February 25, 2013

jelly rival

i wouldn't call it rival per se... their price range actually rivals crocs come to think of it...
(i balked at the price)
but their designs are so much more stylish imo.

*mode berangan on Monday because i couldn't get any sleep last night and my leg is still throbbing and no matter how much rest i get it simply won't just go away and i'm starting to lose sleep because i can't seem to find a comfortable sleeping position anymore even though it's only just 28 weeks and i keep rubbing my eyeballs out even though i know i shouldn't and i've got so many things to do but so little time aaaaarrrrggghhh*

sekian, terima kasih.

or wedges?

Significant Other is into heels, especially when heels make me a wee bit taller than him (and that would mean i might probably trip and break my back... i dunno how you girls do it, walk in stilts... my back aches just thinking about it). i've abandoned heels for the kids, most of my shoes have been neglected, huhu (and i hate how they deteriorate over time).

p/s. lits... takmo beli ke? =D~~~

on another note...

can i transform my Mr. P from this...

 to this?

February 20, 2013

real flower?

i found this on my desk this morning...

with an orange sitting on top of the box (post Gong Xi Fa Chai punye limau). i didn't see the note at first because it was positioned directly under the box.

*looks left and right at other people's desk to see if they received the same thing*

it's a norm for these people to go holidaying and coming back bringing little trinkets for the whole team - keychains, magnets, chocolates.

that box? reminded me of Chinese takeout *terus imagine fullmoon giftbox sets*.

opened the box.... this was what was inside... CHOMELS! fake flowers!!!

ok la after closer inspection (and after reading the care instruction inside the box) they're actually REAL flowers, designed using some canggih technology from Japan. cute eh? too cute! i'm a sucker for all these trinkets. buat semak meja lagi ade la hihihihi.

you actually do need to water the flowers, but only a little to keep them happy all day long. one word of advice on the care card: DO NOT FLOOD. lolz.

if they die, then i never really inherited my mom's green thumb.
the only thing i'm good at growing are taugehs *think primary school science experiment* haha.

thanks HW, Muz n Nurel. beats cengkerik any day =D

you can go to their Facebook page if you're interested in knowing more about these flowers.

February 16, 2013

the second child

Dinara's yes and no bunyik sama je.

no: nanak *nodding her head furiously*
yes: nanana! *while bopping her head enthusiastically*

she still doesn't pronounce Daddy correctly. she'd go 'Dayiiiiii!!!'

demands to spoon feed herself with no help. she'd pat a spot on the table where she wants you to place her plate of food, and she'll feed herself - and make a huge mess in the process T_T.

biggest stains i've had to contend with recently:
- chocolate stains
- spaghetti sauce stains!!!

tried to get her to eat topless, she got so mad and kept demanding to put her shirt back on haha.

she chooses her own outfits you know. mengamuk if you force her to wear something that she doesn't want.

pantang ajak pergi jalan, she'd be first one to head for the door, put on her shoes and say 'lesgo! go! go!'.

she's a fully certified cinapek, what with her now short hair, LOL.

the other day i only brought her to LGK because the elder has school to attend, i guess she really missed her sister because when Dayana arrived a good 5 days later, she kept going 'kakak!' and petting Dayana lol. we took a walk at this abandoned bridge the other day and she kept insisting to hold her sister's hand. 'hand! hand!' she'd go. unfortunately sometimes Dayana simply wanted to run free without having to babysit her younger sister lol.

oh the fights between them still continue, of course. that goes without saying =S

lately Dinara ni clingy semacam. is it because of baby D #3?

budak nakal
Dinara and Daddy. she chose the outfit herself
Dinara n Mommy

February 11, 2013

coconut shake

the best coconut shake according to Nurel resides in Melaka.

mind you, i only like air kelapa, any other form that you sprinkle on those traditional Malay cakes me no likey.

goodness knows when i'll be able to go jalan-jalan cari makan in Melaka, so i decided to settle with trying out coconut shake in Langkawi.

it's a stall located by the roadside just beside that ridiculously crowded ikan bakar + nasi campur restaurant in Padang Matsirat. seriously, buses will drop a whole bunch of tourists to have lunch at that restaurant. can't deny that their ikan bakar is good though. anyway, that's another story.

ayaq kelapa... bes oOOoOo on a bloody hot day... especially in Langkawi. a good day for flying too.

coconut shake reminds me of vanilla milkshake.

the signage
coconut shake or the simple air kelapa... yumms on a hot day
ada gaya ambassador ayaq kelapa tak? HAHA
i think Significant Other's hooked LOL.

did you know that the coconut is called the 'Tree Of Life'? oh, and that coconut water is good for pregnant mommies like me =D. so... is a coconut a fruit, a nut, or a seed?

i do so want to write about my CNY in Langkawi, but photos are still in my camera me thinks, and also in bil's camera, who i rarely see at home these days ever since he started working. engineer yg gigih ok. leaves the house before 7am to take the train... and catches up on his beauty SLEEP while onboard. HAHA.

February 8, 2013

beetlebums oz

couldn't afford to stalk one. so here are photos of the ones i was allowed to borrow from my lovely friends last year *muaks*

* note that i am no expert with BB, am only trying them out to see if they're suitable for smallish petite me who has only managed to find love with Bloo Kangaroo without having to alter the carrier's original sizing.

