November 28, 2008

on being a shopaholic mommy

i shouldn't have gone window shopping. but i was bored. after seeing my friend buy a couple of lovely dresses at One U, my shopping desire has risen abit. hahaha.

so on Wednesday during lunch hour i dragged my friend around with me. ended up with quite a long wish list. apart from the earlier 3 (in which i've bought the bottles, because i really need them) below are the items i've added to the list:-

4. vincci mary janes, rm53 and 2 nose heels, rm 69 & rm 49

5. soda exchange knit sweater in black, rm179

6. clarks, rm238

7. la senza bra and corset, rm99 & rm189

8. storybook couture red retro dress, rm60

i haven't bought anything on my wishlist yet, if you're wondering. except for the vincci mary janes because i'm no longer interested in my heel collection =P. i'm still debating whether i should just go crazy and suffer later or be a good girl and wait for any interesting offers should there be one.

year end sale starts today! the government termed the sale as The Savings Sale, but i have yet to figure out what the heck do you end up saving (definitely not money!). today the lrt had technical problems (as they always call it whenever the train encounters glitches of any sort) so i reached my office close to 11.30am T_T. since today is Friday and you-know-where is having a sale, today can be termed as a really unproductive day =P

the crowd was crazy as usual, although not as crazy as member's day sale. i wandered through the baby section looking for any cute clothes that might catch my eye. but since my daughter is growing up pretty quick (she'll be three months old this Sunday) i ended up not buying anything because i'm afraid she'll outgrow them too soon. sayang! and i still have a bunch of newborn outfits that she'll eventually grow out of so i'm gonna utilize those as much as i can before i buy new ones. hee. although she does need more dresses... *hint*

i did end up buying something, although not for me. i had my eye on that soda exchange sweater but when i wanted to look for it it was gone. marahnya!!! my friend termed it as 'not meant to be'. bah! anyway, i bought two Lamaze toys for Dayana, and a Lamaze clothbook (her very first!). was considering buying this Elmo soft toy that sings if you press its tummy, but i think i'll wait until next week and see if it's my fate to buy it or not. lol.

Freddie the Firefly

Buzz the Bug

Fly Away Ladybug cloth book

apart from that i've been soOooOO sleepy... my sleep timing is off this past week. i really feel like snoozing.


November 24, 2008

a busy weekend

i went for Quantum of Solace 007 at TGV Sunway last Thursday night, my first movie since having a baby. lol. the movie was OK.

then on Friday went for Dayana's second month checkup at the paed. while she's still on the small side (she's now 3.3kg and 54cm long), the Dr. declared her a small healthy baby girl. yay! i guess staying during the weekdays with my mom has well paid off =D. however she might have caught the flu bug from her Daddy, but it hasn't developed into anything serious yet. so the Dr. gave her some nose drops and flu medication just in case. decided to get her second month jab at a panel clinic so that we won't have to fork out a lot of $$ for it. jabs are really darn expensive *shudders*.

after that we went for my cousin's nikah at Dewan Perdana Felda. most of my relatives were there too, including my grandma from Terengganu =). someone said i was stealing the limelight from my cousin just by bringing Dayana along. someone else said that she would be the youngest attendee of the event, which is true =P. Dayana gets to meet her Great Grandma from Terengganu for the first time! *heart* i even met my uni friend at the ceremony, after dunno how many years of not seeing her. luckily after giving a bottle of 4oz to Dayana, she fell asleep just before the beginning of the ceremony. Hidayah's nikah outfit was really lovely, ivory white with light blue trim. and how i envied her hantaran items! lol. the buffet food was yummy.

on Saturday we went for lunch with Significant Other's colleagues at Seoul Garden, One U. we brought Dayana along (Significant Other loves showing off the new addition of the family, lol). when Uncle Fahmi took a turn holding her she started to cry, i guess because Uncle Fahmi looks like a Sesame Street character, lol (don't take it to heart, eh Uncle? =P). it's just that once she becomes a 'rugby ball' (as Pak Long termed it), she tends to get a little cranky. anyway, i wasn't a fan of Korean food though. i don't know why. but overall the food was okay. Irina suggested starting with dessert first so that it would be worth the money you're paying for. i think they fell in love with one particular ice cream flavor there, hehe.

