June 27, 2014

alison addicks

another beauty dropped by for a visit for a couple of weeks. this is absolutely gorgeous. and the colors are so ME. i'm so in love. i dibs this a thousand times over! this is my friend's custom, and i'm so glad she allowed me to try an AA. they're such lovelies to wrap with.

look at how floofy it is!

named Sunset Rainbow, the owner tells me the warp is variegated, fuschia weft (lol i find that she has a thing for fuschia haha). not really sure what type of twill this is. it's not thick, but it's really floofy. this wrap has two other sisters (in case one would like to keep track of history).

wrap length is 4.6m, a bit long for a tiny person like me. here's some photo spam =D.

flat photo
middle marker
the tails
the weave

i didn't take any action photos with this wrap unfortunately =(. since the length was so long i didn't really wear it outside of the house for fear of the tails sweeping the floor. the youngest just got her feet recently (and loves her newly found freedom) so she really prefers walking on her own these days, sigh. she won't say no to an uppy, but she seems more happier on the ground =D.

my kid felt weightless as i backcarried her with this wrap. wish i had more opportunities to try this wrap more though. i'm always deterred by long wraps, so i tend to use them (and try them) less.

thanks for the opportunity! i'm smitten with alison addicks now, lolz.

june 2014

what's left of the purge!

ring slings:
psling kiwi shijira
sbp wcrs ulli
jumpsac double linen
(oscha pimpernel roses, not pictured)

wraps (top to bottom):
alison addicks (just visiting)
zatgebo reflections
etla lighthouse
farideh sundance
aphrodite silk indio
roses ember

not pictured (my ssc):
beetlebums mea
 kanga mod hearts


June 24, 2014

Sophia's thirteenth

Sophia's latest update?

- she started walking in her 13th month! lol walk walk walk walk here walk walk walk walk there.

- she used to burst into tears at strangers for just staring at her, but now that she got legs, she's a 'see no touch' kind of person haha. walk walk walk among everyone like nobody's business, but this time if you stare at her, she won't cry - she'll simply turn around and walk away. lolz. just don't pick her up lah, that's all. you touch, she cries.

- she doesn't mind going out on outings now! in fact, menangis kene tinggal ade la -_-

- she's not afraid of cats! i only found out when she saw a cat one day and went closer to pull its tail and grab a handful of ears. geram kut tengok kucing. poor cat. i had to rescue it from Pia's reaching hands. hahahahaha.

cat not amused

- she likes observing. she'd sit and observe when her Daddy performs prayers. she'd observe diligently each time Dayana's uses the ipad (and that's how she learns that she needs to swipe the screen for something to happen :O), and yesterday she went to sit beside Dinara and listened to her mengaji. lol. banyak curious, this one.

alif. ba. ta.

- when we play 'Cak' with her, she'd go 'mmmmmm.... tak!' LOL.

- she got her hair cut by bibiks! nOOOoOOoOOoOOoOOOoOoOoO


and for the other members of the family updates:

someone got a new toy last weekend. toys like this will cause him to ignore food and sleep.

an apple

and like the book 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie', our version would be 'if you give Significant Other a Toy, he'll be on the hunt for suitable accessories next' =P.

he keeps calling it 'ohsem'. i for one have yet to see this awesomeness especially since i'm a mac noob and he only just joined the macbook bandwagon. my sister is a macbook user. in my time i had to lug around a fat heavy CPU to and fro campus, and i used to stay above G floor.

retina display

i got the kids to watch My Little Pony recently (i got bored of them watching Dora, Sesame Street and Sophia the First -__-). i think sometimes the Daddy watches MLP too, he seems to know the names of the ponies better than i do, bahahah.

