December 11, 2017

isi perut in Kuching

yassssssss! it's been awhile since i went anywhere with the husband. let's go on a makan trip, shall we? so on Friday... i got to follow the husband on a short trip. guess where lilo is going?

guess where lilo is

usually i'd have to find my own transport to get to the hotel, like last year Emma and i took Uber, but this time i got to ride with the crew. haha. privilege ok, especially when you're a nobody in the airline industry.

10 years.
yep, back here after a year
always liked the rooms here
the only things I brought along with me

remember i mentioned (or maybe i didn't sorry) that i was afraid to take the boat across the waterfront because i was with Emma and i was afraid we'd fall in? haha. this time round we took the boat (read: a slightly larger version of the sampan, with a roof over your head) across the river for dinner! haha. sorry i is abit jakun. there are boat services all along the waterfront, you only pay rm1 one-way for the ride across. pretty neat, eh?

a crew member Elan was also on the boat (orang lain semua wet blanket huhu), so the three of us had dinner at My Village Barok. they say the kambing here is splendid, which it is! nampak je pedas when i first laid eyes on the dish. ordering sayur is a must too. nasib dating awal sikit, the place was filling up fast.

midin belacan
scallop bakar
nasi kambing ketok

after a very satisfying dinner, we stopped by Mira's cake house to get kek lapis. i totally forgot to take photos, ruginya -___-. got so many types of kek lapis to choose from here. i've forgotten already which ones we chose, but i particularly remember one that had chocolate chunks innit. so naiiiiiiis!

the next day the husband had an early morning flight (reporting at 7am sighs) so like it or not i had to haul myself out of bed too. told me to find this nice roti canai place, but since he couldn't remember the name - he told me to look for MASTURA.  if you're looking for something to eat for breakfast nearby Hilton you're out of luck - there are barely any shops open at 7am except for this 24-hour place named Warung NUSANTARA.

i don't know how NUSANTARA can be mistaken for MASTURA, can you?

had roti canai and three layer tea - gula apong yey.

heck even my sister's shop isn't opened at this hour. better yet, i didn't even know she had a shop. bila Aya bukak kedai?


bila aya bukak kedai?

the husband and Amirul (my walking MAS Wikipedia =P) also mentioned that there was another nice place nearby called Uncle Lim that had good mee kolo/ cendawan (or was it mushroom soup?), located somewhere in between the alleys nearby the hotel but I CANNOT FIND IT T____T.


after tummy is full, i went a-walking. cat statues are still there, probably with a fresh paint job haha. last year i was with Emma, this year it's just me and my big fat heavy bag stuffed with kek lapis Sarawak. just as i arrived at the waterfront, it started to rain T___T.

cat statues... still there

took a stroll on the new Darul Hana Bridge (yep, that's the official name of the bridge ok). Darul Hana means a place of peace and tranquility in Arabic. my photo does not do justice to the bridge, it's much more majestic-looking in real life. it was still drizzling when i was walking around the waterfront, so please excuse the crazy lady dragging a luggage bag behind her while trying to juggle a pink umbrella with one hand. why the heck did i not think to just leave my bag behind at reception? #blondemoment

the Darul Hana Bridge

if the skies were sunnier i would've headed off to the Sarawak Cultural Village, but given the lousy weather (and me being alone, no fun - who's going to take photos of me?? lol) i decided that that should be kept for the next time i get the opportunity to go to Kuching again. whenever that is. haha.

so my friend Shasha was in Kuching recently so she told me to look for this Old Court House in the middle of nowhere which was walking distance from the waterfront. just standing from the outside you wouldn't even realize that there's a café tucked nicely within the walls of this court house. they're currently upgrading the place, so even the washroom tiles are amazing! haha.

the Old Court House
fancy toilet / wc

the patrons at the time were mainly mat sallehs dropping by for a cuppa while waiting for the drizzle to let up. so if you're a fan of what they call café hopping, then you might want to stop by. tried their lemon poppy seed cake, to which i find the frosting a bit too lemony-sweet for my liking. practically spent an hour backdating my Hobonichi Weeks here =P.

lovely interior
poppy seed cake

took a Grab to the airport after 2pm-ish because i didn't want to stand around at the airport too long waiting for my ticket to be issued. they put me in the middle seat, and i was all ready to start fuming (because who likes to get stuck in the middle seat? lol) when the husband showed me his ticket (he's paxing back abandoning his set crew haha). coincidental much? turned out we had the whole row to ourselves anyway.


and who comes to Kuching without sampling all the yummy food that you cannot find / does not even come close in the Peninsula? (me apparently, during my first time in Kuching last year. bahahahahah *roll eyes*) the Golden Lounge in Departures serves excellent Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolo. next time must order big size and must not share with Mister Pilot! (tak puas makan oit) =P~~~~ although I'm sure you can find these dishes at other nice places outside the airport, only i je yang tak jumpe kat mana lagi. lol.

mee kolo and laksa sarawak

so, that concludes my KCH trip and last kopek for 2017; i doubt i'll be going anywhere else until the new year comes rolling around. til next time!