September 29, 2011

good night

Dayana: good night, Mommy.
Mommy: good night, Dayana.
Dayana: good night, Daddy.
Daddy: ...... (no response. Daddy khusyuk tgk tv)
Dayana: good night, Daddy.
Daddy: ......
Dayana: good nighttttttttt, Daddy.
Daddy: ......
Daddy: good night, Dayana!

(persistent betul)


5 minutes later bangun balik. hampeh punye good night!

tbw humor:
copied and pasted from my inbox:

---Quote (Originally by Vyky)---
Keek is a
universal enabler. It;s like "Oh hai, I'm Kira, I'ma start a thread about a
flaming bag of dog poo"

And the next day we're all stalking our
neighbours out walking Sparky :lol:
---End Quote---


September 28, 2011

wednesday ramblings

time flies... (ok so no wordless Wednesday today haha)

are you a fan of those mink carpets? Significant Other is. we bought a replacement mink carpet for the kids' play area at Nilai 3 last weekend so we took this one upstairs to our room. vacuumed it clean with our Rainbow and we're good to go.

Significant Other prefers to lounge on the floor now rather than on the bed. lol.

and look what just came for me in the mail. ever heard of De Veil? you should drop by their page and take a look. i always seem not not have a shawl strategically lying around whenever i need it (be it raya, funeral, formal event, for example). so i got myself a couple of inners (from De Veil and Tudung Mel), and a couple of snoods from DV in what lix calls them 'boring colors'. lolz.

i've never heard of snoods my entire life. my all time fave is tudung bawal. unfortunately, they've gone out of trend. hahaha.

our topic of our daily discussion ranges from

babywearing gear - oldskool wedding photos - baking/apam/cakes - shoes - lobsters/sotong - shawls/inners...

did i miss anything? =P~

September 23, 2011

useful tracking websites

for those of you who rajin shopping online and have that habit of stalking tracking your parcel, here's a couple of links for tracking purposes (also, for my reference):

tracking items from United States please click here.
usually takes a maximum of 3 weeks. fastest record ever was 1 week, depending on what type of shipping you choose.

tracking items from Russia please click here.
Russian post would usually take a month or so to arrive. their customs seem to take their time inspecting parcels before releasing them.

tracking items from Netherlands please click here.

tracking items from Canada please click here.

never ask for surface mail, else your parcel will arrive at your doorstep 3 months later, haha. opt for airmail and do yourself justice by paying abit more for shipping if you insist on getting your parcel earlier than 3 months =P (better yet, avoid purchases from Canada if you do not wish to go through all that hassle). or you can opt for your parcel to transit in the States, but only if you have someone to get the parcel to you from there.

if i have any more useful tracking sites, i will add them here.

dayana pun pernah chubby

people kept calling her kurus, kecik, kurus. and she still is. the result of being a highly skilled picky eater. makan what she wants when she wants. pastu malam2 minum susu banyak sampai bocor diaper T_T grrrrrrrrrrr.

anyway, i was going through older photos when i came across two photos of Dayana that i'd like to share here. i might have not noticed or forgotten then, but pics do not lie (unless you edit the photo pakai photoshop, then main tipu la tu).

observe the blurry iPhone pics:

taken when she was around 1 year old. she was really chubby then, wasn't she? don't ask me what sort of expression she was trying to make in the latter photo. lol.

she's just built tiny, like her mom.

swimming again

on the rare occasions that i get to goyang kaki at work, here's a super quik update!

remember my previous post on my super swimmer here?

well, we never got around to bring the kids to any other swimming outings after we got SR rented out and the house pool is currently converted into a fish aquarium. since Dad and Amal was around and Significant Other is currently on hiatus from flying skool, he took the family for an afternoon swim while i was at work.

as expected, the kids still don't like the water. sigh. maybe a beach holiday is in order.

some photos Uncle Amal took at the pool. seems like they did enjoy themselves somewhat. lol. see how big Dinara is now compared to then. hehe.