Mommy yang terlebih gedik to buy them toy ponies =P. but the kids enjoys them all the same. it's just a nightmare to take care of their hair though. tried brushing the tail out, big mistake.

there's Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. i'm they're missing Rainbow Dash and Applejack. if you see any of those two being sold anywhere, could u let me know? they should cost about rm22.90 each.

my little ponies! experiencing bad hair day

see? cousins bonding over the ponies. hahaha. we had a small family gathering at my Uncle's house before the fasting month. Dinara even abandoned her Sofia toy for Fluttershy to join the gang. hehe.

second cousins

June 20, 2014

away training

i've been away for four days from the office!
such a great getaway!
from work, that is.
training is still training lah.
got exam summore! (which is next week)
but the food spread that comes with it... superb! LOL
the horrible 8am traffic?
i'm glad i'm not working in the heart of KL-lah.

super DISLIKE!

"getting out of S*** A*** is like trying to squeeze yourself out of a pair of ill-fitting jeans."

the only group photos that we have (the guys all cabut dy T_T):

i was thinking of taking a group photo, but i didn't bring my camera =(
AND my phone battery died on me T___T

a pile of work is awaiting me at the office... yakks X___X

June 15, 2014

ssc's treasure hunt

it's been awhile since i last joined any form of treasure hunts! i soOoOOOO miss joining them. it's fun! what's not to like? running driving around looking for signboards that you may or may not be able to find, cursing tulips (and blaming other drivers around you), missing a turn when you confidently thing that you're right (hahaha mashi =P), snapping a photo of every single signboard you see when in doubt, and blindly following the other teams when all hope is lost.

bahahhahahahha ok i kid.

my first ever treasure hunt i joined was when i was still studying in UTP. Significant Other's company used to organize them as well but they're for employees only =(. there's a bunch of treasure hunt events you can join that's open to the public, but most of the participants are hard core hunters so if you managed to place, that means you're really good. i'm up simply for the fun of it all. and seriously, it's fun. funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

i was lucky this year to be given the opportunity to join Mashi's team at the last minute, her team was short one person. yay! so here was our breakdown:

mashi: our personal driver
fadela: our formal navigator
me n fadhlina: mere joyriders = the bestest position of all =P~~

team name: Dreamcrashers (post race, i'm just happy we didn't literally crash into anything!)

pre-race, 7am faces

i can't remember the last time i was out the door before the sun was even up.

needless to say, and quite surprisingly, we won.

hahahah. i kid you not. when they were announcing the top 5 finishers, i was already quite contented.

"no, i don't want top 5, i want number 1!", said fadela and fadhlina, full of conviction.
(they lost miserably last year, i guess they want redemption this time, haha).

so when they announced the 2nd place winner (which was not us) the other three were practically close to tears when they found out we placed FIRST  *___*. heck, even i didn't expect our team to finish first, LOL. i mean, even the other participants didn't  see us as competition, and didn't dream that an all-girls team would take first prize. bahahahhahaha.

eat our dust, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!

we won!

the treasure hunt route covered a little bit of Bangar, Hartamas and Publika, before ending up at TGI Friday's in KL. last year the team were a little too hasty, checked in early and missed out on alot of correct answers, so this year their strategy was to go slow and steady. by the time we were nearing the last few tulips, it was almost 12.30pm. we were one of the last teams to arrive at the checkpoint. by the time we arrived, a bunch of other teams were busy piling up their plates with food.

there was a roadblock challenge that we had to complete before continuing on with the treasure hunt. prior to that, we had to submit a form, in which we had to guess which photo belonged to which movie or tv show.

we seriously didn't know what show this was from! X_X
the last photo which took us aeons to guess. i didn't know this show existed!

the roadblock station only opened at 9am, so we had plenty of time to complete the form while chilling out in the car (gugel sampai habis battery kot haha). the first challenge required us to throw plastic eggs into an egg carton. you think easy ah? they gave us one round of practice and still failed miserably. i think only 2 team managed to score 1 mark each. our team? telur ayam T___T.

a team attempting at throwing eggs

the second challenge required us to 'touch but no see', putting two hands into a pillowcase and then guessing what items were inside and and how many were there. mashi and fadhlina did the raba-ing, and i was so amused that i forgot to take photos.

