December 31, 2009

saujana residency

i had to take half-day leave today to keep this appointment. since everything was a last minute notice thing, we were lucky enough to get squeezed into an available timeslot. all this while we've been passing by each day looking from the outside. so today's the day we finally get a peek inside. whee~

and to think we signed the agreement in December 2005. that was almost 4 years ago. lol.

i know alot needs to be done for before we can actually call it a home. not to mention that it's really tiny, suitable for a family of 4; not sure what will happen once that number turns to 5. and i don't even want to think about the $$$ that will be pouring out like water for the renovations and doing up the place. so for the moment we're just savoring the feeling of actually having a place to call our own. i'm only not sure of when that is. haha.

the good thing about this area is you have most of everything - there's a shopping complex in walking distance so i won't have to worry much about purchasing necessities and other stuff. there's even the ktm, but i'm hoping the lrt will extend the lines to our area. i can't stand the ktm. i think i'd be dead by the time ktm decides to improve itself. i dunno how other people can tahan waiting and taking the ktm (i salute you Kalpana!).

so... any IDs out there interested in suggesting ideas on how we can do up the place? because i don't have a single creative bone in my body, so suggestions are always welcomed =)

si kecik running around the house getting herself dusty

the living room view. you can actually spy KL Tower from afar

the public bathroom lol. one of its unique features that made us buy this place.

view of the Olympic pool and Suria Tower

si kecik having fun at the play area

my indio swatches

some mamas have been asking me what color are my indios because from photos they just look a boring white. if the contrast isn't obvious, they'll usually turn out that way in photos. well, actually they're not. they're actually lovelier irl.

the threads up close:

mandarin - a shocking orange; lago - sageish green; quarz - pale pinkish purple

and here they are all scrunched up: mandarin, lago, quarz.

on another note, this is one happy family, eh? =D

photo taken from Ellevill website

December 30, 2009

an evening of so-called fun

OT: i found a little short story hilariously funny... at my sista's blog =P

so yesterday evening we went to Pyramid and brought Dayana along. the day we had our movie marathon i got myself a new set of eyes so the total amount purchased entitled us to redeem complimentary vouchers for RM20 worth of rides in the Nite Park at Sunway Lagoon. in the first place, i didn't even know they had a nite park. entry is free until the end of January 2010 i think. we even got a voucher for us to purchase tickets for the Dolphins & Sea Lions Show at 30% off. you can't miss it, it's located at the Pyramid Open Air Carpark. both vouchers were valid until end of January next year.

since it was loooking a little drizzly outside, we decided to just stick to indoors for today, and opt for the nite park for another day. they had a mini carnival indoors in the old wing, with a merry go round, a train ride, a helicopter ride, bumper cars, and even a ferris wheel, to name a few (all in kiddo version, of course). we knew Dayana would be excited to try some of the rides so we purchased a prepaid card which could be used on all of the rides, and get or balance refunded once we're finished.

now, who in their right mind would let their 1yr+ old kid go on all the rides all by themself? definitely not me. before purchasing a prepaid i specifically asked if kids Dayana's age could go on the rides, the Malay lady at the ticketing booth said yes, i only had to pay for one and i still got to accompany Dayana on the rides. so ok la fine. so we had a go on the merry go round. i paid for One person. Dayana was kinda blur at first, but after a few turns around the merry go round she got used to it and started waving at Daddy. when the ride finished she didn't seem to want to let go of the horse. hehe.


next up was the train ride. i asked the guy manning the ride if Dayana could go on the ride. the train ride was rather jerky and fast, and even though they had safety belts i still wasn't sure if it was safe for her to go on the ride alone. i also paid for One person. it was a tight squeeze for me though T_T. Dayana loved this ride even better than the first. she got to turn the steering wheel (both wheels, i might add, apa punye style i pun tak tau). she protested when the ride ended and i wanted to get her out of the car.

see how cramped i was in there hahahah

she didn't want to get off the ride

the third ride we wanted her to go on was the heli ride. it was this fast contraption that spun round and round - quite fast i might add - high above the ground. again, i asked if Dayana could go on the ride. but the two Indian ladies manning the ride said that if i was going to accompany Dayana, i had to pay for Two people. and they went and swiped my card twice. i was like, wth? are they expecting me to let Dayana ride the spinning helicopter all by herself at her age? are they crazy or what? and i don't care if they had safety belts and gates or whatever.

