July 18, 2012

of trophies and exams

last night someone sent me this photo on WA.

siap *wink wink* lagi.
my brother got Dean's List for his last semester.
and if you get on the list at his Uni apparently you get a shiny trophy to display in your room.

"how come we didn't get a trophy whenever we got Dean's List?" i complained to Significant Other.
"seriously, did you even get Dean's List last time?" he asked back.

*cricket sounds*

Significant Other insists i mention that he has gotten Dean's List before. smarty pants.
he really is, you know. HAHAHAHAHAH
ok fine. my results for practically almost 9 semesters were always consistently around 3.0+ish. but it slipped a little during the semester that involved C++ and Digital Electronics (programming was not my forte back then. til now. total opposite from Significant Other, i think his Dean's List was for the semester with all those boring programming subjects).

oh, someone will be having his Phase II exams today and tomorrow.
all the best to you love.
stopped stressing out like a headless chicken.
but from my observation, that's supposed to be a good sign *touch wood*.

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Ms J said...

UTP je kot yg xcelebrate the dean's list students...not even a certificate..now, i am not sure..