if you can believe it, our driver managed to miss a junction, hahahah. she was busy honking the other cars as we past them by, cheyyy confident je, skali amik kau, we missed a last minute junction and had to do a go-around to get back on track, bahahhahahha. by the time we reached the next tulip, the other teams were nowhere to be seen. kagum really, because that stretch took us quite some time to complete.

out of the 30 route questions, we got 2 wrong. seriously they were not a walk in the park, some of them we took quite awhile to spot, and for the ones we got no clue of, we simply took a blind shot and still end up getting them wrong. HAHA. some answers were pretty literal, some required a bit of thinking, and a few were so straight forward that you tended to second guess your answer.

Restoran NOSH. we got this one wrong!
we also got this one wrong: TM Point

prize moneh! no i didn't win the whole sum, it's split 4-ways among the team. syok habis. can pay loan shark.

split 4 ways ok.
the post race photo

this team won 5th place. they were also one of the fews teams to come in last, like us. slow and steady win the race, eh?

the treasure hunt event was organized by Purple Antz. at one point while we were running around Bangsar being literally lost (we misread a tulip), some random person asked us how to join. haha.

with the vehicle of the day
organized by Purple Antz

count me in if you plan to join a treasure hunt and are short of resources ok. HAHA.

June 13, 2014

2014 wishlist

haha... i love wishlists... especially when they turn out to be just that.
(jimat wang dan tenaga)
so here we go.

fetish #1:
omg omg omg omg omg.

you know what this is? it's not the Neo. it's the Cuir.
trust me to upgrade wishlist after seeing it in the flesh.
hahahah. die.

fetish #2:
me no likey ipad. me want something i can easily bring around.
then they started advertising that in the movies
(you know, before the actual movie starts).
i mainly wanna blog anyway.
will this do?

ugh. cantik pulak this pink =P

fetish #3:
should've listen to gut instinct last time.
another spensy one in my list.
anyone wants to buy my eos M?

fetish #4:
i want emma stone! haha.
not her lah. those lippies by revlon. mcm menarik.
i tried lina's one. she has the kissable balm stain.
(she has three).

(and then i find out a couple of my other friends oso have this)
(i am soOOOOo living in a gua)

they come in matte, stain and lacquer.

the youngest is down with a cold. poor thing cannot sleep.
so i oso kenot sleep.

June 11, 2014

loose change

left: the barrista's expression when we tried to pay for our coffee beans in COINS.

priceless. he also dunno whether to laugh or cry.

right: Nan patiently counting the loose change to hand over to the barrista.

RM18 in coins - 20 sen, 50 sen, and a gazillion of 10 sen. bahahahhahaha.

happy happy i tell you. i couldn't stop laughing.
the line behind us was growing longer.
thank God for the second cash register.

the things we do for coffee!


shopping raya

so... everyone dah shopping raya? i know everyone's busy covering puasa at this time =D. i haven't done a shopping post in aeons!

most of the designers have gone smart and offer pre-orders and RTW for people to choose from. i'd usually steer away from RTW because i can't even fit into XS size. not point buying only to have to alter it later. but you can drool over the designs, yes?

nurita harith's luxe collections are pretty. abit steep on price (but there are other designers more steeper than this T__T), but otherwise simply gorgeous. the following three are my favorite:

nurita harith

jubah is an in thing now these days too it seems. they're swishy, they're versatile, and lately they're breastfeeding friendly too. sleeves have zippers for easy ablution access. bella ammara was just released recently in fashionvalet, the tiara jubah seemed to have sold out in a flash. sigh. comes in many colors! doesn't help that felixia yeap is the one modelling them (ish, she's so gorgeous). these three colors look lovely:

bella ammara

sometimes if you notice on fb there's these 'suggested posts' on your timeline, which are annoying because they're actually trying to tempt you into buying stuff you really don't need at that point of time. well anyway, i saw the image below and clicked on the mouse like i was possessed. haha.