Daddy bought them a set of beach toys

Dayana seems more eksaited playing WITH water than playing IN it

she fits the float nicely now! *luv luv*

September 19, 2011

dinara's limit

i just realized that Dinara does have a limit to her nyum nyum. haha.
if she's decided that she's had enough, she'd:
1) drop the food to the floor
2) spit it out of her mouth (like how she loves to dribble beverages down her chin, chocolate annoys the hell outta me, they stain!!!)
3) and most recently discovered (during a family dinner at Italiannies), try aiming food into her mouth, she'd start shaking her head violently and flap her arms around her head like she's trying to swat away an annoying fly, hahahah (i sooo wish i caught this on camera). tried this a few times just to see if she would do it again. she did. kggal.

she pulls herself up into a standing position often. she smiles with pride each time she manages to get her tush off the floor and balance on her two unsteady little feet. aaaanddd... falls back down onto her cushioned bum. pretty soon before i know it, off she goes on her two unsteady feet T_T.

Dayana's chewing all her teats to oblivion. i've stopped buying Avent brand, they're too pricey @_@ instead substituting them with Mothercare brand. wide neck = same fit.

note to self: me wants to try Tommee Tippee if i ever get #3 in the future =P.

here's Dayana's latest on her quirky Mommy-responses:

me: Dayana if you're naughty mommy spank you!
Dayana: no, i spank you first!
me: *(@#*&!

her favorite question she loves to ask:

dah bagitau Mommy tengah buat apa pun tanye lagi. seriously she speaks like a broken record sometimes. rofl.

happy birthday Uncle Alfie!. he's 17, so this means he'll be sitting for his SPM examinations this year. i have no idea what to give him for his birthday. does Tutti Frutti count? =P~

celebrated Alfie's birthday with the in-laws at TGI Fridays =)

birthday boy yang paling kanan skali

budak2 syiok dapat belon

Auntie Enn

Fridays! lamb fan here =D


Mak Cu

ice cream cake!

oh btw, speaking of Tutti Frutti, i had my first experience yesterday at Empire when my sil decided to sponsor dessert. i've been listening to everyone (more like reading on twitter) rave about it but i never got the chance to try it (hmm... i wonder if there's an outlet at MV). apparently Significant Other thought the payment concept was similar to 7E's Slurpee - priced by cup, not by weight. so he and his brother gila la jakun isi their cup to the brim full of frozen yogurt, haha. dah isi penuh2 baru realize that they had the option of adding toppings. so pulun la they tried to 'flatten' the yogurt down so that they could sprinkle toppings on top, bwahahahahah.

and imagine my surprise when i saw how much the bill came to - i could get three tubs of ice cream from Baskin Robbins with that price! (seb baik sil murah hati =P~). for the record, i like Tutti Frutti's original flavor. Red Velvet is not bad either (teringat my blood-red cuppies hehe). and Death By Chocolate literally lives up to its name - lama2 boleh overdose lolz. i wouldn't mind going again, but i'm gonna stick to minimal next time!

bil will be going back to UK tomorrow. if you ask Dayana whether she wants to follow Uncle Amal to UK, she says no. she wants to follow Ashu pergi India to study.


this week i have a 3-day ATF training at the office, an RN meeting tomorrow, and a tight schedule ahead -.-

September 15, 2011


someone's gonna be real happy... she only needs to just come pick it up. haha.
[rose seide, puder seide]

September 14, 2011

steaming at Johnny's

Ashu's going back to India today so yesterday we brought everyone out for dinner at Johnny's. Daddy thought we ordered too much food, but in the end everything habis =D. and for the amount of people that came, the price was not bad either.

photo spam below, i was too busy eating to make conversation (or take photos lol). the only thing i don't like about Johnny's OU is that there never is a waiter around when you need one. you practically have to flag one down. lolz. i still love the soup based, tom yam based terasa pedas sangat, so not my taste =P.


