December 31, 2018

recap of 2018

a quick summary of what have i've been up to the past year.

started new job in a totally different industry
A's first umrah trip

Dad's annual visit to Malaysia

trip to Perth - first time stepping into the Australian continent

attended customs training
trip to Nanjing - first time visiting China
family trip to Langkawi x 2

Penang trip -> Izam weds Farah!

puasa, raya - A works on raya morning

Spartan Sprint with Ida - achievement unlocked


second Perth trip
Kedah trip - Jenan '98 reunion
KK trip - Joshua's wedding reception at Sutera Harbour

third Perth trip - brought Sophia along for the ride

fourth Perth trip

Japan trip x 2
Tokyo Disney Sea with the elder two kids

i reckon 2019 will be a slightly boring year, since the husband has decided to do more office work which means less flying for him (once an office boy, always an office boy hahahahhahaha).
am grateful for the opportunities given, made a ton of new friends along the way, and am looking forward to the challenges ahead. the ups maybe, the downs? not so. but what choice do i have? =D

here's bidding farewell to 2018, and welcoming 2019!

December 14, 2018

jat gets married

some people, once they find a partner to spend their life with, cannot wait to get married. some people prefer to establish themselves financially first before settling down with a partner. a certain friend of ours decided to upgrade his title first before tying the knot. just so that he can write down his name in print for his wedding invitation as such:

chinese style menu

=D =D =D

pun boleh laa, asal bahagia.

(what i don't quite understand was that they held the reception on a Thursday. punya la struggle nak reach the Everly on a weekday right after work hahahahha).

and who would've thunk, i meet my high school friend here, hahahahahha. if i knew you were attending, i would've brought all your Cetaphils that you boronged with me last month haha.

high school friend, Mimot

we were seated with a bunch of unfamiliar people given that the groom's a friend of the Pilot from Maswings so macam ramai je kapitan di situ. menu was Chinese style, so i anticipated for a long wait to complete the whole course.

hungry. where's the food

i got to meet the yummy mummy-to-be Farah at the reception! asyik2 dok tgk dia membebel kat instagram je =P. last time i met her was during her wedding reception in Penang, and now she's about to pop out her first baby. Izam, bawak la bini hang tu jalan2 kl selalu, keyh?

with the yummy mommy

anyways, congrats to the Jat and bini! we'll be sure to look you up if we ever go to Sabah again!

with the Bride and Groom