frankly, i've never even heard of the webpage, let alone the brand. but the dw by Daphne Iking collection kinda caught my eye, mainly because the sleeves are made from lace *love*. comes in 4 colors. can i have them all? *swoon* #crazyladyinthemaking

dw by Daphne Iking

this is another bandwagon i lambat join, but i kinda got the Onulaa bug recently. crazy, especially for someone not donning the hijab yet - but i always say keep one or two for a rainy day =P. i knew the brand from long ago, my cousin Noreen bought the kids flower headbands made by Onulaa.

flowery headband! this is Dinara, aeons ago

they were giving a small discount last week so i grabbed Mashi along for the ride. i actually wanted to get a couple of hijabs for the girls, which i did. ta-da!

tak senonoh nampak lengan, bahahahah

have you checked out their glittering shawls? there were so many colors. SO MANY!!! if i wore hijab fulltime, i'd grab 10. or maybe 15. bahahahahah. their two-tone shawls are gorgeous! shehnaz is so pretty *love*. here's some of the colors that i like.

and a few photos of us tengah meroyan:

wicked witch of the west, satin series

glittering shawl in maroon

maysaa shawl, also by Onulaa


June 5, 2014

pucker my lippie

D recommended me her favorite nyx soft matte lip cream (smlc) in Istanbul. "a must have color", she says.

oh you know me, asal promote je, you get caught up 'in the moment', like so many people i know. seriously one day someone will be promoting dog poo and even then everyone would get drawn up in the 'hype' despite the mess. hahahahah.

my husband pun dua kali lima. between the both of us, we somehow got convinced to purchase a seven thousand vacuum cleaner, crazy u think? best purchase ever, despite the crazy price. we still use it to this very day.

well anyway, the other day Mashi went on a shopping spree at Paradigm so i got her to get me one of those smlcs sold only at Sephora (which are usually sold out due to its popularity, i hear) (mv y u no have Sephora???). another option to own one of these lippies would be to buy online, alot of people these days pre-order them overseas and sell them here.

sorry lah, i just joined the bandwagon. never heard of this brand before, sorry hahaha.

you can just google them nyx lippies, there's tons of reviews for every possible existing shade, so i'm just sharing with you what i think of this lippie, for someone who has really dry and chapped lips.

mashi bought Istanbul for me, the very same shade D was gushing about. despite coming in so many colors, the store only carried three shades. pfffft.

(the thing with these imported brands is, stock availability is always uncertain so everyone opts to buy them overseas instead).

my take on them (after only owning this lippie for less than a week haha):

- the lippie had a pleasant smell, reminds me alot of red velvet cupcakes hahaha,
- the lippie dries down into a soft matte finish, which may be a bit drying for the lips. someone says it wouldn't do to apply lip balm first, but i'd apply lip balm afterwards and reapply accordingly,
- doesn't wipe off as easily as other lippies, so the color lasts longer on your lips,
- it's rm26 per lippie at Sephora, got some online stores that charges you as much as rm38 T__T but my friend recommended me this nice online store that charges rm26 only, just pay for postage =D.

i even managed to corrupt my colleagues into getting a couple of lippies as well bahahhahahahha. i don't think i'd ever get to own every single shade in the smlc range. a friend said that you should at least own a red, a pink and a neutral, so i got myself reddish Amsterdam to add on to my pinky Istanbul.

my friend Z kagum gila with my enthusiasm, hahaha. she already had Ibiza (which i didn't know she had), so she added on Monte Carlo (another lovely shade of red) and Stockholm (as nude as it can get with a hint of pink). my deskmate N got herself Stockholm (which she loves to bits hahahah rosaklah deskmate aku), and another two colleagues bought Istanbul and Antwerp. we got to split shipping! hahahahahah.

i tried to get my chat friends' opinion on which color would suit me well so i created the below collage for them to decide.

ok so i guess the Antwerp shade looks as if i took a crayon and scribbled on my lips hahahahaha. that color imo would suit fairer skin. but i love Amsterdam! when i first got it i was dismayed to see it so red, but i wore it in the office and a bunch of people said to me, "eh you wearing makeup today?" T____T

Istanbul pun pretty. it's a very soft shade of fink. Stockholm is for those who wants a subtle shade to wear (Z who loves bolder color statements for a lippie would say, "macam tak pakai apa, baik tak yah pakai hahahah").