i told them that lady at the ticketing booth said that i could accompany my daughter on the rides without additional charge. so they went back to the booth to clarify. and you know what? suddenly the Malay lady decided to change her statement saying, oh, only the merry go round i can ride for free because i'd just be standing there holding my daughter while she goes up and down on the merry go round and i was like, wtf?? the guy at the train ride didn't even charge me when i got on the train ride. and now you fleabag women want to charge me for the heli ride???

furthermore one of the Indian ladies kept saying that they only admitted for free children below One year old, while the other one said that once the child can walk they will charge for the admission. lagi another piece of crap coming out from their mouths. for one thing, how the hell do you know how old the child is? for all you care, i could've just crapped that my daughter was 11 months old, you wouldn't know the difference. and another thing, what if you child was super great and managed to start walking at the age below One? i mean seriously. just because the child can walk doesn't mean she's capable to going on the rides all by themself. i mean, most amusement theme parks allow free admission for children below Three, the age when children are capable of knowing what's right from wrong, then they know what's going around their surroundings. heck, at my daughter's age, she loves to simply speed off in any direction once we set her on the ground, regardless of who and what is around her. what if she suddenly decides to stand up on the ride and somethingunintentional happens? i mean, seriously.

maybe i'm overreacting. i mean it's just rm3 a ride. but the value rm3 is alot to me. i just think it's unfair that you charge admission for any child below Two. we were so pissed that the stupid lady decided to change her statement that we demanded for a refund, including the heli ride. and off we went in a huff. poor Dayana. she seemed to be enjoying herself. up until those ladies decided to rip us off.

one thing about Dayana is at her age, she gets easily distracted. if we go to shopping complexes, all she wants to do is walk all by herself without anyone holding her hand. if we do try to hold her hand, she'll mengamuk and firmly set her butt on the ground. she'll dawdle at every store window, staring at this, staring at that, staring at people (especially kids her size), stopping every few seconds to stare at goodness knows what T_T. omg you must be a really patient person if you want to try to get her to follow you. and she'll protest if you pick her up and move her little butt for being too slow. lol. she doesn't even mind if you tell her bye bye, she'll totally ignore me and her Daddy and continue to dawdle among strangers. haiz. she even protests if we put her in her stroller, or if i decide to wear her @@.

sigh. the beauty of discovering that you can walk. kekekeke. tell me, how long does this phase last?

Dayana's twin =P

December 24, 2009

proud to be Malaysian?

sometimes i just can't help but shake my head at the attitudes of Malaysians these days. not only do they not have proper manners on the road (cutting queue, being inconsiderate to others esp. pedestrians, yada yada), they don't even have proper manners among themselves!

left the office quite late today even though the company was on half day today (i was busy depleting the company's paper supply) and Significant Other wanted to buy FIFA 2010 and a new PS controller so we drove all the way to the Curve to get it since KLCC was out of stock. after getting his junk we thought to have a bite to eat before heading back. so we headed off to our usual - Warong Penyet.

Significant Other's fav ayam place

so naturally at 8-ish most of the restaurants were packed, and this was no exception. only thing is, there were a few couples (as in TWO people) who were sitting at tables that were meant for four. but that was still ok since the table can actually be split into two to cater for two different couples. there'd be a small gap in between since the restaurant is slightly cramped, but that's ok, as long as your tummy is happy, right?

so there was this middle aged MALAY couple seated at a table by the window, occupying two tables. they were waiting for their order to arrive, totally oblivious to others that were mingling around waiting for a table. the lady had her handbag on the table, and they arranged all the sauces and chillis on the connecting table. the waitress saw us standing around so she went up to the couple to ask if she could separate the tables so that others could occupy it.

but did you know what the old guy said to the waitress? the table they had was too small to hold all their food! wth! *$&*(@#&@#^(*@. for one thing, if she would have removed her gigantic bag (that took up 1/4 of the table space, i might add) they would have more room for their food, wouldn't they?

come on man, others seem to be just fine with their small table. and did you notice that there are others waiting to find a place to sit? not to mention some of them had young children with them. how INCONSIDERATE can you be??????

the evil couple. you can't really see the table from our angle

if we had Dayana with us, Significant Other would have told the stupid couple off. if he had wanted a bigger table, go eat at those expensive restaurants lah. eeeeeeeeeeee benciiiii. i hate selfish people. see how bad Malaysians can be sometimes?