1. this is ieda's BB! came with its own custommed bag + chest straps which she didn't realize she had =P

there is webbing on the body straps which probably contributes to the slight bulkiness of it, and it has an nondetachable hood. the buckles are positioned on the body of the carrier, so i guess underarm rub is avoided that way..? the straps were set too wide for my narrow shoulders, they kept slipping off. i fail at front carries with SSC btw.

and here is me, test driving it in my messy room with my so-called guinea pigs:

2. then i tried pah's BB (which is now no longer hers), a wrap conversion made from i-have-forgotten-the-wrap's-name. supposedly this BB is newer than ieda's BB, so perhaps the sizing might have 'shrunk' abit? unfortunately for me, N.o.T. this one also has webbing on its body straps, and turned out to be even more fluffier than ieda's BB.
Dinara wasn't around so i used the eldest for a test drive. she never says no =D.

notice the gabak straps? too big, bulky and they kept sliding off my shoulder if i didn't use the chest straps. not much difference from KP's gabak robocop straps. me likey its vibrant color though.

3. this is (or was) shida's denim mermaid BB. it's kinda heavy because of the material. this carrier is baby sized, so at that point of time it was with me the fit was perfect for Dinara. it had a strap you could use to adjust the base of the carrier so you can cinch it to accommodate smaller babies (i forgot the actual name for it... waist cincher?).

this one also had webbing on the body straps, but since the body size is slightly smaller than the previous two, the body straps fit quite snugly on me. i forgot whether this one had a hood or not. i rarely have use for hoods on SSCs, i can never get my kids to sleep in an SSC.

well, that's my BB story. mak tak larat nak stalk for a custom made one. probably i'll wait until the market becomes saturated or something. previously it was the BK craze, then the KP craze, now the BB craze @_@. i'll stick to wraps, thanks =)

4. oh wait. there's one more...

*evil laugh*

- SSC = soft structured carrier
- BK = bloo kangaroo, bukan bege king
- KP = kinderpack
- BB = beetlebums

February 5, 2013

26 weeks

yerp, going into 26 weeks this week, give or take. small?
heck i don't think i even gained any significant weight T__T.
my gynae would be so mad. lol.
some say i'm carrying low, i suppose that's true, baby loves to bear down weight, ouchhhhh.
i'm practically living in dresses and leggings these days. maternity wear? umm, no.
they don't cater cool-looking outfits for XS people anyway. they assume everyone balloons after childbirth - not the case for me.

these days i've been craving for sweets and desserts. baby's doing no doubt.

have you tried love potion #31 from baskin robbins? lol this is the first time i've heard of it (nurel says i live in the dark ages). the usual flavors we'd usually get at BR would be gold medal ribbon (Significant Other's favorite). another flavor i like is cotton candy because it reminds me of rainbow paddle pop. love potion #31 is 'white chocolate and raspberry ice cream swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled dark chocolate hearts and chocolate chips'. sugar high, much?

according to nurel it only makes an appearance in january. i tried it on her insistance and yes this is one flavor i like too. nurel went crazy and bought herself a small tub on the 31st to indulge on, lolz.

another dessert i'm craving for is Chocolocious Sundae from Delicious, sil's recommendation. it's like a combination of ice cream and pavlova, we went out for dinner the other day and had dessert at Delicious afterwards. ooh the red velvet is nice there too. if i had a mixer and oven with me right i'd probably go out for ingredients and make myself one. haha.

all this talk about food is making me hungry. too bad there's only one (or more like 3/4) Cadbury bar left in the fridge to pig out on, lol.

February 3, 2013

jalan-jalan makan di AS

whenever we pass through Alor Setar it never fails for Significant Other to request for two things:
- dinner at Riverbank; and
- supper at KoeyTeow Iman.

Riverbank has been an old restaurant where my family frequented during the weekends back when we were still living in Alor Setar. the owners practically know my dad since we go there so often. they serve pretty decent Chinese food. even the owner recognizes me sometimes when i go there without my dad.

my family usually order steamed siakap thai style, but unfortunately for me i'm the only one fond of fish, Significant Other would only take a few bites before he declares himself fish free. so this time we didn't order fish.

the dish on the left in the photo is tauhu tiga rasa, i think, haha. i seriously don't know the actual name of this dish but i have a photo of it stored in my phone =P so i just show them a picture of the dish whenever we order haha. the tauhu is super crunchy, the sauce is really sweetish sour gitu. the husband would always request this without fail.

the dish on the right is egg foo yong. my dad loves this. i would say we love the usual telur dadar better, too many bende asing to our liking.

asparagus belacan. pedas jua.

forgot to snap a picture of the beef dish when it arrived. sudah mau habis baru teringat oops. errrr sizzling beef me thinks? this is what happens when you order off the menu...

budak ni enjoyed herself immensely. she's so into spoon feeding herself you know? a good thing in a way, not so good if you have to contend to cleaning up after... she spilled chocolate ice cream all over the front of her WHITE blouse!!! *cries buckets*. oh oh and she insisted on emptying a spoonful of sambal belacan into her mouth after i warned her not to. tau takpe, on fire lah lidah dia, bwahahahahha. she got me to wipe her tongue clean with a tissue to get rid of the aftershock, lol.

evening sightseeing after that. Significant Other got me to take a photo of the tower (apa la nk dibanding sangat dengan KL tower heu~). mentang2 he's been up there before and i haven't. passing by, yes zillions of times. climbing it, not yet.

then someone had a little walk down memory lane. whoever's schooled here before would know, i have never been to this area despite staying in Kedah for more than 5 years.

we abandoned Dinara for awhile to have this! i don't understand what's so nice about it but like Significant Other, i like their koeyteow! there's so many types of koeyteow to order on the menu (including 'koey teow super telur' which Significant Other thought to have some big special egg or something, rupa2nya the only thing special about it was it had prawns, i think).

too many food posts lately? lapar punye pasal haha. lepas ni nk cariek secret recipe lah @_@