in the evening we went for Hidayah's reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan. we left the house wayyyyyy late, so by the time we arrived the newlyweds were just about to cut the cake. Pak Lang found my daughter's name amusing as his youngest daughter's full name is Dayana Ahmad Sabri, my cousin (who would be Auntie Dayana to my daughter). see the name coincidence? hahaha. i never even realized this when i picked out her name. i got birthday wishes from the relatives, as well as Boy, whose birthday is a day after mine =) and so did Kak Safiyah, whose birthday is two days before mine. November babies rawks!

at almost three months old, Dayana starts to babble baby talk with you if she's in a good mood. i can distinctively note that she recognizes which one is her mommy now! (ahhh, the feeling of being wanted... priceless =P). she has better head control, she already knows how to mengamuk in style (arms waving, legs akicking and all). she now drinks up to 4oz in one sitting (as well as swallowing alot of air, so burping during a feed is an absolute must). she also has this uncanny habit of wiping her hands all over the side of her head and face during feeding time or whenever she's about to fall alseep, so my mom will swaddle her tightly whenever it's schleepy time. but no matter how tight she's swaddled, Dayana will always manage to get an arm free. heehee. smart kid.

ever since i borrowed my friend's Swing, i've totally fallen in love with it. however i just wish it was a double pump. ever since i tried double pumping, i find single pumping incredibly slow and i have absolutely no patience for all this. hence, item #3 in my wish list! hahaha.

anyway, congratulations to cousin Hidayah and Farid! =) come to think of it, they've known each other since the year 2000 if i'm not mistaken. and that's a long time!

photos will be updated later since i didn't bring my camera so i guess i'm gonna hafta steal some from the others who brought theirs =P

November 23, 2008

nintendo wii

u. me. wii~~~

November 22, 2008


... it's the thought that counts.

thank you~! i heart you guys =*>

November 20, 2008

wishlist for November

yea yea... like i said, they're only wishes =P

1. Milk Storage Bottles

2.Miss Dior Cherie

3. Medela Freestlyle!!!

November 19, 2008

my long MC holiday

i'm sick!

i haven't been sick in a long while. in fact, i can't recall the last time i took an MC. i don't remember feeling this lousy during my pregnancy days either. come to think of it, did i even fall this sick while i was carrying Dayana? i can't really remember =P

there's a flu roaming about, and unfortunately i caught the bug from Significant Other. crap! it started out with a mild sore throat, followed by the sniffles, then the occasional headache and finally the much awaited fever. Significant Other had already caught the sniffles during the weekend. you should've seen the number of tissues he used up, the wastebasket was full to the brim of yucky tissues. i caught it from him a couple of days later. luckily Dayana hasn't caught the bug yet. she's over at my mom's this week.

i woke up on Monday with a really bad sore throat and a slight case of the sniffles. so i got an MC for one day, with hopes that i could rest and get better. the next day however i felt a bit feverish. but i was stubborn and insisted on getting ready to work. i ended up taking a detour to the clinic in Subang and the Dr. happily informed me that i had a fever, so he gave me 2 days MC! whee~ Significant Other sungguh jeles =P. the one thing i found amusing during this visit to the Dr. was that he told me that i shouldn't wash my hair. i was a bit blur at his statement so i asked him why. he said that it would make my condition worse. oh well. he's the Dr. so whatever he says goes i should think. haha. back home, i slept most of the day, and by evening i felt a bit better. hopefully i'll be on my feet and up and about tomorrow. my whole body feels achey all over. wonder if it's the effect from all the medicine i took. blergh.

since i'm pumping milk to give my daughter directly instead of freezing them i don't really bother to jot down the actual time, but here's a rough estimate of what i got on Tuesday, sick and all:
8.15am = 6oz
11.30am = 5oz
2.30pm = 4.5oz
6.45pm = 4.5oz
10.45pm = 3oz

i'm trying to get myself in a fixed pumping routine since Dayana isn't around. i read stories on how some mother's milk dry up after a while, as well as other horror stories that make me worry about my own milk production. should i upgrade my breastpump? =P. i am sooo jealous of the moms that manage to get more than 8oz during a single pumping session. huwaaa...