D tells me, "you should start wearing makeup la".
ok finnnnne. please recommend me stuff. and thennn maybe i won't get that line of 'you don't look your age'. hahahhahahha.

ok i'm off to pick up the husband. ttyl.

June 4, 2014

song search

i'm sure some of you can relate to this: there's a song you've heard on the radio recently stuck in your head but you don't know the song title or the artist, and your only hope of guessing what the song is is by vaguely remembering some of the words from the song.

img source: google

if the song is in English, well then you have those search engines to help you e.g. SoundHound, but what if the song is a non-English song? first do make sure you have good humming skills, Significant Other tried humming a song he was trying to remember for SoundHound and the search results that came up were rubbish hahaha.

the other day i was trying to figure out this Japanese song that i recalled listening to a countless number of times before but i forgot the title and the artist. but i had a few setbacks.

1. since it's not English, i couldn't rely on SoundHound.
2. i could remember some of the lyrics, like 'sora wa' and 'kawaru' bahahahha but so much of help that was. do you know how many Japanes songs that carry those syllables??? alot i tell you. T___T.

i went through my once-an-ipod-nano-now-an-ipod-shuffle playlist twice but i couldn't find it (i had over 500 songs on it). i tried clicking on every song that had weird special characters in the playlist, but still no dice.

so i pondered on this on my way back home, until i remembered that there was a period that Significant Other was into Gundam Seed Destiny. so ok most of the Japanese music i like usually come from anime opening credits, or from games (i was an anime geek during my Uni days, not to mention my sister's second nationality should be Japanese if she was allowed to hahah).

so... i found the song! bahahhahahhahah. Wings of Words, by Chemistry.

the next day i checked my playlist and there it was, in the 'W' section, smirking at me in the face T___T.

nagusamenagara fukinshin dakedo
naiteru kao mo kirei de aseru yo
tomodachi no kyori sukoshi chidjimetara
kimi wa itoshii kowaremono datta

kujikezu yume wo miru koto wa
jibun to tatakatteru koto
higoto ni fueru surikizu wo
jiman shitemo ii kurai sa

sora wa tobenai kedo tsubasa nara ageyou
sore wa mou hitori ja nai to
kimi no kodoku hagasu kotoba
donna peshimisuto mo koi wo shite kawaru
eranda michi ga moshi ikidomari nara soko de
mayoeba ii

kagen no tsuki ga naifu no you da ne
sou iinagara dejavu kanjiteru

yokan to tomadoi no naka de
hitomi wa kimi wo sagashiteta
futari ja nai to hirakanai
tobira ga aru kono sekai de

sora wa tobenai kedo tsubasa nara aru no sa
sore wa futo fureta shisen de
kimi ga sasayaiteta shigunaru
itsuka riarisuto wa shounen ni modoru
sono toki boku wa kimi no tame ni donna yume wo
miru no darou

nazeka tagai no tsubasa wo motte
bokura wa umarete kita
mirai e to mukau tame ni
You know love has a gift
The Wings of Words...

sora wa tobenai kedo tsubasa nara ageyou
sore wa mou hitori ja nai to
kimi no kodoku hagasu kotoba
donna peshimisuto mo koi wo shite kawaru
eranda michi ga moshi ikidomari nara soko de
mayoeba ii

June 3, 2014


for a good read

this article was taken from here.
but i'm just gonna copy paste the contents here anyway. for fun reading.