me parents

Uncle Amal loves you *we like this* rofl

me in-laws

Uncle Amal is seek

with the sisters (minus Abang)

pretty women =)

last photo before leaving

one more year of not bullying seeing Ashu. i guess Dinara will probably forget about her by then =P

September 9, 2011

sweetie-kins Dinara

a quick update on her turning One:

- waves goodbye
- has already crawled properly, laju pulak tu
- loves to tag along with her elder sister and pandai cari gaduh
- loves to clap her hands for no apparent reason
- gives you a high-five when you ask for it
- when asked for a kiss, she'll open her mouth and give you one big sloppy wet one <3
- tried teaching her flying kisses, but so far she only managed to get pass the hand-on-mouth, lepas tu, kiss tu tak fly2 pun
- she hates anything on her head, be it tie band, ribbon, hat, if she notices something on her head she'll try her hardest to pull it off
- she still loves to eat, but i notice that she has preferences. if she doesn't like it, she'll spit it all out, and she'll stop when she's full
- her signature word is 'nyum'. she'd happily go 'nyum nyum nyum!'
- says 'ta ta ta ta ta ta' whenever she's playing by herself, eksaited la tu kot
- crusing now. no idea when she plans on walking on her own. my wraps won't have a wrappee to wrap with soon
- has been more open to other people, especially during raya. probably because she sees them more often that before. i dunno how long this will last. but still wary of strange never-seen-before people
- susah benor nak pakaikan diaper. grrrrr~
- still breastfeeding, although not exclusively anymore

mommy loves you, little girl :* (and Dayana too, in case she ever reads this =P)

p/s. worth mentioning, Dayana has become addicted to Alvin & the Chipmunks now T_T

September 7, 2011

wordless wednesday

p/s. i took 2 days before i could successfully get this uploaded. grrrrr.

September 6, 2011

happy birthday =)

the two Ds didn't have a proper birthday this year, what with their birthdays falling in the midst of Eid celebrations. we celebrated Dinara's birthday in Alor Setar at my uncle's house. i ordered chocolate cupcakes from Nina and brought them with me up north in replacement of a cake (i realized people aren't big fans of cake, dah la these days kek mahal!). Dayana's birthday pulak fell on the second day of raya.

up to the day of her birthday, she kept asking for a doll, but we didn't get her one. i let her have Jaci instead (and occasionally i steal it away from her for my own snuggles =P). but Daddy did get her something else. the presents were his idea. we haven't bought them a proper birthday cake yet, there always weren't enough people around to sing the birthday song, lol (and summore on the day nak beli ice cream cake, Baskin Robbins buat hal pulak. one outlet didn't carry any cakes that day, another outlet pulak had the cake but didn't have anyone to write their names on the cake, apekah?).

we bought a slice of Pavlova a few days before so we let Dayana blow out a candle on her special day hehe. she didn't like the cake though. she's not a cake person.

she got to blow out the candle anyway =)

so here they are anyway with their birthday presents, a bicycle for Dayana, and an activity ride-on for Dinara. Dayana has yet to learn how to ride a bike, though. she loves ringing the bell. and sometimes she hijacks Dinara's ride because her ride has all the kewl buttons to press. Dinara pun possessive ok. haha.

my kids all grown up. i wasn't the only one with a new ride lol

kakak and adik

with Daddy-claus =)

September 5, 2011

i have an Insight

i mean like, literally. i hope she stays =)

it wasn't planned. we were supposed to make do with what we had. unfortunately someone else couldn't. padang pasir katanya. in fact, prior to this i didn't even know the model existed, haha. from conversations between sil and Significant Other i could only catch 'inside', 'inside'.

inside what? (teringat balik kata2 eiwa, 'i see 'dead' people'. ahem!)

