November 19, 2016

Dinara's graduation

my little girl has finally graduated kindergarten! i'm feeling anxious right about now... T_T who's the one that's entering primary next year - me or her? she doesn't seem too worried about entering a new foreign school all on her own -___-

being the busy PA secretary that i am (lol), i landed in KLIA right about noon. the pilot had to complete another two sectors, so i got my brother to pick me up at the airport and we headed straight to the venue. this year they decided to hold the graduation ceremony in the afternoon. i hope next year they'll split the event based on the children's age. we had to sit through every single class performance before the graduation ceremony actually began. not that i minded, but there was no food and drink available and kids got cranky after awhile. for that reason D3 and E1 was left behind.

at the last minute i realized that Dinara had to wear a black headscarf that day, since she was going to be a soldier for her school performance. unfortunately she doesn't own any save for pink/lightblue/yellow. she most definitely couldn't wear those colors, what kind of askar goes to war wearing pink??! hello, camouflage?

thanks Shenz from @onulaa for helping me out at the very last minute =D. despite me not knowing which hole her head was supposed to go into *laughs*, it definitely was a much neater wear than the headscarf i made her wear last year, i forgot what brand that was from.

the pilot finally made it just about the time the graduation ceremony ended. she was so excited to take photos, haha. and she waved to most of her friends walking by, most of whom i do not recognize because they didn't come to her birthday party last August. thanks Abang for helping me out today =).

Daddy's naughty big girl
happy graduation Dinara!

next year D3 goes to kindergarten. and i'm going to have a massive headache trying to organize getting three kids to school, especially with the different morning / afternoon sessions. huargh.

November 11, 2016

how planes fly

salam jumaat!

have you ever wondered how planes fly? of how each part of the plane has its own function that enables a big metal bird to defy gravity?
you could scrutinize the following photo below and try to figure out what those technical terms actually mean:

img source: google

or, if the above is just too mind-boggling for your brain, you can skip the boring parts and just think of it this way:
(i for one like to think of it this way haha)

img source: google

November 10, 2016

the whole election debacle

of course, eyes of every nation was on the presidential election yesterday.

why so serious haha

anyways, below images i took from the Star online. thought it might be useful. despite my love for reading, i never excelled in History, the one subject that needs alot of reading (and understanding, most of which i couldn't brain haih).

and here's some interesting trivia on the future President of America. lol. my only kagumness is that for an American who's constantly in the limelight, he doesn't drink and smoke. here's to America!

November 5, 2016

grill and bake

today is grill and bake day. the meat, i grilled. the fish, i baked.

verdict? i will always love my salmon raw. haha.

i followed the recipe on coldstoragemy's instagram for the salmon dish. it looked pretty easy to make: wrap everything with foil, add seasoning and bake for 20 minutes. only Dinara was brave enough to eat the salmon, and that's because she's a sushi lover. the kids didn't like the strong pesto taste, so i had to finish everything by myself.

the steak dish was for the husband, who complained that there was no bun and black pepper sauce just like at Coliseum #tukangmasaktakberbayar BUT he finished everything in 5 minutes flat, even i pun tak sempat nak merasa, chis. everything was thrown into the Happy Call grill. i don't know how Mashi leaves everything in the pan while she goes to mandi, i abandon my pan for 5 minutes and everything hangus. HAHAHAHA.

the kids preferred the steak dish (minus the side dishes haha) but unfortunately there wasn't enough to go around, whoops (because whenever i semangat nak masak they would have no semangat to eat, pfffft). my kids are potato freaks; the other half of the potato went into the kids' tummies. ok next time Mommy will make more, k?



November 2, 2016

Diwali henna partay

happy Deepavali! lol a bit late in wishing because the company is celebrating it today by holding a big Diwali lunch for its social club members (i is anti-social lol).

but i get to do hennat art! Xtina's daughter was specially invited to experiment on us =D. it isn't always you see Chinese interested in henna art. i didn't have any particular design in mind so i just told her to conteng whatever. i am in absolute awe of anyone who is able to draw freehand without requiring an eraser. this is organic henna, btw. the initial color is pale orange, but will darken in the next couple of days. very the cantik.

a friend of mine who wanted to be different that day requested for henna on the inside of his hands, lol. people say the hotter your blood, the darker the henna will be on your skin. ya kah?

updated 03/11:
i guess i'm cold-blooded HAHAHAHA

November 1, 2016

lippies, anyone?

anyone interested to try, but can't afford original price?
recently received, almost like new.
prices stated are exclude postage.
please add RM8 WM/RM12 EM

NYX Liquid Suede
New unopened
Shade: Softspoken
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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip
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Urban Decay Vice
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