November 13, 2008

hairy tales

my last haircut was in early May this year, i had it done at London when i went back to Alor Setar to attend my cousin's wedding. i was roughly about 5 months pregnant at the time. wanted to sport that particular hairstyle where u part your fringe to one side, nora danish style. so i had a fringe cut.

big mistake.

i absolutely hated maintaining that hairstyle to the point of irritation. i don't do hairdryers, and i don't use hair products and irons of any sort, so in the long run i ended up having to manage really stubborn bangs that in the end i simply clipped them up with a barrette. blergh.

now my hair is super long and my fringe is still not long enough to tuck behind my ear. ever since Dayana came around i don't have time to thoroughly maintain my hair, so i just simply pull it into a loose ponytail. if i let my hair down i feel like a makcik. am thinking of cutting it shoulder-length though, this time with no layers. my colleague says thin people won't look nice with short hair. i prefer long hair myself. but when it gets to the point that you dislike the way you look everytime you glance in a mirror, i say it's time to chop your hair off (or change to a new hairstyle. if you're able to, you might choose to chop your head off. hahah).

but with Baby around i don't have alot of me-time. if i do my hair at my workplace downstairs, i'd be spending a fortune on my head. so how?

i think i'm gonna try to have my haircut before my cousin's wedding next week =)

utp . dot . edu . dot . my

i just realized that the utp website isn't a shocking orange anymore *rotfl*

November 11, 2008

mothercare VIP card member

Promotion: From now until 31 December 2008 just spend RM500 within 3 months at any Mothercare stores to become a member. Keep your receipts and apply in-store. Effective 01 January 2009, criteria to join will be RM800.

what the heck???? i wanttttttt!!!

i wonder if there is anyone out there who is kind enough to donate/give me their Mothercare receipts spent within the past 3 months so that i could get this membership? their cotton suits are to die for! the prices in Malaysia can kill you too. Nedd says Mothercare UK is way cheaper, over here it's wayyy too overpriced. so... pretty please? *blinks innocently*

yet, i still want to apply for membership =D ever since i have Dayana to take care of, i easily go nuts over baby stuff, you name it! i think it's a disease you get when you have a baby of your own. now i understand why Sarah absolutely loves to browse through the baby section more than the ladies section, haha. i think Aien is suffering from the same thing, though hers is more of an online thing, and that's even more dangerous. click here click there and you won't even realize your bank account balance diminishing within seconds!

i myself did buy a couple of things online, like my Mom's Precious Cooler Kit set so i could start my pump-at-work journey at ease and in a subtle manner, the Zoobies i blogged about before, and Biogreen Organic Oatmilk Energy which i absolutely love, even though it tastes a bit bland at times. but these purchases are more or less baby-related, so i don't feel too guilty over them. and that's about it for now =P. no buying for myself until... the next 6 months? let's target the end of the year first shall we? christmas and school holidays are coming up, and so are the crazy Malaysian end-of-year sales! sigh. temptations, temptations...

November 10, 2008

first day back

schmiley schmiley! =D

today is my first day back at work. already i miss her =P

this morning initially wanted to wake up earlier than usual, however i ended up snoozing until 7am =P. after my morning pumping session, got myself ready and packed up Dayana's stuff and milk stock (roughly almost 30oz) and whisked Dayana off to my mom's at the other side of town. i was thinking of leaving Dayana with my mom for the whole week. mil would probably be busy since fil is around, and my mom doesn't mind anyway. the only thing troubling me is how to send over her milk. for the past 2 months (minus the first week of her birth) she's been purely on breastmilk, so without her around will need to stock up for her, and since i've started work today, that means i need to start pumping sessions at the office. it doesn't help that there isn't a suitable room at the office to do so (and i is a shy person so open public places like the surau is absolutely out for me) so i currently have to make do with the spacious handicapped toilet. never mind that my manual pump squeaks with each press *squeak squeak squeak squeak*. so... imagine how much noise my electric pump would make in there! isn't there a noise-free pump out there that i can use with ease without worrying about the reaction of people if they hear the squeaks?