we were lucky enough to have another couple (i'm not sure foreign, but definitely not Malay) happily separate their table for us. they ordered a lot too. but i don't see them complaining of no room. bahhhh. i was so irritated that i took a photo of the stupid couple. even though you're almost at the age that's considered 'warga emas', doesn't mean you're entitled to two tables for only two people. were they planning on eating the table too?

i really don't know if i should be disappointed in Malaysians or just plain Malays. i even read in someone's blog about how this bunch of teenage girls had the audacity to cut in front of queue ahead of a foreigner in the toilet and even started bitching about the lady in their tongue language after the lady kindly told them that they should queue up in line for their turn. how sorry is that?
(i need to find that blog again to confirm my memory. that's the trouble with blog hopping. you forget what you read and from where haha).

so... should i be proud of how the people are projecting our country to the outsiders?

gradation lust

ok so i should be done with after finally getting my hands on one, no?
but anyway just thought i might post these two here, i really love the color grads on it, made especially by Dragonfly Beginnings. and it doesn't help that i'd like to try the two materials one day. lol. i've only tried cotton and linen before.

db zinnober with wool, dyed in my fav colors!

db natty linen, a lovely shade of roseberry

i heart this too! but it's a little bit on the purple side

and the other two below are just eye candy =D i love the colors!

blue-green gradation on Lago indio, i don't seem to have a carrier in this shade

natty cashmere, see how attracted to purple i am? despite hating the color? lol

p/s. pleats have arrived =D

December 23, 2009

tiny tapir again

me and Sarah went to Tiny Tapir again during lunch. we wanted to buy a couple more pads, and Sarah wanted to survey CDs. but in the end it's me who ended up spending (there goes my Clarks quota). lol.

Baiti was busy with another customer so we browsed through the collection of clothpads to our heart's content. ended up buying AIO Cyclez one each, a Saffa for me (i wanted a green pad to complete my color combo), and two CDs - Rumparooz and BG 3.0 AIO, the two CDs that were already on my wishlist. yay! i can officially close my CD shopping except for Thirsties Duo Wraps. wanted to get one but Size 1 seemed too small, Size 2 seemed too big. but if i didn't have a suitable cover size i wouldn't be able to use my fitteds. Dayana has already outgrown the only two diaper covers that i have. but i'm really reluctant to sell my fitteds, even though i'm slowly losing interest in them.

note the 'bluey greeny theme'

Sarah was undecided so decided to forgo CD shopping for today. she made one last appointment with me to go to Tiny Tapir again next year before i threw letter.

so now i am still waiting for Randum and Pleats to arrive. bila la ye? oh and two other things... =D. i need to put an order with Liz for a Snugg Clutch... December has always been a slow business month... post is slow... people respond slow... people go AWOL...

walking, kicking and screaming

i'm having a hard time watching over Dayana each time we go for an outing. for one thing, she thinks she's a big girl so she demands to be put down so that she can walk wherever she desires without allowing anyone to hold her hand.

i think Dayana should start hanging out with kids around her own age. she made friends with a boy older than her at the dentist yesterday while waiting for her Daddy to finish with his appointment. he was such a sweetheart for entertaining a girl much younger than him. lol. just as the boy entered the clinic with his dad, Dayana kinda fell onto the floor, so he came up to her just as she got back onto her feet and asked her if she was alright. oh he's so sweet! he tried to teach her how to play hide n seek, which failed miserably of course since Dayana didn't know what was going on, but she scurried after the boy wherever he went. she seemed to have so much fun running around the clinic, haha. even when we were about to leave Dayana didn't seem to want to follow us. the boy helped to escort her to the door and even after the glass doors closed, she went back to the doors to look for her new friend. hee~.

before going to Ikea, we dropped by One Utama to look for Skechers. ever since we got back from Singapore, Significant Other decided he was in need of a new pair of sneakers, the Shape Ups specifically in mind. but unfortunately for him the mens range will only be in stores next year, perhaps? hoho. and as usual Dayana wanted down from her stroller and walk walk walk. simply walk without even looking at where she's going. she'll stop in her tracks when she comes across a kid, or if something catches her eye, or she'll start 'browsing' through all the reachable items (she had so much fun browsing through the lingerie section in Parkson -.-). we had to practically drag her out of the store kicking n screaming. omg my dot pandai protest ok. she'll slither to the floor whenever we try to pick her up against her will. haiz. in the end i bought her a book that could make Ducky sounds just to keep her occupied. she tried immitating the ducky sounds but only ended up with 'dowh dowh dowh dowh dowh'. kekekeke.