Improve our society's gene pool and save the world.

Have you ever met an idiot? Odds are you have.
In our society, more and more people have to cope with being born with inferior genes. These people, being idiots breed with other idiots, and the problem gets worse. Our society, not having enough intelligent people to provide competent labor, is declining at an astonishing rate. Millions of idiots are flooding the gene-pool with inferior genes. Soon we will experience another severe depression like that of the thirties which will cripple the world.
I am offering a solution. Not everyone is an idiot, but pilots are naturally born with every advantage from being abnormally intelligent to being exceptionally good looking. These pilots, or super people, if you will, have genes that when mixed with other attractive "normal" people or other good looking pilots genes make model offspring that, if produced in large numbers, can completely fix our gene pool. The new society of superior people will be able to solve world hunger, make world peace, fix global warming, and will enter a new age of prosperity.
If you are an attractive person, it is your duty to your country and the world to sleep with a pilot today. Your children will thank you for it.
For anyone who is a pilot, good looking person or an idiot who supports this cause, join today.

1. Save the world!

dance a jiggy if you agree. hahahahah.

also, for the women: for a good laugh, read this article!

June 2, 2014

sora e (to the sky)

one of those anime songs that got stuck into my head when my sister was into anime overdrive. this song was taken from Strange Dawn.
(nak buat ringtone, aci? =D)

dare mo mita koto no nai
kaze, kumo, suna, umi
kokoro no hate no doko ka
eien ga kagayaku

yume no tsuzuki oi kakete
nakusu mono wa nani
kizutsuite mo sagashiteru
watashi no mirai e
habatakeru tsubasa ga hoshii

sora e ima yori mo jiyuu ni
sora e doko yori mo tooku e
sora e nani yori mo yasashiku
sora e itsumademo
meguru kisetsu ai no uta ga hibiku you ni
ryoute wo hirogete watashi wa negai tsuzuke yo

samishisa wo nemuraseru
mori, hana, hoshi, tsuki
kinou no kotae wa mada
shiranai mama de ii

tabi no hajimari wa itsumo
areta daichi kara
namae no nai tokimeki wo
sodateru chikara wo itsumademo shinjite itai

sora e ima wo nogasanai de
sora e dare no tame demo naku
sora e nani mo osorenai de
sora e nagareteku
kono mainichi ai no uta ga todoku you ni
subete wo yurushite watashi wa negai tsuzuke yo

sora e ima yori mo jiyuu ni
sora e doko yori mo tooku e
sora e nani yori mo yasashiku
sora e itsumademo
meguru kisetsu ai no uta ga hibiku you ni
ryoute wo hirogete watashi wa negai tsuzuke yo

lyrics by Gorou Matsui
music by Kaoru Wada
performed by Eri Kawai

youngsters overload

Saturday night was spent with the Aviax peeps - dinner and movie (i dunno how bowling managed to disappear from their initial itinerary). it was either 'Maleficent' or 'Edge of Tomorrow'. the latter won mainly because the former was selling fast to actually get seats for the 6 of us side by side.

the Aviax clan

boleh tahan jugak the movie. if you liked 'Oblivion', those sci-fi sort of movie, then you'd like this one. not because of Tom Cruise, of course. hee~~ eat! sleep! rave! repeat!

rip dan rippit naik boat

one of Dayana's swim teachers just got back from UK for holidays (and Uni hunting, am so green with envy) and she got the kids a little something. so sweet! even Sophia got something =). i keep telling Dayana to ask her for her name, but she always forgot to ask -____-.

wabbit, fairy n giwwaff

chomels kan??? Dayana chose the Giraffe, a mini version of Giffy.

Dinara was so excited to get the purple hippo (which she calls Fairy btw, since it has wings) so guess what she did with Giffy (the one who she brings around with her everywhere if we permit her to)?

poor Giffy

she dumped him into my bag T____T. gila kesian kene abandon ok hahah.