after dropping off Dayana this morning, i reached KL at 10am, thanks to the SMART tunnel. however i received the shock of my life after noticing a sign that says 'Parking after 7pm RM10 per entry'. imagine how much i would have to pay when i go back later if i entered the parking lot 5 minutes to 10am? kl parkings are getting so expensive these days. even klcc season parking has increased. sigh. i need to scout for another parking place later. either that or i brave the lrt to work. ktm is definitely my last resort!

some of my friends in office kept saying i look the same, as if i never gave birth in the first place and hadn't gain a single amount of weight. i beg to differ. from just one look at me it seems as if i didn't even put on any weight. if that's the case, how come i had trouble looking for an outfit to wear to office that could fit this morning? =P. my fren wondered why is it that she wasn't the one that gave birth yet i'm still smaller than her? lol. it's in the genes i guess. Dayana is small yet looks like she has the potential to grow up to become tall. hehe.

i splurged on lunch today with Eiwa and Sarah. after reading iza's blog on food, i had the sudden craving to have lunch at Dome. i can't remember the last time i had lunch there, so we did. and we gossiped. hadn't done that in ages =D yay! thanks lovelies! next time we'll go for Nando's next, okay?

went to Pyramid last Saturday. as usual Dayana didn't like to be strapped up in her car seat so i had to carry her around while we rounded the whole shopping complex. her pram became a place to stash all our shopping items =P. i only realized that there are baby rooms at Pyramid! so convenient! yet i have yet to breastfeed in public even though i already bought a nursing cover. shy shy lah! Significant Other bought a home theatre system. and we chanced upon a food stall that sells Garlic & Cheese flavored corn in a cup. i loike! there are other weird flavors too other than the conventional flavor. next time will definitely drop by and check it out again =D. i didn't do any shopping though. lugging a baby around will definitely dampen your shopping spirit if you're afraid baby will start to scream her lungs out. luckily that didn't happen to me that day. in reality i didn't have time to go the stores that i would normally set foot in =P. oh and i met my colleague that day too, who was just from the office. work on a weekend??? *faint*. thanks to mil, i know that the current pound sterling to ringgit malaysia is now at a rate of 5.6. my God, it's dropping like no tomorrow.

after Pyramid we went to the burger stall i was raving about in my previous post (it was open, yay!) and later went to get some DVDs in Damansara. Significant Other is broke because of this!

yesterday it took so long for me to put Dayana to sleep that i got sleepy myself so as a last resort i simply put her in her crib, turned on her mobile and went off to land on the bed myself. to my surprise, she fell asleep at her own accord. however i think that was a one-time thing. let's hope when she's older she'll be able to fall asleep on her own.

Dayana smiles more now! i loike xoxoxo.

November 3, 2008

burger crave

why is it so hard to find a Ramli Burger stall in Shah Alam? or is it because i have no idea where to look in the first place? it's so difficult to find the best Ramli Burger near home these days. i call it Burger Malaysia. it outtrumps all the other burgers sold at fast food joints =P

anyway, the best burger so far i know of is somewhere in Subang. i dunno what section it is in, i just know how to go there =D. Significant Other introduced me to this burger joint. i have no idea who introduced it to him. they have this burger truck parked at the side of the road in which they conduct their burger business. they even set up a few stools for those who wish to lepak abit while wolfing down their burgers. the last time i went there there was a whole bunch of people milling around the truck waiting for their orders.

last night we had a burger crave (actually, we had a burger crave ever since we saw that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall was searching all over Manhattan for the perfect burger, lol) but the burger truck was closed, just our luck. in the end we bought burgers at a stall nearby in S8.

hmm. i noticed my appetite isn't as good as it was back when i was pregnant. hee. i miss being pregnant sometimes.

anyone planning to open a burger stall? or if they know of any mouthwatering burgers? do let me know =P