs in a blanket. but kiddo in a basket? lolz.

i guess she found it amusing to sit in there. sebbaik tak terbalik
she calls her Daddy 'Dayiiii', will almost always say 'ok' agreeably even though she isn't really, can nod when she means yes (before this almost everything was a headshake), is really into Emo (elmo) mode ever since i put on Sesame Street reruns for her to see, still is a big fan of 'babi' (both of the dolls that she has have officially lost their outfits sighhhh), loves to 'hapai' (high-five), says 'gnite' when she wants to sleep, hmmmm she does her own thang mostly. and she can't be separated from her pacifier. sigh.

the other day i put my status on gtalk as rainbow. Significant Other asked me why. i told him it kept raining n pouring yet no sign of rainbows. so he sent me this pic via mms:

see? he told me he could make miracles
how is Dayana, you ask? she had her ihtifal recently, so she's been singing mostly to herself. she's really into jigsaw puzzles, but is so not into cleaning up after she's done with it. 39 pieces you.

a conversation i had with Dayana recently:

me: Dayana, where's your Little Mermaid? dah hilang. where is it?
Dayana: tak tauuuu. maybe Little Mermaid go holiday?
me: T____T

but true enough, i found the figurine hanging out in the backseat of my car. chis.

and me? i've been having a rough first trimester. i'm tired!!! i am literally eating my own words now. lesson learnt: never tell anything to anyone for fear it might turn and bite you on the ass.

November 4, 2012

Dayana's ihtifal

Erti Al Fatihah - Voice Of Ummi

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani
Segala Puji bagi Allah,
Tuhan Semesta Alam
Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang
Yang Menguasai hari pembalasan

Hanya kepadaMu (Ya Allah)

kami menyembahMu (Ya Allah)
hanya kepadaMu kami mohon pertolongan

Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus

Iaitu jalan orang-orang yang Kau kurniakan ni’mat kepada mereka,
bukan jalan mereka yang dimurkai
dan bukan pula jalan mereka yang sesat

Dayana's ihtifal took place on Saturday evening. prior to this she'd hum the song to herself but when you ask her to sing for you she'd clam up immediately (right after the performance she'd be happy so sing you the whole song, complete with all the hand gestures she learnt at school).

the kids' performance was held at the hall of this Chinese school in USJ. the school provided us with directions to the place but in my opinion were pretty useless (Mydin was not anywhere near the school T__T) but we managed to get her there by 6.30pm that evening to send her off first. then we rushed back home to collect the rest of the party (mil and bil) and off we went again. it was drizzling that evening.

the auditorium was spacious. kids were everywhere. kinda wished they held the event during the day, at night the kids were twice as restless than usual. lucky for us the 4-year old's performance were up first right after all the speeches, so we didn't have to sit through the whole event (the main focus of the event was for the graduating 6-year olds anyway). we were dead starving sitting through the earlier part of the performance. pity there wasn't anyone selling food or drinks at the school, only balloons that you can't even eat. the kids were provided food, though. vendors could probably make alot of money out of the parents. tee~

the program for the night
cik kiah membizikan diri. she got restless after awhile @_@
'erti al-fatihah' performed by the 4-year olds
for some reason Dayana ended up being the only one dressed in white. hmmmm...i did remember her teacher telling me by mouth that she was to wear black but when i received the letter about her performance it was written (by hand) that she was to wear white jubah and white hijab.

anyway, the Daddy didn't mind. she stood out more on the stage looking different. ahahahahhaha

do you know how hard it is to find a decent white jubah for kids? (well, unless you tempah lah, but that doesn't count). people kept directing me to kompleks PKNS but after rounding each level i couldn't even find a simple one (save for the telekung-lookalike ones). Dayana already had a couple of black jubahs, but whites? @_@ ended up buying a white baju kurung that hopefully resembled a jubah when seen from afar =D~~~

even before her performance started, she was already waving at her Daddy and Uncle onstage. obviously she was enjoying herself up there. haha. didn't seem a bit frazzled by what was going on in the audience.
the only maiden in white on stage
she totally enjoyed being on stage
singing with hand gestures
minah gedik =P~~~
Daddy photographer
went home with Buzz Lightyear and Boboboi
so... see you next year, TLC?