and the best part was, the Insight wasn't even part of the initial plan. i had my eyes set on the new Myvi Elegance, especially with an interest rate of 2.88 which was far better than what my other friends were offered. no, i did not want another Proton, despite the Saga FL getting good reviews. the two cars up for selection were the two cars we test drove previously (for the record, sil still hasn't decided on what car she wants to get @_@). the next plan was to purchase a car in Langkawi and ship it out after 2 years. God knows how much of tax would be imposed, customs kept saying the actual amount can only be calculated by the system at the time you bring out the car. pffft. vios and city were local assembled cars, so they were exempted from import tax. even after paying the hefty tax amount (in cash, mind you), the price would still be wayyy cheaper compared to buying at the Peninsula.

blame the decision on being allowed to test drive the Inisight the other day.

i wonder, if i had gotten the opportunity to test drive the Prius, i'd get that instead? >.< but they say you can't compare the Insight with the Prius. price pun beza by 50k okay. so out of my price range... >.<

the car was already waiting a day before Raya (super fast booking and delivery), so i guess you could say it's literally a 'kereta raya', lol. finally, after struggling with 2-doors, i finally get a 4-door car! loading and unloading the kids have never been easier =D. this time, i went with the color of my choice (as opposed to last time when i initially wanted iridescent white but got swayed by Significant Other's choice of midnight blue, pfffft), which i noticed on the road recently was quite popular among the Insight users T_T.

ok actually ever since then i keep seeing so many white cars on the road. sama macam when you bring your kid's stroller out for trips to the mall, all of a sudden you notice there are so many other stoller-users out there, padahal before this tak pernah notice pun hahahaha.

the Insight comes in 4 colors, btw:
- Premium White Pearl
- Crystal Black Pearl
- Alabaster Silver Metallic
- Dyno Blue Pearl II

btw, i chose the car with knowledge that it isn't a race car; heck my 1.6 Neo had more speed than the 1.3 Insight. and jangan harapla nak compare with Significant Other's 2.0 lolz. i hope this car saves me fuel in the long run.

at the steering wheel. Significant Other managed to charge the battery to full

the audio controls

keep getting pissed off at the econ indicator; green indicates fuel-efficient driving, blue is not. i keep getting blue whenever i turn corners, or when i speed up haphazardly. grrrr. macam ini i need to brush up on my green driving skills. hahahahahaha. no more mad-driving with this car.

oh, i now have a driver again, temporarily. LOL. didn't really do much camwhoring with the car, i didn't really mention anything to anyone, didn't want to jinx the whole process. and for the record, traffic lights still turn red upon the sight of me. so i guess it's not the car, it's me. grrrrr.

how was your Raya holiday? i spent the whole week in KL, driving was heaven. shopping complexes however, were not. haha.


hibiscus rose seide (silk)

what awaited me when i got back from Raya holidays... legacy wrap for Dayana.


September 3, 2011


we went out with the in-laws this evening. fil is back for Raya so the whole family had dinner at this new place at Chitta Mall. have you been there? it's somewhere near Ara Damansara. i've never heard of it before. if you pass by it from the main road all you can see are some abandoned-looking buildings... you really wouldn't notice it until you enter the area. lotsa interesting shops are open here. didn't have time to explore, you tend to lose quality shopping time when you have kids =P~.

i think the owner was a friend of fil's. i've never heard of the restaurant either. first time trying. based on what fil heard was good, we ordered - spaghetti, chicken chop, rice, to name a few.

i liked the starter that they ordered (forgot what they were called), but the rest of the food was so-so (ok scratch that, i didn't like it, sorry!). no wow factor there. i think i will stick to TGI Fridays / Chillis / Italiannies for my Western food fixes next time. unless someone can recommend me otherwise =).

photos of our dinner escapade (there were so many of us, our table was pretty darn long lol). Dayana had more fun running around and stealing Uncle Aifaa's ice cream i didn't manage to get her on camera that night T_T.

where we had dinner

Auntie Enn melayan Dinara in her Trudy & Teddy dress <3

the setting

Kak Long and her not-so-newborn =D

Uncle Amal loves his niece as usual

suka bangat Strawberry milkshake! see her baju comot edi? T_T

the heroes. 2 out of 3 are married to their phones

the in-laws sitting far far away

Auntie Enn buat muka spastik

the ambience?