so you see why, Farrah, i wanted to borrow your monkey. to see if it might work for me. Dayana seems to not yet understand the concept of staying close to your parent. too young perhaps? haha.

next we went to Ikea to get my mom's 'Burkens'. haha. Significant Other let her play at the kid's activity table, they had a lot of toys out for kids to tinker with. the funny thing was that she didn't really know how to share the toys. or maybe she doesn't know how to play with others yet. there was this plastic hammer that she practically tried to grab from another kid who was also at the activity table (luckily the kid didn't mind, tsk teruk betul anak i nih haha). then she'll be interested in what the other kids were playing with. it was a good 10 minutes to get her away from the activity table, again with the usual shrieking and screaming. i couldn't let her run loose in the fragile section @@.

at the checkout, i realized that the parking ticket was not on me so i checked my bag thrice but couldn't find the bloody ticket. so Significant Other occupied Dayana with allowing her to push the mini trolley around while i went running around Ikea (later today Significant Other called me saying it's at the dashboard, boengoks betul la, apsal i cariek banyak kali tak jumpa??). i was close to tears at this point. luckily the security guard was kind enough to give me a spare ticket. i wasted like half a hour searching hi and lo for the ticket okay. and i couldn't believe it was under my nose the whole time. no thanks to Significant Other for not helping me check in the first place. i was already hot and sweaty for going back and forth from the parking lot to the checkout. grrrrrr. and Dayana was already screaming her head off. didn't help that she kept throwing her pacifier and milk bottle onto the floor, and i had to clean them up for her numerous times @@.

she's at her grandparent's now, it's been a month since she last saw them. Ashu is there too acting as temporary babysitter, haha. haiz. she's enough to drive me crazy. and that's only #1. belum lagi #2, #3, #4. kekekekekeke.

December 17, 2009

this is for emiza

didn't have any intention to blog about this, but on emi's insistence i decided to put up a couple of photos for her to see. so whoever reads my blog will only be the ones to know that this beauty just recently arrived on my doorstep.

stunning, a beauty, shades that i adore =) (and no, it had nothing to do with purple).

i've always wanted to own one of this. probably this will be the only one of its kind that will go through the doors of my house. lol. call me crazy. i'm an rs lover, but i have more of these than rs. so if you feel like you want to barf reading about my current obsession, please click the X at the upper right hand corner of your screen.

i'll let the photos do the talking.

p/s. emi you now owe me a Fire & Ice snapshot =P

December 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet cutest baby smiling contest

i've always seem to have the tendency to miss deadlines when it comes to online contests. so this time i was determined not to miss this one. before i know it, my kid will be too old (young? old sounds... well... OLD) to be entering this sort of contests, lol. so this will be my first time entering, yay!

this December's contest is: Cutest Baby Smiling! =D by:

without further ado, here's my walking, talking, smiling baby =D

My Cheeky Little Rascal

Name: Dayana Nur Sabrina M. A.
Date of Birth: August 31, 2008

it was quite difficult to choose only one photo. this one made the cut, taken recently this month.

so. why do i love to see her smiling?

my Dayana will always have plenty of smiles to go by. i can remember the first time she ever smiled at me. she was always frowning during the first few months of her life, and my mom would always massage her little forehead so she wouldn't get wrinkles sooner than expected, lol. so imagine my delight when her lips first blossomed into a smile at me *swoon*. a child's smile will make any parent's heart melt, don't you think so? (ok so ever since i got my baby i seem to have a developed a more sensitive side, haha). and you just can't help smiling back - smiles are contagious. smiling is actually good for you. it's good for your health! so i guess you could say my little one is one happy healthy smiling baby!

it's great therapy to see her smile after a exhausting day at work. you work the whole day, slaving over assignments and deadlines, staring at the computer screen most of the time, so what better way to de-stress than to see your own child smiling? she's like my motivation to get through the day, one of the reasons why i haven't given up living on planet earth, lol. life is hard as it is. a smile to brighten up your life couldn't hurt, could it? =).

but most of all, seeing her smile makes everything worthwhile for her Mommy and Daddy.

now... if only we can make her a sister or brother to bully. haha.

to wrap things up, i'd like acknowledge the sponsors of this contest: PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders! arigato gozaimasu!

December 11, 2009


Dee who's 37 weeks along... any moment now =D

so... this is where i was yesterday night... =D guess where this is?
p/s. attendees are disqualified from guessing lol
promise to update more later!

ok so for the first time this year the company decided to plan something fun for us. we hadn't had any fun ever since the world fell victim to the economy crisis, and price cuts were made here and there (so there goes our mobile privileges and the cakes and occasional makan-makan lol). so when it was announced that there was gonna be an annual dinner, i guess it was something to look forward to.

they decided on having the dinner at Tamarind Springs, which is my first time there. we were allowed to leave the office earlier, so me and a bunch of my friends decided to get ready at Hani's house. there wasn't a theme, but there was an award for Best Dressed, so we decided to glam up a little, haha.

i had this silver number in my closet that i've never worn (i bought it for the annual dinner the year i got married but i ended up not wearing it), but it was too dressy for a place like Tamarind. so instead of forking out alot of $$ just to dress up, i decided this year to keep it minimal and recycle everything i had in my closet. lol. so... only the tights was on loan. the ones i brought made me look like a skank. hahahahaha.

i dunno about everyone else, but the food wasn't my taste. so we had the gift exchange, the makan-makan, the lucky draw (5 years unlucky! i need to cabut to improve my luck rating kekeke), and cam-whoring =P.

after dinner me, Hema and Hani headed off to 7-E to continue our crapping. we would've stayed out longer but it was already getting late. i think we looked like a couple of street ladies waiting by the roadside looking for men to pick up. hahahhahahahhaa.

a bunch of photos to follow!

our table

the food. was literally. so so.

the gift exchange

with our gifts - a toy, a frame, and a saltshaker

with the girls

Best Dressed nominees

guess who won Best Dressed?

frank's angels lol


with Soo Mey & Hani

me with Jit-jit a.k.a. dudu

vampy Faz ooh la la!

our Sally and Frank Hesse, the frenchie =D

the winner of the 42" LCD

i like this photo! everyone looks so cun

final pose of the night

Significant Other also had a department dinner the same night as mine, at Shangri-la. and Hani was, "wth, tu baru department dinner, belum lagi company dinner!!". hahahahha.

December 8, 2009

second year anni

after posting the previous entry, i only noticed the date. hahaha. beongoks betul.

today is my 2nd year anniversary. two years married to Signicifant Other. two years that actually feels like 20 years, lol!

as usual, he doesn't remember the date. haha.

i only realized the date was coming up a week before when Significant Other was busy studying for his ACCA paper that took place on the 7th of December (yesterday). so as of yet, nothing planned.

here's to another year of joy, laughter, tears and fights *hugs*

p/s. i want more hugs and kisses please!

new moon

i've just spent rm245 for my Neo battery replacement!!! sigh. not to forget the car is already due for servicing. it's like i sold off my wrap to fund my car battery. harhar *sarcastic laugh*

so i've seen New Moon. saw it together with Significant Other during our movie marathon back-to-back with Couples Retreat on Friday. i'd like to make it clear that i absolutely do not like that Bella character. there's something about her that i just don't like. things that come to mind include whiny and annoying, haha. heck i'm not even a fan of the Twilight saga. i find it surreal that such a person can easily encounter such a beautiful entity and then proceed to live happily ever after after achieving immortality. bahh. i have a friend that sold off the books right after she finished reading them, even advised me not to even buy the book. haha.

but i do know there are many Twighlight fans out there, probably wishing they were in Bella's shoes? i don't mind if i can get the hunky guy =P~~~ a colleague of mine is gaga over Jacob. he's tdf, but he seems to have this young look aura around him. so i still prefer Edward, even though he looks like his face got too over-powdered in the film. lol. he makes the perfect romantic man. doesn't help that he's utterly gorgeous *swoon*.

i'd still watch the other two installments, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn though. should i get the books? Significant Other wants to know what happens in the next installments. i told him i haven't read the books yet. now he's asking me how much does the whole set cost. lol. i wouldn't buy the book, but if someone voluntarily bought them for me... =P~~~

here are some photos i grabbed from the net using Google...

the actors: nice to see

would you choose the werewolf...

... or the vampire?

i like love Alice Cullen's hairstyle!!!

Carlisle is not bad-looking either =P

oh yeah, Couples Retreat is good for laughs. a totally recommended watch for couples out there. who knows? you might share some similarities between the four couples portrayed in the movie =D. although the ending seems a bit too far fetched from reality.

now that most of the tv series are preparing for Christmas break, we've been downloading Dollhouse to fill up the void. too bad it got canceled after 2 seasons.